Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2016


We’ve been talking to some boys and men, trying to figure out what to buy the male loves of our life. It’s hard work, buying gifts for men. Usually, when they want something, they just go out and buy it for themselves because, well, they’re adults! (Most of them!) The CherryCherryBeauty den were chit-chatting, and we realised between us that it’s getting increasingly more difficult to get the men in our lives something we know they’re going to love.

So, we went undercover. We asked the men in our lives what they really wanted for Christmas … all in the name of “research” obviously. We sneakily managed to get their “Dear Santa” list, whilst at the same time putting together this little beauty.

We just hope that it helps you lovely lot as much as it ended up helping us! And obviously, if you can think of anything else that you think belongs on the list, feel free to shout it out. You can leave your comments below, or you can shoot us your suggestions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! We’d love to know what you thought.

Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2016

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1 – Calvin Klein Pyjamas in a Bag / ASOS

You’ve been together for a while, but not that long, so you need a gift that says you care but not too much in case you scare him off. Christmas and dating politics combined make for a tragic combination, but don’t worry because we’ve got it covered.


For those nights he’s staying at yours, you might as well encourage him to look good. We’re totally in love with these Calvin Klein Pyjamas in a Bag from the ASOS men’s collection, and we think your fella will love them too. Who doesn’t love stuff in a bag? Come to think of it, who doesn’t love Calvin Klein?

£59 – Asos – Click image for more details.

2 – Ferrari and Lamborghini Driving Blast / BuyaGift

If the man in your life loves fast cars, what about this Ferrari and Lamborghini Driving Blast, available for just £59 from BuyaGift? It’s usually £79 and on special offer just in time for Christmas, and your BAE will get the chance to drive two of the cars of his dreams.


Not a bad gift for under £60 if you ask us, especially when you consider how happy he’ll be and how good his Christmas gift will need to be to you to keep up … 😉

£59 – BuyaGift – Click image for more details.

3 – Remington MB4045 Beard Kit / Superdrug

This one is currently on special offer, making it a perfect candidate for this list we think. All men seem obsessed with beards and beard care right now, so why not help him along on his journey by buying him a beard trimmer? You might also be able to persuade him to get his nose and ear hairs in check too. In fact, this would make a perfect gift for your boyfy, brother, best friend, Dad or Grandparent alike. We’re so smart, right?


Usually £49.99, Superdrug are offering this little beauty for £33.32 right now, and it’s rated 4.3 out of 5 stars too. It’s always good to read the reviews first.

£33.32 – Superdrug – Click image for more details.


4 – ASOS Socks with Dinosaur Design 5 Pack / ASOS

We all know that men love getting underwear for Christmas because for most of them, it’s the only time of year they get to wear brand new stuff. If you’ve ever looked at a man’s underwear in October / November, you’ll notice they’re starting to get all hole-y? Well, they’re waiting for their mother / girlfriend to replenish the supplies at Christmas. Admit it – it makes total sense.


We love these dinosaur themed socks from ASOS, just £10 and perfect because it gives them a brand new colourful pair of socks for every day of the week. They can take their laundry home to their mum’s at the weekend and all is good with the world.

£10 – Asos – Click image for more details.

5 – Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford Eau de Parfum 100ml / Amazon

If you’re really looking to go extravagant this year, giving your man a super expensive bottle of lush cologne that you’ll like just as much as him, you need to take a peek at the Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum. It’s a mix of oriental spices, musky vanilla, and sweet wood sap, it’s a manly smell that you’ll love too.


At £200+ (prices vary dependant on where you buy it from), it’s not one for just any old guy, but the guy you love. Just make sure you leave the receipt around so he knows exactly how much you’d spend on him! 😉

(And hope he gets you a gift that’s just as good in return obviously.)

£232 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

6 – Dad Knows a Lot But Grandad Knows Everything T Shirt / Chargrilled

Obviously, this is one we’re suggesting you buy for your grandfather … If he’s got a decent sense of humour of course. Let’s face facts though, Grandad really does know everything.


It’s £14.95 from Chargrilled, and you can het the same slogan on a variety of items – t-shirts, hoodies, vests, bags, jumpers, aprons, etc. You can also get the tee delivered in a gift-can, which we think is a great idea. It certainly makes it easier to wrap later on!

