31 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re lacking with inspiration as to what to buy your other half, why not consider making something instead? For the woman who already has everything, or just to show a slightly different way of caring, DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are more personalised than shop-bought delights, and you can customise them a lot more too. What’s not to love about that?

If you’ve left things a little too last minute, check out these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts she’ll love:

1 – Valentine’s Love in a Mug

Let’s get things kick-started with something easy and simple and what could be more easy and simple than a mug filled with Valentine’s Day love.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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All you need is a mug and some pink and red M&M’s. That’s as easy as it gets really. You can give her this in the morning before you surprise her with the ‘real’ gift later on after work when you have the evening to yourselves… After you’ve remembered to actually buy her something of course! 😉

2 – DIY Valentine’s Day Jar Art

Old jam jars are great because they can be upcycled in a whole host of different ways. They can be used as makeshift, quirky, shabby-chic glasses for drinks, as holders for utensils and makeup equipment, as ‘gift boxes’ for a bunch of delicious goodies inside.

Old jam jars – Keep them!

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: abeautifulmess.com

We love this idea and such a simple idea it is too. Whatever you decide to make or give her for this Valentine’s Day, give it to her in style with a hand-painted box or jar. This look is easily achieved with glue, stencils, glitter and some lacquer or gloss for over the top to keep it all in check.

You can find the full tutorial HERE.

3 – DIY Perfume

We know that she wants the latest expensive designer perfume but sometimes a more personal approach is required to show her how much you care. Rather than reaching for the shelves for that new perfume she added to her list, make her, her very own signature scent.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: aloha.com

You can buy DIY perfume kits on the internet which you could use together, or you could handpick your favourite scents and essential oils that remind you of her and put them together to create something you hope she’ll love.

There’s so many ways you can create a DIY Valentine’s Day perfume but we found some great information and full tutorials HERE.

4 – Love Note in a Bottle

It’s small, cute and easily added to a key fob for the perfect romantic keyring! This love note in a bottle idea is not only super cute and super simple but makes for a great little momento of the wonderful times you have spent together.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: apumpkinandaprincess.com

We found a great guide on how to do this HERE. It started with the pound-store Valentine’s gift you see above and with a few enhancements, was turned into a much cuter and more personal version:

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: apumpkinandaprincess

If you’re thinking of a way to propose to the special lady in your life, this could be the perfect thing. Write your love note and pop it in… Let’s see how long it takes her to get it out again!

 5 – Love Notes in a Jar

We absolutely loved this idea and one of the CherryCherryBeauty writers actually did this for her boyfriend a few years back! If you want a way to show your girlfriend (or boyfriend) how much you really care, what better way than with 365 individual notes letting them know?

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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There are so many ways to jazz this up to make it more unique and personal for you. This romantic guy colour-coded his love notes into three categories and you could do the same. It might take you a while but this is a gift she’ll definitely remember of years to come!

Find the full story (which caused quite the social media stir) HERE.

6 -Mini Flower Bouquet in a Jar

Remember those jars we told you to make earlier on? Well, this is exactly the reason why you should definitely make them! They make for the cutest mini flower bouquets and if you want to make your money go a little further, plus make a really big statement, get yourself a handful of those hand-painted glitter jars, as big a bunch of flowers as you can afford from the local supermarket / florist / petrol station, and get a little creative.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: The Glitter Guide

If you didn’t fancy making 365 ways of saying ‘I love you’, just do a few instead. Make this mini bouquets in a jar and have each one with a different card, giving a different reason why you love her so much.

That one bouquet you bought for a tenner at the petrol station will look much more expensive in five or six mini bouquets. Plus you can scatter them around the house – one for the bathroom to make her smile before she smiles, one in the kitchen next to her morning cup of coffee, one in the car to remind her to have a great day, one at her desk to remind her that you love her… Do you see where we’re going with this.

The potential here is huge.

7 – Jar of Sweet Love

Giving her a bag of sweets is not going to make her happy. Giving her a bag of sweets set up in this way (below) and she might be happier. She’ll be happier than if you just gave her a bag of sweets, that’s for sure.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: Polka Dot Chair

Even the smallest of gifts can make the biggest impact so don’t worry if you don’t have an endless budget this Valentine’s Day. It’s the thought that counts so why not grab a bag of her favourite sweets or chocolates, pop them in one of those hand-painted jars we KEEP talking about, and add a few love notes while you’re there for good measure? It’s cute, it’s simple and it won’t take you long if you play your cards right.

