35 Holiday Nails for Summer 2016

35 Holiday Nails for Summer 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, as we sit here tapping away at the laptop to bring you yet another plethora of unique and wonderful nail designs, we’re basking in the warm rays of the hot sun, a great indication that summer and that warmer weather we’ve been craving for so long is finally on its way.

Yes, that’s right. Summer is coming and you know what that means… It’s time to start thinking about that summer vacay!

Just in time to get you right in the spirit of things, here are:

35 Holiday Nails for Summer 2016


1 – Birds in Sunset

What more could you want from your summer nails? These are bright, bold, more daring than nails you would normally rock to work ,and they have a sunset along with those beautiful blue waves.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @ladyandthe_stamp

That’s all we’re looking for from our summer trips and we’d very much like it if our nails could match!

2 – Negative Space Black Palm Trees

Who said that summer nails needed to bright and bold? Think outside the box like this negative space black palm tree nail design, no colour, no muss and no fuss. Just a simple silhouette which we think does the job just as well as the bolder, brighter beauties you’ll see on this list.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @nailstorming

Would you rock these holiday nails for summer 2016? Or do you prefer the brighter shades and pops of colour?

3 – Floral Anchors Away

Let’s bring the colour back with these stunning floral anchors away nail design, using a simple white base with pastel pops of blues and pinks.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @naildesignsbyrachel

It almost looks like an Hawaiian shirt and we really love the way the anchor design has been used on the pink feature nail. Nautical always reminds us of summer holidays and trips away!

4 – Beachside Beauties

What do you want from your summer holiday? Blue skies? Beautiful sandy beach? A parasol to keep you in the shade when it gets too hot and you just want to sip your cocktail and read your book in peace?

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @nailstorming

These nails pretty much sum up everything we’re looking for in our beachy getaway. What about you?

5 – Tropical Print Nails

If you love a good Hawaiian shirt, you’ll love these tropical print nails, a perfect design for the summer. Just imagine it now, you’re looking beautiful in a slinky maxi dress, rocking big gold accessories and these floral, tropical talons.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @coyarose

Sigh… We can just imagine it now. Time to start saving for ours perhaps.

6 – Flowers + Cocktails

We want cocktails in coconuts and flowers in our hair. We also really want these nails – simple, nude, easy to wear and utterly adorable. This shows you that you don’t need great long nails to rock a beautiful summery design. These are short and pretty simple, pastel colours used instead of bright shades and pops.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @nailstorming

Keep the background nude and liven up just one or two of your nails for a look as elegant as this. You could even consider using floral decals if you don’t have a steady hand. We’ve found some great tropical drink-inspired ones on Etsy HERE.

7 – Simple Palm Tree Silhouette

Speaking of simple (and using decals for that matter), and we love these simple palm three silhouette nails – white and simple but with a pop of black – the palm tree outline.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @glamournailsny

You can use a black nail polish pen to achieve this look, a relatively simple one involving sweeping movements with the pen, or you can use a black outline decal, one of which we’ve found HERE on Etsy.

8 – Spiked Bright Holiday Nails

If you don’t want simple, why not go for something bright, bold and daring like these spiked and bright holiday nails. You’re not at work, you have the freedom to do whatever you want, and we think something daring like this is just the right way to go. Tropical colours – tropical vacation…. Even if you’re in a caravan a British beach somewhere.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @studioonebeauty

You could amend these slightly to make life a little easier. These pointed designs aren’t always practical if you’re a pretty hands-on person so why not opt for a shorter or squarer design? Or just have one bright featured nail if this design is a little too bright for you.

9 – Simple Summer Tips

You can use bright colours in your holiday nails for summer 2016 without making it look overly obvious, as shown by this simple and relatively short summer tips.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @gspanails

It’s simply a matter of adding a little bit of colour to the plain white tips you’d normally have – just one stripe has completely changed the entire look of these nails without even needing to think about adding the flower on the featured nail.

10 – Peachy Beachy Holiday Nails

Peach is a beautiful colour to wear for summer, and everyone knows orange colours makes your tan look better. Plus there’s the beach ball and the parasol which always reminds us of summer holidays as a kid. What’s not to love about a little childhood nostalgia?

