21 Fall Makeup Ideas

21 Fall Makeup Ideas

We find ourselves saying it a lot recently but how fast has this year gone? 2019 has flown by quicker than 2018 did — and that year sure took some beating in the speed department. Whether we believe it or not, the seasons have changed and it’s definitely time for some fall makeup ideas. Or Autumn, as the British folk like to say. How do you say it? Fall or Autumn? 

Moving along, we’ve found some absolutely spectacular makeup looks that are deserved of a day out in the slightly chilly fall weather, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of them. Remember to follow the artist if you like what they’ve done! 

21 Fall Makeup Ideas

1 – Dramatic n’ Dark Cut Crease

It’s dramatic, contains just the right amount of fall colouring, and is everything we could possibly want from a fierce fall look. It’s like a smokey eye … but make it art. Whatever it is, whatever you want to call it, we absolutely love it. How about you? 

Follow the artist: bydanielleathena

2 – Purple and Green Makeup Ideas For Fall

Speaking of dramatic, why not opt for something a little different to the regular brown, bronze, and copper tones that everyone seems to wear on repeat for the entire fall season, and opt for something else instead? This darker peacock-inspired look, packing beautiful pops of purple with a really rich shade of green, could easily be maxed-up for nights out or worn slightly more subtly for day events. We’ll find any excuse to recreate this fab look, to be honest. 

Follow the artist: ayajade

3 – Tropical Sunset Fall Makeup Look

Are you feeling fiery today? How about a fiery red eye look to go with your fiery red mood? This look is PERFECT for it! We can actually think of various occasions and holidays that this sunset look is suitable for, including Christmas (replace the yellow with gold?), Halloween (replace the yellow with red/darker red?), or even a romantic evening. 

Alternatively, as the name suggests, it would make a GREAT look for your tropical summer holidays … when they come back around, obviously. 

Follow the artist: alisa.beauty.pro

4 – Pop of Bright 

How about a pop of something bright and bold to brighten up your day? This nude and neutral eye look has been given a new lease of life with the addition of that mustard-yellow tone, ombre’d out to create the coolest kind of eyeliner style. We LOVE it! We also want to recreate it with different shades and colours to see how it turns out. Artistic afternoon, anyone? 

Follow the artist: makeupbytaren

5 – Purple Fall Makeup Idea For Blue Eyes

Going back to what we said about thinking outside the box when it comes to your Fall makeup colour palette, we think this purple look looks fab, especially for blue eyes. Purple shadows and blue eyes really compliment each other well, and a slick of eyeliner is the only addition you need to make this a fall look to fall in love with. 

Follow the artist: meesharia

6 – Orange and Black Fall Inspired Makeup

Feeling dark? Also feeling colourful? This bright orange design might tick all the right boxes for you. We’re loving all the aspects of this look, from the orange dots underneath the brow to the eyeliner-and-cut-crease comb. Again, makeup … but call it art! 

Follow the artist: ayajade

7 – Gorgeous Eye Makeup Look For Fall

Sticking with the slightly bronze and orange’y hues, how does this one strike you? We loved this gorgeous eye makeup look for fall because of how quick and easy it’ll be to recreate once you’ve got the hang of it. Cut creases aren’t as intimidating as you think they are, just in case you’ve been putting them off for a while, and you can always clean up any mistakes with some concealer and a touch-up of eyeshadow. That line of glitter also works to mask a multitude of sins … just in case you were wondering. 

Follow the artist: bydanielleathena

8 – Glam Fall Makeup Inspo

How do you feel about green? Rich, green tones look fabulous with chocolatey-brown eyes and, as you can see, it sure does bring the drama! A flick of black eyeliner tends to boost the drama on any look but when you’re adding it to already rich tones, especially this lush dark green, you’ve got something that works many occasions. This one could be worn from fall right through until after winter … and then beyond! 

Follow the artist: carolinebeautyinc

9 – Black n’ Gold Gorgeousness

What. A. Look. We called this look black n’ gold gorgeousness because that’s exactly what it is, and we can think of plenty of reasons to wear it too. We’re loving the way the gold shimmer shade has been applied over the black liner, giving it a new, artsy, fresh look. Again, just like many of the other looks on this page, fall makeup ideas like this one can be “redone” using a variety of other shades and tones to make them suitable for different events. 

