50 Green Hair Designs To Go Gaga Over

Green Hair Designs

Everyone has been rocking green hair looks recently and although it’s quite an out-there colour that not many of us would be brave enough to rock, there are so many shades and hues to pick from, you might just find that green hair is the next rocking look for you.

If you want to follow the likes of Kylie Jenner and Lena Dunham and go with that grassy-green finish, take a peek at some of these for some inspiration to rock the latest trend:

50 Green Hair Designs To Go Gaga Over

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1 – Aquamarine Pixie Hair

Before you commit to a colour or shade, try looking for an item of clothing that looks as if it could be a similar colour and wear it for the day. A t-shirt is a good idea, something that you’d wear around your face / head.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @alexisbutterflyloft

If the colour works well on you when you wear the t-shirt, the colour will work well on you when you dye your hair. If the green t-shirt makes you look washed out, there’s a good chance the same shade of hair will too. You’ll either need to look at using a different shade, or picking another colour entirely. Green isn’t a colour everyone can wear, or would want to.

2 – Northern Lights Inspired Green Hair

I know it sounds super obvious but if you want to achieve green hair designs like this, you really are going to need to lighten your hair first, and this means bleaching it. These ‘Northern Lights’ inspired hues cleverly uses a mix of different shades of green and even blue, with the right amount of purple thrown in for good measure. It’s a tough combination to get right, which is why you should leave it to the professionals.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @bottleblonde76

If you’re starting out and don’t really want to throw bleach all over your hair, opt for dip-dyed ends instead. It’s a much easier way of handling things and if you have longer hair and it all goes wrong, you won’t have so much of a problem chopping off the ends which is one of the easiest ways to deal with a dip-dye disaster. Plus a good cut is always good for your hair! (And gives you a way to get rid of the bleached left hair when the colour has faded.)

3 – Grey to Teal Intricate Updo

You’ll need to be prepared to have a very serious chat with your stylist before opting for any of these green hair designs. It’s not everyday someone walks into a salon and asks for green hair, is it? Can you imagine how many people have probably asked for a look like this – a grey to teal intricate updo that would look just as stunning worn worn loose and down as it would worn up just like you can see here.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @hugosalon

When you do go in to have that chat, take as many photos as you can to show the kind of look you’re going for. Have a peek on Pinterest and other social media sites to get a good idea of the colour, shade and even cut you want. The more pictures you have, the more of an idea your stylist will have of what you want, and the easier it’ll be for you both to be happy at the end of it.

4 – Dark Green to Yellow Green Ombre

If your hairstylist says no to your ideas, ask them why. It could be that they are suggesting a slightly different shade, style or dyeing, or even cut to the one you have suggested. There is a reason for this – they do hair for a living therefore they know what they are talking about. Don’t just go hunting for a second opinion (or another stylist) just because you can’t get your own way.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @stephygnarstagram

At least listen to the advice your stylist is giving you, they aren’t doing it for the sake of their health, they’re doing it for the sake of your hair.

5 – Green + Blue Braided Mohawk

When you look at the recent hair looks that have come back around, you can understand why the green hair trend is such a big one right now. Side-shaves and punk looks – it’s the 80’s again, (or the 90’s to some extent) and all the trends are coming back around – those necklace chokers we wore when we were at school.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @mymymadisonjane

Even Craig David made a come back! It’s a punk-rock thing, or an 80’s / 90’s thing. Either way, we don’t care. We just really want green hair right now.

Beauty Bay

6 – Grey to Lime Green Balayage Dip Dye

The length of time your green hair designs will last will very much depend on the way you treat it before, during and after your dye job. If you regularly wash your hair, or use products that haven’t been designed for coloured hair, you may notice that your beautiful green only lasts for a week or so before it starts to a fade to a shade you might not like.

Not that we’re saying we don’t love this look. In fact, we’re obsessed with it. We hadn’t thought about lime green but with the grey colour behind it as you can see here, there’s something about it that just works!

