11 Pyjama Sets We’d Really Like to Live In

It’s that time of year again. That’s why we’re already talking about cozy pyjama sets. It’s winter. It’s getting really dark really soon, and the temperatures are dropping too. Just today we were discussing how much there was a chill in the air all of a sudden, a chill we hadn’t noticed just last week when we were running around in summer scrappy sandals still.

If, like us, you can’t wait to spend all day, every day in your nightwear, pyjama rocking your way through the entire weekend, we’ve found you some of the best – the pyjama sets we’d really like to live in … and like, never get out of.

Grab yourself a cuppa, make yourself comfortable, we hope you’re ready for this. These are our pyjama top picks for winter 2016!

11 Pyjama Sets We’d Really Like to Live In

Fabled by Marie Claire

1 – Unicorn Onesie / Pretty Little Thing

Who doesn’t want a unicorn onesie, a little gem we found for just £25 at Pretty Little Thing. Available in both pink and blue, it has an actual unicorn horn.

An. Actual. Unicorn. Horn.

Pyjama sets just got a whole load more magical!

Available at PLT | Click for details

So, of course, we want it.

2 – Missimo Disney Minnie I Can’t Even Vest PJ Set / ASOS

Because WE CAN’T EVEN! How cute are these Minnie Mouse pyjama sets, available from ASOS for just £22?

Available at ASOS | Click for details

Comfy, cosy and just super cute. What’s not to love about them?

3 – Navy Check Nightshirt / Dorothy Perkins

Admittedly it hardly fits into the category of pyjama sets, but we love this navy check nightshirt from Dorothy Perkins, and it reminds us of all those times we stole our boyfriends shirt to run to the kitchen in to make breakfast in the morning.

Available at Dorothy Perkins | Click for details

 No, just us then? For £18, you can’t go wrong with this, plus you know it’ll be super warm too. You can get it in S, M, L and XL.


4 – Women’s Onesie / Peacocks

It’s getting cold and we want something nice and warm, and what could be warmer than this super soft and luxurious onesie, available for just £18.00 at Peacocks.

Available at Peacocks | Click for details

If you haven’t taken a peek at their website for a while, we’d recommend you take a peek. There are some really lush looking pyjama sets on there, most of which we want to buy.

5 -Lifestyle Cat Vest and Shorts Set / Boux Avenue

Another fabulous find we spotted that’s on sale, this cat-themed pyjama set is from Boux Avenue, and is currently on offer for just £12.00.

Available at Boux Avenue | Click for details

We’re totally loving that “Sorry… the lifestyle that you ordered is currently our of stock” slogan, and the shorts are perfectly pink. In fact, Boux Avenue have quite a few goodies on offer. Take a peek and let us know which ones are your favourite.

6 – Stacking Owl Pyjama Set / Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins have this big mid-season sale going on right now, and a whole bunch of stuff is on offer for 50% off. Just one of the great finds we managed to unearth was this cute pyjama set, perfect if you know (or are) an owl lover!

Available at Dorothy Perkins | Click for details

They’re currently just £15, available in a range of sizes from small to extra large, and you’ll even get next day delivery on them too. You could be wearing these cozy PJ’s tomorrow night!

7 – “Not a morning person” Sleep Tee / Boux Avenue

Believe it or not there are actually some benefits to pulling a ‘sickie’, or taking a good ol’ “duvet day”. And no, we don’t just mean avoiding your boss, although there is a lot to be said for doing that too.

Available at Boux Avenue | Click for details

If you’re not much of a morning person, this oversized tee is perfect for you, and it’s currently on offer for just £10 from Boux Avenue. Take a duvet day with us. Let’s get comfortable. It’s time for a Netflix binge!

8 – Kendall Kylie Black Two Pack Oversized Nightshirt / Pretty Little Thing

Firstly, you get two of them so that’s an instant win for us. Secondly, the two-set is only £20. Thirdly, we’ll totally feel like Kendall Jenner in them. Or Kylie. Either / or. We’d love to have both their style, and their closets.

Available at PLT | Click for details

Oh, and their bank balances for that matter. Is that too much to ask? Yes? We’ll settle for these lush pyjama sets then.

9 – Disney Princesses Tee & Legging Pyjama Set / ASOS

Another beautiful set on offer from ASOS, these are longer in the leg than some of the others we’ve shown you on here, perfect for those days when you want to lounge around the house but it’s far too cold to do it in those cute booty shorts.

Available at ASOS | Click for details

They’re £26 from ASOS, available from sizes 4-6 to 18 (UK), and we love them. In fact, these ones might just be our favourites!


10 – Womens Novelty Top & Shorts Pyjamas / Peacocks

You can never have too many pairs of pyjamas if you ask us, and when you consider that these beauties are currently £4 in the sale, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Available at Peacocks | Click for details

And yes, we said £4 – check out the website to take a peek for yourself. A great idea for early Christmas gift preparation? We think so …

11 – Love Don’t Pay The Bills Pink Pyjama Short Set / Pretty Little Thing

This set is just £6 right now! That’s right, we said £6! If you’re looking for some Christmas gifts, and you know someone who would rock this pyjama set, jump on it. Right now. Before they run out of stock because that always happens when something you like is in the sale!

Available at PLT | Click for details

Available in both pink and a deep red colour, these are perfect for slouching around the house in. And, we repeat, £6!

*Usually £12.

Converse UK

Don’t forget to give us a shout if you find some super cute pyjama sets that you’re thinking of buying. Like we said before, you can never have too many pairs of them, and the cuter they are the more time we want to spend in them!

And here’s a few more we love:

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