21 Ways to Wear Converse

ways to wear converse

21 Ways to Wear Converse

Have you bought yourself some new trainers and are having a hard time piecing together an outfit to wear them with? We all know what it’s like when you get new shoes. You want to wear them immediately, if not sooner! Fear not, there are plenty of ways to wear converse with the items you already have hanging up in your wardrobe.

Take a peek at these 21 ways to wear Converse offered by some of the best-loved style and fashion bloggers from around the world:

1 – Almost Nautical

ways to wear converse
Source: Inspiring Wit

You can’t go wrong with classic white Converse and a striped black and white striped shirt… A look you’ll see repeated a couple of times throughout this post. If you don’t own this nautical looking shirt, you’re missing out on something. Look around you – it’s very much on trend right now.

One of the easiest ways to wear Converse – team yours with an olive mid-calf length skirt like this fashion blogger, or swap olive for classic denim blue if green’s really not your thing. This Marc Jacobs skirt is definitely for the win though.

2 – Sporty Sneakers

ways to wear Converse
Source: Looking Glass

Trainers were designed for sport so wear them classically sporty with a pair of gym-inspired leggings and a warm, sports jacket. It’s the perfect look to go walking the dog in… Or just to make it look like you hit the gym from time to time! ­čśë

3 – Just Add Dungarees

ways to wear converse
Source: Parmadak

Roll them up at the bottom and wear them a checked shirt or jacket usually tied around the waist and you have a fresh and funky look that is super easy to wear. Throw on your favourite Converse trainers and complete the student-look with a backpack!

4 – Leopard Print Style

ways to wear converse
Source: Heloise’s selfie

If the brown lacy shorts weren’t quite your style, try denim shorts instead. Or even a denim skirt! It’s a great, versatile look and that leopard print jumper is the right combination of sassy yet simple. Everyone needs a jumper like this in their wardrobe.

5 – Disney Style

ways to wear converse
Source: Jinffeine

Let’s keep it simple. Summer might be a little way off yet but you could ‘winterise’ this outfit with a bit of tweaking giving you even more ways to wear Converse. Add some thick tights for winter, and a cute striped sweater or a long-sleeved tee instead of this H&M crop top. Just tuck it in if your beach ready or let it hang loose if you’re not… Like me!

Sigh… Summer is just around the corner.

6 – Sweater & Skirt

ways to wear converse
Source: trini-g

It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s effective. It’s the perfect way to wear Converse.

Add your white Converse to a simple denim skirt and a slogan sweater and you have an every-day look you can always add tights, a big, chunky scarf, and even an oversized cardigan to. Classic Blues Brothers Raybans complete the look obviously.

7 – Ships Ahoy

ways to wear Converse
Source: trini-g

This nautical look is perfect for┬ásimple white Converse. You could switch the wide-legged Phillip Lim culottes for some skinny jeans, or even just some cropped-leg jeans. Those classic Raybans make a return too. Oh and there’s that striped shirt we keep talking about…

8 – Leather Legged

ways to wear Converse
Source: FashionSnag

We totally dig this chick’s style and she teams her black low-top Converse with some leather Rag & Bone jeans. You can switch them up for skinny┬áblack jeans if leather isn’t quite your style, but a black band tee completes the look.

9 – Suit & Tie

ways to wear Converse

Who said you couldn’t smarten up a pair of classic Converse? Rock yours with smart tailored trousers, a crisp white shirt (tie optional) and a nude trench coat for ways to wear Converse that are┬ácasual yet smart all at the same time.

If the look is too ‘tailored’ for you, simply switch the wide-legged trousers for some dark denim instead.

10 – Casually Converse

ways to wear Converse
Source: The Little Fashionette

Well, I think we’ve pretty must established that those vertical stripes up top are perfect for low-top classic Converse. It’s a casual look but one that has been revamped a little with black chino-style trousers rather than jeans. The belt helps to break things up a little and if you’re curvy, opt for high-waisted trousers with a waist-hugging belt rather than one that hugs your hips.

The long zip-up hoodie / jacket is perfect for adding warmth and the hat covers a multitude of sins!

11 – Gothic Love

ways to wear Converse

We can’t help but fall in love with this almost-gothic look paired with classic black low-top Converse. Simple pair yours with straight-legged or skinny black jeans, a black and white heart-print top and even a pussy-bow around the collar if you’re an accessories girl!

