40 Disney Nails We Love!

31 – The Seven Dwarves

We love Snow White but the seven dwarves are often a little overlooked don’t you think? Luckily, someone has tried to change that with these super cute Disney nails, themed on Snow White AND the seven dwarves! Oh, plus a Prince Charming thrown in for good measure.

disney nails
Instagram: yasu8ha

Another relatively simple look, a black nail pen can be used to create the outline and if you need a little help, use tracing paper and a pencil to stamp (as such) the outline to your nail. Use pale, pastel and muted colours to fill in the gaps and you have relatively simple and super cute Disney nails that everyone will want to try for themselves.

32 – Lady & The Tramp Nails

A Disney movie we haven’t come to yet, but one that definitely deserves a mention – The Lady and The Tramp! We almost forget about this cute pooch-themed movie every time but luckily for us, this clever nail artist hasn’t!

disney nails
Instagram: sinplycreativeartistry

We like the basic design on the non-featured nails here. Simple, nude but with the right hint of ‘squiggle’ across the top. It just works, don’t you think?

You’ll need to be pretty handy with a brush to achieve these Lady and the Tramp designs but if you manage it, let us know! Tag us – #CherryCherryBeauty so we can marvel at them too!

33 – Flounder / The Little Mermaid Nails

As much as we love Ariel out of The Little Mermaid we sure loved Flounder too and we love these dedicated Disney nails! Plus yellow is such a bright happy colour!

disney nails
Instagram: jamylyn_nails

Just focusing on the face, the Flounder look is easily achieved with the help of a thin-tipped black nail brush. Just remember to add that fabulous blue, gold and yellow glitter on theatre nails to keep the trend running. Otherwise they’re just yellow nails with a fish face on them!

34 – Black & White

We love how simple these Disney nails are and when you realise that these are just very simple decals placed over plain white nails, we think you might love them too!

disney nails
Available at AMNails on Etsy | Click for more details.

We found these cuties on Easy and we imagine they would look great over most coloured backdrops. If you’re in a blue mood, go blue. If you’re feeling pink, go pink. Honestly though, we think the classic black and white look is just the best!

35 – Kissing Minnie

When you’re in the mood for love (and it’ll be Valentine’s Day again soon), why not consider these cute Disney nails. Mickey and Minnie Mouse is probably the best love story we’ve ever heard anyway.

disney nails
Instagram: polishedbypaige_

You could even use those silhouette decals we spotted earlier and add a few enhancements of your own. Why not? Get creative and experiment a bit. You don’t know how it’ll turn out until you give it a try anyway…


36 – Jasmine / Aladdin Nails

For when you don’t want too much Disney, we like the idea of these Disney nails – the outfit of the princess rather than the princess herself. It’s similar to that Beauty and the Beast idea we showed you earlier with the gold ruffles of her dress.

disney nails
Instagram: nailswithgelle

You can instantly tell these are Jasmine Disney nails, and you could recreate this look in different colours for any of the princesses too. Think about a slightly bluer, darker blue for the dress that Cinderella would have worn, and add some glitter to recreate the sparkle from her glass slippers. Tinker bell would be green. Snow White would be red, white and blue. Look at the princess’ individual colour schemes and make that the start of your Disney nails.

37 – Mickey Mouse Glitter Nails

Let’s go back to keeping things simple. This look is colourful yet elegant, simple yet complicated. It’s a lot of things but one thing it definitely isn’t is complicated.

disney nails
Available at SweetHeartPolish on Etsy | Click for more details.

Believe it or not, you can buy glitter nail polish with Mickey Mouse head-shaped glitter, and that’s what the white shapes are that you can see here. We love that they have matched with bright pops of colour on a black backdrop. For the full range of the polishes use here, click the picture to visit SweetHeartPolish store on Etsy. We kinda love everything they got!

38 – Disney Coffin Nails

Another simple design, there’s something about that white backdrop with the red and black Mickey Mouse shaped patterns that we love. It’s simple and to the pint – just what Disney nails should be, we say!

disney nails
Instagram: nailsby_rosemai

Coffin nails are a relatively new trend but one that won’t be going anywhere fast so if you want to be at the cutting edge of style and design, we definitely recommend Disney coffin nails just like these.

39 – Tale As Old As Time

You can’t mention Beauty And The Beast without having a little mention for Chip! He was the cutest character in the movie and we love that these Disney nails include him.

disney nails
Instagram: nailz_by_dev

There are a lot of looks in one here but if you wanted to keep it simple, leave the rest that beautiful peachy / coral colour you can see and just add some gold glitter touches. You don’t need to go quite as all-out and intricate as you can see here to have the same effect.

40 – Simple Aladdin Nails

These are another great example of how you can do Disney nails in a grown up way, with more artwork and real painted designs over decals and transfers that can look a little on the childish side. Not that Disney is ever childish of course!

disney nails
Instagram: nagisanail

The gold glitter spots on these Disney nails were what first caught our attention, followed by the real simple quite-design of that genie’s lamp. If you’re looking for a way to do Disney nails in a slightly more grown-up style, we reckon you could do far worse than these ones.


So there you have them – 40 Disney nails we love! What do you think? Are there any on the list that you fancy doing yourself? Which ones are your favourite? Have you spotted any others that you think should have made the cut, or have you painted some pretty cute designs yourself? Tag your Disney nails with the hashtag #CherryCherryBeauty on social media for a chance to be featured! We’d love to see what you come up with.

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