Chargrilled offer 3 for 2 across the website, and there’s a massive range of hilarious slogans for men, women, and children. Take a peek – which one made you laugh the most?

£14.95 – Chargrilled – Click image for more details.


7 – Locdale Cable Knit Scarf / Ted Baker

Available in charcoal (pictured here), and teal, this cable knit scarf will keep any man warm this winter, making it a perfect gift for … just about any man in your life.


Dad, Grandad, brother, boyfriend, best friend … they’ll all appreciate the warmth this delightful gift has to offer.

£55 – Ted Baker – Click image for more details.

8 – The Great British Grooming Co. Beard Balm 50g / Superdrug

Going back to the topic of beards, and The Great British Grooming Co. have released a great range of beard-care products in some super-cool packaging that we think the men in your life would love. They’re all affordable, and they have great reviews too – two things you find rarely go hand-in-hand.


There’s a whole range of this lovely lot, and we’re feature the Beard Balm from the range, a 50ml tin for £6.99. You can also find Beard Thickening Serum for £5.99 / 100ml, Beard Oil for £8.99 / 75ml, and Beard Wash for £4.99 / 200ml.

We’re feeling that a DIY hamper / gift box might be a great idea here … What about you?

Range starts at £4.99 – Superdrug – Click image for more details, or see full range HERE.

9 – Men’s Ascot / Ugg

If it’s a comfy pair of super-warm slippers your Dad wants, he won’t find much better than these beauties, available from Ugg at £100.


The rubber sole means he can wear them whilst pottering around in the yard, and they’re more durable than regular slippers too, water-resistant suede added too. Scrap our Dad’s wanting these, we would quite like them for ourselves!

£100 – Ugg – Click image for more details.

Beauty Bay

10 – Urban Eccentric Fast Food Socks

For the fast food loving man in your life, we can’t think of a better gift than these eccentric socks, just £5 from ASOS and covered with all the good things in life.


Pizza, hot dogs, French fries … to be fair we could probably do with a pair of socks like this for ourselves, especially with the amount of fast food we eat. We promise we’ll leave them wrapped up for our fellas though. We definitely promise!

£5 – ASOS – Click image for more details.

11 – Star Wars R2-D2 Slip On Slippers / TruffleShuffle

For the Star Wars lover in your life, what could be better than a pair of super warm and super comfy Star Wars slippers to see you through the winter. Men always moan when you buy them rubbish gifts like slippers for Christmas, but notice how they always wear them … ? We’re taking that as a sign they secretly love them.


These beauties make for a great stocking-stuffer, and at just £9.99, they’d make a great secret Santa gift too.

£9.99 – TruffleShuffle – Click image for more details.

12 – Diesel Only the Brave Tattoo Eau de Toilette 50ml Gift Set / Superdrug

All women love it when their men smell better, so why not encourage yours to up his game with one of the nicest fragrances we’ve smelled in a while. There wasn’t a girl at the CherryCherryBeauty den who didn’t love this fragrance – you should definitely check it out for yourself.


The fact that its a gift set is neither here nor there really. Do you actually know anyone who uses the shower gels and boy lotions that come in the boxes? Speaking of which, the box that this lovely lot comes in is pretty neat – perhaps it would look good displayed on a shelf?

Plus it’s from Superdrug so you’ll be able to collect points on your purchases. Whenever we save ours up throughout the year, we always have enough at Christmas to get at least one person’s gift from Superdrug for FREE! Just a handy tip for you to save some £££ next year.

£41 – Superdrug – Click for more details.

Benefit Cosmetics (UK)

13 – Unisex Navy DC Comics Batman Fair Isle Christmas Sweater / TruffleShuffle

Everyone needs a funky Christmas sweater as far as we are concerned, and he’ll be loving this amazing Batman number right through into … well, Boxing Day. But at least he’ll feel superhero-tastic at the same time as feeling stuffed with all that turkey inside him.


Flip things around … these are unisex sweaters. That means you could have his ’n her matching sweaters for Christmas and Boxing Day!

£29.99 – TruffleShuffle – Click image for more details.

14 – Virtual Reality Headset / Menkind

It works with most Apple and Android phones, and he’s probably going to use it most for the um … adult … um … movie variety when you’re not around, but it’ll be hilarious to watch him trying to use it for the first few times. Did you see that video circulating on social media of a man  virtually climbing a cliff, and actually falling over in the process? It made us laugh, and it’s about as co-ordinated as we’d get using it too.


