31 Pink and Purple Hair Looks

If you can’t pick between pink and purple hair looks, mix the two together. It all sounds so simple, doesn’t it? And it really could be too, as shown by these beautiful hair designs that we think you’re going to fall in love with. They’re every bit as pretty as you think they’re going to be, suitable for all hair types, lengths and current hair types. In fact, you might just find that there are more ways to wear pink and purple hair looks than you first may have thought!

31 Pink and Purple Hair Looks

1 – Dusky Purple to Pink

This is a really great look if you’re trying to fade-out an existing colour. Let’s say, for example, you already had a shade of pink or purple in your hair. You can see from this look that darker roots work fine with the pastel lilacs and baby pinks it fades down into. On top of that, you can add a slight wash onto your fading hair to give it a new lease of life. Figuring out what to do in-between colours, or actually making the colour change itself, is often what makes actually dyeing your hair quite a brave process. That’s even more so the case when you bear in mind that these brighter shades are likely to fade much more quickly than regular colour shades, such as brunettes, redheads, blondes, etc.

Source: taitkieuapril05

2 – Unicorn Pink and Purple Hair Looks

Do you remember the Starbucks unicorn drink that was doing the rounds on social media a little while back? Well, this pink and purple look reminded us of a slightly more faded-down version of that, and we must admit, we really kind of love it. Adding a few loose waves to a coloured style can make it easier to wear, particularly when you’re growing out an older colour look. In fact, using curls to cover up bad hair days has become almost a way of life to us!

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 8

Source: glamiris

3 – Braided Pink and Purple Hair Looks

Using braids is a great way to show off EVERY colour that you have in your look. It’s also a great way to disguise greasy roots, bad hair days, and all manner of other sins. We love braids so much, we’ve dedicated a whole series of blog posts to them, which we would obviously recommend to you. Once you’ve learned how to do these fabulous styles once, they’ll become your go-to style for when you want to look damn sassy but have absolutely no time!

For more braid inspo, check out these:

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 5

Source: hairbymisskellyo

Beauty Bay

4 – Bright + Bold Pink and Purple Hair Looks

What happens when you don’t want muted and pastel shades in your pink and purple hair looks? You go for something like this look, of course – bold, bright and definitely absolutely brilliant. A dark purple shade has been used on the roots, fading down to a really pretty and bright pink shade. It’s a look that Barbie would most definitely have been proud of, and one that’ll fade fast if you don’t care of your new locks. Make sure you know how to take care of brightly-coloured hair before you walk into the salon and ask for something like this. Otherwise you might be in for quite a nasty shock. Did somebody say hiiiiiigh maintenance?

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 10

Source: coiffurehairdressing

5 – Barely-There Pink to Purple Fade

It’s hard knowing what to expect when you are dyeing your hair for the first time. This is definitely the case when you’re dyeing your hair a really bright colour for the first time. There’s nothing wrong with starting off small – opting for a “hidden” coloured patch, for example, if you don’t want to head straight for all-over colour-ville. Remember that although these may be semi-permanent shades, they’re still going to last for a little while. That’s ALWAYS the case when you don’t like it and want it to fade quicker too!

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 11

Source: notanothersalon

6 – Lilac to Dusky Pink Ombre

If you love big and bold, bright shades in your hair, pink and purple hair looks like this one might just tick all the right boxes for you. We just have two questions to ask you first – are you ready for high maintenance? Are you ready for the long salon appointments? The expense? Bright and bold looks such as this one are renowned for being very difficult to achieve in the first place. They’re also quite difficult to keep once you’ve walked out of the salon too. These bright shades will fade super quick if you do not learn how to keep them nice and bright.

Source: glamiris


7 – Stunning Balayage Pink + Purple Colour Melt

Speaking of keeping your hair nice and bright, one thing that is guaranteed to do the trick is to add a touch of your colour into your shampoo or conditioner to help “top up” the colour every time you wash and condition it. This generally only works if you have a one-over colour, however, and doesn’t really do the trick if you have multiple shades that need touching up. Even the best hair stylist can only make a look like this shine for so long if the person wearing it doesn’t take of it correctly.

