34 Dotticure Nail Designs You Should Try

Dotticure Nail Designs

12 – Stone Cold

We all agreed that these nails looked a little bit like stone when we first saw them and as far as Dotticure nail designs go, this is definitely one of the coolest and easiest.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @aufgepinselt.de

Break it down – you have the black base coat and then you have the different coloured and different sized dots over the top. Just wait for the two layers to dry, and then let the top coat dry too, before attempting to do anything or these will smudge quicker than you can blink. Annoying!

13 – Dotticure Can’t Decide

For those days when you don’t know what kind of mood you’re in, these different Dotticure nail designs are great. You’ve got a simple two-dot look, the easiest to achieved, or the gradient effect. Lastly, the simple dark dots on a lighter background.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @youngwildandpolished

Another great look for short nails, this colour scheme is perfectly muted. There’s something very cool and chic about it. Although it looks like more, the look has been completed with just three colours. The green, the grey and the burgundy / brown.

14 – Simple Dotticure Stripe

This is such a cool look and one that we’ve actually recreated ourselves! It takes about fifteen minutes if you’re smart about it, and everyone that saw it complimented us on them!

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @rybanails

You’ve got the pastel lilac bottom coat. Once that has been done, you paint a simple silver glitter line down the middle of the nail. If you have a hard time with straight lines (as we do), you can use tape to get things straight. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter if it’s not completely straight because the different coloured dots over the top will help to cover that. The dots don’t even need to be completely, exactly the same either. Ours weren’t and no one noticed…

See – simple! (And it doesn’t matter too much if you bodge it up!)

15 – Festive-Tipped Gradiant

Another classic example of how easy these Dotticure nail designs with the gradient are. These are simple, neutral nails, left unpainted, with festive coloured dots over the top, thicker at the tip of the nail and thinning out getting towards the base.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @nailstorming

If you have short nails, the clear-cut, straight tips can make them look shorter and more boxy but these Dotticure gradients are perfect for avoiding that. These have been done with gold glitter, green, red and white dots, but if you swapped the green for blue and the gold for silver, you’d have a great start for nautical Dotticure nail designs too!

16 – Metallic Dotticure Nail Designs

There’s something very pretty about these metallic dots and against that clean, crisp white backdrop, the different shades of gold and silver look pretty awesome.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @my_nail_project

These could be festive nails, party nails, birthday nails, New Years nails, in fact, we just want these nails every day. We can’t wait to give these ones a try.

17 – Dots + Marble

We love this marble technique and think it works really well with the Dotticure look. The easiest way to achieve the dotted look, and the marble look for that matter, is with a toothpick. You can use the rounded tip to spot the dots and you can also use it to mix nail varnish on top of water to create that beautiful waved marble effect. There are lots of tutorials for this on YouTube and although it took us a couple of attempts to get it right, it’s not overly difficult with a bit of practice.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @youngwildandpolished

A great hint for perfect placement of those dots – use a felt tipped pen to mark the spots before you go ahead and grab the polish. It’s easy to wet-wipe away a few felt tip dots than it is to try and get rid of a wrongly-placed dot later on!

18 – Khaki Gradient Dotticure Nails

There’s something very subtle about these khaki / camo effect gradient Dotticure nail designs. The nude provides the perfect for the black, white and khaki-green dots, and they’re in varying sizes too to give it a bit more depth.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @nuggysnails

The best way to achieve this multi-layered gradient is to apply them dots in layers. Using different sized tools to achieve different sized dots, first do a layer of khaki and then wait for it to dry before doing the same with the black, and then with the white. By doing it in layers and letting it to dry each time, it’ll look more 3D.

19 – Autumn Trees

A perfect look for the autumn, there’s something very harvest festival about these Dotticure nail designs and just as we keep saying, that one featured nail is enough to completely change the entire look. The darker red would look pretty plain all by itself but by switching up that one nail with a blue bottom coat and different harvest shades of red, brown and orange in a dotted shape, you have a look that you can very easily switch up for the different seasons.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @nailstorming

Change the baby blue for a silvery or muted grey colour and then use green, red and gold dots in a more triangular shape and what do you have? The perfect christmas Dotticure design, that’s what. Or you could replace the tree idea completely with a heart shape for Valentine’s Day, or in the shape of an Egg with striped spots for Easter. You could also use the dots to make the shape of a daisy for cute and girlie spring time nails. There’s no end to the possibilities – think of a shape and make it with dots!

20 – Dotted Pattern

We love the way groups of dots are used to create a patterned backdrop of sorts on this peachy Dotticure nail design. It’s an easy one because all the dots don’t need to be exactly the same and actually, the little smaller or bigger ones help to make the look as unique as it is.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @melissarenea

Using the same kind of idea you could even create a cat or dog paw nail look – one bigger spot and three smaller spots around it, almost in a paw silhouette.

21 – Dots + Roses

Roses are actually not that difficult to recreate on your own nails once you’ve followed a couple (five) YouTube tutorials and given it a go a few times (eleven times). To be honest, we weren’t great at the roses so we just gave up and put rose decals over our Dotticure nail designs and then added a few more gold dots over the top of those for added effect.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @ohsosimplenails

We talk about decals and nail transfers a lot and although they are associated with kids and something you don’t generally use in the salon as an adult, they are a very easy way to give your nails an instant revamp with just one quick flick of your tweezers.

 22 – Just Around The Edges

We love, love, love this Dotticure nail design. Did we say love enough times? It’s simple, effective and looks fantastic. What more could you ask for?

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @thislightdoesntdoitjustice

The simplest of designs often have the biggest of impacts and we think this looks a little bit like studding around the edges of your nails, much like the studding around the edges of a really great designer bag. You could change the look around a little by having a backdrop and gold or silver dots if you wanted it to match your handbag.

23 – Autumnal Gradient Dotticure Nail Designs

Another look we love and we’re going back to the classic gradient again. When you’re playing around with colours and sizes of dots like you can see here, the gradient effect is the perfect way to show off all the shades and give your nails a really 3D look, something that seems to be very much on trend right now with textured and touchy-feely nails being all the rage.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @nailstorming

You could mix and match these colours however you liked to give a number of different themes. You can switch the orange and yellow for pinks and purples if you wanted a cute and girlie look for Valentine’s Day. You could also Christmas this look up by adding some green too. There are loads of ways you could play around with it…. so get to playing!

Dotticure Nail Designs

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