21 Short Valentines Day Nails

21 Short Valentines Day Nails

It’s coming close to that time of year again. The time where you need to start shopping for a new outfit, accessories, hair, makeup, and finally, short Valentines Day nails. That’s right, it’s almost the day of love again, and we’re getting ready nice and early. Y’know, because that’s what we like to do.

If you’re in the market for some short and sweet designs this year, we’ve found 21 that we think you’re going to love the look of. Don’t forget to let us know which ones were your favourite, and feel free to send us in your beautiful designs. We’d love to feature you.

21 Short Valentines Day Nails

1 – Gold Sparkle Negative Space Nails

Wow! Aren’t these nails incredible? These were love at first sight for us, and although they are time consuming, they’re not impossible to do at home. It’s just a case of learning how …

Short Valentines Day Nails 12
Instagram / @ane_li

You’ll want to first start by adding a base coat. This will ensure that everything else sticks as it should, but it will also make it easier to get rid of that glitter later on, without the need to cause damage to your nails.

Add something to create that heart template. Whatever you use, make sure it’ll be easy to remove later on. Add your gold glitter using a dabbing motion with a sponge, and once it has dried, remove whatever you used for the heart shape. Once you remove it, you’ll have a negative space design that looks a little like this one. You can use a thin nail brush and some black polish to emphasise the heart. A top coat will make sure nothing moves once your masterpiece is complete.

2 – Pink + Silver X’s + O’s

It would be weird to feature Valentine’s Day nails and not have pink ones, right? Well, how do you feel about this pretty pink offering? X’s and O’s thrown in for good measure, of course.

Short Valentines Day Nails 11
Instagram / @lethal_lacquer

You could use a nail wrap for the heart pattern, or you could even try nail stamping. We’ve tried that a few times and it’s actually not as difficult to do yourself as you’d think. It’s all a case of having a steady hand and knowing the technique.

Alternatively, cheat like we do from time to time, and use nail transfers. There are loads to pick from, and they take just seconds to apply.

3 – Barely-There Love

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day nails that are cute  subtle? These might just do the trick, with the right hint of barely-there love.

Short Valentines Day Nails 10
Instagram / @withlovekarissa

The base coat is covered with a barely-there hint of pinky-lilac, and a simple pink red love heart to add that Valentine’s Day love. You could even add more love hearts if you wanted to. Awww! Show us some love!

4 – Pink + Purple Short Valentines Day Nails

We don’t really know where the whole Valentine’s Day idea comes from, but it’s believed to originate from a man called Saint Valentinus, a minister who performed weddings for soldiers even though it was forbidden at the time. When he died, he was buried on February 14th, and that’s where the special day is said to originate from.

Short Valentines Day Nails 4
Instagram / @_lilly_nails_

According to reports, over 36 million boxes of chocolates shaped like hearts are given to loved ones on Valentine’s Day every year. We wonder how many of those get thrown back …

5 – Pink + Grey Short Valentines Day Nails

According to studies, women spend around £60 on gifts for their men on the big day, but men are spending more than double that – £120-130, and in some cases more.

Short Valentines Day Nails
Spotted on Pinterest

Maybe men don’t show enough love throughout the rest of the year and need to seriously overcompensate when Valentine’s Day comes around? Either way, with short Valentines Day nails like these, at least you’ll hands will look great when you’re unwrapping your goodies.

6 – Little Love Balloons

What do you think about these pastel pretties? Who said everything needed to be pink and red on Valentine’s Day? These are “traditionally” coloured, but they still have those love-heart balloons so technically, they still express enough love to make it to the list.

Short Valentines Day Nails 3
Instagram / @varvarakravetc

When it comes to getting your short Valentine’s Day nails right, it might be worth keeping any designs to a minimum to ensure your short nails don’t look even shorter with fussy and intricate designs. The one featured nail here is enough to make an impact, but it’s not too much that it completely takes over. When your outfit is adorable as hell, the last thing you’ll want people to focus on is your nails.

The nicest Valentine gifts!

7 – I’m Yours, You’re Mine

We really love these adorable short Valentines Day nails, and it’s that clever pink and white backdrop that we want to draw your attention to. It’s a great idea when you’re using nail transfers or decals, but you want a decent enough backdrop to the overlay to really make the look pop.