It’s under £15, which makes it a great stocking-stuffer, and it’ll be great entertainment for a few hours if nothing else. You could even get your parents and grandparents involved for a real laugh too … although perhaps not with the naughty movie idea, obviously.

£14.95 – Menkind – Click image for more details.

15 – Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Essence EDP Spray 75ml / Fragrance Direct

Jean Paul Gaultier has become one of those names we just associate with really nice perfume. Male or female, we’ve never come across a bad JPG scent, and that’s definitely the case with Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Essence.


It’s one he can add to the collection, and it makes a change from buying him the classic. This one has more citrus tones in it. Plus, the bottle looks super-cool. Well, we think so anyway.

£41.95 – Fragrance Direct – Click image for more details.

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16 – Master Pan / Menkind

For the man who really does love a good full-on English breakfast, this Master Pan is the perfect Christmas gift – everything essential for a good breakfast can be cooked in one pan, and that means less washing up. That’s NEVER a bad thing.


There are five different sections, so you could even cook vegetarian sausages at the same time. There’s really no excuse for him NOT to cook breakfast. You never know, it might encourage him to cook you breakfast more often. Maybe even supply some breakfast in bed …

£59.99 – Menkind – Click image for more details.

17 – Hesienberg’s Bath Salts / TruffleShuffle

We know that men aren’t the biggest fan of baths. Every guy we’ve ever dated has moaned about how long we spend in the bath, and also lectured us as to how much more water a bath uses over showers, and how showers are that much better …


We’ll spend as much time in the bath as we like, and with these Heisenberg’s Bath Salts, he probably will too.

£5.99 / TruffleShuffle / Click image for more details.

18 – Trainers Gift Vouchers / Schuh

I know vouchers seem like a really crappy gift, but when it comes to footwear, gift vouchers and certificates really are your best bet. Buying footwear is such a personal thing, and when it comes to buying trainers for your man, whatever relation you might be to him, you know you’re just going to get it wrong.


Schuh offer gift vouchers / certificates, and they have an impressive range of new footwear in that you might like to take a peek at. One thing we’re definitely super excited about is the Toy Story x Vans collection. If he doesn’t like the gift, just use the gift certificates for yourself.

Available in £5 denominations – Schuh – Click the image for more details.


19 – Ray-Ban Aviator Gold / Sunglasses Shop

We know that winter isn’t exactly the time to be rocking the sunglasses, but it’s a great time to give a greta gift and restock up on sunglasses for the summer coming up … (Although not quick enough for our liking.)


We’ve never met a man or woman who doesn’t suit Aviator sunglasses from Ray-Ban, and we personally love these little gold beauties, available from Sunglasses Shop. At least he’ll look great for summer, because they always pick the worst sunnies, don’t they?

£104 – Sunglasses Shop – Click image for more details.

20 – Mr Protein Shake Mr Men Mug / TruffleShuffle

Because we all know one, don’t we – Mr. Protein Shake. The guy who carries around those shakers and some weird combination of shake inside it – peanut butter with protein, creatin, and some other stuff we never understand …


If you know a gym bunny, or you’re dating one, this cup belongs in his stocking. How about a Secret Santa gift too? At just £6.99, it’s hardly going to break the bank!

£6.99 – TruffleShuffle – Click image for more details.

21 – Zombie Infection Experience for Two

If, like us, you couldn’t wait for The Walking Dead to come back on TV, and your partner feels exactly the same, this Zombie Infection Experience for Two sounds like it might just be up your alley, available for £119 from BuyaGift.


There are five locations to pick from across the UK, and it’s a great way for the two of you to do something together, cute and couple-y, whilst being cool, zombie-like, and totally scared out of your wits all at the same time. What more could he possibly want?

£119 – BuyaGift – Click image for more details.

Bumble and bumble 10% off

22 – Noble Slim Mens Yellow Gold Plate & Brown Leather Watch / Links of London

If you really want a gift that’ll impress, a watch is a great idea. There are some really nice watches out there, and with so many designs and styles to choose from, you’re bound to find something that the man in your life will love.


