30 Purple Hair Designs We Wish We Had

Purple Hair Designs

Purple is by far one of the most versatile colours you could choose to play around with when it comes to your hair. There are so many colours and shades, so many combinations of colours you could opt for! There’s bound to be something to suit you, your current hair length and style, and your personality. If nothing else your hair should always reflect your personality!

If you’ve been toying with the idea of purple hair for a while, take a peek at these stunning purple hair designs and ideas to give you a burst of inspiration:

30 Purple Hair Designs We Wish We Had

Purple Hair Designs

1 – Lavender + Purple Ombre

We love this multi-toned lavender and purple ombre hair look and this is one of the easiest ways to play around with colours… And one of the best times too. A wooly hat covers all manner of hair boo-boo’s so if you’re looking for the best time to get experimental (and not worry too much if it goes wrong), you’ve found it!

purple hair designs
Instagram: lisan1201

Using different shades and tones hides a multitude of sins. One-colour hair shows off uneven patches a lot more. We’ve also found that curls are a great way to wear colour if you want to show it off. This is a classic example of purple hair designs done right!

2 – Blonde to Purple Ombre – Dip Dye

This purple hair look is actually a lot easier than it looks to recreate. If you have already blonde hair, add some shorter layers and dye the entire bottom, underneath section of your hair purple, or any shade you like really. We’ve tried this with pink, blue, red and even green with great results!

purple hair designs
Instagram: klystykhoury

When you wear your hair down, you’ll have a look similar to this – longer blonde layers with those beautiful pops of purple shining through from the bottom. If you want a way to simply update your style with a bright flash of colour, this is a great one to try.

3 – Metallic Blush

In order to get a colour that looks this great, you’re not only going to need to play around with different tones and shades but you’ll need to start with healthy, happy hair too. The healthier your hair, the better your purple hair designs will turn out.

purple hair designs
Instagram: bescene

Before you opt for a bold colour choice such as this one, make sure that you give your hair some TLC first. Give it a good trim to get rid of those dead ends, perhaps giving you the perfect time to go for a choppy ‘lob’ or long-bob like you can see here, and also treat it to a good hot oil moisturising treatment. The more you love your hair, the more your hair will love you right back… By doing as its told when you colour it.

4 – Purple to Turquoise Fade

If you can’t make up your mind which hair colour you want, have two and fade them together. Although turquoise isn’t really what you’re looking for when you Google ‘purple hair designs’, this faded-together look is actually a very stunning one…

Simple too…

purple hair designs
Instagram: _girlforgirl

Start at the top like you normally would and make sure you cover your roots with that beautiful, bright purple colour. Choose a point towards the end (or tie a hair band around the hair low down) and stop when you get to that point. Then grab your turquoise (or second colour of choice), blend the purple down in a randomised hand-painted style like you can see here, until you get to that beautiful blue at the bottom.

5 – Plum to Grey Ombre

Purple and grey work great together and we are seriously lusting after this plum to grey ombre, a classic example of how fading or blending two very different colours together can still work magnificently.

purple hair designs
Instagram: bescene

The gun-metal grey at the bottom is so grey, it’s almost blue and the natural blend from that reddish-purple just works. Worn down or in an elaborate updo, it looks great. Definitely one to put on our list…

6 – Bright + Bouncy Purple Bob

We’ve discussed cutting your hair short in preparation for a bright colour and there’s something very flirty and cute about this bright and bouncy purple bob. It’s a great way of showing how these purple hair designs work just as well for short hair as they do long.

purple hair designs
Instagram: jcoccomo

Kept longer towards the front than at the back, the length is still very flattering and even gives you the chance to play with a separate tone or colour if you wanted to. The end of the hair at the front could easily be an alternative colour if you wanted it to stand out even further.

7 – Fairy Floss Purple

It’s that purple and turquoise trend again and a slightly different way of wearing it. Who wants the hair to blend in all together when you could make it stand out like this.

purple hair designs
Instagram: bescene

With pops of purple, pink and turquoise in randomised strands and chunks, it’s hand-painted coloured hair done the right way. Did someone say ‘unicorn’?

