21 Couples Costumes for Halloween


If you’ve just realised that it’s Halloween weekend and you still don’t have a costume to wear to that fabulous party that everyone else is absolutely going to be at, don’t worry. We’ve found you some crackers that aren’t too difficult to put together, and may just save you from those last minute “I came as myself” embarrassments … It’s time for some couples costumes for Halloween.

Are you sitting comfortably? Than we shall begin …

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1 – Instagram Couples Costumes for Halloween

For some people, social media is a great thing but for other people, sites and apps like Instagram are the devil … This makes for a great idea for couples costumes for Halloween, and there are lots of different ways you could customise it to match you and your BAE too.

Instagram / @tmnrrs

It’s actually a super simple idea – print out a big Instagram logo for him, and using a large piece of cardboard that you cut to size and shape, you can create this Instagram outline which you then attach string or rope to, and wear in this way.

If you’re not all that handy, you can buy these templates, and we’ve found a couple which we can share with you below:

Don’t forget to come back and show us your ideas!

2 – Kim + Kanye

Whether you love them or hate them, they’re everywhere. Why not use that to your advantage when choosing Halloween costumes for you and your BFF? We kinda love this Kardashian-West crossover, even though we hate to admit it a little.

Couples Costumes For Halloween 4
Instagram / @ericmbualungu

They have two babies now, so make sure you remember two dolls and / or a double stroller. Be careful with showing off all that designer bling on Instagram too. We don’t want another Paris robbery now, do we?

3 – Robber + Swag Bag

It’s that age-old Halloween costume like what your mum used to make you wear as a kid. Why wouldnt you want to relive those horrors in your adult life with your BAE … 😉

Couples Costumes For Halloween 8
Spotted on Pinterest

The outfits themselves are super simple, just as we like to see. An old sheet, duvet cover, or even oversized pillowcase (or a couple, sewn together) can easily recreate the ‘Swag Bag’v and everyone knows that robbers dress up in black and white stripes all the time.

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4 – Hugh Hefner + Bunny

To be honest, this is most men’s dream, not Halloween nightmare, and if you’re blessed to be one half of a couple this year, we can’t think why you WOULDN’T want to dress up like this with your significant other.

Instagram / @ whoababyitstania

Most women have a bunny costume somewhere in the depths of their closet, and his costume is a warm and luxurious deep red / burgundy house gown, dressing towel, bath robe, whatever you want to call it. Easy!

5 – Spaceman + Alien Couples Costume

It’s so cute, we could almost kick ourselves for not having thought of this sooner, especially with space-geek-chic being all cool and stuff now. Thanks to Chris Hadfield, Tim Peake, and others, more of us are becoming interested with what goes on around us. Us being Planet Earth.

Instagram / @ianwalsh

You could get really creative with the alien with this fancy dress look. If you wanted to, of course. If you don’t want to be a blue alien, don’t be a blue alien, be any colour you like. This gives you the chance to get super experimental with your makeup too. Repeat after us – YAY!

6 – Jack + Jill Got Bumped

Have you ever wondered what happened to Jack and Jill after they fell down the hill? We imagine the next scene from that famous nursery rhyme would look a little something like this’ll.and can we just say, what a flipping brilliant idea!

Couples Costumes For Halloween 3
Spotted on Pinterest

Think of all the nursery rhymes you could use this idea with – the whole what-happened-next idea. It’s definitely unique and individual, and although people may ask what you’re dressed up as, we bet they think it’s the coolest idea ever!


7 -Grandma + Grandpa

For some people getting old is scary, so what better way to portray that than with your couples costumes for Halloween this year? Think about it – you could raid your grandparents’ closet for pieces, therefore not needing to spend a penny! (Thrift stores are always good too!)

Spotted on Pinterest

It’s simple, easy, effective, and can easily be thrown together right at the last minute … for all those times you totally *didn’t* forget about your friends spooky party.

8 – Emoji Couple

Isn’t this one the cutest? What better way to express your love for someone than in text-emoji form? It’s definitely a new one, and unique too!

Couples Costumes For Halloween 5
Spotted on Pinterest

Just copy what the emojis are wearing, that’s how you recreate these couples costumes for Halloween in emoji form. We’re looking through our phones to find our favourites to copy right now! ?

9 – Ghost + Ghostbusters

Who ya gonna call? Well, the GHOSTBUSTERS, of course! Who else? If you’re ever planding on having ghosts and ghouls at your party, you’re going to need a few ghostbusters too. Who else will keep the rowdy lot in check?

Instagram / @ellensarahh

The ghost and ghostbusters combo is a great way of reviving that old sheet / white dress ghostly classic, adding the modern twist. Male or female, it doesn’t matter, especially with the newest remake of the old school movie.


10 – Pop Art Couple

If you want a makeup look that looks complicated but really isn’t, this is one of the best. It’s so much fun playing around with the over exaggerated makeup features, and even he could have a go! We feel a competition brewing …

Couples Costumes For Halloween 9
Spotted on Pinterest

You could combine this modern pop art twist with any number of looks – just take a peek at Instagram for more inspiration. Half pop art, half zombie, half witch, half skeleton … We’ve seen them all, and they’re all damn fabulous too.

11 – Russell Brand + Katy Perry

Some might argue that these two were a nightmare couple, but they were an iconic couple too. We still can’t believe that combo happened … Can you?

