40 Disney Nails We Love!

21 – Belle / Beauty Disney Nails

We’ve all been there, sat outside, staring at the sky, wishing we were a Disney princess ourself. That’s what these Beauty and the Beast style Disney nails remind us of, and for the spring or summer, we can’t help but think these nails would be perfect!

disney nails
Instagram: jamylyn_nails

Plus looking at these bright and breezy nails just puts us in a good mood. That’s always a winning combination for a great day, right?

22 – Snow White Disney Nails

Taking in all aspects of the Disney movie, these Snow White Disney nails are stunning and will get talked about for all the right reasons.

disney nails
Instagram: salon_de_lumiere

We don’t doubt that these nails would be incredibly hard work to finish but nevertheless, we want them anyway.

23 – Disney Decals

We’ve talked about decals and nail transfers a lot here but honestly, if you want to get that clean-cut, picture-perfect set of Disney nails, sometimes you need to rely on cheating a little bit. We love these gold nail Disney decals and we think you should definitely consider them if you fancy The Little Mermaid nails… Or any others for that matter.

disney nails
Instagram: jannibananinails

We haven’t found any gold versions but we have found similar black ones for all the different princesses which can find HERE. Don’t worry, when we do hunt out those gold delights, we’ll let you know about it!

24 – Magnificent Maleficent Nails

We’re back to the Disney villains again this time but one of the best ones of them all – Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty! Did you see the recent film with Angelina Jolie? We wished we’d seen these Disney nails then… 🙁

disney nails
Instagram: adris_nails

By using the main colour scheme of the Disney villain, in this case – the green and purple, you can keep the main features of the nails relatively simple. With a look like this, any kind of Maleficent-style shape or silhouette would have given the game away. That’s how simple Disney nails can be – get the colour scheme right and the rest just falls into place!

25 – Pretty in Pink Micky Mouse

Do you remember what we keep saying about those decals for your Disney nails? With any kind of base, you can instantly “Disney” them up just by adding one of these cute designs.

disney nails
Instagram: boudoirnailbar1

The pink nails don’t really have anything to do with Disney, and neither of rate pink gems at the base of each nail though. Add a Disney decal or paint-job and what do you have? Disney nails! Easy peasy!

26 – Under The Sea

We’re going back under the sea now for these The Little Mermaid inspired Disney nails. The funny thing, if it weren’t for that belly blue mermaid shape, these wouldn’t eve look Disney nails at all. It just reiterates what I said about the previous pink nails – any style is instantly ‘Disneyed’ up with a decal or appropriate embellishment.

disney nails
Instagram: polishformelissa

Anchors, shells, mermaids, crabs, fish, etc. Think of anything ocean or sea-themed and add them to your nails. If they don’t go right, you can always have another bash at it later on but you never know w- you might end up with pretty fantastic Disney nails!

27 – Sophisticated Snow White

Disney is usually seen as cute, pink and girlie but these sophisticated Snow White nails show you how to rock the look in a really grown-up way. If you wanted to, of course…

disney nails
Instagram: getbuffednails

Using a stiletto or pointed nail, the look is almost cartoon but with a really adult feel to it. More classic and elegant rather than hearts, flowers and all things girlie. We like to think the cream and dark red colouring helps too! Either way, these are pretty beautiful Disney nails.

28 – 101 Dalmations Nails

Another firm favourite for many of us here at CherryCherryBeauty, these 101 Dalmatians Disney nails rock! For all the right reasons!

disney nails
Instagram: sor312

This is probably one of the easiest of all Disney designs when you think about it 0 white backdrop with black splodges and dots. What’s not to love about that? Of course, you could always go creative and draw your best dalmatian… Drawing isn’t our best talent though…

29 – The Return of Jafar

Did anyone else think Jafar was one of the funniest Disney villains there was? Him with that snake staff, hypnotising people, and that silly parrot too! What was his name? Iago?

disney nalls
Instagram: jessnailed_it

We can’t help but laugh when we think about that silly villain but we certainly aren’t laughing when it comes to these nails. They’re pretty damn fabulous!

30 – Ursula / The Little Mermaid Nails

If Maleficent nails weren’t quite your thing, try these Disney villain nails – Ursula from The Little Mermaid!

disney nails
Instagram: jamylyn_nails

The purple is easy enough to achieve – it’s a pastel purple / lilac base covered with layers of different sized glitter polish. This helps to give you that built-up 3D effect but just remember to let it dry completely between layers otherwise you’ll get that thick and gloopy finish that takes daaaays to dry!

The black featured nail isn’t overly difficult either. Using a silver nail pen rather than polish, draw on something that looks a little bit like octopus tentacles. Nice and simple, throw some sucker-circles in the middle for good measure and you’re done. After a couple of attempts, these are Disney nails that you should find nice, easy and quick to do.

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