41 Beautiful Blue Hair Designs 

Blue Hair Designs

If you’re thinking of going for a bold and bright colour for this summer, you should check out these beautiful blue hair designs. With a shade and tone to suit every hair type, length, style and even skin tone, it won’t be long before you fall in love with these bold beauties, and if you have a good read, you’ll even find some advice on how to maintain your wonderful new style.

Check them out – let us know which one is your favourite!

41 Beautiful Blue Hair Designs

1 – Dark to Light Blue Balayage

We love this look and it’s much easier to recreate than you first may have thought. If you’re growing your previous look out, for example, and have darker roots, you’ll often find a look like this almost happens by accident.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @cemeterystrut

In order to make it happen, you simply use a neat dye at the top, and dilute the blue dye you’re using with conditioner until you reach the bottom. That’s the easiest at-home way to get any sort of gradient, and it super nourishes your hair too.

2 – High Contrast Dark Blue to Light Blue Balayage Ombre

If you want a look that’ll stand out, you need something high contrast, and what better look than this – a dark blue to light blue that works in all the right ways.

Instagram: @beauty_supreme

Another clever hand-blended ombre look, it’s a great way of adding a subtle something extra to the hair. I mean, when you have blue hair, it’s not like you need something extra, but it’s always good to have that option … right?

3 – Icy Blue Colour Blend

We love this look, a stunning icy blue with a richer, darker shade on the top (darker roots), and a lighter, almost silvery-white blue right at the ends. The gradient is so clever, you barely tell the difference between tones, and for that, we think this blue hair look is just perfect.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @christinakreitel

Sometimes a subtle gradient of colour can look a lot better than a solid, one-tone look, but only when it’s done the right way. If you do this the wrong way (like we did when we attempted it ourselves) it’ll just look like it’s fading too soon.

4 – Pink, Purple and Blue Dip Dye

What about dipping your pink in blue? There’s a hint of purple / lilac in there too, but we don’t mind in the slightest. When you want to go big and bold, this is most definitely the way to do it.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @larnajadee

Whether you have pink hair or not, the blue dip-dyed ends is definitely something to think about, and this look would be amazing on blonde hair or dark hair, you just need a little bit of pre-lightening treatments to make sure the colour has something to stick on to.

5 – Bold + Blue All Over

Maintaining blue hair can be hard work, and within a few washes you’ll notice it has faded quite considerably. You’ll also notice that this is the hardest hair colour to NOT make a mess with – even after a few washes, the blue seems to run through the water.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @mizzchoi

You should know about these things before you make the leap and opt for blue hair, not only because wet blue hair will make a right mess of your pillowcases, but also because we’ve actually been in a situation where it rained and our hair dyed our white shirt baby blue. It’s not a hair colour you’ll want to get done on a whim.

6 – Faded Baby Blue

Just because your look is fading, doesn’t mean it’s not a look all of its own. The good thing about these beautiful blue hair designs is that when they fade, they’ll fade from a bright blue to a pastel, almost baby blue, and there’s nothing we don’t like about that colour either.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @evanchristina

One thing we learned in our quest to get the perfect blue hair was that a silver shampoo (one that looks very purple / blue in the bottle) often helps to pastel things out. You don’t need to use it every time you wash your hair, but once a week (or read the directions and it’ll tell you how often to use it) will really make the difference to the fade-out of your blue hair designs.

6 – Dark Brown with Deep Blue Ends

When it comes to blue hair designs like these, it’s not really a one size fits all kind of scenario, so don’t be too depressed if the colour doesn’t come out exactly how it looks in the picture you showed your professional hair artist.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @aimee_grayssalon

A lot of things will change the outcome – the state and condition of your hair, the colours and dyes being used, the techniques of your hair colourist … Everything from start to finish will have an impact so sometimes it makes more sense to have your eye on more realistic #hairgoals.

7 – Half + Half Pink + Blue Hair

You need to start with healthy hair. If you want beautiful blue hair designs like these stunning creations, you’ll need to make sure your hair is in tip-top condition before you make any colour changes. When you make a colour change, you’ll generally need to use bleach, and this will just dry out hair out even further.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @evanchristina

Before you dye your hair, make sure you’ve given it a good deep condition, a good trim, and a few weeks of super-conditioning if required. If you don’t, your hair colour won’t look half as good as you want it to.