Short Valentines Day Nails 2
Instagram / @ohmygoshpolish

Start with a base coat, and then use two or three coats of a white nail polish. You’ll want to go for thinner layers, and more of them, over one thicker layer. The latter will take forever to try, and is more likely to smudge too. Once it’s dried, use a thin nail brush to wipe a baby pink polish over the nails, and then once that’s dried, add your decals and transfers. You could even add the odd touch of glitter and shimmer to the mix if you fancied some sparkle too.

8 – Red Short Valentines Day Nails + Hearts

Red nails are classic nails, especially when it comes to V-Day. When you want short Valentines Day nails that will make a big impact, these little red beauties are definitely a trend to follow.

Short Valentines Day Nails 1
Instagram / @kimbernails

Keep things a simple shape – nice and square / squoval at the ends, and then get rid of any of your previous manicure. You’re going to want a nice clean and smooth nail bed to get this look just red. If you don’t have a smooth base, that red will show up every crack, lump and bump, and we’re sure that’s not the look you’re going for!

9 – Pretty in Pastels

These little pastel nails are so cute, we just can’t help ourselves. What do you think? Would you rock these for Valentines Day 2017?

Short Valentines Day Nails 9
Instagram / @PolishCandies

Hearts are really easy to hand-paint onto your own nails, and the more practice you have the easier you will find it. It’s two blobs placed by side by side on the nail, and then using the help of a cocktail stick, you mould them together so they resemble the heart shape. Cover with top coat and allow to dry completely and you’re pretty much good to go. Short Valentines Day nails made simple!

10 – Deep Red Short Valentines Day Nails

You couldn’t talk about short Valentines Day nails without having some red delights, and we think these deep red nails are just perfect if you want a real sassy and elegant look.

Short Valentines Day Nails 2
Instagram / @varvarakravetc

To make them really stand out, add that feature nail. Anything looks much brighter and lighter when it’s added over the top of a white backdrop, so whatever you paint over the top of it will really pop. In this case, the red heart. As we said before, hearts are easier to freehand paint than you’d think, but you could always use a stencil to make sure it looks spot on … quicker.

11 – Love + Negative Space Short Valentines Day Nails

You’ve probably already guessed that we love negative space nails. We talk about them enough. And feature them too, for that matter. We’d definitely recommend that you get your hands on some heart-shaped stencils if you’re no good at freehand. We’re not very good at it, and when we tried to recreate these ourselves, they just ended up looking a bit bad-polkda-dot.

Short Valentines Day Nails 2
Instagram / @nailistayco

With the red nails, start by applying that heart-shaped template on the base of your nails, just covering your skin a bit too. You can’t see the bottom of the heart. Once the hearts are firmly in shape, paint your red polish, wait for it to dry, and then peel the heart away. Cover with top coat and you’ll be left with something that looks a little like this.

12 – Little Red Line of Love Nails

These nails are super cute – the word love emblazoned across four of your nails, rather than focusing on decorating them individually. We really like the base shade that has been used here, almost a slightly shimmery nude colour, and it works really well with the simple red design over the top.

Short Valentines Day Nails 3
Instagram / @judyrox

These are definitely simple and short Valentines Day nails, and ones we reckon we could recreate ourselves. What do you think? Could you? Would you?

13 – Multi-Design Short Valentines Day Nails

For when you can’t make up your mind and go with just one pattern for your short Valentines Day nails, what about these multi-design nails, each of your talons painted differently?

Short Valentines Day Nails 8
Instagram / @nicoles_nails_

The colours used here are really cute – grey, pink, and white. The combination of X’s and O’s with the love hearts and stripes work great too. Which design is your favourite? We really like the three-coloured stripes.

14 – Pretty + Simple in Pink

There’s not a love heart in sight but we think these short nails would still work for Valentines Day. Mostly because they’re pink … or wasn’t that obvious? They’re short, simple, and super easy to do at home, giving you a five-minute manicure to save both time and nail appointment money.

Short Valentines Day Nails
Instagram / @varvarakravetc

Work out which nails are going to be your decorated nails, and then paint them white. The rest of the nails can be painted baby pink, or whatever Valentine’s Day shade you have opted for. Once you’re done there, the white should be relatively dry, and you can go ahead and use tweezers (or a dotting tool) to place little holographic pieces. We liked the shape of these ones, but you could go for the shattered glass effect, love hearts, flowers, or whatever you liked really. Cover with top coat and you’re done. Easy peasy!