8 – Chalkboard Paint Love Jars

I know, I know, we keep talking about those recycled jars but honestly, these Mason jars are all the rage these days. It’s all about shabby chic don’t you know?

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: Henry Happened

We love this idea – simple and to the point. Paint the top of your jar lids with chalkboard paint (or make your own) so you can personalise your message to her, and throw in those roses that you picked up last minute. Again, four jars, one bunch of roses but has so much more impact than just a bunch of roses on their own… Smart thinking right?

9 – Sweetheart Cheesecakes

We CANNOT get enough of these beautiful sweetheart cheesecakes. Imagine our surprise when we learned they’re super easy to make. Seriously guys – your girlfriend’s will LOVE this!

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: Hungry Happenings

It’s a simple enough process – you use the regular cheesecake ingredients but you add some food colouring along the way. Don’t forget that contrasting pink colour and a paintbrush for the sweet, sweet nothings on the top too. For a gull how-to guide on how to make these sweet treats, click HERE.

(Someone had better make us this cheesecake!)

10 – DIY Valentine’s Day Mugs

Why not create something his n’ hers? It’s cute, it’s Valentine’sy, and we bet she’ll love it! These DIY cups / mugs are actually super easy to make and all you need are a couple of white cups, a black and red Sharpie marker and an oven.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: Wanelo

You can use a stencil if your not sure you have a steady enough handy but here’s another super easy cheat way to recreate these cute DIY Valentine’s Day gifts she’ll love… Have a peek on Etsy! There are some amazing designs on there and you can even get them personalised too. It’s like cheat DIY!

11 – Valentine’s Cake in a Jar

There’s literally nothing you can’t put in one of those cute little upcycled jars and we love this Valentine’s Day cake idea, easy to make.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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There are so many ways you could incorporate a desert idea in with your Valentine’s Day gifts. You could add the ingredients for cookies, hot chocolates and so much more. There are plenty of tutorials online to make use of too. We loved THIS ONE.

And in case you needed a little more inspiration, how about this one:

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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12 – DIY Valentine’s Day Shoes

They love Valentine’s Day and they love shoes… What does that tell you? Shoes are a great gift for Valentine’s Day!

If you don’t have the budget to buy her the latest Louboutin beauties, why not get a little creative and buy her a pair of shoes to keep rather than wear. That’s if she’s a big shoe-gal of course… Who isn’t?

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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There are so many ways you can customise a pair of shoes to make them unique. What better way to say ‘I love you’ than with some red glitter (on the soles) and some love heart stencils.

DIY Valentine's day Gifts
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If she’s not a big heel wearer, you could also consider getting some plain white Converse pumps and customising those with fabric paint pens instead. If she’s a unique fashion kinda girl, this is a super great gift to consider, and one she’ll definitely love.

13 – Recycled Valentine’s Day Card

We read the most adorable story one year about an old couple who had reused the same Valentine’s Day cards to each other over and over again, for every year they had been dating. They didn’t have the biggest bank accounts back in ‘those days’ and because of that, they ended up with the most beautiful keepsake, sharing every year their love had grown and evolved.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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If you want a gift with more romance than she could bear, this is definitely one to go for. Sign your card with your name and the year, plus a cute message for added measure. Add a note inside the card telling her that she must give it back to you after Valentine’s Day and what your intentions are.

We guarantee she’ll love it and you’ll get some great romantic-boyfriend brownie points.

14 – DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Back in Victorian times, it was actually considered to be BAD luck rather than good luck to receive a card of Valentine’s Day but luckily we don’t live in a world like that anymore. Why not give her the most unique Valentine’s Day card you can this year with one of these amazing DIY Valentine’s Day cards:

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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There are plenty of tutorials online but here’s a handy little cheat…. You can find many of these designs handmade on Etsy. Hey… We said DIY Valentine’s Day cards, we never said you were the one who needed to make them! 😉

15 – Valentine’s Day Dynamite Sticks

They look like dynamite because you’re girlfriends deserves it. She’s ‘da bomb’ after all! However, these won’t blow up in your face.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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Do you know how to easy and quickly make these? Well, the inner tubes of these Valentine’s Day dynamite sticks are Rolo’s! You can do the same with any chocolate or candy in a roll with foil too. What’s your girlfriend’s favourite chocolate?

(Do you even know…?)