8 – Purple Lowlights on Dark Hair

If you want to play around with colour but don’t fancy something overly extreme in case your partner / boss / mother doesn’t like it, why not opt for a bright highlight over your natural hair, in this case, purple lowlights on dark brown hair.

purple hair designs
Instagram: suite101salon

There are different shades here from dusky lilacs, bright dark blues, and pink and purple twists and when blended through the bottom of this brunette shade, it adds a little something without injecting too much.

A great way to dip your toes into the hair colour world!

9 – Pinky Purple with Silver + Dark Roots

We’ve already said that purple and grey work well together and this pinky purple with silver and dark roots is a classic example of that. There are quite a few different shades and tones worked into the mix here, and definitely isn’t one you’ll easily recreate at home on your own.

(Trust me, we’ve tried!)

purple hair designs
Instagram: charmsie

The pink and purple are easily enough achieved with the right tools but the dark silver is much more difficult. Grey / silver has a tendency to go either lilac or bright purple when left on too long and finding that point is hard work.

10 – Lilac Dusted Roots

If you were happy when the ombre look became popular because it meant you could keep hair maintenance down to a minimum for a while, you’ll love this lilac dusted roots look, again, easily recreated with a range of different colours and tones.

purple hair designs
Instagram: blend_studio

This would be a great trick to remember if you don’t have time to make it to the salon. The wash-in / wash-out (or semi-permanent) dyes are a great way to jazz your hair up at home (with the help of a friend) with a bottle of colour bought from high-street stores.

If you have a party and your roots are too shocking to leave, use your semi-permanent dye to make them pop with a colour like this purple. It won’t last longer than a wash or two before your roots are visible again, but will get you through those emergency situations.

11 – Long & Lavender

We love this look, long and lavender, both romantic and cool all at the same time. If you have long hair or fancy using some colour in your extensions, this would be a great place to start.

purple hair designs
Instagram: beautybyshannonle

Taking care of your hair extensions is just as important as taking car of your own hair, especially if you want to wear them regularly, so make sure you are keeping up to date with the maintenance and care necessary to keep them in tip-top condition. You can dye your hair add-ons but they will soon fall apart if you abuse them.

12 – Purple Pastel Mermaid Hair

Nurturing your hair is the best way to achieve a bright and bold colour, especially if you want a glossy and shiny finish like this purple pastel mermaid hair. Hair masks can be picked up for super cheap these days and there are even more products offering hair repair.

purple hair designs
Instagram: vividartistichairdesign

Try to keep things as natural as possible with your hair products. You’re trying to repair damaged hair to colour it, not build up a whole bunch of residue and product. Something as simple as a vitamin E hair mask made at home could offer just as much moisturising, hydration and nourishment as that tub of hair repair lotion you picked up that cost almost as much as the coat you were wearing that day.

13 – Purple to Silver Melted Bob

We love this bob but there’s nothing to stop you from doing this with long hair. An almost-blayage style, the purple has been blended and melted into a muted silver with plenty of shade and variations in the tones used.

purple hair designs
Source: soho_master_hair_stylists_

When the wind blows, you’ll see all the shades this luscious hair has to offer. It makes us want to cut our hair short again!

14 – Purple to Yellow Fade

You do need to be realistic about your hair colour choices. You may want the brightest, boldest, beautifulest purple hair designs but you won’t achieve it if you don’t have great hair to start with. Looks like this purple to yellow fade won’t be easy if you have poor condition hair.

purple hair designs
Instagram: bescene

If you have damaged or unhealthy hair, it won’t hold the colour well and you may even find that the colour becomes distorted. It certainly won’t be the fun and vibrant shade you’d expected it to be.

15 – Mermaid Pastels + Purple Pop

You need to take hair-health into consideration when you’re thinking about a drastic change too. You might want to go from black-as-death to pastel pink in less than two salon appointments but the price you’ll pay for super bleaching and lightening treatments like that is hair that probably won’t go pastel pink and if it does, it’ll be a mess – dry, damaged, breaking, split ends, the full bad-hair works.

purple hair designs
Instagram: niki.tru

Hair transformation demands patience and if you can’t offer that, you won’t get the hair you want. You certainly won’t be able to keep it.

