21 Halloween Makeup Designs To Die For!

Halloween Makeup Designs

Are you prepared for the big day yet? And yes, we’re talking about Halloween in case you hadn’t already worked that out. We’ve been excited for it since … Oh, y’know, the 1st November last year. (We’re not even joking!)

If you’re as excited as we are about Halloween, you’ll need to check out some of these Halloween makeup designs to die for. We’ve got skulls, killer girlfriends, and even a few pop art inspired designs. Essentially, we’ve got everything covered, and if you’re still not happy, you’ll find links at the bottom to more Halloween-inspired stuff. Aren’t we good to you?

So, get yourself comfortable, it’s time to make your spookiest drink, eat your Halloweeniest snack, and check out …

21 Halloween Makeup Designs to Die For!

1 – Crazy, Scary Clown

Did you know that ‘Coulrophobia’ was the technical name for the fear of clowns? They’re a creepy thing, right? It’s no wonder that so many are afraid of them. It’s also no surprise that people turn to this makeup idea when they want a Halloween look that’ll really stand out … and scare people half to death, of course.

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @voodoobarbiedoll

2 – Pop Art Glam Skull

What do you do when you’d like to rock the skull makeup look this year, but you don’t want something traditional … Something that everyone has already done. What about this amazing pop art glam skull look, using all the colours you probably never would have associated with the spooky time of year?

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @ssssamanthaa

3 – Ghetto Clown Halloween Makeup Designs

One of our personal favourites in the world of makeup tutorials and bloggers, this ghetto clown Halloween makeup look shows you another way to rock the classic look, without sticking to the traditionally classic. It’s elegant and grownup, but still lots of fun too. With looks like this, you’ll never be too old for trick or treatin’!

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @chrisspy

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4 – Pop Art Zombie

We’re back again with the pop art wonders, but we’ve moved from skulls to zombies this time. It just goes to show that you really can put your own personal spin on almost every look that has already been done (and then seriously overdone) for Halloween. Go bright and bold and colourful while everyone is going for the dead look.

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @lola_von_esche

5 – Pretty + Purple Glitter Skull Face

If you feel like taking things to a cuter and more feminine direction and make use of that stunning lilac hair look, how about this pretty and purple glitter skull face? It’s definitely one that stands out, for all the right reasons, mixing the traditional with something very feminine for a look that is out-of-this-world-cute.

Halloween Makeup Designs 15

Source: lolaliner

6 – Corpse Bride

Accentuate your eyes and make them bigger and, to be honest, much scarier, with this corpse bride Halloween makeup look. Perfect for using all those bright, blue shades in the palette that you never end up using, it’s simply a case of over-sizing your existing facial features using eyeliner and other accessible makeup products. A simple look that won’t take you too long to achieve, this one might actually be one of our favourites.

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @ginamarie_mua

7 – Red + White Halloween Makeup Designs

It’s amazing what you can do with limited colours at your disposal, and when you really let your inner scary mind flow free, you might just create something that really spooks everyone out. Of course, if that’s not the look you’re trying to go for, opting for something cute instead, these red and whitHalloweenen makeup designs might not be for you.

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @niemelaemilia

8 – Battered Beauty

This poor battered beauty looks like she’s really been through the wars. We can only imagine that she has battled with werewolves, vampires and other Halloween-like figures. Not that it matters though. It all washes off in the morning … Well, unless the Halloween spooks get to you, of course!

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @makeupbyemmad

9 – Devilishly Red

When all else fails, just go red. Red everything. Eyes, face, cheeks, lips, nose, everything. Red is the colour of passion and anger, and it’s also the colour of the devil. This look is certainly devilish, but we hope that she doesn’t have white pillowcases! (Or she removes her makeup before she goes to bed on Halloween night … )

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @lola_von_esche

10 – Wonder Woman Pop Art

Wonder Woman is such a big deal right now, with the new movie and everything. She’s a fabulous idol too, strong, fierce, and, let’s face it, beautiful to boot. This Wonder Woman pop art look is definitely a winning combination if you want Halloween makeup designs that really kickass.

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @mel73544

11 – Simple Black + Natural Skull

If you were looking for something simple, elegant and relatively natural, we would like to put forward this cute Halloweenie look. Using some clever shading techniques and your black eyeliner collection, you too could have a killer look for this year’s costume.

