21 Dutch Braid Hairstyles To Go Crazy For

Dutch Braid Hairstyles

We love Dutch braid hairstyles because they’re easy (once you’ve gotten the hang of them), and they can be used to spice up a number of otherwise boring hairstyles. You can buy hair extensions online to add some length and bulk, or just work with your own natural hair, and even thin, fine and flyaway locks can be well-plaited into the most beautiful of creations with a few extra tools.

Kim Kardashian rocked them too, which instantly means everyone else around the world wants them, and if you want to jump on the latest trend, here are a few Dutch braid hairstyles we think you should definitely look at:

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1 – Double Dutch Braids

Before you start to panic, don’t worry. There aren’t brand new hairstyles you need to learn how to do and wear. Dutch braids are just regular French braids but done in reverse, just to clear up any confusion.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Instagram / @annalyncook

We love this Dutch braids look, two Dutch braids done together on the side of the head to make a simple ponytail much more exciting. To finish the look, wrap a section of hair around the bands at the base of the neck – this hides them and keeps things looking tidy. We like to clip one of our hair extensions at the base, wrap it around, and then pin it in to hide the clips. It means we don’t need to muss up the rest of our ‘do trying to find a piece from the pony to wrap.

(We’re so lazy!)

2 – Dutch Faux-Hawk

This one will take a few grips, a lot of hairspray, and some patience but it’s a stunning one that’s for sure. It’s like a mohawk, but a faux-hawk, combined with a reverse braid.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
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As far as Dutch braid hairstyles go, this one is probably one of the hardest, and we’d definitely recommend trying out a few easier styles before you make your way up to this one. The idea is quite simple, but putting it into practice is the tough part. The Dutch braid starts right at the top of the head, leaving just a little ‘quiff’ of hair at the front, and once the entire hair has been pulled into the braid, it’s tugged and pulled at with your fingers until it has this rockier and edgier look.

We found that we pulled and tugged too much the first few times we tried this, and we had to pull the whole thing out and start again. It’s definitely a frustrating one, and we’d recommend either using hair extensions, or having long hair to start with.

3 – Dutch-Up Pony

A Dutch braid is the best way to spice up a ponytail, an otherwise very dull hairstyle. You can take one section from the side, both sections from both sides, and even a third section on top if you wanted to – that’s the thing, they’re very versatile, simple to do, and can be worn in a thousand different ways.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Spotted on Pinterest

Even different sized strands in your braids can completely transform them. Play around with different looks to see what different styles you can achieve.

4 – Dutch Braid Halo

There are a couple of ways in which you can do this – you can Dutch braid the entire top section of your hair into this crown / halo style, or you can create two half Dutch braids and leave the ends free, pulled out a little, and wrapped around, held in place with a couple of grips and some hairspray.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Instagram / @dawnbradleyhair

If you have a hard time getting your hair to stay in more complicated looks like this one, use mousse before you dry it and after you wash it. Combined with hairspray, it gives you the best basis to get a braided look started.

5 – Scruffy Dutch Braids

Don’t always aim to have your braids quite so neat and tidy. Neat Dutch braids hairstyles look great for formal events, but for more casual, daytime occasions, pull things free, start with mussy, slightly dirty, or wavy / curly hair, and let things be a little freer than you’d usually let them.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Instagram / @hairdelsol

This is a great style to start a boho look without even trying, and you can add a number of hair accessories to match your outfit too. Flowers, for example, are a great summery addition, and you could even consider using braids to twist your hair before adding a scarf. We do love a headscarf for those bad hair days!

6 – Texture Braided Mohawk

Texture is everything when you’re going for a messy, wavy or tousled look, and there’s a certain way of doing things to help achieve both volume and plenty of texture. You should wash your hair and use conditioner as you usually would, but then apply volume-adding mousse when you dry your hair, and make sure you dry it upside down too – this gives you more bounce.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Instagram / @thextensionist

Backcombing is also great for adding volume when you seem to be lacking, and dry shampoo is also your best friend with a two-day-old deal like this.