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @maayanbescene

If you take care of your hair however, using green hair specific products, boosting the colour by adding some of the dye to your conditioner, and making sure you don’t wash your hair more often than you need to, and your look could last for as many as three or four weeks. It’s all down to you.

7 – Blue + Green Neon Hair

Serena Williams is another celeb rocking the bright green look, and even Kylie Jenner had a go at it, often seen sporting long and coloured hair extensions in her many Instagram snaps. In fact, have we mentioned hair extensions yet? They’re a really good idea.

48 Green Hair Designs To Go Gaga Over
Instagram: @phonyghost

To start off with colour if this is your first time, get yourself a wig or some hair extensions to check the shade out first. If the look doesn’t suit your skin tone, you’ll know not to dye your whole head with it. It just makes perfect sense, right?

(Plus, when you’re bored with the green hair designs in your hair extensions, you can simple throw them away or dye them a different shade, rather than having a brand new hair ‘do!)

A great place to check out for bright and extreme coloured hair extensions is @lizzislox on Instagram. We’re obsessed with her account!

8 – Electric Lizard

If you combine Manic Panic’s Electric Lizard with Green Envy, this is the look you can expect – a bright, bold colour that’s bound to make a statement.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @limepop

If you’re having a hard time finding Manic Panic dye in the UK, I’ve found it HERE.

9 – Short Minty Green Bob

We love this colour -a minty green rocked by the likes of Kylie Jenner and other celebs. The one thing I’ll always say to you before buyng and applying any hair dye (or other products) to your head is to always read the reviews if you have the option first.

If you’re buying a hair dye you’ve never used before, read the reviews online. I know this sounds a little odd but if you’re using a hair dye that has 53 reviews on Amazon, why wouldn’t you read them?

48 Green Hair Designs To Go Gaga Over
Instagram: @jadasgram

What if you were to read that it made three people’s heads burn? What if it came out blue rather than green? I know not everyone has the same experience because not everyone has the same hair but let’s face it, you’re there, why wouldn’t you take a cheeky look at the reviews. Plus, you never know, someone may just recommend a product you hadn’t thought of using that might give you better finished look.

What we’re saying is, do your research. If it goes wrong, you’ll kick yourself for not educating yourself first.

10 – Neon Rainbow

If you can’t find one colour that matches the  look you’re trying to go for, don’t be afraid to mix two or three shades together to get the right finished product. What I like to do is use all the leftovers of the hair dye and mix them together (or blend them separately to give a multicoloured look). I’m always left with lots of leftover hair dye and I quite like the adventure of not knowing what colour my dip-dye will come out. Sometimes it’s the most amazing colours, shades I wouldn’t have found if I hadn’t experimented a little.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @tazzy_d92

With colour correctors like Colour B4, if it all goes wrong, you have a quick and simple way to resolve the problem.

11 – Turquoise Blue Green Curly Short Locks

Lady Gaga can be added to the green hair designs list, as can Nicki Minaj and even Lena Dunham. Lauren Conrad did it and we knew we had to jump on the bandwagon – everyone has green hair and we really want it too. We’re especially in love with this fabulous greeny-blue curly look, terrible cute and utterly adorable.

48 Green Hair Designs To Go Gaga Over
Instagram: @vividartistichairdesign

Maybe it’s a Joker thing – Jared Leto is just one of the male stars to recently undergo a grassy-green makeover and ex One Directioner, Zayn Malik, also went a mossy green shade too. It’s a green hair revolution 2016 apparently, are you ready to get on the bandwagon?

12 – Green Over Rainbow Curly Locks

For a one-night thing, just a simple look to say you’ve done green hair without actually having green hair, you could always consider green hair spray. Remember those hair paints you once played with in spray cans? Well, why not use them for a one-night-only deal?

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @hairbykaseyoh

If Kylie Jenner can rock green hair for just one or two days before changing her locks again, so can you. Who said you couldn’t? Who needs to know it’s green hair paint? Just remember not to go out in the rain otherwise you’ll look a little like a smaller version of the Hulk.

