21 Vegan Valentine’s Day Desserts

Are you in the process of planning your perfect romantic meal and looking for vegan Valentine’s Day desserts to finish things off? You’re in luck, people. We’ve got 21 ideas that we think you might like, and they’re all super easy to make, delicious, and basically perfect for the most romantic day of the year. (Apparently.)

Whether you want something chocolatey or fruity, zingy or sweet, we’ve got something to suit everyone. We’d love to hear if you’ve got a recipe that you think would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Throw your links below so that we can take a peek. 

21 Vegan Valentine’s Day Desserts

1 – Raw Vegan Tiramisu Cake

Reinvented for vegans, this Tiramisu cake promises to be light yet creamy — and you can even add some booze to yours if you fancy adding a little something extra to your Valentine’s Day night. Gluten-free as well as vegan, this treat is the perfect way to end your meal. 

Check out the recipe: Raw Vegan Tiramisu Cake | Vanilla Crunnch 

2 – Vegan Coffee Chia Pudding 

This recipe doubles up as both a great vegan Valentine’s Day dessert AND a healthy, vegan breakfast for when you need it to-go. The entire pudding uses just five recipes, most of which you’ll probably already have in your vegan kitchen cupboards, and they’ll only take 10 minutes to put together. (Don’t forget the chilling time, though.) 

Check out the recipe: Coffee Chia Pudding (Vegan) | Shivani Loves Food

3 – Vegan Chocolate Tart with Almond Oat Crust

Doesn’t this dessert look as if it were MADE for Valentine’s Day? A rich, chocolatey dessert adapted from a non-vegan one originally, it absolutely does look as good as it tastes. How do we know that? Because we’ve tried it for ourselves, can confirm it is pretty easy to create, and tastes out of this world. Your significant other is definitely going to love it! 

Check out the recipe: Vegan Chocolate Tart with Almond Oat Crust | Delightful Adventures

4 – Dark Chocolate Mint Avocado Pudding

We’re going to feature one more idea from Delightful Adventures for your vegan Valentine’s Day desserts: this interesting-sounding but delicious-tasting dark chocolate mint avocado pudding. The creator of the recipe tells you that you need nothing but 5 ingredients and a blender to recreate the pudding, and we can confirm that it really is that easy. In fact, this website has now become a bookmark for our future vegan meal inspirations! 

Check out the recipe: Dark Chocolate Mint Avocado Pudding | Delightful Adventures

5 – No-bake Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake

We’re returning back to Vanilla Crunnch’s blog for this Valentine’s Day dessert with some raspberry tang to it. Plus, look at those aesthetics! We actually wanted to list virtually every vegan dessert this website has to offer, but we’re settling for two. We definitely recommend that you take a moment to take a look at the other nom-tastic recipes. 

Check out the recipe: No-bake Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake | Vanilla Crunnch 


6 – Valentine’s Day Heart Sugar Cookies 

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day if there wasn’t a heart-shaped sugar cookie or two going around, so why not make yours vegan? You could decorate them in a whole host of ways too, giving you something to maybe do with the children during the day? Just make sure you check that your sprinkles are vegan too. (The first ones we bought did not have a ‘suitable for vegans’ line anywhere!) 

Check out the recipe: Valentine’s Day Heart Sugar Cookies | Healthy Happy Life 

7 – Vegan Lamington Tart 

We’d never heard of a Lamington tart before we came across this recipe, so it was an educational experience as well as a tasty one. And in case you don’t know what a Lamington tart is either, there’s vanilla sponge involved, coconut, chocolate, and sometimes cream or jam too. This one is a vegan version of just that, and not only does it taste bloomin’ marvellous, it also looks like a work of art.

Check out the recipe: Vegan Lamington Tart | Rainbow Nourishments 

8 – Healthy Dark Chocolate Strawberry Tarts 

Strawberries were made for Valentine’s Day. That’s what we think, anyway, but what about you? What’s your favourite fruit for the love-themed day? If you’re in the market for a strawberry tart to serve for dessert, that is both healthy and vegan, then this recipe is absolutely the one for you. You’ll need to set aside a total prep and cook time of 1hour and 30minutes, but it’ll certainly be worth it when they’re done. 

Check out the recipe: Healthy Dark Chocolate Strawberry Tarts | Evolving Table 

9 – Paleo Chocolate Fudge Truffles with Coconut Milk 

While we’re talking about the Evolving Table (which is an excellent resource for vegans, vegetarians, paleo dieters, gluten-free eaters, and many other dietary requirements), we feel that these delicious chocolate fudge truffles deserved a mention. Because what better day is there than Valentine’s Day to snuggle up with a loved one and eat yummy truffles? 

Not just vegan, these treats are great for those on the Paleo diet, and are grain-free and gluten-free.
Check out the recipe: Paleo Chocolate Fudge Truffles with Coconut Milk | Evolving Table

10 – Vegan Chocolate Caramels

These are actually heart-shaped, so of course we were going to add them to the list of Valentine’s Day desserts even though they’re more of a snack than an actual dessert. It helps if you’ve got a heart-shaped mold to work with, but you could always recreate these vegan chocolate caramels in any shape you wanted, and for any occasion that came up! Gooey and rich, these would be the perfect homemade Valentine’s gift for the one you love. (If you don’t eat them all first!) 