Couples Costumes For Halloween 6
Spotted on Pinterest

Russell Brand’s look hasn’t changed much over the years, but it’s an easy one to do because the wig automatically makes him look one what recognisable, you know? Katy Perry, on the other hand, has had so many image overhauls, you’ll have no shortage of classics to pick from. California Girls? Roar-kitty? Friday Night geek chic? (Did you see what we did there?)

12 – Dentist + Tooth Fairy

Its like good and evil, light and dark, nice and naughty … The tooth fairy and the dentist. It’s clever, and a great candidate for top couples costumes for Halloween.

Spotted on Pinterest

The dentist is easy enough with a white lab coat and some toy dental instruments if you can get your hands on them. The tooth fairy just needs white wings and a flashy-white smile really. A bag of cash would be helpful too! What’s the going rate for the tooth fairy these days?

rocket dog

13 – Rick + Carl: The Walking Dead

With Season 7 soon to hit us, and Season 8 confirmed to be in the making, we can’t wait to see what’s coming next after Season 6’s cliffhanger ending. Did you keep up with all that?

Couples Costumes For Halloween 7
Instagram / @rebecca_bee

A great idea for a dad – son / daughter costume, as well as a couple’s costume, Rick and Carl are an iconic duo from The Walking Dead. They couldn’t possibly ever be cut from the cast … Could they?

14 – Wayne’s World

Firstly, it’s epic. This couples costumes for Halloween ideas, we mean. Secondly, we want to watch the movie now. That’s cool, right?

Instagram / @dillieanddallie

When you break the outfit down, you’ll realise you probably already own a lot of this stuff. We sure seem to anyway. Maybe that’s just us? But for a last minute, super-awesome couples costumes for Halloween idea, we reckon it might be a winner!

15 – The Sims Couples Costumes For Halloween

Okay, hands up if you love to play The Sims. It’s one of our guilty pleasures in life, and we’ve been known to waste away hours of the day in that make-believe world. In fact, when we saw this Sims couples costume idea we almost wishes we had a BAE all of our very own to dress up with!

Couples Costumes For Halloween 10
Instagram / @brandonpetrykowski

The good news is that you don’t need a BAE for this look. You could rock it alone, or with a friend, or even better than that, a whole gang of people. What do you think?

Christmas Peacocks

16 – Castaway: Tom Hanks + Wilson

Lets be honest, if we’re talking movie duos you can’t get much better than Tom hanks and the ball, Wilson, from the epic adventure movie, Castaway.

Instagram / @jslocumbrown

It’s a super easy costume, and one that everyone will be shouting “OH MY GOD YES!” about. The only thing to work out now is who gets to play who. Can your BAE grow some beard? (Although perhaps not Castaway-long … )

17 – Homer + Marge Simpson

It’s the longest-running, and most brilliant, animated sitcoms on TV, and it always amazes us why so many more couples DON’T dress up as this dastardly double-act. Between them they make a right pair, no troublesome kids necessary!

Couples Costumes For Halloween 11
Spotted on Pinterest

Yellow face paint and lots of it, that’s the way to rock this Simpsons look. Don’t forget the big blue hair too – perhaps a chance to go crazy with paper mache and some cotton wool balls. Don’t forgets bout the blue paint too. This sounds like a job you’ll want to get the kids involved with … Did someone say slave labour?

18 – Heisenberg + Blue Sky

It’s one of the most iconic and much-loved TV show to come from our generation, and one that took the entire world by storm, don’t worry about the nation. You never knew what was coming next, and that’s just one reason why you shouldn’t definitely watch Breaking Bad if you haven’t done so already.

Instagram / @britt_broderick

We can’t give the ingredients for Blue Sky, nor can we tell you how it’s made, but we can show you how to recreate it in couples costumes for Halloween form. That’s good enough, right?


19 – Jurassic Park

They’re an iconic couple, so why wouldn’t you want to dress up as the two biggest characters out of Jurassic Park? If you’re going to a kid-friendly party, you could even dress them up as miniature dinosaurs. They’re basically as good as anyway …

Instagram / @jessicaannblog

If you don’t fancy dressing up as the original cast members, check out the latest movie starring Chris Pratt. And if there are any Chris Pratt lookalikes out there, feel free to send them our way! 😉

20 – Pop Art Franken-Couple

Creepy and colourful – two of our favourite things. We totally dig this pop art Frankenstein-style couple, a clever mix of makeup, clothing and accessories used to bring the entire look together.

Spotted on Pinterest

It’s a half-and-half look, one that’s proving very popular in modern Halloween costume trends. Imagine the creepy combinations you could do. We can’t wait to see what you lovely lot come up with.

21 – Mulder + Scully

With the remake every bit as fabulous as the original X-Files, we can’t think of a better time to play the King and a queen of all things creepy and unexplained – Mulder and Scully.

Instagram / @amberdharrisonstudio

The right fake ID could get you in all sorts of places … And all sorts of trouble too. With the right hair and glasses, everyone will know who you are, and if they don’t? Well, they’re just aliens.

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What do you think about these couples costumes for Halloween? Have any of them gotten you inspired? Which looks do you want to recreate with your BAE or BFF this year? Don’t forget to send your snaps out way. We’re so excited to see your creepy looks!

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