16 – Tinged Tips

You’re often told to leave your colour on for about twenty minutes and that’s all very good and well when you’re in the hair salon and working with all the bits and pieces necessary to get the job done as quickly as possible. When you’re trying to achieve hair colour like this at home on the other hand, twenty minutes is not enough, especially with store bought hair dye products which are generally lower strength.

purple hair designs
Instagram: bescene

To achieve a pastel finish to your colour, you can mix it with equal parts hair dye to conditioner and because of that, you can leave the colour on for longer. As a personal hair dye enthusiast, I generally leave my dye + conditioner combination on for at least an hour. It’s nourishing while it colours and I take care of my hair with masks and hot oil treatments regularly.

17 – Purple Braids

When you wash your hair, in order to stop is fading super-quick, turn down the temperature. You might love it when that hot, clean water hits your scalp at the end of a long day but your hair, and your hair colour, won’t!

purple hair designs
Instagram: beautybyshannonle

When you wash your hair with hot water, the cuticles open and this actually allows some of that precious colour to escape. When shampooing and conditioning, you should also seek out products specifically designed for colour hair. If you don’t, you will find that the upkeep and touching-up of your colour will be just too high maintenance to keep it for very long.

18 – Mermaid Pastel Colour Melt

This is such as subtle hit of colour but one that really makes her hair stand out for all the right reasons. If you’re not quite brave enough to get started with the crazy colours like we’ve shown you already, stay at home and get creative with some hair crayons instead. That’s how you achieve a cute and discreet look like this one.

purple hair designs
Instagram: niki.tru

Chalk-in and wash-out, that’s how easy they are. It means you can play around with colours before you agree to have them in your hair, and you may even find that some of the tones and shades you were considering don’t suit your face shape, hair type or skin tone at all.

19 – Sunset Hair

This was a huge trend recently and although there are a lot of colours and shades to take into account here, it’s actually one we managed to recreate (somewhat) ourselves at home. The clever combination of dark roots to purple hair, to pink hair, to red hair, to orange / yellow hair isn’t easy (admittedly) but after a couple of hours, the finished result was magnificent and the compliments were plenty.

Purple Hair Designs
Instagram: roguehairstudio

A brave look for some perhaps, it’s one you’ll regret not trying later on! Your younger years are exactly the years you should be rocking hair like this!

20 – Purple Cotton Candy Hair

Remember we said about just dusting the roots with a pop of purple (or any other colour)? Well, this look shows you how beautiful it can be when you spend some time to braid it too! The lilac blending into blonde is certainly a favourite look of ours.

Purple Hair Designs
Instagram: hugosalon

There’s a tinge of pink on the end of this purple to blonde hair but you don’t need to go quite that far if you don’t want to. We think the lilac at the roots works just fine for us, don’t you?

21 – Blonde with Purple Dip Dye

Another great way to add a crazy pop of colour is to dip dye your hair which essentially means just colouring the bottoms. We love this look, almost am ombre plum-purple, and against the yellow-blonde, it makes for a brilliant contrast.

Purple Hair Designs
Instagram: katiejane_dancer

You could do this with any colour and the rest of the hair is left neutral. You could even do this with darker hair, a look we’ve shown you previously. The possibilities for these purple hair designs really are endless!

22 – Purple Balayage Ends

Another great tip to use for a purple pop of colour over brunette hair, these purple balayage ends are  not only simple but easily trimmed or faded out if you can only get away with rocking them for a short amount of time, for example, half term, etc.

Purple Hair Designs
Instagram: tiadoeshair

This purple look will fade to a lighter lilac, and then to a silvery-grey, and before you know it, you’ll be back to that bleach blonde, almost reverse ombre look. Easy peasy!

23 – Purple to Pink Ombre

There are certain activities you should avoid if you have fabulous hair like this one. Swimming in public swimming pools is not recommended because of the chlorine, for example. The chemicals can strip the hair of the colour and also leave it dry and damaged, something you definitely don’t want if you have a bold colour going on.