8 – Light to Dark Balayage Blue Ombre

One of the very first tips you should definitely take on board when you opt for coloured hair such as these beautiful blue hair designs is to use a shampoo that doesn’t lather up with loads of bubbles. We know that sounds ridiculous but the more bubbles you get, the more of an indication that there are ‘bad’ ingredients in the product – ingredients that will dry out your hair, or cause it to become brittle and then break.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @markathturn

Sulfates are used in products to create that lather affect, something you should definitely be avoiding if you have coloured hair, and it’s not drying-out components, is the moisturising ingredients which have been known to cause a build-up of product. This can take many washes to get rid of, plus a clarifying shampoo, and will cause your blue hair designs to become patchy and uneven.

9 – Dark to Light Balayage Blue Blend

Blue tones can be hard to work with for some people, often scaring them off choosing the colour altogether. If you want to go with blue hair designs such as these, make sure you have a chat with colourist. There’s a good reason for it too!

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @michg

Your skin tone and current hair colour will have a massive impact on the finished design, and sometimes it might not always be possible to go for exactly the shade or look you’re going for. If you’re very pale, you may find that a cool and icy blue will often leave you looking washed out, for example, and many women need to wear a little more makeup when they pick a bold shade such as this one. Not only that but you know your original makeup palette will need to change a little – that’s one of the very first things we learned about having blue hair.

10 – Unicorn Hair

Unicorn hair … because why face it, why wouldn’t you want it? It’s stunning, has lots of different colours to boast about, and is much easier to recreate than you first may have thought. Although that’s not true if you’re trying to do it alone at home, of course.

Blue Hair Designs
Spotted on Pinterest

It’s simple a matter of blending the pink at the bottom into the blue throughout the middle, and then fading that out into that blonde at the top. Hand-blending or balayage styles are the best methods to achieve this look, and honestly, we just love it!

11 – Dark to Powder Blue Colour Melt

In order to achieve bright and bold colours like this beautiful blue, you’ll need to go through a few bleaching treatments. If you have dark hair, you just won’t be able to achieve a light blue shade without that pre-bleaching, and this is what will do the most damage to your hair.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @islaayer

For the most part, the blue dyes themselves are actually quite conditioning on the hair, it’s the bleaching beforehand that does all the damage.

12 – Magical Blue to Pink Fade

If you’re growing out pink hair and need a new way to revive it, why not look at a blue to pink faded out look that we kinda love a little bit. Okay, we admit it, we love it a lot. We’ve added it to our lust-list. #Hairgoals.

Blue Hair Designs
Spotted on Pinterest

As you grow out your pink, add some darker pink and purple tones, and then leave the roots so that you can add a darker blue on the parts that aren’t that well bleached, with a lighter ones on the remaining grow-out fade. It’s easy. That’s why we love it.

13 – Bright Blue One-Tone

With all the pre-bleaching treatments necessary to achieve a light bold colour like this one, your hair will be dry and brittle and because it’s dry and brittle, it won’t hold the colour. You will also find that the colour is uneven or maybe even patchy, a look we’re sure you weren’t trying to achieve.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @tortoiseandthehair_

I know we talk a lot about taking care of your hair, but you really do need to. You’ll only regret it if you don’t.

14 – Amazing Blue to Purple Blend

You know how you always use a towel to go nuts on your hair and dry it as much as you can ‘naturally’ before using a blow dryer? Well, that towel isn’t very good for your hair at all.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: noradababneh

When you use a harsh towel (or even the softest of soft towels) on your hair, you’re causing frizz and breakage – the cuticles are left open and this just allows for added frizz. Instead, opt for a good squeeze instead of the towel routine. Squeeze as much water out as you can and then leave your hair to air-dry for as long as you can, only using your blow dryer at then to style it a little if you really need to.

15 – White Blonde to Multi Blue Dip Dye

If you don’t really know what kind of shade you want to go for, and you’re bored of looking at a whole bunch of blue hair designs and not knowing which one to go for, look at spray-dyes, wash-in / wash-out products, and even hair chalks to help you out.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @markathturn

If you have long tendrils hanging down your face, for example, dye these in the shade you’re thinking of going, but on a non permanent basis – using hair chalks for example. You can get a good idea for how the shade will look, and when you’re done, you simply wash it all out.