We love the entire range of watches from Links of London, and after showing them to the boys in our life, we can confirm that men seem to really love them too. This one is currently on promotional offer, £180 instead of £225. It’s a gift you’ll buy for someone you REALLY like obviously, or love. Or just for yourself … their ladies watches are really lovely too.

£180 – Links of London – Click image for more details.

23 – Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette Spray 200ml / Fragrance Direct

This is one of our favourite man-smells, and we buy it for pretty much every man we know most years. Best friends, boyfriends, Dad’s, Grandad’s … it’s one of those fragrances that every man can wear, and it smells slightly differently on each man too. It’s just a great go-to cologne – expensive enough to be a decent present, but not being overly expensive so that it says too much … you know?


It’s a really masculine fragrance, woody, oriental, and sharp in some respects, and soft, musky and smooth in others. If you get the chance, give this a sniff at your local fragrance counter. We bet you don’t regret it!

£61.95 – Fragrance Direct – Click image for more details.

24 – Christmas Jumper with Robins in Fluffy Yarn / ASOS

Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without a ridiculous Christmas sweater, and we kinda really love this robin-themed Christmas wonder, in the softest, fluffiest wool too. He won’t want to take it off, it’s so soft. Definitely softer than the ones your Nan knits for you every year.


At just £35, it belongs on the Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2016 because the list just couldn’t be complete without a fluffy jumper. It’s available in a massive range of sizes too – XXXS to XXXL.

£35 – ASOS – Click image for more details.

Converse UK

25 – Philips OneBlade QP2520/30 Hybrid Trimmer & Shaver / Amazon

It’s all the men in our life seem to be talking about right now – a trimmer that keeps your beard in check, giving you a “close-shave sensation without the need for an actual close shave”. Three women in the CherryCherryBeauty den have bought these for their boyf’s and husbands for Christmas this year so we figured it definitely needed to be on the Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2016.


It’s currently just over £40 on Amazon, and it comes with an extra blade and three lengths on the trimmer and shavers. Just remember that you’ll need to buy one of those two-pin charging plugs for him too. They don’t come with that, and he won’t be able to charge it up otherwise. That’s one we’ve learned from personal experience by the way.

£40.97 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

26 – Hello, is this Planet Earth?: My View from the International Space Station (Official Tim Peake Book) / Amazon

Does the man in your life like to read? Does he like to look at pictures? How does he feel about all things space-age? If, like many of us, your Dad / brother / BAE was engrossed by the whole Tim Peake going into space business, he might like to take a peek at this – scenes of our beautiful planet that are literally out of this world. (Do you see what we did there?)


It’s available for release on 17 November, 2016, and you can pre-order it today from Amazon and other good bookshops.

£13.60 (Hardcover) – Amazon – Click image for more details.

27 – Trunks in Gift Box with Paisley Print 3 Pack / ASOS

Because we all know that men need women to buy them underwear for Christmas, otherwise they wouldn’t ever have new underwear at all. Men always protest this comment when we say it, but it still amazes us at how screwed those men are when we go on strike and refuse to buy them new undies. They soon start complaining!


If you’re sick of your man rocking the hole-y wonders, buy him new ones. It’s a gift he’ll probably moan about, but will still be appreciative for, and at least you won’t need to look at those ugly pants with the barely-there elastic and more holes than fabric again.

£12 – ASOS – Click image for more details.

28 – Men Rock Nourishing Blade Shunner Beard Care Kit / Fabled by Marie Claire

What is about men and beards these days? Not that we’re complaining, obviously, we do love a good beard ourselves. But if the man in your life is currently growing something that resembles a small Brillo pad on his chin, there are ways that you can make your own life more bearable when you kiss him, and that’s with the right range of grooming products – beard grooming products!


There are plenty on the market these days, but if you want to push the boat out, we’d recommend this delightful little kit that we spotted on Fabled by Marie Claire. There are a range of kits on the website, but we particularly liked this one by Men Rock. You get the nourishing beard balm, nourishing beard soap, and a brush, all designed to keep things in check.

£29.95 – Fabled by Marie Claire – Click image for more details.

29 – Xbox One S Fifa 17 Bundle (500GB) / Amazon

We know that all the boys want Fifa 17 because it’s all most of them keep talking about, and while we were searching for it, we found this nifty little bundle, perfect if you were thinking of getting the man in your life a decent gift that he’ll obviously need to love you forever for. At under £250, this one’s a winner if he doesn’t already have the console … obviously.