Source: caroline.anythingbutbasic

8 – Silver Hair with Pink + Purple Highlights

Another way that you can are probably going to need to keep your hair looking damn fabulous with pink and purple hair looks such as these, is by making regular hair salon appointments. If you are heading to the salon to achieve these bright and bubbly looks, you must be aware that you will be heading back to get them touched-up every few weeks. It will usually be twice the frequency you would have gone with your ‘regular’ colours beforehand. Are you prepared for the costs involved with that? As well as the time you will need to sit in that chair?Pink and Purple Hair Looks 12

Source: rachelimage12

9 – Super Glossy Pink + Purple Hair Looks

To get super glossy pink and purple hair looks like this one, you’re going to need to take care of your hair for a little while before you even begin to think about putting any kind of product on it. You will need to get rid of any colour you had on your locks before, and also make sure you have gone back to a white (ish) base. The latter will often involved bleaching and lightening treatments, and these are known to damage and dry your hair.

If you are going to put your hair through all of that, make sure you take care of it first, giving it as much nourishment as you can. Hot oil masks for at least four to six weeks before you go for the big colour-change, and plenty of conditioner when you’re standing in the shower too. You may also wish to consider leaving conditioner on your head overnight and letting it work its magic. When you wash your hair in the morning, it will be super soft!

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 13

Source: foilingbeautiful

Bb.Color stick, lets get to the root of it.

10 – Pink and Purple Hair Looks Tied Up

If you’re heading into a salon and you’re trying to explain exactly what it is you’re looking for, make sure you know what you definitely don’t want. If you want to go pink, but you don’t want a really bright pink, make sure your hair stylist knows that BRIGHT isn’t quite the look you’re going for. The more pictures you have to support your explanation, the better. It’s often easier to show what you want, rather than try and tell what you want.

Source: glamiris

11 – Blonde + Pink and Purple Hair Looks

Blonde works really well with bright shades alongside it, much in the same way that white provides the perfect blank canvas for any other shade to pop on the top. If you don’t fancy dyeing your entire head with this pink and purple hair looks, you could go for a cheeky hint of colour underneath instead. The hidden rainbow effect hair has been a very popular one recently. We think this one is just a slightly different variation of that. Go for as much or as little of a ‘slice’ of colour as you like, but just make sure that you send your looks in to us. We can’t wait to see them, and we’d love to feature them too.

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 19

Source: rebellion.haircraft

12 – Brunette + Pin and Purple Hair Looks

Plenty of celebs have gone crazy over lilac and pinks in their hair, and as well as Kelly Osborne, Katy Perry, and even Demi Lovato, we all know that Kylie Jenner loves to play around with a wash of colour. That’s the best thing about many of the products you can buy off the shelf to dye your hair – they are semi permanent. This means that you can switch things up easily, at the drop of a hat if you wanted to.

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 14

Source: foilingbeautiful

Cowshed UK

13 – Super Bright Pink and Purple Hair Looks

There is a really great product on the market to help get rid of the leftover dye from your last look. We have *personally* used the product below a number of times and can also personally verify that it works. It has gotten rid of pink hair, blue hair, and even Harley Quinn hair. Deeper and richer bolds take a couple of applications (even though it says you’re not meant to), but over all, we think it does a really good job. You’re going to want to look at investing in a product like that before dyeing your hair if you want a really good, even and glossy finish to your pink and purple hair looks.

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 18

Source: rebellion.haircraft

14 – Long Locks with Plenty of Colour

If you’re really too scared to change the colour of all your hair, don’t be afraid to experiment with a touch of colour here and there. You can opt for a dip-dye, for example, which is a very common and popular colour trend. You could go one further too, taking things across with a beautiful ombre, balayage gradient. How about trying this look on your hair extensions before you apply it to your actual hair? It’s a lot easier than you’d think too – just watch the numerous videos on Youtube!

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 25

Source: kayla_thehairwizard

15 – Unicorn-Inspired Pink and Purple Hair Looks

If you don’t want to go something really bold and super bright, why not opt for more muted, pastel shades instead? You’re still adding some beautiful washes of colour, but everything isn’t quite as in-your-face as it can often be with the really big, crazy shades. For the record, if you mix your regular bold and crazy shades with conditioner before you apply it to your hair, not only will your hair be super conditioned at the end of your colour-changing process, the colours will also be more more ‘pastelised’. Bright blues, for example, will have a more powdery, dusky-blue finish to them. Give it a try – you’ll be amazed at the range of shades you can come up with by yourself.

Source: hairbymisskellyo

16 – Stunning Pink to Purple Blend

For those days when you can’t decide between pink and purple, don’t decide at all. Have them both instead, a decision that we definitely favour. (Particularly if it looks like this.) We’ve found out a fun tip if you want to keep your hair looking like this for as long as possible after you leave the salon too. You shouldn’t regularly switch up your haircare products, despite what you may have read or been told before. Your hair actually doesn’t know / doesn’t care what you’re using, as long as it’s decent and you have bought the right product for your hair.