Check out the recipe: Vegan Chocolate Caramels | A Virtual Vegan 

11 – Vegan New York Cheesecake 

We’re staying with A Virtual Vegan for one more recipe, but it’s a vegan New York cheesecake recipe so I think we can agree that it deserves to be on the list. Described as “decadently creamy” and “ultra-rich”, it’s one that we couldn’t wait to make ourselves, and we designated our best baker in the CherryCherryBeauty den for the challenge. She did not let us down. The cheesecake was delightful, we all wanted more of it, and we think you’re going to be very happy with your choice of dessert on the big day. 

Check out the recipe: Vegan New York Cheesecake | A Virtual Vegan 

12 – Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream 

Doesn’t all dessert go down better when there’s ice cream involved? You could even add this ice cream as a side-scoop to any of the other Valentine’s Day desserts we’ve mentioned on this page! (We’re here to think of everything, folks. No need to thank us.) 

You can think of Valentine’s Day as a practice run for all the ice cream you’re inevitably going to want to make over the coming summer too. 

Check out the recipe: Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream | My Darling Vegan 

13 – Veganized Black Ice Cream 

Is your heart as black as night? Why not make your vegan ice cream the same way? We’re just kidding about your heart, by the way, but we do think that black ice cream would like really amazing in a cone or on the side of a plate, with another of these vegan Valentine’s Day desserts. Look how good the ice cream looks. Seriously, look how good it looks! 

(There’s also a video to make this recipe even easier to follow. We love that … a lot.)

Check out the recipe: Veganized: Black Ice Cream | It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

14 – Vegan Linzer Heart Cookies

These are heart-shaped … they belong on this list, right? We’re sticking with It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken for this recipe, an aptly-shaped treat that you could box up and give as a cute DIY gift. Homemade gifts are all the rage these days, and we’re all looking for a way to save money, aren’t we? We definitely endorse giving these as a gift. We’d be delighted with them. 

Check out the recipe: Vegan Linzer Heart Cookies | It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken 

15 – Chocolate Scones with Strawberry Jam

To be fair, you could put anything you wanted on your chocolate scones, but strawberry jam, with its pinky-red colour, certainly sets the right tone for Valentine’s Day. You could always use heart-shaped molds for your scones too, just as the recipe creator has done. As with many others on this list, a change of shape could easily switch these chocolate scones from a Valentine’s Day treat to a treat for any day or occasions of the year. 

Check out the recipe: Chocolate Scones with Strawberry Jam | The Organic Dietician 


16 – Pink Himalayan Vegan Brownies

Eggless, dairy-free, vegan-friendly, and beyond chocolatey to boot, if brownies are one of your Valentine’s Day desserts of choice, this one is definitely going to tick all of the right boxes. With walnuts and Himalayan pink salt crystals, we don’t think these brownies would last long enough to be given away of gifts. What do you think? 

Check out the recipe: Pink Himalayan Vegan Brownies | Yummy Mummy Kitchen

17 – Vegan Strawberry Shortcake 

Another gluten-free, vegan-friendly dish that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, the recipe states that it’ll only take you half an hour to master these, from start to finish, including the time that it’ll take you to clean up your mess afterwards. (Probably not the kind of bombsite mess we leave behind, though …)

If you’ve got any of these leftover, they’ll make for great additions to your breakfast dish. Not that we think you’ll have any leftover, obviously. 

Check out the recipe: Gluten-Free Vegan Strawberry Shortcake | Veggies Don’t Bite

18 – Strawberry Glazed Chocolate Vegan Donut 

For the donut-lovers out there, this one should make you smile. We absolutely think that romantically-decorated donuts make for a good Valentine’s Day dessert, especially when it’s vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, oil-free, and super easy to make. 

Would you stick to a red/pink/white colour scheme? Or do you plan to think outside the box this Valentine’s Day? 

Oh, and before we forget, there’s a whole range of vegan chocolate recipes for Valentine’s Day in THIS roundup post on Veggie Inspired. It’s definitely worth a moment or two of your time!

Check out the recipe: Strawberry Glazed Chocolate Vegan Donut | Veggie Inspired 

19 – Raw Raspberry and Lemon Cheesecake Bars 

Fancy something that doesn’t contain chocolate? How about tangy and creamy raspberry and lemon cheesecake bars instead? Not just vegan but free from sugars and gluten-free also, these are as aesthetically pleasing as they are delightful to eat — and we think they’ll make for a great Valentine’s day post-dinner treat. 

Check out the recipe: Raw Raspberry and Lemon Cheesecake Bars | Wallflower Kitchen

20 – Rose and Chocolate Raw Slice 

Another of the Valentine’s Day desserts that look the part as well as tasting great, there’s something about rose and chocolate that just works … and especially for Valentine’s Day. The recipe is simple, the ingredients are easy to find, and the outcome … well, let’s just say that we think your Valentine’s date is going to be happy. 

Check out the recipe: Rose and Chocolate Raw Slice | The Minimalist Vegan

21 – 3 Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Mousse 

Described as being both delicious and decadent, this 3-ingredient mousse is a simple solution if you’re looking for vegan Valentine’s Day desserts that you definitely can’t make too much of a mess of. (The writer of this post is absolutely HOPELESS in the kitchen.) Taking just 15 minutes to create, just remember to make it early enough to leave refrigeration time. 

Check out the recipe: 3 Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Mousse | Powered By Mom

We’d love to know which of these vegan Valentine’s Day desserts you’re planning on trying next, and which of them end up being your next favourite. And don’t forget: if you’ve got a vegan recipe that you think deserves to be shown off to the world, let us know about it. We’re always looking for more interesting dinner inspiration … especially if they’re quick and easy recipes! 

Thanks so much for reading. Why not take a peek at some of our other Valentine’s Day-themed posts below? 

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