13 – Grass Green Long + Natural

When you’re washing your hair, shampoo as you normally would but when it comes to conditioning, take a moment to mix things up. You know that leftover hair dye you always have? Mix it with your conditioner for a great and simple way to liven up and freshen up your new colour.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @diedefire

It’ll have just the right hint of colour to add a new layer of colour to your own hair, and it’ll add a few more days (or even weeks) to your hair before you need to re-dye it all over again.

14 – Lime Green + Dark Green Lowlights

One thing you’ll need to remember if you’re dying your hair is that you’ll need to change a few other things, especially if you’re going for a bright and bold look like these green hair designs.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @hairbykaseyoh

This is a very bright shade and you may find that your regular eyebrow makeup, and other kinds of makeup shades for that matter, no longer work with your face. The colour of your hair will have a massive impact on the colours of makeup you wear, so be prepared to shop around for some new makeup.

Shopping for new makeup? What a shame…

15 – Brunette + Teal Green Dip Dye

Just a little heads up, if hair paint isn’t quite your thing, we found a clever little product from Superdrug – green hair chalk spray. It’s like a paint but more powdery than glossy, giving you a much more natural look rather than the toxic green shades that often come in those spray cans.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @lovelyy_tiff

What a great way of ‘faking’ it! You could easily achieve this dip-dyed green ends with the help of a chalky spray paint. Just lay your hair flat and give it a spray before turning it over and repeating. How much easier could you want it to be? Made all the more easier by the fact you can simply wash it out when you’re done.

Kendo - Kat Von D Beauty

16 – Light to Dark Green Ombre

The ombre look is normally done the other way around with the darker shades at the top and the lighter shades on the bottom but if you’re already going bold and bright like these daring green hues, you might as well break the rules while you’re there.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @marianne_cross

Using the same shade, use an undiluted version on the bottom to give you that darker look, and mix the dye with either conditioner, or a lighter shade of green / yellow, to give that lighter and brighter look on the top.

17 – Medusa Green

If you don’t quite get the look you’re going for the first time you try, try again. Don’t just give up because the look was a little less green that you had anticipated. Sometimes it takes a few sessions to get the right colouring, and sometimes it may even take a combination of layers of colour.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @lysseon

Some things are definitely worth working a bit harder for and beautiful green hair designs like this amazing medusa green look is definitely one of them!

18 – Intense Green Braid

Loads of celebrities have opted for green hair designs recently. Ruby Rose sported a beautiful shade of teal-green in her Instagram snaps, and it seems that the grass really could be greener on the other side. We know, bad pun but still, the green hair thing is in!

Green Hair Designs
Spotted on Pinterest

Ruby Rose actually documented her green makeover, a colour quite similar to these grassy shade. Listen, Ruby Rose is desired by both men and women all over the world so if it’s good enough for her, it’s definitely good enough for us.

19 – Neon Goth

As much as we know you may want subtle and understated greens for your beautiful and bold green hair designs, we also know that some of you want to stand out and with a look like this neon goth one, you’re definitely going to stand out!

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @alyssamarieartistry

This one has darker green at the roots, a bright and lighter green throughout the middle, and it all blends together into that almost-yellow pop of colour at the ends. It’s a mix-match of greens but one that we definitely think does the trick if the trick you’re trying to achieve is standing out!

20 – Green + Blue Side Shave

We’ve already mentioned the side-shave / punk inspiration behind some of these amazing green hair designs, but we can’t help but think that this one deserves a little mention all of its own.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @hairgod_zito

Cleverly mixed with different shades of blue, green and even yellow, it really stands out and adds a little something more to those side-shaves we’ve been spotting out and about.

What do you think? Would you be brave enough to rock this green and blue side shave look?

