21 Red Valentine’s Day Nails

Red is the colour of love, so it’s no wonder that demand for red nail ideas increases when Valentine’s Day comes around. If you’re thinking about what kind of manicure to get the next time you visit the nail salon, why not take a peek at these looks, perfect for red Valentine’s Day nails inspiration.

We’ve got a little bit of everything sprinkled in here, but we’d love to know if you’ve seen another red look on Instagram or elsewhere that you’re considering replicating. Shout out your favourite nail accounts! 

21 Red Valentine’s Day Nails

1 – Matte Red Valentines Day Nails

According to Who What Wear UK, matte manicures are going to be a big thing over 2020. Not that we ever stopped loving it, of course. If you’re as much of a fan of matte manis as we are, you might just fall in love with the first of our red Valentine’s Day nails! Matte, red, love hearts, and square-tips … these talons have basically everything we’re looking for. 

Follow the artist: rosielybeauty

2 – Cute Love-Themed Valentines Day Nails

Are you in love? Feeling like you might want to shout it from the rooftops? How about shouting it from your nails instead? Nothing says ‘I’m in love’ more than a happy couple on your talons, right? We loved this nail design for its cute factor, but what do you think? Are you a fan of the super cute, or are you looking for something more sophisticated? 

Follow the artist: nailedbyterry

3 – Mixed Shape White and Red Valentines Day Nails

Did someone say sophisticated? Well, we think we’ve got that box ticked with these gorgeous nails. This look is perfect for when you can’t make up your mind what shape of nail you’d like that day. There are flat-edged and pointed tips in there, the pointed one used cleverly to create the heart detail. We’re also a very big fan of those red heart rhinestones, too. How about you?

Follow the artist: laquenailbar

4 – Nude with Red Hearts Pointed Nails

Want to keep your love on the down-low? Keep things subtle and sweet with these pointed, nude and red love heart Valentine’s Day nails. The best thing about these nails is that you could get away with the nude ones any time of the year. Simply use a ‘featured’ nail – like the ones with the red hearts here – to get the message across. In this case, Valentine’s Day, but you could use green clover for St. Patricks’s Day, or candy cane for Christmas … 

The possibilities are endless! 

Follow the artist: _allured

5 – Red and White Valentines Day Nails

The addition of rhinestones to this otherwise simple nail look really brings it to life, adding some sparkle, bringing the red and white colour scheme together, and – in the case of those red lips – incorporating a theme. In this case, of course, we’re talking about a Valentine’s Day theme. Imagine these with gold and green rhinestones plus a Christmas tree decal, however, and you can soon understand how easy it would be to make these nails fit any kind of theme you needed. 

Follow the artist: jadetangtheartist

6 – White, Black and Red Valentines Day Nails

These are super cute, don’t you think? We certainly do. Utilising a white background, the red and black accents really pop in contrast, and they’re actually very simple when you break the look down into segments. Even better than that, nail decals and stamping kits could easily help you to recreate this look without the need for hand-painting. 

Follow the artist: kiachain

7 – Cupid and Kisses Valentine’s Day Nails

For when you can’t make up your mind what kind of Valentine’s Day-themed decals and features you’d like on your nails, these ones might just tick every box. Cupid’s in there, as well as the red lips, plus love hearts and letters … If you wanted a little bit of everything on your red Valentine’s Day nails, these ones are definitely in the running. 

Follow the artist: naq57

8 – Red and Nude Almond Nails for Valentines Day

Simple yet effective, these almond/oval-shaped nails are really glamorous, nude, red and gold mixed in together really well. The negative space feature is one that is predicted to be a big trend in 2020, but did it ever really go out of style? We don’t think so. 

Follow the artist: indigonails

9 – Deep, Dark Red Valentines Day Nails

Fancy something a bit … darker? This deep, dark red nail look might just tickle your pickle, so to speak. You can pretend they’ve been decorated with the blood of the all the ex-lovers who did you wrong. (Not that we’re bitter about our exes, or anything.) 

Follow the artist: laquenailbar

10 – Red n’ Retro Valentines Day Nails

Simple and retro — two reasons why we proper love these short Valentine’s Day nails. With just a hint of red, they’re still very much on-trend, but also subtle. Those red dots are such a simple addition, but one that really does make all the difference. 

Follow the artist: idamarieo

11 – White and Red Love Hearts

Filled with love? Is it overflowing? Got the best partner in the world and want the entire world to know about it? Or maybe you just have a lot of love for yourself? We hope you’ve got some love in your life this Valentine’s Day, no matter what form it comes in. And we also hope that your talons look just as beautiful as these ones. 