12 – Brightly Does It

ways to wear converse
Source: styleesta diaries

If you like bright colours, go with bright Converse like these sunny┬ácanary-yellow Chuck Taylor Converse. Keep the rest of the look simple and in similar tones so it’s not too bright for everyday wear. The blue cosy knit from Zara works well with the relaxed jeans and bag too.

13 – Seventies Love

ways to wear converse
Source: styleesta diaries

The seventies were all about flares and Converse so pair yours with some wide-legged jeans and a checked shirt like you can see here for an instant seventies-inspired look. The seventies have made a comeback and the theme for the coming seasons is still flare-styled. Get yours back out the wardrobe and try them on. It’s definitely the season for it – more ways to wear Converse!

14 – Button Down Skirt

ways to wear Converse
Source: The Little Fashionette

We talk about the classic button-down skirt in┬á21 Winter 2015 Trends You Can Totally Rock!┬áand there’s no better way you can rock it than with a pair of classic white low-top Converse.

Keep things simple with a rock-inspired tee and a classic black jacket and you have an instant casual-chic look that all the fashion bloggers seem to love right now.

15 – Leather & Leggings

ways to wear Converse
Source: reingeschluepft

Leggings are only acceptable when work with a long shirt over the top. Either that or the leggings need to be super-thick so people can’t see through them on a sunny day. It amazes us how many women rock around with their underwear clearly on show through their skin-tight and very thin leggings.

Stop doing it.

Wear your GOOD-QUALITY, THICK leggings with some classic low-top Converse (or high-tops would look just as great) and pair with a long tartan shirt that covers your butt and an easy, peasy leather biker-style jacket. If you don’t have time for makeup, add instant Aviator sunglasses to cover up the panda eyes.

16 – Double Denim

ways to wear Converse
Source: DearDiary-fashion

Double denim has come a long way since JT and Britney were rocking it… Thankfully.

If you’re looking for new ways to wear Converse, pair them with double denim! Just make sure the two pieces, jeans and jacket, are two different shades of denim otherwise it’ll look like you’re wearing some kind of bizarre pair of overalls.

Add a white simple tee to simply finish the look, and a quilted Chanel-style bag (or the real deal if you’re lucky) adds a nice little extra touch.

17 – Cute & Quirky

ways to wear Converse
Source: Small But Tall

Let’s keep things simple. There are three classic components to this super cute and quirky outfit. You have your Converse, your boyfriend style / relaxed fit jeans and you have a classic white shirt. This cute top is from Zara but you could go nuts with slogans if you wanted.

18 – American Pie

ways to wear Converse
Source: Small But Tall

American Converse – only the coolest things we’ve ever seen.

Wear yours with pride teamed with a royal blue jumpsuit and use a slim, braided waist to pull things in and show off your curves. Even if you haven’t got any, the belt helps you to fake it! ­čśë

19 – Dress It Up

ways to wear Converse
Source: Perventina

Who said you couldn’t wear Converse trainers with your little black dress? Break the rules a little. I actually love the way this fashion blogger has tied the laces around her ankles. They look like little ankle bracelets and better than that, it gives you something cool to do with those stupidly long laces that flop around all over the place!

We’re 100% obsessed with this Asos dress and we think its one of the coolest ways to wear Converse! Sassy yet comfy.

20 – Skirtin’ Around

ways to wear converse

For those times you’re stuck at your boyfriend’s house with a top not exactly suitable for daytime wear, chuck his tee on with your classic skirt and Converse and you have a day-ready look that won’t look like you’re doing the walk of shame.

Tuck the t-shirt into your skirt so it doesn’t look too thrown together, or even tie it up to one side with a hairband if you have one handy. The look is casual so don’t be afraid to let it be casual.

21 – Summer Dresses

ways to wear Converse
Source: Piece of Cupcake

I actually own this dress. I’ve never worn it with Converse. Now I’m definitely going to!

All those summer dresses you have – most of them can be easily worn with Converse. These burgundy low-tops go perfectly with the dark red shade of the dress and we think cute frilly white socks would also look super cute!

Just in case we hadn’t provided you with enough ways to wear Converse, here’s a few more to get you on your way!

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