15 – Big Red Heart Nails

If you’re a white-tip kinda gal and you don’t really want to give that up, what about these short Valentines Day nails? They’re white-tipped, like you usually opt for, but with one simple love-themed addition – that beautiful red love heart.

Short Valentines Day Nails
Spotted on Pinterest

There are different tones in the love heart, giving it a real three-dimensional feel, and you can achieve that by using your dotting tool and slightly different shades of red. The lighter shades would be used to highlight where the light would naturally reflect, and the darker shades would be used to create a shadow-effect, where the light wouldn’t hit.

16 – Pink + Negative Space Valentines Nails

Another day, another negative space delight, but these ones are perfect for short Valentines Day nails! The glitter ombre gradient is easy enough to achieve with the help of some fabulous glitter polish and a sponge. Don’t forget to use that dabbing motion, because the brush will just smear glitter pieces all over the place.

Short Valentines Day Nails 7
Instagram / @selena.dee

The heart doesn’t need to be perfect, so feel free to get creative without the use of transfers or stencils. Use your pink shade and a thin brush to get the basic heart outline, and then paint everything on the outside of it. You can use the thin brush dipped in nail polish remover to clear up any mistakes that you make. Finish it off with that thin brush again, but this time dipped into your glitter shade, and cover with your favourite top coat. Winning!

17 – Little Red Love Heart Nails

Do you own one of those little nail punch things that creates hearts and other shapes instead of circles? You can use something like to create shapes out of holographic pieces, or other nail covers and transfers. An excellent start to these adorable nails!

Short Valentines Day Nails 2
Instagram / @judyrox

Simple pick your feature nail, use a base coat to make the nail tacky, and then apply whatever pieces you’ve decided to use. Once everything is in place, give it a few moments for the base coat to completely dry, and then cover with a glossy top coat. Much easier than it looks, right?

18 – Deep Red + Gold Glitter Valentines Nails

We’d use a stencil to get this beautiful Valentine’s Day look, especially if you want to make it look as great as this. Use your deep red shimmery polish to cover all the nails with the exception of your pinkie. That will be printed with the shimmery and sparkly gold shade instead.

Short Valentines Day Nails 6
Instagram / @justagirlandhernails

You’re going to use the same gold shade over the stencil design to give you that heart-shaped look. You could also try hand-painting, or using little decals too. Alternatively you could cheat entirely and use nail wraps. We do that all the time, but don’t tell anyone!

19 – Red + White Love

They’re short and simple and won’t take too long to do – just three reasons why we love these love-themed talons. Plus, they’re red. Red and Valentine’s Day go together like … salt and pepper, cake and custard, tuna and mayo. (Notice how they’re all food-themed?)

Short Valentines Day Nails 5
Spotted on Pinterest

Just leave the one nail unpainted when you’re doing your red cycle, and paint it white instead. When it’s dried, use a black nail pen to write the word love, and a red dotting tool or nail pen to create that little red love heart. We told you they were nice and simple.

20 – Simple Love

These ones have the tiniest, barely-there pastel love heart on them, and that’s why we feel they needed to be in the running of the best short Valentines Day nails.

Short Valentines Day Nails 4
Instagram / @ohmygoshpolish

Leave your nails natural and nude, and using a stencil and a sponge, dab on that beautiful gradient heart. If you want to make a statement, but still keep your boss sweet, this might just be the way to do it!

21 – Pink Nails + Dusting of Glitter

Last but certainly not least, we come to these adorable short Valentines Day nails. They’re pink, there are love hearts, and there’s glitter too. Really, what more could you possibly want?

Short Valentines Day Nails 1
Instagram / @judyrox

It’s the dusting of glitter that really brings this look to life, and it’s definitely something we’d advise if you want to add some sparkle to the occasion. All you need now is a beautiful sparkly rock to go on that finger to match your beautiful sparkly nails!

So … What did you think? Which of these short Valentines Day nails would you rock on the big day Let us know your favourites by commenting below, or get in touch via social media. We’d love to get the conversation started.

Not only that, we’d love to feature your designs! If you’ve created a nail masterpiece, send it in to us. You can DM us on Instagram, send us a message on Facebook, or Tweet us. Get in touch, show off your work. We want to show it off too!


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