16 – Purple, Blue + Pink Pop

If you have dry and brittle hair, don’t dye it anyway and think the dye itself will be conditioning enough to repair it. Instead use hair masks and also products specifically designed for repair.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: bescene

When your hair is in good condition, the colour will take better, last longer, and it’ll have a beautiful sheen to the colour too.

17 – Fifty Shades of Blue

We know you want to show off your new ‘do this summer but sun really is your blue hair designs worst enemy. If there is just one thing you do to take care of your stunning coloured hair once you’ve finally plucked up the courage to have it done is to use good sun protection.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @carlydingman

Good sun protect for your hair will include wearing a hat or some sort of shade during the hottest hours of the day (usually midday), and using sun-protecting-specific products on your hair too. You can buy conditioners with SPF, as well as just making sure you are conditioning and hydrating your hair as much as you should do.

If you don’t take care of your hair in the sun, it won’t stay blue for very long, we can promise you that.

18 – Purple to Blue Ombre Long Hair

If you have long locks on your side, why aren’t you rocking blue hair designs like this purple and blue waterfall wonder? To be fair, you’d on’t even need long locks to achieve this look – you could buy hair extensions online and recreate this quite easily yourself.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @_girlforgirl

The contrast of colours work really well here, and that dividing like between them is staggered making it much easier to achieve at home without the need for a professional hair salon. Although, admittedly, we would always advise you going to a salon if you want a look as bold as this. We can only imagine what a mess it could look if things went awry …

19 – Metallic Dark to Light Blues

There’s something going on with metallics right now. Just when we swapped our gossip lips and nails for matte, a brand new trend some in to wash the old ones right out the window.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @lslaayer

Metallics are an amazing trend right now – chrome nails and metallic-finish hair rocking the look. We love the way that darker and duller blues have been perfectly blended with the brighter pops of colour here. It’s certainly stunning, that’s for sure.

20 – Icy Blue Stained Hair

There are a lot of hair dyes on the market and it can be hard to know which brand to try. We would always recommend going with a decent brand – one that you know and trust – not only to ensure that you don’t have any hair colour disasters, but also to make sure the solution doesn’t damage your hair.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @carmellarunza

There are a lot of brands that offer good quality dyes, and we’d highly recommend doing your research first. Check out the reviews online, and watch the Youtube videos. You’ll have a much better idea of what end colour you’ll have if you know everything about the product you’re using.

21 – Ocean Blue Colour Blend

During the heat of the summer, don’t put your hair under any more stress than it needs to put under. By this we mean use cool water to wash it. Think about it – when you’re in the heat of the sun all day and then you wash your hair in the shower with scalding hot water, that’s a whole lotta heat – heat that your hair will not appreciate.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @off7thsalon

At the same time, whenever you’ve hipped in the pool or been in the sea, make sure you give your hair a good rinse out with some fresh water. This will help to get rid of any chlorine or salt water that may still be left.

22 – My Little Pony Inspired Blue Hair

When it says leave the hair dye on for twenty minutes, I leave it on for forty. I know I probably shouldn’t say that, but after twenty minutes of sitting with hair dye on my head, I just don’t find the colour is right.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @colordollzbytoni

Obviously we wouldn’t recommend this with bleaching or any lightening products, but many of the hair dyes that offer these beautiful blue hair designs are more conditioning than damaging, or so we find.

Either way – leave it on for longer.

23 – Pastel Blue + Purple Melt

What about those times when you don’t know what you want? A beautiful lilac? A pretty pink pop? Perhaps a touch of blue sky delight thrown in for good measure? This stunning blue hair look combines everything you could want and more, I think that’s why we love it so. We do love something that covers all bases!

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @evalam_

The brighter blue has been used on the roots – a darker one than the one that comes down from it. That’s been blended with pastel shades of lilac and silver, giving a three-dimensional look that ticks all the right buttons.

23 – Multi-Tone Blue Highlights

To ensure your hair gets a really get boost of nourishment and hydration, and to bring out the more pastel hues of your colour, ix the hair dye you’re using with conditioner. You’re going to be leaving it on for around half an hour or more anyway, so you might as well kill two birds with one stone.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @colordollzbytoni

If you want a bright and bold shade this isn’t advisable – the conditioner will add more pastel finishes to colour. If you want to get a pastel shade and are struggling, we’d recommend trying this out. The more conditioner you add, the more nourishing the hair dye solution will be on your hair, and the more pastel-like it’ll come out.

