34 Dotticure Nail Designs You Should Try

Dotticure Nail Designs

24 – Clever Dottage

We love nothing more than a clever little nail design and this cherry blossom beauty is a great example of how much you can play around with Dotticure nail designs, and how much fun you can have with them too.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @jennyoctonails

Using a larger tipped item, place your larger red dots on the white (or even pale / pastel pink) bottom coat, and once they are dried, add the whiter, smaller dots just inside and off centre to show a reflecting of the light. A thin brush and some brown varnish will help you to achieve that stalk. It’s simple and easy to do – a great beginner’s way to try Dotticure.

25 – Dots + Stripes

We love this look, complicated and simple all at the same time. It look like it should be a lot of hard work and although it might take you a little while to complete, isn’t too difficult once you break it down into smaller sections.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @polisheddaily

You start with the white base coat and then using tape or a steady hand,draw a black line down the centre of het nail. Follow this up with those diagonal lines. If you don’t have a steady hand or just fancy a cheat’s way of doing it, take a look at nail foil strips.

Once you’ve got the black lines down, you can use the end of a toothpick dipped in the green and red paint to position those little dots. As you can see from this look, not all the dots are the same size or shape. That’s what we like the most about it. And once again, you could change this up with different colours and even different lines (horizontal lines or maybe even chevron patterns), to achieve a whole bunch of different looks.

26 – Pretty Spring Dotticure Nail Designs

You see – there’s that gradient again. As we’ve mentioned before, Dotticure is easily done with this almost-ombre design and we love the spring feel of these bright colours, pastel blues, creams and pinks / coral tones.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @nailstorming

To keep your nails lasting longer, consider having a gel polish rather than your usual nail polish. In my experience, although gel finishes don’t always last as long as they say, they do still tend to last normal than the regular stuff.

27 – It’s a Black Matte Thing

Matte nail polish is the best thing to ever have been invented in our eyes. Simply apply your regular polish, using the matting polish over the top and what do you have? Instant classic and sophisticated nails. We love this design too although you could play around with colours for different events or occasions.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @rudysdesigns

With this look, I would advise applying your black undercoat, letting it dry and then adding the coloured dots in whatever design or pattern you like (start with some simple and get more complicated as you learn more), and then once those layers are dry, finish with the matte top coat. Always keep your matte polish in your handbag too. I’ve noticed that very few matte polishes actually stay that matte for long.

28 – Dots + Lace

Another great look and a very elegant one at that, the dots and lace design work great in these nails, and we can’t help but think that lace decals and transfers would help to jazz that featured nail right up.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @lacqueredlady

It’s hard to hand-paint lace designs (trust me, we’ve tried) so unless you have the patience of a saint, spend a few pennies and buy some cheapie transfers. You can get them anywhere and once your nails are finished, you won’t even be able to tell they’re transfers or decals anyway. Lie and say they’re hand-painted if you like, we won’t tell anyone!

29 – Simple + Sophisticated Dotticure Nails

Another beautiful look that screams class, it’s that around the edges look but just not quite all the way around. If you only have time to dot half the nail, just dot half the nail. Make the pattern up as you go along. They are your nails after all.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @nailstorming

In a look like this, try to make the two colours you’re using very different. A bright, light dot will work on the dark backdrop and the same for vice versa, but if you’re using pastel shades, you may find that the look doesn’t stand out as much as you would have hoped.

30 – Dotty at the Base

It’s like a gradient at the tips but on the base of the nail instead. Just imagine where that half-moon bit would be and you have about the right idea.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @just1nail

Again you’ve got different shaped and sizes of dots here to give it a more three-dimensional look, and those black, gold and white tones look perfect over that nude, creamy backdrop. Just remember that final coat of gloss over the top to keep your look in check.

31 – Patterned Dotticure Nail Designs

So…. We’ve found a little secret tip that we’d like to share with you. If you’re no good at thisDotticure business and let’s face it, we’re not all blessed with a steady hand, you can actually buy dotted or Dotticure nail decals and transfers to cheat the entire look completely. We’ve found loads on the internet and there are some epic designs on Etsy which you should take a peek at.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @0rangel0vesy0u
Dotticure Nail Designs
Decals available at ADashOfPolish | Etsy

This look isn’t a tough one but might take a bit of time with the taping off of the various sections. Start with your brown / nude base colour then using foils or tape, mask off the areas to be left that colour before painting the green over the top.

Once that’s all dried, add your different coloured dots or decals if you fancy cheating like we suggested. We particularly liked these Dotticure nail designs and decals and think you should definitely take a peek.

32 – Half and Half + Dots

It’s a bit negative space nails and we kinda love the look! Using your own natural nails as your base, mask half the nails off in a diagonal line before painting that dark blue, almost purple colour on. Once that has dried, use a felt tip pen to place the greens-gold dots in a diagonal shape going the other way.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @mynailpolish_addiction

One of the best things about this look is that you could customise it for any colour scheme you like. If you didn’t want to leave your neutral nails on the bottom, just add another, contrasting shade. The decision is yours… They’re your nails after all!

33 – Simple + Simmery

Although they say that silver and gold don’t work well together, we’d beg to disagree with these fabulous Dotticure nail designs, using that gradient design once again but this time, with just shimmery shades and the right hint of black to perfect the look.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Instagram: @nailstorming

Here’s another great idea to glam this look up too… Rather than relying on just the dots to complete the look, add some shattered glass holographic pieces to the nails to add some serious light reflecting shine. There’s so many ways you can add (or take away) to this look to make it more personal ad unique to you.

34 – Dots + Bows

Simple and stylish and monochrome all in one. It’s one of the perfect Dotticure nail designs if you want something quick, easy and with big impact.

Dotticure Nail Designs
Available at DecalGirlUSA | Etsy

We think these dots and bows go perfectly together against that white backdrop but there’s a little part of us that things a baby pink base coat would make these perfect for Valentine’s Day nails… Don’t you?

So… What do you think? Have you been inspired by any of these Dotticure nail designs? Have you got a fabulous design of your own? Let us know! We’d love to feature you! Just tag us in your social media pics with #CherryCherryBeauty and if we like your work, we’ll add you to the list!

C’mon – share your Dotticure love!

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