You’re better off finding something that seems to leave your hair in really good condition and stick with that. It’s not always the most expensive option either. We have used products we have found in the £1 store and had great success with them. One of those products is a leave-in conditioner which we have located on Amazon. You can find details below:

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 24

Source: caroline.anythingbutbasic

17 – Hints of Pink + Purple

Adding just a hint of colour can have just as much of an impressive impact as having bright pink and purple hair looks all over. We think this pretty and feminine hair look displays this point amazingly, with a look that you could quite easily do at home. It would be even easier still if you were to invite a friend along to give you a hand. Throw some rubber gloves on and go a little crazy with the colour. You never know what kinda fun you’ll have as you do it, and what fantastic looks you can achieve as a result. We have achieved some pretty outstanding looks by accident, experimenting after one too many glasses of wine with our friends.

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 17

Source: rebellion.haircraft

18 – Loose and Easy Purple and Pink Waves

In order to achieve pretty pastel pops of colour like this one, you’re going to need to have hair that is already in decent condition. Hair that is in poor condition just doesn’t take colour as well. The best thing you can do to ensure your look is just as amazing as this one, is to take care of your hair for a while BEFORE you book that salon appointment. We have already suggested hot oil masks, but there are small daily changes you can make to your hair routine to ensure you’re doing the best for your locks. Avoiding heated styling tools, sleeping on silk pillowcases. Also: make sure you’re using styling products infrequently. These are great tips if you plan a big colour change in the future.

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 16

Source: reframehairgallery

Smashbox UK

19 – Dusky Lilac-Pink Wonder

Did you know that what you eat can have a serious impact on the state of your hair? Yes, we know, we didn’t believe it at first either, but we’ve looked into things a little closer and we can confirm it’s true. If you want your pink and purple looks to stay looking this damn amazing for as long as you can, you will need to start eating a diet that contains plenty of protein, zinc, and fatty acid-rich foods. For the record, this means fish, lean chicken and turkey, and the occasional bit of red meat.

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 3

Source: taitkieuapril05

20 – Bright Pink + Purple Sunset Hair

If you can’t switch up your diet to include more hair-healthy ingredients, you can actually fake it with some vitamins. However, we must stress that we would always recommend amending your diet somewhat rather than relying on supplements and vitamins. You can buy specific vitamins from health food stores that are said to boost your hair health, and also speed up hair growth too. Just make sure you have a read of the ingredients, and that they contain vitamins such as zinc, protein, and omega-3’s. They’re the best for boosting hair health, according to experts.

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 15

Source: foilingbeautiful

21 – Lovely Lilac to Pretty Pink Ombre / Dip Dye

We know that you want to show your hair off because it’s summer and you’re feeling good, but the sun is actually quite bad for your hair. If you have got a coloured look this summer, whether you’re rocking one of these pink and purple hair looks or not, make sure you are protecting your hair as much as you can. The sun will fade your hairs will things such as chlorine in a swimming pool, and also salt from the . Asa water you’re splashing about in. Do your research before you go on your jollies, and make sure you’ve got everything you need in terms of hair sun protection.

Source: jeni_does_ham

Bumble and bumble Surf Foam Spray blow dry

22 – Bright Pink to Light Lilac Ends

If you want hair that is poker-straight like this, but without all the damage that comes with it, you need to swap your regular brush or comb for a wide-toothed comb instead. Why? Because it’s perfectly equipped, and actually built for, making its way through tangles with ease, particularly with plenty of conditioner added in. Using anything else while your hair is still wet will cause it to snag, tear, and become damaged. That will lead to split ends. That will lead to your hair not being in good condition, and your pink and purple hair looks will fade much quicker than you’d anticipated. There, we said it.

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 20

Source: rebellion.haircraft

23 – Blue Roots + Pink and Purple Locks

It’s quite a unique hair style, isn’t it? However, it’s a look we felt we couldn’t ignore when researching our pink and purple hair looks. Wonderfully pretty, for a start, and also quite easy to achieve … You could go for this look when your pink and purple hair looks had grown out a little, adding a new dimension to the mix. Leave the bulk of the hair to fade as it usually would, just using silver shampoo to help things along (and pastilise it), and add that new pop of blue to the roots only. We think it’s a great idea, and actually a really easy one too. What do you think? Would you rock the blue roots with your pink and purple hair looks?