Halloween Makeup Designs 16

Source: jamiegenevieve

12 – Cute Yet Creepy Clown Face

How about a creepy clown? We’ve already discussed the idea that clowns are scary, and after watching fir the original IT movie, and then the new remake, we can definitely agree that clowns really are quite frightening. Even though this one has had some cuteness injected into it with the glitter pink finish, there’s something so very horror-filled about this Halloween makeup look.

Halloween Makeup Designs 18

Source: aveme_lissa

13 – Glamorous Mummy Halloween Makeup Ideas

This look had us all jumping out of our seats, filled with inspiration. The glamorous mummy has been giving a blinged-up makeover in this Halloween themed makeup idea. It sparkles and shines, but does it tick all the right boxes for your Halloween makeup designs this year?

Halloween Makeup Designs 19

Source: dadollitaz

14 – Pop Art Zombie Style

Of course, with impressive makeup looks like these Halloween makeup designs, you’ll need some serious makeup removing products to get rid of it all when you’re done. Make sure you have EVERYTHING you need in order to get the job done. The last thing you’ll want is to be stuck with the look the next day because you didn’t pack your makeup remover wipes in your bag.

Halloween Makeup Designs 20

Source: ellie35x

15 – Devil Girlfriend

Of course, you could just go as a scary version of yourself. A scary girlfriend, or something like that? We love the red additions to this beauty’s face, bringing beautiful makeup into Halloween territory. We don’t all want to look frightening or scary, right? Some of us would rather look a little … cute!

Halloween Makeup Designs 17

Source: jamiegenevieve

16 – Melted Barbie

What’s scarier than your Barbie girl when she’s been melted?! We LOVED this look, so cool, frightening, and yet adorably cute, all at the same time. Liquid latex would help to make this look more 3D and realistic, but you could achieve the same look using eyeshadows as paint. Just use your face as the blank canvas!

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @ginamarie_mua

17 – Classic Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Designs

The sugar skull look is a very common one to use for Halloween, combining a cute look with a skull / frightening look, all in one. Using a white background and a black eyeliner pen, you could go as intricate or as simple as you liked with your sugar skull look. Add some gems and glitter and you’re sparkle scarily … If you can even do such a thing.

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @daisyfranchesca

18 – Steampunk Sugar Skull

Ooooh, a steampunk sugar skull idea. That’s such a unique and cool one, don’t you think? It’s amazing at what you can come up with when you really think outside the box, and we think NOW is the perfect time to start practising. Who knows what weird, wonderful and, quite frankly, creepy looks you can create when you let your artistic side flow free?

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @meaganlforsythe_

19 – Dotty Pop Art

If you want a look that’s both easy and quick, how about a pop art Halloween makeup look? You’d be dotty to miss this one, and yes, we meant that pun too. Red dots are commonly used to create this look, which isn’t actually as time-consuming as fiddly as you’d think. You could always think of something new and wonderful to add to the mix, however. We’d love to see some neon dots, wouldn’t you?

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @ssssamanthaa

20 – Spiderman Halloween Makeup Designs

Spiderman isn’t exactly the scariest dude in the world, but spiders are a fear that millions of people around the world can relate to. We love this look — both covering your face, and allowing you to make use of your regular (and pretty) makeup routine at the same time. Just make sure your eyeliner flicks are super fleeky, and that you don’t have lipstick on your teeth …

We’ve all been there! (We still have the photos to prove it, sadly.)

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @lola_von_esche

21 – Glitter Skull Clown

When you think about it, the clown is the perfect place to start when it comes to scary Halloween makeup ideas. It’s a simple enough design – large, bright lips, bright colours, white faces, lots of party tricks and crazy-big hair. One of the coolest and more modern trends is to make the look somewhat more ‘feminine’. You could use colours that were slightly less frightening than usual, or even add your own touches, such as using glitter and other embellishments. We want to see what you come up with, obviously.

Halloween Makeup Designs
Instagram / @voodoobarbiedoll

And there you have them – some of the craziest and most realistic Halloween makeup ideas ever. Which ones have inspired you this year? What are you going to dress up as? We can’t wait to see all your costumes! Make sure you come back and tag us with #CherryCherryBeauty, and if we love your work, we’ll feature it too!

Happy Halloween!

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