There are other bundles available from Amazon, and just a few that we checked out included a Battlefield bundle, a Minecraft bundle, a 1TB Fifa 17 and Destiny bundle, and a Gears of War 2TB bundle. Just in case they were a little more up his street.

£237.49 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

30 – Sky Drone Pro V2 / Menkind

Everyone wants a drone right now, including us, so there’s a good chance someone will appreciate the hell out of this Sky Drone Pro V2, available for under £100 too!


It can be used with both Apple and Android phones, although you might want to read up on the rules in your area before you get out and start exploring. Or your other half, obviously. That’s who the gift is really for … right?

£99.99 – Menkind – Click image for more details.

Chocolate Gifts from Lily O'Brien's

31 – Ted Baker Cardholder with Zip Pocket / ASOS

Have you ever noticed that it takes no time at all for man’s wallet to turn from a beautiful leather creation into something it looks like the dog chewed half to death? If the man in your life desperately needs something to keep his hard-earned cash in, we quite like this Ted Baker cardholder with zip pocket. Because not every guy needs a wallet!


The zip pocket keeps the coins safe, and you could stash a few notes in there, and all the important bits and pieces – debit card, credit card, driving license, loyalty cards, etc. are safely stashed in the cardholder sections. The wallet just got itself a Ted Baker style revamp. Not that we’re complaining.

£45 – ASOS – Click image for more details.

32 – Sony Playstation 4 Pro 1TB

This is the newest Playstation to be released, and it hasn’t even been released yet! November 10th, 2016 is the big date, but you can pre-order it to make sure that your man gets his in time for the big day – Christmas Day.


This would be the big gift obviously – £349.99 without games, but this 1TB version will give him plenty of space for all the games he wants to play, because the 500GB consoles he’s had before just haven’t lived up to the cut. Plus it’s the newest one out … of course he wants it.

£349.99 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

33 -Lomas Stripe Jacquard Duvet Set Black / Ponden Home Interiors

Are you sick of sleeping on his horrible sheets? We know that he won’t appreciate new bed linen when he opens them on Christmas Day, but when it comes to Christmas Day-night, when he’s about to tuck himself in to a freshly made bed with new, soft sheets, we guarantee he won’t be complaining … in the slightest.


We love this simple, grey design, and we found it on Ponden Home Interiors. This one is currently reduced – from £60 to £30, and you can get it in double, king, and super-king size.

£30 – Ponden Home Interiors – Click image for more details.


34 – Apple Watch Series 2 / Amazon

This one is very obviously pushing the boat out, but every man we’ve spoken to recently has gone on about the Apple Watch Series 2 non-stop since Apple first announced it’s arrival to the world of technology. To be fair, we don’t blame them, we’d quite like to own one of these ourselves, but at seven hundred of your finest British pounds (starting price), we’re going to need to win the lottery first.


If you want to push the boat out for your man-friend this year, or just get your Dad the gift that he’ll really love … for five minutes until he realises he doesn’t know how to use it, check out the Apple Watch.

£699 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

35 – Gizmo Bath Basket Ball / Wilko

You know how men love really stupid gifts that they’ll probably only use a couple of times and then never play with again? Well, this is one of those gifts that is perfect for that – a cute little funny stocking stuffer that definitely needs to be on the Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2016.


It’s only £3, and at the very least it’ll encourage him to get in the bath! We’re kidding, we’ll probably play with this as much as he will. Anyone up for a quick match in the soapy suds? 😉

£3 – Wilko – Click image for more details.

36 – 52 Things to do While You Poo / Menkind

They spend more time on the loo than anyone else in the entire house, so you might as well give them something to read at the same time. 52 Things to do While You Poo is a funny little book with puzzles, brain teasers, and facts about … well, poo, that’s guaranteed to keep him entertained.


At £6.99, it’s a great little stocking-stuffer, and it’ll have him giggling because poo is just funny.

£6.99 – Menkind – Click image for details.


37 –  Ohh Deer Christmas Gift Wrap / ASOS

We know, we know … It’s not exactly a gift, but look at it – it’s one of the coolest masculine gift-wrapping packages we’ve ever seen. It certainly makes a change from fat Santa Claus and reindeers with the classic red, green and gold colouring, doesn’t it?