21 – All Blues, Greens + Bolds Short Hair

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you don’t have the opportunity to play around with new colours and trends. You’d just work with the length you have just like this option – a mixture of vertical stripes of colour rather than an ombre or a dip-dye, something that fades from the top to the bottom.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @glamiris

When this short hair is curled, the different shades of blues and greens really get the chance to peek through, and when left straight, it’ll look just like a shorter ombre. Either way, we love it.

22 – Teal Green Watercolour Wash

This is such a beautiful colour, almost a minty-blue-green, this is a great shade to try and opt for as you go for the grow-out.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @alexisbutterflyloft

Most greens will fade to a similar colour over time, but you can help the look to mature properly as you grow it out to this amazing shade by using a little blob of your colour in the conditioner you use, as we’ve mentioned before.

23 – Neon Yellow to Green Ombre

Of course, you can’t get a better colour to go hand in hand with bright green than bright canary yellow. We actually think this is a pretty awesome look although it is a little too bold for some.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @laurieloup

This look will be incredibly high maintenance and to keep it this bright, you’re going to need to know what you’re doing. It’s definitely not for the faint hearted but it sure is super cool.

24 – Insane Shades of Green, Yellow + Orange

And if bright green and yellow weren’t quite enough for you, what about this fantastic green hair look? Insane shades of yellow, green and orange have been used to create this effect, cleverly blocked together but blended well.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @bottleblonde76

Have you noticed the different shades of green running through this look? Theres a dark emerald green mixed in with a bright neon green, and even a bright grassy green too. There are so many green shades to choose from, why not use them all?

25 – Metallic Blues + Greens (Curly)

The beautiful metallic finish to the two shades of blue and green here are so breathtaking, we can’t believe it’s a real hair-do. It is though, and here you can see two beautiful ways of wearing the same look, the addition of curls making the world of difference to how a simple bobbed cut can look with the right hints of colour.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @bottleblonde76

It’s very mermaiden, a trend very much in right now. We love this look on short hair but can you imagine how stunning it would look on long hair too? Did someone say hair extensions?

Smashbox UK

26 – Metallic Blues + Greens (Straight + Sleek)

This is exactly the same colour job as the image we showed you before but this look just goes to show how much straight or curly can make the works of difference.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @bottleblonde76

The longer tendrils at the front help to frame the face meaning you’ll want to pay attention to the colour choices you’re making here. Remember that not every shade of green (or any colour for that matter) will work for every skin tone.

27 – Pastel Shades of Everything

This look is a little like our favourite candies all rolled into one but it’s the greens and greeny-blues that we want you to pay special attention to here.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @bottleblonde76

The clever rainbow of colours looks a little bit like those rainbow puff-sweets you could buy? What were they called? Rainbow puffs? Now we really want a bag!

28 – Blue + Green Mermaid Hair

The only way you’re going to get a really beautiful blend like the blues and greens you can see here is with a hand-painted style. Leave the foils and caps behind and try this one a little more free-style. The hand-painted blending look like you can see here is called ‘balayage’, and usually you’ll see it in its more neutral habitat – working browns and blondes together to create a natural sun-kissed look.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @bottleblonde76

The aim of the game is to add the contrasting colour to the areas of the hair the sun would naturally look. Although blue and green aren’t exactly the most natural shades on the colour spectrum doesn’t mean you can’t get a really natural looking blend out of it.

29 – Green + Purple Peacock

Nothing goes better with green than purple, just as this clever peacock hair look shows. A simple blend of different shades of bright and yellow-green combined with purples, darker and more metallic on the top, brighter and more bold on the undercut around the bottom.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @bottleblonde76

Another great way to show you how you can experiment with colour even when you have shot hair, there’s something about this peacock hair design that we can’t help but preen over.

30 – Turquoise Dreams

Although you’re told to avoid washing your hair for a minimum of two days after going for a bold look such as this one, you can still wash it. Although, we must stress, we would still avoid doing it where possible.