7 – Dutch Braids Headband

For an easy, simple, and half-Dutch braid way to rock your hair, use some of the hair to create the Dutch braid, and then use the rest of it in a ‘regular’ braid to be swiped over the head (wherever you want the headband to go), and pinned in place.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Spotted on Pinterest

Alternatively you can cheat it with fake hair pieces and hair extensions but we’re telling you, these ones really aren’t that difficult. You just need to make sure your own hair is long enough to go right over the top of your head, with enough to secure with pins somewhere behind the ears.

8 – Silver Dutch Braids Hairstyles

When doing Dutch braids, rather than pulling the hair under the other strands like you do with a French braid, you twist things OVER instead – rather than under when you bring the hair together, you go over.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Instagram / @lesleylou1017

It’s only the smallest change but it does transform the way your braids look. You could also try experimenting by adopting this approach in other types of braids such as the fishtail braid, which we also love.

Here’s a helpful trick we learned – if you’re going to use hair extensions in your ‘do, practice on them first. You can braid the hair (or practice braiding) on the loose hair before you either transfer it to your own hair, or take it out and then weave it in. You know what they say – practice makes perfect.

9 – Dutch Braids + Highlights

We love the way you can see those beautiful blonde and caramel coloured highlights just peeking through the darker hair in this Dutch Braid design. If you have thin hair, highlights can often make the hair appear thicker, and you can double the oomph-factor by grabbing the strands of your Dutch braid and pulling them out a little.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Instagram / @shelbyweatherholtzhair

Don’t pull it out too much that the hair barely manages to stay in place, and use a touch of backcombing combined with dry shampoo if you’re having a few issues with fine, thin or flyaway, hair. Remember to give it a quick spray with hairspray to keep it in place, and add a clear band at the bottom to stop the braid escaping.

10 – To One Side

We know the Dutch better for their clogs, splitting the bill at dinner (Double Dutch), cheese, windmills and tulips, but with beautiful braided designs like these, we don’t mind adding them to our favourite hair collections too.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Spotted on Pinterest

It’s a French braid that’s just inside out, that’s the beauty of it, and worn simply over to one side like this is one of the easiest ways you can wear it. It’s also one of the easiest ways to practice making the braid on your own hair. We learned how to do Dutch braids the first time by using hair extensions, pulling all of the hair to one side, and then perfecting our braiding technique in the mirror. Straight-down Dutch braids are really hard to do by yourself … or so we’ve found.

11 – Fishtail Dutch Braids Hairstyles

We’ve already mentioned fishtail braids and using that over rather than under motion to create a different looking braid, and this is another classic example. Once again, the strands have been released a little by pulling them free with your fingers, and although slightly more intricate, is a classic example of how cleverly you can see these hair looks to your advantage.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Instagram / @christinagunnell

Grips and hairspray help to keep everything in check, and is a great way of wearing a complicated up-do when you have thin hair. Alternatively, add a couple of smaller hair pieces or clip-in hair extensions to give you a little more to grab on to. Who said it was wrong to fake it?

12 – Under-Pony Braid

Need a way to spice up a boring ponytail but only have a few minutes to spare? This is the answer to all your problems – a simple ponytail but before you pull it all up, you create a Dutch braid (or any kind of braid you feel daring enough to try) in a vertical line from your neck to where the ponytail will start.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Spotted on Pinterest

Turn your head upside down and grab the section of hair you want to go into the braid, before then braiding as you usually would on the top of your hair. When you’ve braided in the entirety of the bottom section you’re working with, flick your head over and pull it all into the pony before securing with bands, grips and some hairspray. It might take a little practice but it’s actually not that difficult – we’ve rocked this look with two-day old day on more than one occasion …

(It’s great hair for hangovers!)

13 – Side Winder Dutch Braid

Another way to liven up that pony is to create a loose and messy Dutch braid along the side of your head like you can see here, pulling it all back into a lower pony rather than one right on the top or back of the head.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Spotted on Pinterest

Again, using that backcombing, dry shampooing, gripping and hairspring technique, you can easily keep this braid in place, and because it’s a little messy and boho anyway, it won’t matter too much if a few loose tendrils break through over the course of your day.