Black n Gold Gorgeousness alisa.beauty.pro

Follow the artist: alisa.beauty.pro

10 – Golden Tones Fall Inspired Makeup

Let’s take it back to those golden tones again for a moment, and what a damn HOT look this one is! It has everything — art, drama, lines so straight you could cut food with the sharpness … Even better, of course, is that you can mix n’ match various shades to create a string of different looks for lots of different occasions. We are 100% in love with this look, though. We’re going to try and master this one first, obviously. 

Follow the artist: heathervenere

11 – Subtle & Sweet Fall Makeup Ideas

Keep it subtle, keep it sweet. We love this look for an every day, running-around-town kind of look. Throw on some lashes and add a lovely nude-brown tone to the eyes and you’ve got something that absolutely masks the night of partying you just had! 

Follow the artist: courtelizz1

12 – Gold Leaf Fall Makeup Inspiration

When in doubt, add gold leaf. In fact, we might make that our new life motto, what do you think? We’re suggesting this look as a fall makeup look but we’re pretty sure you could wear it any time of the year and everyone would love it. 

Follow the artist: heathervenere

13 – Pinky-Red Fall-Inspired Look

The metallic hues on this fall makeup idea are absolutely incredible, no eyeliner needed to complete the look. Just get those brows on fleek, throw on your loveliest lashes, and you’re basically good to go! Nothing more, nothing less, just perfection. 

Follow the artist: jaquelinevandoski

14 – Boldly Blue

Can we bring out the brilliant, bold blues already? Or is it a shade we’re saving for winter? We’re hoping not because this shimmering, rich look is absolutely everything! 

Boldly Blue

Follow the artist: shivangi.11

15 – Fall Smokey Eye Makeup

If you wanted it smokey and intense, this one definitely offers all of those things on a plate. There’s something about that lighter glitter shimmer that adds an almost wet finish to the whole look — and we just love it! 

Follow the artist: carolinebeautyinc

16 – Under-Eye Colour Pop

Keep things nice and neutral up top, but let’s have a party down below. With a look like this one, you’re going to pay attention to the bottom lashes, adding your pop of colour and layers of mascara to really bring it all together. It’s a great way to bring some old and much-loved colours into play, switching things up so that you’re rocking totally different designs than before. 

Under Eye Colour Pop

Follow the artist: salma_khanbeauty

17 – Fall Eye Look With Rhinestones

If you ask us, there just aren’t enough rhinestones on our makeup these days. Thankfully, this gorgeous look will put an end to that travesty. Looks like this make us want to decorate our faces with gems and stones all the time!

Fall Eye Look With Rhinestones

Follow the artist: shivangi.11

18 – Terracotta Hues 

Jennifer Lopez has been spotted rocking a look like this on a few occasions and if she’s doing it, you know it’s a winning makeup look. It’s bright but still manages to be relatively neutral, and could be vamped up or muted down to suit both day and night events or occasions. 

Follow the artist: bydanielleathena

19 – Charismatic Smokey Eye

Is it blue? Is it green? Or is a beautiful, ocean-like mix of the both? We can’t make our minds up but there’s one thing that we ALL agree on — it’s a gorgeous look that deserves to be recreated a hundred times over … and then some. 

Charismatic Smokey Eye

Follow the artist: jaquelinevandoski

20 – Gold Glitter Cut Crease For Fall

Nothing says glam quite like a gold glitter cut crease and this look has absolutely nailed it. Cut creases are a really big deal right now, with everyone attempting to master them, and that’s because it’s a super flattering look. It helps to create definition, enhancing the crease and giving you a framework that can be used to change virtually the entire shape of your eyes. 

Follow the artist: heathervenere

21 – Neutral and Bronze 

Keep things lighter and brighter on the inside, darker and bronzer on the outside. that’s the long and short of this look, one of the prettiest fall makeup ideas we’ve ever seen. Add some sparkle to the inner corners for nighttime, and perhaps a slick of black liner too — you’ll be taken from day to night in no time at all. 

Follow the artist: makeupbytaren

So … what do you think? Have we given you the best fall makeup ideas or are you still looking for something else? We hope we’ve ticked a few of your boxes today. Remember to follow your favourite artists to show them some love and find new looks that you can swoon over. We’ve given you plenty to pick from! 

Have a wonderful day! Happy face-painting! 

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