24 – Glamorous Blue Long Style

Do you know what you need to get beautiful blue glossy looking locks like this? Let us let you in on the three big secrets …. Ae you ready?

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @rebeccavaleriehair

You need to have really good condition hair to start with. If your hair is dry and brittle, the only way you’re going to get beautiful long and glossy locks like this is with fake hair, or at the very least, real hair extensions. Secondly, you need to take care of it, and that means plenty of conditioning treatments, especially if you needed to go through a lot of pre-lightening treatments or bleaching. The third secret is that you can’t wash your hair quite as regularly as you would have done before. Seriously – sometimes you just need to be a little grubby-haired.

25 – Glacial Hair

Now we’re not saying that glacial hair is going to be a thing but … well, it’s going to be a thing. And why wouldn’t it? It’s one of the most beautiful blue hair designs we’ve ever come across.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @bw_artistry

This look would have used a great number of shades, all neatly blended together, to create a look that is both three-dimensional and simply out of this world. You can see the different tones of blues, greens and even silvers in the hair – sometimes you just need to let your hair stylist go a little crazy with the colours. You might just end up with something as beautiful as this.

26 – Powdered Blue + Lilac Wavy Hair

When you’re washing your hair, don’t wash it with hot water. We know that sounds horrifying, especially first thing in the morning, but all that hot water is not good for your blue hair designs, quite the opposite in fact.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @evalam_

Try lowering the temperature when you’re washing your hair, going as cool as you dare. This will leave the colour pigment on your hair for longer, meaning it’ll last longer.

27 – Stunning Silver to Inky Blue Dip Dye

The secret to a this amazing silver to inky blue dip dye is toner, and plenty of it! Bleach tends to leave your hair a yellow, brassy shade so toner helps to combat that. The only problem with toner is that it is often a lilac / purple colour, and if you leave it on too long (which we always seem to do), it can leave your hair less toner silver and more lilac lavender.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @bescene

If we could give you one piece of advice if you want to achieve this look, it’s to visit a professional hair colourist. This is not an easy look to achieve at home. The dip-dye is pretty simple that but that silver shade is hard work to achieve … and then maintain.

28 – Green + Blue Dark Colour Melt

For when you don’t know whether green or blue is your colour today, what about this stunning ocean mix – green and blue dark colour melt. It’s not as bold and bright as some that we have shown you, more super villain or Disney bad girl than Disney princess pastels, but if you want blue hair designs that pack a punch, this is definitely one to look at twice.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @makeupbyfrances

The roots are almost natural – left a dark brown with just a green or blue wash over the top. It’s when you move down the length of the hair that you can explore that beautiful blend of shades – green and then blue at the ends. Definitely a dip-dye look we’d add to our lust-list.

29 – Icy Blue Hair

Another great tip for making your blue hair designs last longer – add some of the colour to your shampoo and conditioner. You don’t need much, and it adds another layer of colour to your hair, perfect for those days when you don’t have time to make it to your local hair salon.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @pastelocks

Speaking of salons, if this is your first time dying your hair (or going a bright, bold colour), go to a salon and get it done. If you have a hair disaster at home, you’ll only end up rushing to your local hair salon to get it fixed anyway.

30 – Bold + Blue Braids

Just because you’re rocking braids doesn’t mean you can’t rock these amazing blue hair designs too. We love this chick’s style – box braids with a wonderful blue ombre gradient towards the end. You see – there really is a blue look for everyone out there.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @desivanbunny

The good news about playing around with colour in your box braids is that they can be relatively easily remove and changed for new colours whenever you feel like it. Doesn’t that make you just a little bit tempted to play around with blue …?

31 – Frosty Acid Washed Hair

If you have more than one colour in your hair, a blend of bold shades like this for example, washing with cold water can help the colours stick to their original places.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @bescene

When you wash with warm water, the colour can often bleed, not something you’ll want if you have multiple shades or colours in your ‘do. The cold water will reduce this effect, meaning your hair will look as sharp as you want it to.