Washing your hair so soon will wash some of that colour away and will lead to premature fading. However, you can buy clever colour-protect shampoos and conditioners now, and you can even find products designed for coloured hair. For example, Bleach London do a great silver shampoo which can be used to pastel-up other shades (or so we’ve found).

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @emilyowens2244

In fact, when we dyed our hair a lovely mix of pinks, purples, silvers and blues, opting for the opal / mermaid effect hair, using the Bleach London Silver Shampoo stopped it from fading to a dull, ugly shade, a hint of its former glory, and instead faded it out to beautiful pastel shades.

It just goes to show that silver shampoo isn’t just great for blonde or white blonde hair. And colour-specific shampoos and conditioners are a really great idea. Seriously – check out the Bleach London range, we bet you’ll be impressed!

31 – Mermaid Green Hair

Another look we just couldn’t get enough of, it’s that aquamarine blue-green that reminds us of the ocean in this green hair design, a cleverly hand-painted blend of different shades mixed together to create this watery hue.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @blondiesaurusrex

A little more blue than green, it just goes to show that you don’t need to go really, really bright green in order to rock green hair designs. Beautiful ocean themed hair like this is green enough!

32 – Aquatic Dream Green Hair

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day”?

Well, it means don’t rush stuff and when you’re looking at bright and bolshy shades like these, never a truer word has been spoken.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @vanessastylesyou

You’ll need to take your time with a look like these green hair designs, it’s not something you’ll achieve just by sitting in a hairstylist’s chair for an hour. These are looks that have taken many sessions to achieve in some cases, especially if you’re going from a dark brown or black to a much brighter shade.

33 – Toxic Green Blends

You should always go back to your “normal” hair colour (where possible) both before and after a bright shade like this green wonder. If you don’t, you run the risk of dramatically changing the outlook. Applying green over purple (for example), won’t result in green, it’ll be a murky mess of shades that won’t be as pleasant as you’d hoped. Trust us.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @alyssamarieartistry

At the same time, if you still have a hint of green in your hair when you want to change to a different colour, say blonde, brunette or another bright shade like pink or blue, the green tinge will still be there and it’ll still be noticeable, changing your next look too.

34 – Multi-Toned Green Balayage

This look, a multi-toned green balayage, is quite the mix-match of colour but don’t worry too much, you can achieve this exact look with hair chalks to wash out when you’re done. Not everyone wants to dye their hair a permanent mix-match of colour like this, no matter how fabulous it is.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @hairbykaesha.saffyresalon

If you’re thinking of a hair look this cool, why not play around with hair chalks first to get an idea of how the finished product will look around your face. Plus, it’s much quicker and easier than sitting in a  salon for hours only to find out you don’t like it at all!

35 – Green Flicked-Out Short Hair

Make sure you have enough hair dye if you’re doing this at home. If you think you have enough, in our experience, you probably haven’t. This isn’t a bad thing if you’ve started the colour from the bottom because then you can just opt for an ombre look, but if you’re starting from the top down (which you usually would), you’ll encounter a running-out problem.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @blairangela

Always have an extra box on hand even if it does end up being ‘leftover’. You never know when it’ll come in handy and it’s much better to have too much than too little. You can always mix the leftover dye with another shade to play around with when these green hair designs fade.

Bumble and bumble NEW Curl

36 – Metallic Blue / Grey to Bright Green Dip Dye

It’s a clever look and one that definitely dds a little something new to your green hair designs. This one has cleverly combined a gunmetal grey, almost blue shade at the top with a beautiful bright green at the bottom, like a dip dye but a little more blended than that.

48 Green Hair Designs To Go Gaga Over
Instagram: @lisadoeshair

If you want to go green but not too green, why not consider adding the bright shade to the ends of your hair like you can see here? You could always do this with more ‘regular’ colours such as browns and blondes, adding a blended dip dye to the end, rather than with this bright blue / grey shade.