At a fiver, it won’t break the bank, and at least if the gift inside was last-minute and probably not your best work, it’ll look great from the outside when you stash it under the tree!

£5 – ASOS – Click image for more details.

38 – Titanfall 2 (Xbox One) / Amazon

It’s one of the most eagerly-awaited games of 2016, released on 28th October 2016. You might want to check your man hasn’t already pre-ordered this for himself before you add it to your basket. and don’t worry, you’ll soon know about it – you’ll lose him to games console land and he’ll probably talk a lot of stuff to you that you don’t really understand.


You can pre-order it online at Amazon, and it’s currently £42. If you join in on the Amazon Prime bandwagon, you’ll get it cheaper, and you can even make use of great shipping discounts too!

In case you need the PS4 version (and you should probably check), you’ll find it HERE.

£42 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

39 – Customised Tipple Wine Glass / Forever Bespoke

If your Dad likes a glass of wine, or your Grandpa, or any other man in your life for that matter, why not let him have it in peace, and enjoy it in his very own personalised wine glass too? At least then there won’t be any confusion at the next family gathering over who’s drink belongs to who!


There’s a range of different designs on offer, and you could also extend the idea to things like whiskey tumblers, and real ale tankards too!

£14.99 – Forever Bespoke – Click image for more details.

Market UK Brands - SHOP.COM/Motives Cosmetics/Isotonix

40 – Sony DSCH400 20.1 Megapixel Digital Camera & Bag Bundle / Very

Does the man in your life like photography? Perhaps your Dad has just started going camera-crazy and taking photos of the dog every five minutes? Maybe your husband has started calling himself an “amateur photographer” after take a billion and one photos of your new baby? Maybe, just maybe, you want to try and encourage your man to take more photos of you when you classy and fabulous, and for once NOT cut your head out of the shot … ?

Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2016 44

We like this little Sony camera, a decent little digital camera that has received rave reviews, is relatively simple to use, and has been described as “great for beginners”. Plus, boys like new toys, don’t they?

£229.99 – Very – Click image for more details.

41 – Night School: (Jack Reacher 21) / Amazon

It’s another book that you’ll be pre-ordering for your guy for Christmas, and the new Jack Reacher thriller is released 7th November 2016. It might not be your cup of tea, but the 21st book from one of the world’s leading thriller writers is certainly perking up the interest of a few men we know. If your man is a bookworm, this might just be the next book he’s looking for.


You can purchase this on a range of platforms, Kindle included, but we think there’s something about a hardcopy of a book. We always prefer it to a Kindle edition. How about you?

£10 (Hardcover) – Amazon – Click image for more details.

42 – Portable Solar Bank Charger / Menkind

With this portable phone charger, there’s no excuse for him to not get back to you. Okay, to be fair, that’s a bit excessive, but it’s always good to have one of these little beauties handy, and if your man doesn’t have one, he needs one. In fact, this would make an excellent and practical gift for anyone at Christmas, not just the men in your life.


You can get them so that they work with a number of mobile models now, making them perfect and super handy. He can let you borrow it when he’s not using it!

£49.99 – Menkind – Click image for more details.

Christmas Peacocks

43 – The Day You Became My Daddy Keyring / Forever Bespoke

We think this is an utterly adorable idea for when the man in your life is also a new father. Is it Daddy’s first Christmas? He’d love this, and at least then you could ensure that he’d never forget his son or daughter’s birthday … you know how bad parents (mums and dads included) are at remembering important dates when baby brain gets in the way!


It’s a great little stocking-stuffer, and you can also amend the message so that it’s more personalised for you and your new little family. We think it’s an adorable little gift!

£8.99 – Forever Bespoke – Click image for more details.

44 – Call of Duty Infinite Warfare / Amazon

This one will be another pre-order beauty, unless you order it after the release date of November 4th, 2016. The next in a long line of games, none of the names we remember, all of which we remember being roped into playing at some point or another, it’s the one that all the boys are asking for next … Well, apart from the ones who slate the game, of course.


It also comes in PS4 version and, again, you should probably check. In case you need that one, you can find it HERE.

