21 Chrome Nail Designs To Rock The Latest Trend

Chrome Nail Designs

Listen up ladies, there’s a new manicure in town and just in case you hadn’t heard the news, it’s these chrome nail designs. After the beautiful mattes we’ve been enjoying for a while, it’s time to kick things up a gear in time for the summer, and everyone who’s anyone is rocking a look similar to one of these chrome nail classics … Just take a peek:

21 Chrome Nail Designs

They’re new and they’re shiny, so why wouldn’t we immediately want them? It’s the latest new art trend for your nails, and although these chrome nail designs look like a lot of hard work, there are plenty of ways in which you can achieve them.

Chrome Nail Designs
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For the super shiny and super perfect chrome nail designs (or mirror nails as they are also commonly called), you need to build up layers of a beautiful shimmer, covering with gloss, to create a three-dimensional, mirror-like effect.

2 – Holographic Stunning Mirror Nails

There are other ways in which you can recreate these stunning nail designs though – nail wraps are a great way of cheating it, or you could look for chrome and holographic or mirror-effect nail polish.

Chrome Nail Designs
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It won’t give you quite the same super-shiny look that the build-up of shimmer / glitter powder will, but it will have a similar effect for when you don’t have all afternoon to get your nails done.

3 – Pink + Lace Chrome Nail Designs

To be honest, watching the tutorials of these chrome nail designs is almost as exciting as looking at the shining, shimmering nails themselves.

Chrome Nail Designs
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If you tap into your Youtube search box ‘chrome nails’ or ‘mirror nail designs’, you’ll be met with a host of crazy creations, all of which are mesmerising to watch. Honestly – have a sneaky peek.

4 – Marble + Chrome Nail Designs

Gigi Hadid wore a chrome mani to the Met Gala, completing her robotic look with ex One Directioner, Zayn Malik, on her arm. Hers was said to cost a crazy $2,000, but with these beautiful nail wraps we found on Etsy, things don’t need to get quite that pricy.

Chrome Nail Designs
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The best thing about these chrome nail designs is that with the various tools you have at your disposal – super pigmented powder in layers, nail wraps, and super-shiny metallic nail polishes, you can have your shiny nails to match any colour palette you wanted. If you’re feeling nudes, you can still go for nudes, but if you want something more colourful, you can achieve that too. Stunning AND versatile, what more could you possibly want?

5 – Nude + Chrome Nails

When you’ve got super-shiny nails, you want super-shiny accessories, right? That’s why we love these rhinestone embellished chrome nail designs – everything you could possibly want for a bling-tastic day (or night) out!

Chrome Nail Designs
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Use contrasting colours or make things a bit brighter and bolder than that – it’s down to you. We love the idea of having nails like this for Christmas – you could use that silver or replace it with a gold chrome nail designs, and on the nude nail, have red, green and gold (or silver) rhinestones to make it festive-y and bright. You could even do this with a number of other occasions too – Valentine’s Day, for example, or maybe even Easter? What do you think?

6 – Holographic Chrome Nails

Nail wraps are the easiest way to recreate these stunning nail looks at home, unless you have hours of time to dedicate to the cause, of course. (Which we definitely do not!)

Chrome Nail Designs
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A nail wrap is very simple – you place the wrap over your nail, press and arrange to fit, cut the edges and trim into a perfect shape, apply top coat and you’re pretty much done. Super simple and super easy – just what we like to see!

Born Pretty Nail Art

7 – Sharp + Killer Chrome Nails

There are other ways in which you can recreate that mirror-effect on your nails, and holographic pieces of plastic of foil can be used – much the same as the broken mirror or shattered glass nails we featured before.

Chrome Nail Designs
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By using a layer of these holographic pieces, and then using a shiny shimmering coat of a matching shade on top, followed by top coat, and you’ll have nails similar to this without all the muss and fuss. We like to make things simple.

8 – Arabian Nights Mirror Effect Nails

These chrome nail designs reminded us very much of an Arabian Night themed party we once went to, and we must admit, we wish we’d seen these nails back then. Always the way, right?

Chrome Nail Designs
Instagram / @fancynailsirving

Instead of going with the traditional gold and silver colours we’re used to seeing with these chrome nail designs, a golden-bronze shade has been used, once again using those holographic plastic and foil pieces to give them a little something extra. We must admit, we definitely love them.

9 – Purple Bowed Chrome Nails

We love chrome nail designs, we love glitter nail designs, and we love it when there are cute embellishments added to the mix. Therefore we love these purple bowed chrome nails, a combination of looks that come together to give you something adorable. Obviously you can shorten these if the length doesn’t really work in your favour. We would. Long nails render us useless.

Chrome Nail Designs
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We managed to achieve that stunning purple pop by using a gold-tined shimmer effect polish over the top of our regular lilac polish, and to achieve that super shiny silver, we layered up silver glitter polish before covering with a strong top coat. We went without the embellishments because we always knock them off.

10 – Touch of Gold

Let’s face it, the world could do with more gold in it, don’t you think? We love this gold mani, a mixture of looks all easily achieved at home with the use of some nail tape and gold nail polish.

Chrome Nail Designs
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If you wanted a tougher effect, don’t use the tape at all and hand-paint your gold chrome nail designs. Just remember a good top coat helps to keep things super shiny, something you definitely want for a look as beautiful as this.

11 – Super Sparkly Chrome Nails

Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your chrome nail designs – if you want plenty of bling, just go for it. We won’t hold it against you. If you can’t get away with wearing other accessories – rings and bracelets, for example, using rhinestones and other nail embellishments are the perfect way to bring some sparkle into your life.