14 – Braided + Curly

Embrace your curly, wild side by using a Dutch braid to tame the sides. Even the messiest of hair looks great with this simple addition, and it doesn’t just look good, the braid serves a purpose too – it helps to tie in all those bits that have a tendency to stand out and look frizzy, plus it keeps your hair out of your face on those warm summer days.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Spotted on Pinterest

This is another of those great Dutch braid hairstyles that easily sorts out don’t-have-time-to-wash-it hair, and if you’re really pushed for time, you can get away with not brushing it. One morning we totally cheated, brushed just the section we were going to braid, and put the rest in a mussed-up ponytail. As bad as we felt that day, we got a number of compliments on the hairdo!

15 – Yesterday’s Hair, Today’s Style

If you’ve done your Double Dutch ponytail Dutch braids, why not tie them and wrap them around each other for a simple low bun that’s relatively neat, doesn’t take too long to do, and can even be rocked with yesterday’s braided hair.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Instagram / @braidstudio

The tighter you do your braid, the longer it’ll stay in for and we’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve rocked the same braids in our hair for three or four days before.

Thank heavens for dry shampoo, that’s all we can say.

16 – Half Up – Half Down Dutch Braids

Half up, half down, half braided, half not. It’s up to you how you wear your Dutch braided hairstyles and because there are so many different ways to spice things up, you can pretty much guarantee you won’t have the same look two days in a row.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Spotted on Pinterest

The first day you could rock a tight braid, the second day, after a quick burst of dry shampoo, you could tear it out a little with your fingers and make it appear a bit more boho-messy, and on the third day you could rock a bun, chignon, a headscarf and even other hair accessories.

If you hate washing your hair every day, this look might just be perfect for you.

17 – Muss It Up

To get a messy Dutch braid, once you’re finished, just pull the hair out. Much like you would when you relax and release a regular French braid, or a fishtail braid, but with the Dutch braid instead. Using your fingers, lightly tug on the braid until little strands come free a bit.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
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The idea is to make it look a lot messy though, not too messy. In our experience, this pulling-out technique might take a little bit of practice.

18 – Thick & Thin

If you have thicker and thinner parts of the braid, totally the opposite of the look you’d want to go for, just even things out by pulling at the thinner sections until they are roughly the same size as the thicker sections.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Instagram / @alyssatayl0r

The best thing about braids, especially Dutch braids hairstyles, is that they don’t have to be perfect in order to look good – the messier styles are often the way forward.

19 – Rainbow Dutch Braids

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want hair this amazing, all the colours of rainbows and unicorns and My Little Pony … otherwise known as all of our favourite things. Seriously though, if you’ve got a freshly new dyed ‘do and you want to showcase every tone and colour in it, this is most definitely the way to do it.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Spotted on Pinterest

The twisted strands in the braid means that every dimension of colour is revealed and like the old saying goes, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

20 – Fake It Dutch Braids

If you don’t have long locks but want a fuller and thicker braided look, don’t be afraid to use hair pieces or hair extensions to add some volume or length. Even a couple of well-added smaller pieces can help with volume if you’re not looking for long locks, and it also gives you an easier base to weave those braids from.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Instagram / @yessi218

You can easily hide the clips from clip-in extensions with waves and curls of hair, and they can help to give you a boost when you need it the most.

21 – Double Dutch

Braided hairstyles are always on trend, and very recently it was the Kardashians that bought the twisted trend right back. Did you see Kim’s two-braided beauty recently on Instagram?

Dutch Braid Hairstyles
Spotted on Pinterest

This is a definite look you’ll want to jump on the band-wagon of.

What do you think? Fancy giving these Dutch braids hairstyles a go yourself? We’ve found a few tutorials you might like to take a peek at online, ones that helped us learn how to do the latest hair trend. Don’t forget to share your fabulous creations on social media too – we can’t wait to see what stunning designs and styles you come up with.

Happy Braiding!

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