16 – Poochy Valentine’s

If your girlfriend is an avid dog lover, here’s a cute idea for a great DIY Valentine’s Day gift… What about a doggy photo shoot? All you need is a cute enough backdrop (think blank wall), a basket or something cute for the pooch to sit in, and plenty of red and pink love hearts scattered around. Make the dog sit with a huge Valentine’s Day teddy bear if you like. You know what your girlfriend likes and what she’ll appreciate.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: capturedbykerriphotography.com

Get the photos printed out and framed in time for Valentine’s Day and we guarantee she’ll be filled with puppy love… Get the pun? 😉

Oh and here’s a little pet-related Valentine’s Day fact for you… Three percent of pet owners will buy a V-day gift for their furry friends! Will you be one of them?

17 – Ystävänpäivä – Friend’s Day

Over in Finland, Valentine’s Day is known as “Ystävänpäivä” which translated as “Friend’s Day”. If your other half is your best friend as well as your partner, show them as much with a special message gift like this one.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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What does your girlfriend love? You could personalise this gift with any message you like, anything related to best friends. You could even go as far as to get her a cheesy ‘best friend’ necklace. Girls love that retro romance. Well, we do anyway! We’d love a gift like this one!

18 – Valentine’s Coffee Sleeve

Believe it or not, the expression “To wear your heart on your sleeve” actually derives from the Middle Ages when young women and men would have names placed in a bowl and then drawn to see who would belong to who on Valentine’s Day. For exactly seven days afterwards, those names would be pinned on their sleeves. Hence the phrase!

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: Bubbly Nature Creations

Wear your heart on your sleeve, or just on a coffee mug, with these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts, perfect for the coffee lover in our life. We found a full tutorial on how to make this HERE.

19 – Ferrero Rocher Tree

Firstly, who doesn’t love a Ferrero Rocher… Or a whole tub of them?! We fell in love with this Ferrero Rocher tree and if someone made us this for Valentine’s Day, we know we would be very happy ladies!

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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It’s a simple enough idea. The look can be recreated by placing some foam in the bottom of a bucket. You could pain the foam if you like. Then add a kitten roll tube, also painted, in which you will add your bouquet which you can make with a big foam circle and some cake pop sticks. Tie it all together with a pretty big bow and what do you have? DIY Valentine’s Day gifts your girlfriend will LOVE!

20 – Valentine’s Spa in a Jar

We love these gifts – little DIY spa in a jar kits. We actually made some of these for friends and family for DIY Christmas presents too and the good news is, you can customise them however you like…. Or your girlfriend will like!

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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Get yourself a large mason jar, an old large jam jar, or even a large glass biscuit jar if you can fill it with enough bits and pieces. Add some shredded paper, tissue paper or feathers for a safe padding and then fill it with miniatures of all the things she loves. A YSL face cream here, a Mac lip gloss there. Maybe some spa treatments like foot scrubs or face masks. You know what she likes, or you should do by now, so fill that jar with all those things. What better way to say ‘I love you’ than by giving her the night off to pamper herself?

21 – Valentine’s Day Candy Bouquet

Does your girlfriend / wife / partner love chocolate and other sweet treats? What better way to make her night than by creating her the perfect Valentine’s Day candy bouquet, complete with all the delights she loves.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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You’d better hope she’s not on a diet though… We don’t imagine that would go down too well. But hey, Netflix and chill and now you even have late night snacks! 😉

22 – DIY Valentine’s Chocolate Fondue Kit

It was back in 1537 that Valentine’s Day as we know it first came about. King Henry VII declared the 14th February as the day of love officially and since then, the traditions have changed a little.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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In the 1800’s, chocolate was actually offered and advised to patients who were suffering from a bad case of unrequited love, bringing about the tradition of chocolate with love and romance. Hopefully your love won’t be unrequited with this amazing DIY Valentine’s chocolate fondue kit.

With a few ingredients, a simple yet cute cardboard box and some shredded paper for stuffing, you have the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that she’ll love. All the ladies love chocolate! (Plus you can get ‘specific’ chocolate for dairy-free, fat-free, etc. so there’s really no excuse!)

23 – Valentine’s Day Snow Globes

We love these little DIY snow globes and the good news is, they’re pretty easy to make. All you need is a handful of components and a little bit of patience and you have a DIY Valentine’s Day gift that’ll really mean something.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: dandee-designs.com

You need an old jam jar, a bottle of glycerin, styrofoam balls, pipe cleaner, glitter, a hot glue gun and a few other smaller bits and pieces. We found a complete tutorial on this DIY gift HERE and you could even customise things even further by adding a photo of you and your loved one in there too! There’s tutorials for those out there on the world wide web too.