Chrome Nail Designs
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Even without the rhinestones and embellishments, these nails are fantastic and make for the perfect outfit accessory. Change the shades for the colours that match your outfit, and add the gems as you go. You could add more throughout the week, even using the rhinestones and additions to cover chips and cracks before you head to the nail salon again.

12 – White + Chrome Nails

Nail wraps are also called foils, strips, decals, appliques, and a whole host of other names but essentially they’re all the same thing – an easy way to switch up your mani at a moment’s notice.

Chrome Nail Designs
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Usually these wraps or foils can last for up to a week, and we’ve noticed that there have been times where they’ve lasted longer without chipping than nail polish would have done. Unless we paid a fortune for a gel polish of course, and we don’t always have the time or cash to spend on that kind of luxury in life, you know?

Born Pretty Nail Art

13 – My Little Pony Chrome Nail Designs

Because why wouldn’t you want chrome nail designs combined with a little bit of My Little Pony? We can’t get enough of these nails, and we reckon you could replace the My Little Pony designs with practically any design you wanted to – Pokemon chrome nails, Disney chrome nails, you name it, you could probably rock it.

Chrome Nail Designs
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We like the idea of making these even simpler than they already are – having a full set of chrome nail designs in that beautiful pink shade, and having one featured nail with a My Little Pony decal because we’re really bad at hand-painting these designs.

14 – Rainbow Candy Nails

We think these chrome nails look a little like candy – you know like those bubblegum sweets you used to buy when you were young and they actually only cost 1p?

Chrome Nail Designs
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These nails are simple – each nail is a different chrome nail colour. You’ve still got the same smooth, shiny and shimmering mirror finish, but this one shows that you can play around with different colours and still have a stunning effect. We say go crazy!

15 – Chrome Tips

For really simple and subtle chrome nails, how about these wonderful silver chrome tips? Simple, effective, pretty to look at … We think they’re a winner!

Chrome Nail Designs
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If you have nail foils or wraps, you could easily create this look, although we’ve found hand-plaining tips with pigmented glitter powder is quite hard unless you’ve got a steady hand and some nail tape that won’t bleed.

16 – Green Spiked Chrome Nails

Simple place the nail wrap on your nail once it has been cut to size and you’re pretty much good to go. You could even use silver tips over different shades and colours of polish too – here you have silver on silver, but we think you could switch these up to have silver tips over a wide range of different coloured polishes for different occasions.

Chrome Nail Designs
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How does green strike your fancy? There’s something very fabulous about this dark green shade, and we can’t help but think they’d be perfect for witchy nails at Halloween, especially with that super-sharp point, or maybe even Christmas and festive nails with red, silver and gold extras – glitter, rhinestones, embellishments, etc.

17 – Silver + Sparkly Chrome Nails

To get your mani super-smooth like this, you’ll need to work with your nail polish in even layers. If you go too thick, it’ll dry gloppy and uneven. If you go thin, you might need an extra layer, but it’ll dry much smoother, we promise you.

Chrome Nail Designs
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When you’ve got super sparkly silver nails, what else could make the perfect finishing touch than some super sparkly silver rhinestones? Another of the chrome nail designs that would go perfectly with any occasion, and looks sparkly and sophisticated all at the same time.

18 – Purple-tastic Chrome Nail Designs

You could create your chrome nail designs to be as bling-tactic as you’d like, starting with something subtle like one or two gems, and building up from there. You don’t need to cover the entire nail if you don’t want to. That’s not to everyone’s taste, you know?

Chrome Nail Designs
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We love the colour purple almost more than we love silver, so these purple chrome / mirror-effect nails are simply wonderful. With a look this popping, we’d highly recommend nail wraps. This is a hard finish to achieve at home, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job.

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19 – Chrome + Blue Nails

Before you start any mani / pedi, make sure you take care of your nails first. If you don’t have nail or cuticle oil to hand, use skin or face oil instead. This helps to nourish and hydrate the nail BEFORE you plaster wraps or nail polish all over them.

Chrome Nail Designs
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Also, I know we don’t all have the time needed to let our mani completely dry, but experts have suggested that it could take anywhere from three to six hours for your new polished look to dry completely. We’d recommend putting aside some serious time for a look this glam.

20 – Simple Chrome Nail Addition

When picking your chrome nail designs, remember to be realistic. you might want shiny and shimmering spiked beauties like these chrome talons, but when it comes to practicality, you’ll find these are basically useless – you won’t be able to do much.

Chrome Nail Designs
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If you don’t have the kind of lifestyle that will accommodate super long and sharp nails, go for something shorter and more square tipped instead. They’re still flattering and you can still incorporate your favourite designs, but they’ll much easier to live with on a day to day basis.

21 – Pretty Pastel Pink

While you’re waiting for your first coat to dry, use a thin lip or nail brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the excess. It gives you just about enough time before the polish dries enough to apply a second coat, and gives you something to do that won’t smudge or mess them up.

Chrome Nail Designs
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At the same time, cleaning up as you go is always easier than cleaning up in one bulk, and this is definitely the case with your nails.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this chrome nail designs as much as we’ve enjoyed staring at them longingly. Which ones are your favourite? We know one thing – the chrome nail trend is one that’ll be around for a long time yet! We can’t wait to see what you lovelies come up with.



  1. Marble + Chrome Nail Designs are exactly what I wish from nail art:
    creative yet office-friendly
    different (mismatched) nails yet all belong on the same hand

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