21 Winter Whites We’re Wishing For


One of the biggest trends for autumn and winter 2016 was shades of white. We’ve decided to give you a helping hand with your winter whites, because we know how much hard work the colour is to wear. If you’re not throwing food down it. you’re getting covered in grass stains, and sometimes you don’t even know how you managed to get your white threads so dirty! Make life easier on yourself – learn how to wear white, and get started on building your closet with these closet inspirations:

21 Winter Whites We’re Wishing For

1 – Miranda Dressing Gown

Right, let’s get this out the way nice and early. There is nothing better in life than getting home from a long day at work and slipping right into your dressing gown, and with this fluffy beauty from Ugg, getting home is never going to feel so good.

£90 / Ugg / Click for more details

Wrap up warm, turn off your phone, unplug that really annoying doorbell, and forget about the rest of the world. That’s the best way to deal with winter and all that cold weather that comes with it, right?

2 – Big White Scarf

If there’s one thing you will definitely need when you do decide it’s time to venture outside the warmth of your bed, and more than that, your home – a big white scarf. When you’re talking winter whites, this is definitely one of the most important, and if you can throw in a hat and some cosy gloves for good measure, we’ll be even happier!

Source: Anna Berezowska / Click for more details

You can wear a big white scarf with pretty much anything – black jeans, a black tee, and a black jacket, for example. It also goes with prettier dresses for evening wear, and a big enough one can even double-up as a shrug / wrap of sorts for when your shoulders start to get chilly. You see, we said you’d need one. And, in case you needed any help, we’ve found a few you might like to take a look at:

3 – Faux Fur Cape

It’s perfect for when you want to wrap up warm and appreciate the snow in front of the fire. In fact, doesn’t that sound very romantic? At just £20, we’d be more than happy to just wrap up in this around the house, but we’re sure we can find a use for it that means we could wear it outside too.

£20 / Very / Click for more details

*Was £30

In fact, we’re so sure of this, we decided to go on the hunt for fashion bloggers who agreed with us, and we managed to come across the ones below. We think they’re perfect to take a little inspiration from!

4 – White & Grey

Not brave enough to wear lots of white? How about teaming it up with a light grey shade? It adds a new dimension to the look, whilst making you feel a bit braver about your outfit. We’ve got plenty of grey shades in our wardrobes, how about you?

Source: Stephanie Van Klev / Click for more details

This could easily be a grey shift dress, a grey jumper dress, or even grey jeans with a white shirt, and a grey sweater on over the top. Team with a white coat, a white hat, and that wonderful light faux-fur bag, and you have an instant outfit – one that will see you right through winter.

5 – Winter White Sparkle Jumper

We love it when the cold weather draws in because it gives us the perfect excuse to pull out all those massive winter jumpers we own, and wrap up all warm and cosy in them. We could be wearing underwear, but we’re probably not. The best thing is that no one would ever know. A big winter jumper helps to cover everything you want to cover.

£20.00 / Dorothy Perkins / Click for more details

*Was £25

Wear yours with jeans, or even leggings, and you could even team with cute skirts, or under pinafore and shift dresses too. Winter warmer woollens are an essential every year, and for this year, this Dorothy Perkins delight is one of our top picks.

6 – Smith Embellished Knit Top

And for those days when just a simple winter woollen white jumper won’t do, opt for something embellished. This could easily be worn with smart trousers for a daytime office look, and then teamed with a black mini skirt, or some statement trousers like you can see here, for a fabulous evening look.

£79.00 / Coast / Click for more details

It’s a very classic sweater, so classic accessories will make it easier to wear. It’s also not exactly white, more off-white. It’s okay to do that if you’re not quite brave enough to make the leap of faith to something brightly white. White is white, whether it’s off-white or not!

7 – Lace Top Bodycon Dress

Wearing white is really hard work, and most women (and men, for that matter) are totally intimidated by the prospect for wearing the shade. Black, and other darker colours, are much easier to wear. If you spill something, it’s not automatically obvious. Plus, white clothing just seems to be a magnet for all things spills and drops.

£19.99 / AX Paris / Click for more details

*Was £40

If you’re put off wearing white, don’t be. Just get some practice in. And if all else fails, make sure you have a stain removal pen in your handbag at all times. We’ve found that to be a really great tip!

8 – Big White Fluffy Coat

Confidence is really important when you’re wearing white, because if you’re scared of it, it’ll sense that. Then it’ll attract all that mess we told you about before.