Purple Hair Designs
Instagram: promisetamang

If you’ve got a tropical vacay booked, try to avoid the pool and wrap your hair up high on your head, wearing a hat when out in the sun. You should also look at hair treatments that have added sun protection for good measure.

24 – Purple to Pink Soft Blend

As well as avoiding chlorine, another tip you’re going to want to bear in mind when rocking fabulous purple hair designs just like this one is to avoid shampoos that have colour-stripping ingredients. These will including ingredients such as alcohol and sulfates. In fact, when it comes to these two ingredients, you should avoid ALL hair treatments and products that contain them.

Purple Hair Designs
Instagram: tiadoeshair

Alcohol and sulfates dry the hair out and cause more damage than harm. Not only that but alcohol will also strip the colour out quicker. You’ve all seen what alcohol spray does to mark board pen on a whiteboard right? That’s basically what it does to the colour on your hair too.

25 – Silver to Purple – Pink Ombre

It’s more pink than purple but stunning nevertheless and we love this silver to purple and pink ombre look. It’s not softly blended like some of the other purple hair designs we’ve looked at.

Purple Hair Designs
Instagram: hairbymisskellyo

Instead, the gradient between the two tones is quite a sharp one, right in the centre of the head. It works just as well as a softer fade, especially when you’re using beautiful shades like these.

26 -Super Purple Bob

A great tip for keeping a one-colour style fresh and shiny is to mix a tiny bit of your colour in with your conditioner. Why? Well, let me tell you…

Purple Hair Designs
Instagram: rouge22salon

Every time you wash and condition, you’re adding a little bit of colour so for adding some extra time in between those hair salon appointments, it’s a great tip to use.

27 – Lovingly Lilac

We can’t get enough of this stunning purple hair look and we think the lovely lilac really helps to bring out those beautiful blue hues in her eyes… Don’t you?

Whether you agree with the eye theory or not, one thing is for sure, this is one of the lilac and purple hair designs to lust after.

Purple Hair Designs
Instagram: charity.grace

This is a look that you’re best off going to a hair salon to achieve as, trust me on this one, it’s hard work getting your hair to look that good and in just that exact shade of lilac. I found it an impossible task and I tried it on three different occasions. One of those was by accident when I’d tried to go silver, it went lilac in patches and then I couldn’t get all of my hair to go the same beautiful shade.

28 – Five Minute Purple Curls

Sorry but we were a little obsessed with this chick when we found her and we felt it was only fair we shared this five minute curl look which she does perfectly and effortlessly. Surprisingly enough, this is one of those tutorials you can actually follow. This is actually a very easy way to do five minute curls!

Purple Hair Designs
Instagram: charity.grace

Put your hair in a high ponytail and secure and simply curl random tendrils within the pony tail. It gives you get curls towards the lower lengths of the hair and takes just five or ten minutes in the morning, dependant on how long and thick your hair is. Spritz with some hairspray to keep the look in check and you’re about ready to go for the day.

29 – Blues + Purples

They are two colours that shouldn’t go that great together but as we’ve shown a few times within these purple hair designs, they actually work really, really well.

Purple Hair Designs
Instagram: noradababneh

This beautiful look going from dark and rich blues to glossy, shiny purples is one that won’t be to everyone’s taste. The different shades and tones help to give it a three-dimensional feel, and these multi-shades also help to make your hair appear thicker. Just a little trick for you! 😉

30 – Just a Hint of Purple

We love this look, it could be silver but it could be purple or lilac too. It looks great with gothic makeup, especially a super dark lip, and we’ve seen plenty of examples of this on Instagram. With every one we see, we fall in love a little more.

Purple Hair Designs
Instagram: guy_tang

More lilac towards the ends and silver towards the roots, this is how amazing your lilac hair could look when it fades. Silver shampoo would help the process along a little easier, and will also keep it that shiny, pastel effect you can see here.

So there you have them – 30 purple hair designs you’ll want to try this year for sure! Have you tried this fabulous hair trend yourself? Show us your amazing designs by tagging us on Instagram with #cherrycherrybeauty. If we love your work, we’ll feature you!

For more beautiful and bold ways to wear your hair this year, why not take a peek at some of these…

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