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 23

Source: caroline.anythingbutbasic

24 – Shorter Pink and Purple Hair Looks

If you have short hair, you should definitely go for a really bright colour. You have less hair to grow-out if you don’t like it, or you want to change it quickly. It looks really cool and edgy when you have a brightly coloured short ‘do. That’s what we think, and this look proves our point perfectly. Short pink and purple hair looks for the win!

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 26

Source: kayla_thehairwizard

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25 – Dark / Natural Pink and Purple Hair Looks

If you want to go for pink and purple looks, but you’re quite scared of going for a really big and bold change, you could try going for a much darker and almost more natural look instead. Darker shades of purple are easier to wear, particularly if you’ve already got darker hair. Pastel shades offer much more of a drastic finish but are  very difficult to achieve, particularly at home. They are also are quite hard to maintain.

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 27

Source: primadonnabeauty_

26 – Luscious Purple Loveliness

To keep your pink and purple hair looks looking this beautiful for as long as possible, make sure you are using products AFTER you have washed and styled your hair. There are plenty of protective products you can get your hands on, all of which will offer your hair different things in terms of nourishment. Using these protective products will help to keep your scalp moisturised, which will in turn lead to healthy hair growth. It can also help to reduce dryness and frizziness, and fading of beautiful coloured hair looks like these.

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 28

Source: lc_navi

27 – Pink and Purple Half n’ Half Hair

Can’t decide which side of the fence you’re on? Pink? Purple? Who cares if you can’t decide, go for half  n’ half hair and have one side reserved for each. We think it’s a fabulous idea, and definitely a hair look that would stand out. What do you think? Would you be brave enough to rock it?

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 29

Source: deeonuh_

28 – Bright Pink to Dusky Purple Short Locks

Firstly, what a great idea – short locks with a burst of colour! Who said you had to have boring hair just because you’ve got short hair? There are actually plenty of benefits to opting for the chop, fabulous hairstyles like this being just one of them. If you’ve got plenty of dead ends to speak of, and lots of damage from things such as over-bleaching, over-treating, and too much sitting in the sun, sometimes going for the chop makes sense to ensure healthy hair grows back in its place. The summer is the perfect time to opt for shorter hair, so what do you think? Short hair or not?

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 31

Source: laurachristopherhairartist

29 – Orchid Lullaby

Visible roots are a big thing right now, so don’t panic too much if you can see yours. In fact, many of the looks we’re showing you today look damn fabulous with natural / grown-out / natural roots, giving most of us a break. It’s hard work remembering to book yourself into the hair salon every six weeks or so. And also usually more frequently if you have coloured hair because it has a tendency to fade so quickly. By having darker and more visible roots, you have a few weeks of extra leeway to abuse as you see fit. We sure know that our hair could do with a break from all that bleaching and styling. Those dark visible roots sound like the perfect excuse to us!

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 30

Source: deeonuh_

30 – Pink and Purple for Warm Complexions

If you have quite a warm complexion, pink and purple hair looks like this one would look great against your skin tone. We demand that you give it a try immediately, if not sooner. Have a chat with your hair stylist about the kind of shades he or she would recommend you try. You might find that icier tones of light pink and purple might not suit your skin tone as much as the warmer shades. You should listen to what your hair stylist says. If a second opinion also says the same thing, we would definitely recommend listening!

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 22

Source: caroline.anythingbutbasic

31 – Barely-There Pink to Barely-There Purple

The shades of colour in this look are so beautifully light, you would get some stunning colours if you were out in the sun. The lighter tones would reflect the light really well, and it would seem as if your hair were shimmering in the daylight. Almost rose gold at the top, and a more duskier-pink-lilac at the bottom, it’s definitely a look we think we need to rock for ourselves. In fact, this is one of our favourites out of the entire bunch. Which one is yours?

Pink and Purple Hair Looks 21

Source: alysharuggier

And there you have them – 31 pink and purple hair looks that we are definitely obsessed with right now. Which ones have rocked your boat? Are there any you’re tempted to try yourselves? Which picture will you be frog-marching into the hair salon to copy on your own locks? We can’t wait to find out, and we’d love for you to send us in your beautiful hair snaps. If we’ve inspired you, shout about it. We would love to feature you and your locks on CherryCherryBeauty.

Don’t forget to show these amazing hair creators some love while you’re here. We wouldn’t have anything to fawn over if it weren’t for them. There’s your daily dose of hair inspiration. What shall we take a closer look at next?

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