Source: Getman Marina / Click for more details

We’re kidding, obviously, but you do need to exude some confidence when you’re wearing this bright colour. If you’re not brave enough to rock a head-to-toe white look, don’t. Opt for a white shirt, white handbag, or just some white accessories. Start small and build yourself up from there. It’s a great trick for building confidence with new looks and trends.


9 – Ivory Long Sleeved Zip Top

For when you need something a little smarter than sassier, we love this top, spotted on Dorothy Perkins. You could wear this with anything – literally anything in your wardrobe, and when teamed with gold bling, looks super cool and super sassy too.

£25.00 / Dorothy Perkins / Click for more details

White can be much more versatile than you thought it might have ben. A simple white tee, for example, could be worn with a skirt for a sassy daytime number, and you could add tights to the mix for when the weather gets really chilly. You could also layer things up with a cardigan, or even a furry body-warmer. You could add a white tee underneath pretty summer dresses, layering to use your summer wardrobe for winter. Don’t see you see? A white t-shirt alone is the most versatile thing you could ever have in your wardrobe.

10 – Multi Ripped Skinny Jeans

If you thought it was too chilly to rock out those skinny, ripped jeans, you’re wrong. You can still wear them, and you even wear them with patterned tights underneath them, in varying colours, if you really wanted to rock them. In fact, we can’t help but think that lace tights, in either white or black, would look great under these. How about you?

£19.99 / AX Paris / Click for more details

*Was £35

If you’re wearing white, make sure you have the right underwear. The wrong underwear is often what spoils an otherwise wonderful look, and you probably won’t even realise until it’s much too late.

Although you may be tempted to pair white underwear with your new white garments, don’t. Always go nude. Never, ever go bright, or patterned, unless you’re going to make a statement with them, as we suggested under these ripped jeans. People will see them through your white clothes. Things get automatically more see-through when you head outside into natural light. You should always bear that in mind.

11 – White Fluffy Cropped High Neck Jumper

A white fluffy jumper is essential for winter 2016. You can wear it with so many things you’ll already have hanging up in your closet too. Jeans, skirts, dresses … it doesn’t matter.

£42.00 / HOT!MESS / Click for more details

We found this super soft and fluffy one from HOT!MESS, and it has a high neck, which is another key trend for winter 2016. If you have a body con dress that you haven’t worn for a while, consider wearing it like a skirt, just like you can see here. You’d never know the top half of the skirt was a dress, especially with that fluffy jumper over the top.

12 – White Patent Ankle Boots

If white trousers are too much for you, and you wouldn’t dare wearing a white shirt for fear of covering yourself in tea, coffee, and everything else you plan to put near your mouth that day, how do these white patent ankle boots take your fancy?

£45.00 / Miss Selfridge / Click for more details

These ankle boots are really easy to throw on with jeans and tailored trousers too, and will even bring a slightly sixties feel to the occasion, especially if you pair it with black or brightly coloured tights, and a cute little A-line skirt too. We’re kinda diggin’ these patent pretties.

13 – White Faux Fur Stole

This is one of our key trends for winter, and we even discussed this in greater detail in 11 Winter 2016 Fashions You Can Rock. You can throw a faux fur stole on over the top of a big jacket to turn your regular jacket into more of a winter one, and it instantly glams up any little black dress you might choose to throw on.

£19.99 / New Look / Click for more details

With the festive season coming up, which obviously means party season, it’s about time to started thinking of how to keep those little dresses you’re planning on wearing warm. We can’t think of a better solution.

14 – White LED Trainers

Let’s hope there’s snow this year so you can light it up with these flashing fancies! We’ve wanted light-up trainers for adults for a long time, and we’re delighted we found these beauties from Attitude Clothing!

£29.99 / Attitude Clothing / Click for more details

*Was £44.99

They’re on sale, which instantly gives you the perfect excuse to buy them, plus they light up. What more excuse could you want? If it’s winter whites you’re after, you can’t get much fancier than this!

15 – Belted Sleeveless Jacket

Worn by regulars on The Only Way is Essex, this belted sleeveless jacket is perfect for throwing on over the top of anything this winter. We’ve gone for the pale shade to fit in with the winter whites theme, but you could get these in a wide range of shades and colours, and still find a way and an outfit to wear them all.