£64 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

45 – De’Longhi Lattissima Pro / Amazon

It was actually voted as the best at-home coffee maker by Expert Reviews, and although it’s quite pricey, it’s a must-have for any coffee loving-man in your life. With an automatic milk frother, it’s been called the most versatile coffee maker around for right now, and it makes some of the best-tasting coffee too, which is clearly the most important bit.


You never know, with a brand new coffee maker in his life, you might end up with more delicious coffee in yours. You’ll be able to order him to bring you your favourite first thing in the morning!

£202.88 – Amazon – Click image for more details.


46 – Cards Against Humanity: UK Edition / Amazon

You’ve heard about this game, right? It’s hilarious, always goes down well and parties, and isn’t exactly the most family-friendly of games. We wouldn’t suggest getting it out and attempting to play it after a couple of glasses of wine with the kids running around anyway.


This game has been updated to match the British style of humour … We can’t work out whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but we do very much want it for Christmas, and once the boys find out how funny it is, they’ll want it too … We’re sure of it! 😉

£25 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

47 – Virgin Experience Days Football Tour for 2 / Very

Who’s the football lover in your family? If he’s a fan of Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester United, you could get him a Virgin Experience Day for Christmas – a behind-the-scenes look at his favourite football club, learning about what really happens when the whistle is scored at the end of 90 minutes …


It’s a tour for two, so if he has another love other than football, he could even take her … And if you’re not a football fan yourself, but you still want to buy your BAE a gift like this, you could say it’s a gift for him and his BFF – he’ll love you forever for it.

£29.99 – Very – Click image for more details.

48 – Gamers Paradise …

We realised that there were simply too many PS4, PC and Xbox games coming out in time for Christmas to add them all individually. It would literally take up our whole list, and there’s no fun in that. All the other stuff is too cool for us to not add it. So, we’re dedicating this spot to ALL the new games that we think the boys are going to love.

  • Dishonored 2 – release date 11 November 2016 – Xbox One, PS4PC.
  • Watch Dogs 2 – release date  15 November 106 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
  • Final Fantasy XV – release date 29 November 2016 – Xbox One, PS4
  • F1 2016 – Xbox One, PS4
  • For Honor – release date 14 February 2017 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
  • Halo Wars 2 – release date 21 February 2017 – Xbox One
  • Horizon Zero Dawn – release date 3 March 2017 – PS4
  • South Park The Fractured But Whole – release date 31 March 2017 – Xbox One, PS4
  • Tekken 7 – release date – TBC – Xbox One, PS4, PC

When it comes to the Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2016, games are important. Even a pre-ordered game can have the same reaction. We love a good pre-order because generally (when ordering from places such as Play and Amazon), you tend to get the games a little earlier than you can pick them up in store. They keep your man out of trouble, give him something to do when you take too long getting ready to leave the house, and win you brownie points.

Winning all around, don’t you think?

Various prices – all from Amazon – click links for more details.


49 – Remote Controlled Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 / Very

Because who doesn’t want a Lamborghini Aventador? Even we know what that car is because the men we know talk about it so often. Admittedly, this one is on a slightly smaller scale than the one he was probably expecting to unwrap on Christmas Day, but it’s a great start. When you get rich, perhaps you’ll buy him the real deal?

Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2016 45.jpg

At the moment, Very are offering three for two deals on a number of boys toys (and girls toys too), just in time for Christmas. You can find the full range HERE.

£17.99 – Very – Click image for more details.

50 – The Christmas Hamper / Amazon

Christmas gift hampers are a great idea for those people who you’re not really sure what to buy. Neighbours, for example, or your boyfriend’s Dad … Plus, you can completely customise a hamper, creating your own if you can’t find one that you look already sold.


We’ve been looking around for Christmas hampers, and we’ve found a few that you might like to take a peek at. The one you can see here is a Beer & Bite Gift Hamper, and you could combine this gift as apart of a “package gift” too. Perhaps a night in with the boys – movie, Xbox games, and now beer and snacks included!

We’ll be bringing you some info on DIY Christmas hampers for him (and her) soon … Keep your eyes peeled!

£35 – Amazon – Click image for more details.

We hope that this Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2016 has helped you figure out what to buy the men in your life, and as always, if you have any other great ideas, we’d love to hear them! Leave your comments in the box below, or feel free to get in touch via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! We’d love to hear your thoughts … and gift ideas are always handy, right?

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