37 – Cactus Green

For a more candy, pastel green than a bright green, tone your bright green down by using conditioner. This helps to create a more pastel effect and the more you add, the more pastel and powdered it’ll come out.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @chitabeseau

This look could easily have been achieved from the same one box of green hair dye. Just use some neat for the brighter blues, and add a conditioner for the pastel shades. You could even add some yellow too, offering a toxic blend just like you can see here. We love it!

38 – Oceanic Mermaid

This look was created using Manic Panic colours, mixing Atomic Turquoise, Sirens Song and Pastelizer, fading the look from the deeper bluet-greens to the lighter, more pastel shades towards the end.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @corieshairescape

With hair this good, you can be mermaid-y all you like! We certainly won’t argue with you.

39 – Minty Fresh Ombre

For those people who think dyeing your hair will cause permanent hair loss and damage, you’re wrong. It’s an old wives tale, probably something your mother told you to stop you from dying your hair at a young age.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @modernsalon & @hairgod_zito

The truth is dyeing your hair won’t cause damage and hair loss, but over-styling, dyeing, colouring and heat-treating your hair will, all the things involved with achieving beautiful, bold hair designs like the green ones we’re showing you here.

The moral of the story is, the better you take care of your hair, the better your hair will take care of you and by that we mean the more your hair will behave when you want to look at changing colour, styles or opting for something new and fresh.

40 – Green & Vampy

If you have fine hair you may notice that lightening and colour-treating your hair can leave it more lifeless and damaged than those with thick hair.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @jadethelibra

Fine hair is more prone to suffering with damage so if you’re one of those people, make sure you’re using the right kind of products on your hair. Always ask your hairstylist what products they would recommend before you leave the salon.

41 – Mermaiden Hair

There are some colour brands out there now that offer non-damaging (or less damaging) hair colours and L’Oreal Professionnel range with ammonia-free hair dye probably won’t include bright green, there is something to be said for looking at the packaging and making sure you know the ingredients you’re putting on your hair.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @lysseon

But in case you wanted to know more about No Ammonia colours and dyes, make sure you read the ingredients, and always do your search for no ammonia, or ammonia free. Boots have a decent range, but for the colours, Amazon is your best friend for Manic Panic and other dyes.

42 – Aquaholic Green + Blues

Many people often don’t choose bright and colourful hair looks like this because they think it’ll mean dry and damaged hair, especially with the lightening treatments. Yes, you must expect some damage when you opt for harsh and severe treatments but there is some good news – you can still have good condition hair if you’re hair dye addicts like we are!

Green Hair Designs`
Instagram: @lysseon

Not damaging your hair when opting for bright and bolshy colours is simply a matter of making sure you alter your hair care regime to suit your new ‘do and just one part of this that you should look at is the products you’re using.

43 – Green + Blue Highlights

If you’re worried about your hair AND the environment, there are plenty of cruelty-free and all-natural hair dyes you can get your hands on, and with the internet, finding these little beauties has never been easier.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @lysseon

For professional dyes usually found in a salon, Paul Mitchell and Kevin Murphy are two brands who promise never to test on animals, and for a vegan hair dye job you can do at home to achieve these green hair designs, Pravana is a great brand to use. Whether you’re going to a salon or doing it yourself at home, always make sure you know what you’re putting on your head / hair, and what it took to get it to you.

Other hair dye options for cruelty-free hair dyeing include Manic Panic, Arctic Fox, Herbatint, EcoColors and Smart Beauty, most of which are USA brands but can easily be found on Amazon. Just click the red links for more details.

(Smart Beauty is a great brand often found in Savers shops. We regularly buy them from there but they offer more pastel shades than bright ones like these green hair designs.)

44 – Aquamarine + Teal Hair

Manic Panic is a great brand to look at when you want to dye your hair a bright and bold colour, and if green hair designs are your thing, two shades you should definitely check out are Neon Electric Lizard and Green Envy. Just click on the red links for more details.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @lysseon

Don’t forget to look at some of the blue shades too to mix with your green so you end up with ocean-themed and mermaiden delights such as this one.