Follow the artist: kiachain

12 – Square-Tipped n’ Short Valentines Day Nails

These are fabulous, aren’t they? We love that they’re short because we’re hopeless we’re really long nails in every day, non-Instagram-selfie life, plus they’re artistic and a little different. Romantic, but modern. Do you agree? And can you guess how many tries it took us to get our thin, black line straight? (We’ll give you a hint: HUNDREDS of tries!)

Follow the artist: an_krd

13 – Red Roses and Petals

Roses and Valentine’s Day go together almost better than red love hearts and Valentine’s Day, and that’s absolutely why we’ve chosen to add these gorgeous white-tipped nails to the list of red Valentine’s Day nails. The petal detailing is really very cute and we love it. It goes back to what we said earlier about tearing off those petals and wondering if the one we’re thinking about, is thinking about us. They love me … they love me not? 

Follow the artist: nailartemarilia

14 – Marble Red Valentine’s Day Nails

With red and white nail polish, plus a cocktail stick or similar to marble-up the two shades, you, too, could have beautiful swirling talons like this. If you want to join the Valentine’s Day theme without all of the hearts and kisses, these nails are perfect to use as your inspiration. Not a love heart in sight! 

Follow the artist: naq57

15 – Simple Neutral and Red Valentines Day Nails

In the mood to keep things simple and neutral? These red Valentines Day nails might just tick all of the boxes for you. They’re simple, neutral, but still love-themed. You could even recreate that red love heart design after you finish work, before heading off to your romantic date, taking you from business to romance in just as much time as it takes for you to blow your nail(s) dry.

Follow the artist: pretty_in_polish92

16 – Red-Tipped Valentine’s Day Nails

We’re sticking with the love-heart tips with this red Valentines Day nails look, but we’re throwing a pink bit in for good measure, and we’re painting the tips of all nails, not just the one featured nail. Another simple design that you could do at home, there are also lots of ways that you could customise it to make it more outfit/event/you-appropriate.

Follow the artist: hannahroxit

17 – Marble White and Red Valentines Day Nails

If it’s gorgeous, grown-up, long and flat-tipped nails you want, that’s exactly what you’re going to get with these marble white and red Valentines Day nails. The simple addition of those gold foil stripes really does transform a simple design into something else. That’s the beauty of embellishments. We made it our New Year’s resolution to use them more.

Follow the artist: mrtrungnguyen

18 – Red and Gold Stamped Valentines Day Nails

And if embellishments aren’t quite your thing, what about nail stamping? It’s a great way to recreate a pattern or look or uniformity across your nails, as well as being suitable for one-off design applications. Easy to use (once you get the hang of it) and available in so many designs and styles now that you’re bound to find something you like, we love these stamped heart nails, and we also think they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Follow the artist: jamylyn_nails

19 – Short n’ Simple Valentines Day Nails

Short n’ simple is how we’d describe these, but they’re definitely a lot more than that too. The design is beautiful, and definitely something that we’d recreate for ourselves for Valentine’s Day. Multiple layers of red glitter polish will help you get that multidimensional look, and a slick of clear topcoat over the top will leave things nice and glossy. Get creative with a thin-tipped brush to recreate those love hearts and you’re ready to go!

Follow the artist: pretty_in_polish92

20 – Heart-Shaped Tips

We’re going back to those red, love heart-shaped tips for these gorgeous, red Valentine’s Day nails. But this time, we’re adding a black outline to make them really stand out. It’s a really simple addition, but this clever nail design just goes to show how the addition of one extra, small detail can completely change the outcome of your design.

Follow the artist: jamylyn_nails

21 – Gemtastic Red Pointed Nails for Valentine’s Day

If no one else is going to buy you gems, buy them for yourself. And what better way to start than with talons full to the brim with gems and other sparkly things. We’re not sure just how practical nails like these would be, especially if you have long hair and you’re like us, constantly running our fingers through it all the time. They sure do look splendid though, don’t you think?

What’s your verdict on them? Would you go for gemtastic red Valentine’s Day nails like these?

Follow the artist: laquenailbar


Have we given you enough inspiration for red Valentine’s Day nails for you to make a decision about your next manicure? Or are you in the market for more inspiration still? We’ve got plenty of other designs to show you, which you’ll find below, but don’t forget to take a peek at the artists’ Instagram pages we’ve shown you today. You’ll find so much inspo you’ll never be able to make a mani decision ever again … 🙃



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