£9.99 / Select Fasion / Click for more details

*Was £22.99

You could easily throw this on over a pair of jeans and a simple long-sleeved tee underneath. You could also throw it on over tailored trousers and a smart shirt for work. In fact, there are so many ways in which you can wear this versatile jacket. IS it about time you owned one?

16 – Leather Large Bucket Bag

If you’re worried about standing out too much while you’re wearing white, team your look with either trainers or flats. It helps to make things more every-day, and white Converse trainers just go with everything. So much so, we featured them here: 21 Ways to Wear Converse

£179 / Ted Baker / Click for more details

While we’re on the subject of accessories, after starting with the white Converse, you could then move on to a white bag. Just because we’re talking winter whites, doesn’t mean you need to wear everything white. It’s all about learning not to be intimidated by the shade, and by starting off with the accessories, you’ll soon get there.

17 – White Winter Kits

Everyone needs a white winter knitted jumper in their closet, and we promise you that when you do invest in one, you’ll be wearing it for a very long time. In fact, we’ve had the same white jumper for about five years now, and we’ve worn it every single winter since the day we bought it.

Source: Emma Reay / Click for more details

There are plenty of them on the market now, so there’s one for every body shape and type. Finding the right jumper-style for you isn’t difficult once you’ve worked out what body type you have. For example, if you’re busty, you can prevent looking “bigger” in big winter woolies by having them tucked into the front of your jeans. This will help to break things up, and tuck things in. Even if you don’t have a waist, you can almost fake it that way.

18 – Olivia Burton White, Rose Gold & Silver Watch

When we’re talking winter whites, you can’t forget about the accessories, and what better way to ensure that you get everywhere on time this winter than with this stunning watch!

£80 / Topshop / Click for more details

Speaking of accessories, when you wear all white and feel like you’re wearing too much all white, keep things on the down-low by matching your look with darker ones. Wear black shoes with a black bag, and a black hat and sunglasses, for example. We love the white bag featured here, but there are a number of options you should choose from, especially with the wide range of winter whites out this season!

19 – Pin Stripe Cold Shoulder Shirt

The cold shoulder trend is a massive one right now, and it’s a great way of showing some sexy flesh this winter without the need to feel freezing cold as you do so. Also, there’s something quite sexy about showing off your shoulders – they’re a very underestimated body part!

£9.99 / Select Fashion / Click for more details

*Was £16.99

This shirt just goes to show how you can look sexy and business-like at the same time. You could easily wear this to work in the office, and then rock it at night with some sassy heels and blinged-up earrings in the bar. We love an outfit that multitasks!

20 – White Unicorn Slippers

And for the days when you have absolutely no plan to leave the house, keep the winter whites theme going with these utterly adorable unicorn slippers. Not only will they make you smile as you potter about all day, but they’ll keep your feet warm too. And they’re unicorns. Come on – who doesn’t want more unicorns in their life?

£14.99 / New Look / Click for more details

Not only are these something that we want to wear all winter, we can’t also help but think that there are a hundred girls in our Christmas gift list that would love these too! And for under £15, you’re on to a winner!

21 – White Patch Pocket Denim Skirt

This skirt-style is a must-have for any wardrobe, regardless of what colour you wear it. The CherryCherryBeauty writer behind this piece actually owns a blue denim one, a white one, a brown corduroy one, and a black one too. It’s literally one of those skirts that you can wear in a hundred million ways.

£10 / Miss Selfridge / Click for more details

*Was £28

Worn with a vest-top tucked in, and a gingham / checked shirt as an open-jacket on the top, you have a perfect summer outfit. And to make it versatile, just replace sandals or trainers with boots, and add some tights too. Do the shirt up as the weather gets colder, or even replace with a sweater – a Christmas sweater! It’s a skirt that you really do need to try to believe, and we love this one from Miss Selfridge, for just a tenner in the sale!

With white being one of the biggest key trends for autumn – winter 2016, these winter whits are a definitely a great place to start. If you’re not a big fan of white, or just think you’re too clumsy to wear them, start with the accessories and work your way up from there. You’ll soon get the hanging of watching where you throw your coffee!

If you’ve found any adorable winter whites that you think we missed out, feel free to shout them out below. We’d also love to know your favourites. Get in touch on social media, and make sure you show us your outfits on Instagram. We’d be thrilled to learn that we provided you with a little bit of style inspiration!


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