24 – Toe-tally Fabulous Toes

All the ladies love a good mani / pedi so why not treat her to one of her very own with this toe-tally fabulous manicure gift in… Yes, you guessed it, a jar!

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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All you need is (obviously) a jar, some new fabulous bottles of her favourite nail polish (Essie and OPI won’t go a miss), a nail file, some cutie cream, nail clippers, and whatever else nail-themed you can think of and fit in the jar. It’s simple and cute – a great mini Valentine’s day gift if you ask us… 😉

25 – Valentine’s Day Five Senses Gift

If you want a gift that will tantalise all of her senses, you need DIY Valentine’s Day gifts like these ones… One for every sense to be more precise.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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Smell – perfume. Taste – chocolates, what else? Sound or sense of hearing – an old school mix tape! How retro! Touch – how about feathers? Or something else that’ll get her going later on… The sense of sight – what about a photo album of a few snaps of the two of you together? Lots of little gifts with lots of hidden meanings. What more could you ask for?

26 – Rice Krispie Hearts

Why not make her a gift she can eat? The ladies love a gift they can eat and they also love pastel colours which is what makes these rice krispie Valentine’s hearts just perfect!

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: pintsizedtreasures.com

It’s stupidly simple once you know how… We all know how to make rice krispie cakes. Well, in this case, you make them using heart-shaped moulds and use some food colouring to achieve those pretty pastel shades. You could even make these in the shape of letters if you really wanted your DIY Valentine’s Day gifts to scream ‘I love you!’. Or any shape and colour you like in fact…. See:

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: womangettingmarried.com

See – it’ll be cheap as chips but she’ll love it anyway. Great for Valentine’s day on a budget. Oh, you’ll find the full tutorial on how to make them HERE.

27 – Valentine’s Travel Momento

Do you and your ‘better half’ have a penchant for travelling? Perhaps the two of you met in an exotic foreign country, carrying your love on home and here you are, getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her? Whatever the reason, a travel momento just like this one is a great way to bring back some happy memories and tell her you love her all in one.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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This is an example of a card but you could pop this in a nice frame for a completely gift that won’t break the bank. Create the love heart by cutting a template shape out of a map of the place that means a lot to you, add your type-written (or just printed out) little love note, whatever you want it to say, and when you glue it onto a neutral backdrop and pop it in a frame, you have a gift that’ll mean a lot to both of you.

Genius idea right?

28 – Valentine’s Breakfast in a Jar

It’s traditional, and nice, to treat your loved one to breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day so book the day off and stay all snuggled up. Breakfast will be a breeze with this easy Valentine’s breakfast in a jar. Plus they’re super tasty and actually quite healthy too.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Source: thetomkatstudio.com

The bottom layer is simply a layer of granola. Add some yogurt, natural of fruit-flavoured, and then top with her favourite fruits. Think everything red and pink – strawberries, raspberries, that kind of thing and you’ve got the right idea.

29 – Love Lottery

If you’re thanking your lucky stars you were fortunate enough to end up with a woman so great, show her how much you truly care about her with love lottery DIY Valentine’s Day gifts just like this. It’s like a bouquet of flowers except in this case, there’s a chance she could win a whole load of money.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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There are plenty of ways you could spice things up and you could even go as far as to make origami shapes with your Lucky Dip lotto tickets if you didn’t like the thought of scratch cards. Did someone say Euromillionaire?

30 – DIY Valentine’s Art

Why not make a piece of beautiful art to hang on the wall in your home? Don’t you want your art work and decorated walls to be different from everyone else’s? What about this simple DIY Valentine’s art idea?

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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All you need is a wooden board, some paint that will match the colours and shades of your interior design, stencils for the letters and some fake flower petals which you’ll hot glue gun (and then set with varnish or lacquer / gloss) in place. You could even make the board slightly longer and add a photo in a frame at the bottom.

31 – Plate Full of Love

To say she’s loved from all the family, why not look at making her a plate full of love, using the fingerprints from you and the kids, maybe even leaving a little space so that she can later add her own? Once she’s opened the great Valentine’s gift of course.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
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It’s very simple. Using two fingerprints carefully position and some red paint, you bake the plate in the oven to make it suitable for eating with after it’s Sharpie or paint treatment. Don’t forget to add your own little love note too!

So there you have them, 31 DIY Valentine’s Day gifts she’ll love. Well, that we’d love and we’re all girls so that’s enough evidence for our liking!

What about you? Have you seen any great DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that you’re thinking of making? Check us out on social media and shout out your genius ideas!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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