40 Disney Nails We Love!

11 – Jasmine Nails

We love these Aladdin / Jasmine inspired Disney nails and if you look a little closely, you’ll see that only one of the nails actually has that Disney them. The rest are kept nice and simple, the perfect way to accentuate the look.

disney nails
Instagram: roksana_nails

Again, transfers or nail decals are the best way to try and copy these Disney nails. The gem-nails are optional of course… They are a nightmare when they start falling off!

12 – Dark Fairy

Although we’re used to seeing Tinkerbell played in a much brighter light such as those beautiful green nails we showed you earlier, this is a classic way of showing how even Disney nails can be dark and mysterious too.

disney nails
Instagram: nailartpsyched

You could even co-ordinate the colours on the backdrop too. This one has dark blues and blacks but there’s nothing to stop you from using reds, silvers, and even glittery effects if you wanted to. Disney nails done right we say.

13 – Mermaid Nails

Inspired by The Little Mermaid, these mermaid nails are just mermaid-tactic! We love the scale-affects on these Disney nails, and using the silhouette side in a slightly different way, here we spot a white one rather than a black one.

disney nails
Instagram: nailsbywhitneeellsworthnielsen

disney nailsWe found a few mermaid scale templates on Etsy and one of the best can be found HERE. Although it looks complicated, it’s really not. The nails have been painted with a half blue and half purple shimmer / glitter coat for the bottom and once these are dried, the stencil templates are placed over the top. Alliteratively, you could just buy nail strips on the same design – with the mermaid scales, and apply your own Ariel / The Little Mermaid themed decals over the top.

Either way, perfect mermaid Disney nails!

14 – Snow White Pink Nails

Nothing says Disney princess quite like these beautiful pastel pink shades and with the help of a few nail decals, nail foils and some embellishments, you too could have Disney nails that rock as much as these ones do.

disney nails
Instagram: vickymayshum

disney nailsWe especially love the lace design on the pinkie finger nail here, and is a look easily recreated with the help of transfers. We found plenty of lace effect decals on Etsy, and just one of the packs we fell in love with can be found HERE.

The nail foils are easily picked up – these are a hot fashion trend for right now, but if you can’t find any there’s nothing to stop you from using a gold nail paint and drawing on those straight lines. you can even use tape to help you get a solid, straight line.

The best thing about these nails though is that they can be customised in any way you like to match any outfit you want. If you don’t like pink, try putting the same designs on other shades and colours. What about Tiffany-inspired blue? Or silver?

Get creative… We dare you! Remember to tag us on social media with #CherryCherryBeauty for your chance to be featured.

15 – ‘Til The Last Petal Falls

Beauty And The Beast is joint first favourite Disney movie for me. The second one being The Little Mermaid. I’ve always dreamed of owning that gold dress that Belle rocked in the library whilst dancing with Beast and I fell hopeless in love with these nails myself when I spotted them on Instagram. In fact, so much so, these are my next planned nails!

disney nails
Instagram: coyarose

Although quite intricate-looking, it’s a very simple idea. The gold coloured polish has been given ‘swirls’ or ‘ruffles’ with a slightly darker gold glitter, and you could also use a slightly different / darker shade of gold to help accentuate those swirls even further. That gives you the impression of the large ruffles like on that beautiful gold dress Belle wore.

disney nailsThe featured rose nail is a little more complicated. For this, the nail itself has been left clean and un-painted to give maximum effect, just a hint of glitter to help catch the light. The rose itself is easy to hand paint with swirls of different shades of pink for the flower, and different shades of green for the stalk. You could always cheat with a decal of course. We found a beautiful one on Easy which you can find HERE.

16 – Mickey & Minnie

If you want Disney nails, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of classic, black and white (with a hint of red) old-school Mickey and Minnie Mouse just like these cuties you can see right here.

disney nails
Instagram: skr_trmr85

You could leave all the other nails white and just use your largest thumb nail for the featured design. These are handprinted (and easily done if you place a template design in pencil first) but yu can also buy decals to achieve the same look. We haven’t seen any quite as cute as these admittedly!

17 – Tinkerbell & Friends

Let’s get the whole gang involved for your Disney nails. Have you seen the Tinkerbell movies? She has plenty of fairy friends you could use as inspiration for your Disney nails.

disney nails
Instagram: miss_unique68

We love the intricate feature nails with this design, but we also love that pearlised pink they’ve gone for on the rest. Simple an effective – an easy way to wear a Disney themed look!

18 – Disney Villains

The best part of the Disney movies is the villain, right? We love a good Disney villain and we especially love these dark Snow White themed nails, complete with the face in the mirror and wicked witch. It really shows off a dark side to the Disney theme and let’s be honest, the movies wouldn’t be the movies without the bad guys!

disney nails
Instagram: nailedbycleo

If you want Disney without the cute-factor, opt for Disney villains rather than the princesses and heroes. Such a wicked twist, don’t you think?

19 – Kiss The Girl

Do you remember the scene from The Little Mermaid where Ariel and Eric are in the boat, birds, fish and other wildlife harmonising all around them, as we all waited, holding our breath, for that magical spell-breaking kiss to happen? Well, these Disney nails perfectly reenact that theme. And we LOVE them!

disney nails
Instagram: the_nail_lounge_miramar

We’re totally singing ‘Kiss The Girl‘ right now, in case you were wondering, but the almost watercolour design of these Disney nails works well to set that romantic scene.

A potential for up and coming Valentine’s Day nails perhaps?

20 – A Whole New World

Aladdin is one of the best Disney movies if you ask our opinion, and these purple nails are not only the prettiest things we’ve ever seen, but also show the entire story of Aladdin and his princess-bride.

disney nails
Instagram: sao83ri

Embellishments are the perfect way to add the finishing luxurious touches to these Agrabah-night nails, but we can’t help but think there should be some more glitter on there somewhere.

What do you think?

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