45 – Green on Green Hair

Before you start with your new green hair inspiration, make sure you have no orange tones in your hair because when these mix with green, they end up being a murky brown shade that’ll mess up your bright ‘do. Using a toner before hand to fade these out are a great idea.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @sophiehannahrichardson

If you do have shades of yellow still running through your hair, add some blue to the green which can help counteract it. You don’t need much, just a little. Experiment to see which works for you but if you’re using more than a quarter blue (and only two-thirds green), you’ve gone too far.

Or you could just add more yellow of course. Who said you couldn’t have two different shades of green running through your hair anyway?

Bumble and Bumble

46 – Brunette + Teal Green Ombre + Simple Pony Tail

You could always cheat if you’re not brave enough to try out these green hair designs for yourself, and opt for green hair extensions. You could also dye some of your own existing hair extensions a bright shade of green first. In fact, this is a great way of ‘testing’ out the hair style – seeing if the shade will work for your hair style and skin tone before committing to the look on a more permanent basis.

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @lindahallbergs

You can also see the shading effect the green will have – just wear and wash the hair extensions a couple of times. You’ll get an idea for how high maintenance the look will end up being too.

47 – Mint Green

This is the shade that everyone’s going crazy for this year – a mint green, almost blue, not quite bright or bold enough to be a grassy green. Think of a more faded, powdered and pastel green and you’ve got the right ida. Just because you’re opting for green hair looks doesn’t mean you need to go a full crazy green!

Green Hair Designs
Instagram: @cassderosa

If you’re a little worried about going a really bold and bright green, opt for a minty shade first – it’s easier to achieve than the brighter colours, and most greens will fade to this sort of colour hen done properly anyway. That’s what we found when we went green – perhaps a great idea for the green grow-out.

48 – Seaglass Green

If you wanted a look that was sort of in between blue and green, more a seaglass colour than a bright and grassy green, add some blue to the dye to give you a fresh look like this one.

48 Green Hair Designs To Go Gaga Over
Instagram: @brandybstylist

It’s been hand-painted to give you those brighter and then lighter streaks, something only really easily achieved at the hairdressers. If you’re going for a look this bold, you’ll want to make sure you get it right first time to ensure you don’t hate whatever you’re eft with. Make sure you head to someone who you trust and who knows what they’re doing. Ask questions first – will this shade go well with my skin tone, can we achieve this colour on my hair, how long will it take, how many sittings, etc.?

49 – Seafoam to Violet Colour Melt

This mermaid-themed hair is stunning, a clever mix of a minty sea-foam green to a beautiful powdery and pastel violet shade. Who said green and purple didn’t work? It’s like peacock hair but on a lighter, more pastel scale.

48 Green Hair Designs To Go Gaga Over
Instagram: @doug_theo

We’re 100% in love with this look, perfected with those braids and fishtails braids to give it a beachy boho look. This is a great fade-out look too – if you’ve had brighter greens and purples and wish to lighten things down a little, this can be your way out before heading to a different shade, or back to your own natural colour again.

50 – Green Goddess Hair

We love this clever combination of bright and dark greens, almost with a hint of yellow but not quite. It’s a great way of mixing and matching a whole bunch of green hues to blend a look exactly like the one you want. If you want a bright and bold look, mixing and matching is definitely the way forward.

48 Green Hair Designs To Go Gaga Over
Instagram: @elissawolfe | Model: @stjohnnnn

If you take a closer look at the top of the hair, there are even hints of blue running through it offering a band new dimension yet again. The blue tinges are optional however.

We hope we’ve given you enough inspiration for green hair designs so you have a better idea of the kind of hair colour and design you want. Remember to come back and let us know if you’ve decided to copy any of these stunning green hair looks, and just in case you’re looking for the right place to pick up those hair dyes that we’ve mentioned, you can find many of them on Amazon. Just check out the slideshow of our favourites below. Don’t forget to DM us with your green hair designs too, or tag us with the hashtag #CherryCherryBeauty on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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