33 – Blue + Green BOLD Blend

If you need to go swimming in a pool with chlorine water, make sure you wear a swimming hat. I’m sorry to ruin your poolside outfit choices, but if you have blue hair, the chlorine will ruin it. There’s no easy way of saying it.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @bottleblonde76

It’ll go green or yellow, or you’ll leave blue puddles in the pool where the colour bleeds out. Either way, it’s not a look you’ll want so don’t do it. (Unless you want this look of course!) Plus chlorine isn’t good for your hair anyway. Perhaps just spend day on the sun loungers?

34 – Short + Wavy Blue Bob

And there we go, busting that age-old myth that you can’t play around with colour when you have short hair. When you don’t have length on your side, you play around with the blue and green shades towards the roots, just like you can see here.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @glamiris

A choppy finish and some loose waves have been added to give this look the three-dimensional finish it truly deserves. Hands up if you love it like we love it!

35 – Green Blue Mermaid Waves

Look at the ingredients of the products you’re using on your hair. When you have blue hair designs like this one, there are certain ingredients you’ll want to avoid like the plague.

Blue Hair Designs
Spotted on Pinterest

Alcohol is one of these – this will just dry the hair out, quite the opposite to what you’re trying to achieve, and it’ll also fade the colour much quicker.

36 – Turquoise Ocean Short Hair

Turquoise – is it blue? Is it green? We can’t make up our mind but it sure is a beautiful colour so we’re adding it to the list anyway. Is that cool with you guys?

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @alexisbutterflyloft

Another of the blue hair designs to prove that you can play around with colour regardless of what length hair you have, we can’t help but think this shade was beautifully made for the pixie cut. What do you think?

37 – Blue, Green + Shaved

For those of you who are really brave, we have this blue and green look – one so bold and daring, we’re not even sure we’re worthy of it. We’ve been tempted with the idea of a side-shave for a while, but we really can’t work out if we can deal with that grow-back situation.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @mymymadisonjane

Shout out your tips for the side-shave look in the comments below or on our social media sites!

38 – Frosty Blues + Lilacs

There are quite a few ingredients you’ll want to avoid in your shampoo. We’ve already mentioned alcohol, and another one is sulfates.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @ohmygeeee

Just like alcohol, the sulfates will fade your colour, and can dry your hair and leave it brittle and broken. It can be quite hard to find shampoo and conditioners without these products, but if you can find some and make the switch, your hair will thank you for it. And so will your beautiful blue hair designs.

39 – Metallic Blue Beauty

We told you metallics were a big thing for right now, and this metallic blue hair look is a perfect example of that. It’s glossy, pastel and a wonderful shade of indigo blue all at the same time. Just take a snippet of your favourite jeans into your hair colourist and ask for that shade! We recently featured a whole piece on denim hair, and you can find it here:

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @shurie

Again, this is a look you’re probably going to want to visit a professional hair salon for. It’s one that’s always proved to be quite difficult when we’ve tried to achieve it ourselves, and we’re not really sure why.

(Any advice gratefully received, obviously!)

40 – All The Shades Of Everything

What colour goes perfectly with these blue hair designs? A bright pop of purple, of course. Just look at this stunning hair style – didn’t we tell you the two shades went so well together?

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @hair_princess_steph

Grab a friend, pick up a few different shades of purples and blues, and go a little nuts on your hair – pick strands and dye it in different shades. It doesn’t really matter if you accidentally get some of the wrong dye on the wrong bit of hair – it’s all blended together, and when you curl it, those little mistakes aren’t obvious. We’ve actually tried this look at home and when we ‘played around’ and when a little nuts, it looked fabulous!

41 – Ice + Blue Crown

We know this looks a little crazy, but this is just a little ‘during’ and ‘after’ to show you how much effort goes into creating looks as stunning as these blue hair designs.

Blue Hair Designs
Instagram: @hairbykaseyoh

We’re in love with this icy look with a darker purple – blue crown. Again, it’s simply a matter of fading dark to light throughout the length of hair, cleverly hand-blending it all together so there aren’t any straight edges.

But there you have them – 41 beautiful blue hair designs that we fell in love with, and we think you might too. Which ones have you added to your list? Which ones are your favourite? If you feel completely inspired by what we’ve shown you, don’t forget to come back and let us know what beautiful blue and bold looks you came up with.

Tag us on social media – #CherryCherryBeauty. We can’t wait to see yours, and if we love them, we’ll feature you too!


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