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @nailstorming

This is another example of how changing just one nail on your hand can change the look entirely, although there’s nothing to stop you from sticking a simple decal over the peachy background if you don’t have a steady enough hand to create this hand-painted beauty.


11 – Beachy Beauty Holiday Nails

We love days out at the beach and we also love the way the gold glitter has been used on the tips to recreate the appearance of sand. Without the beautiful colour gradient from light to bright blue and white swirls, you’d still associate this look with a sandy beach.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @highchanceofpolish

Plus who doesn’t love a bit of gold glitter. Most people refrain from using gold glitter and shimmery polishes until Christmas but this look just goes to show that you can wear it all year round.

12 – Crabby Short Holiday Nails

Blue water, sand, starfish, crab… These holiday nails for summer 2016 are cute, simple and short, making them super easy to wear and maintain while you’re off on your jollies around the world.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @gspanails

You can easily achieve a look like this yourself if you have a little patience and some time on your hands. Simple paint your nails with the blue colour and add some glitter to the base, using a sponge, dab on the nude / beige colour at the tips, and when dried, add some top coat. It’s up to you whether you play around with the crab or starfish design but they are pretty basic shapes and easily replicated. It might just take you a couple of attempts… It did us!

13 – Beachy Crab Nails

Speaking of crabs, how super cute is this beachy design with the blue crab? We love the tones of gold and yellow used in this look – it could be the rays from the sun or the sand on the beach.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @ladyandthe_stamp

Either way, it reminds us of beachy vacations and we’re definitely in need of one of those and soon!

14 – Coconut Lime

We think that coconuts and limes go hand in hand, and these nails show that off just perfectly. Remember the peachy beachy holiday nails for summer 2016 we showed you earlier? Well, with this look, the peach colour has been substituted for a more lime green shade.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @nailstorming

You could leave your painted feature nail exactly as it is and just change the one-tone nails around it to match your outfit. How simple is that? That’s what you want your summer holiday nails to be – simple, easy and low maintenance.

15 – Stand out Square Summer Nails

For a more high maintenance look, we kinda love these stand out square summer nails, long, proud and bold – just how your holiday nails should be!

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @sarah_sl_nails

Square-tipped nails are often a lot easier for some women than their sharper, pointier counterparts. You could even make these shorter if you wanted to, just down-scaling the design and those beautiful palm trees to make them a smaller size.

16 – Pretty in Floral Pink

Do you normally rock pink nails? Well, take a peek at these summer holiday nails and you might just fancy a bit of pretty in pink yourself!

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @christinnilson

Summer is the best time to play around with bold and bright colours so go a little crazy. Have pink and florals if you want to, or add some glitter, rhinestones, or anything you like for that matter. You don’t need to  go to work so the world of nails is your oyster.

17 – Beachy Blues

We love bright shades of blue – it’s a color that matches every skin tone, and with the right combo of styles and patterns, make a great base shade for a wonderful summer getaway.

Instagram: @nailstorming

We loved the blue colours of these nail designs before we fell in love with the beach you scene. We think this is the perfect blue for summer. What about you?

18 – Hawaiian Kitty

We know that Hello Kitty isn’t exactly to everyone’s taste but we did really adore these Hawaiian and tropical Hello Kitty themed summer holiday nails for summer 2016.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @christinails.21

Come on, admit it. You loved them too right?

19 – Summer Sun

Yellow is the colour of the sun so why not opt for bright yellow nails? We love these ones and actually, they’re very cleverly done. It’s a silhouette idea again but this time, with a bit of flair.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @ladyandthe_stamp

You can buy these sunny black designs as decals to place over your nails once you’ve applied your stunning gold-yellow base, or use a black nail polish pen to freehand them. Why not give it a go? It’s meant to look rustic-esque so don’t worry too much if it’s not spot on.

20 – Ombre Sunset

There’s something very cool about these sunset inspired gradient nail. Instead of working from yellow to orange to red down the length of one nail, the gradient is done across all nails, gradually changing the shade from yellow to orange red, working with one nail at a time.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @nailstorming

You don’t even need the palm tree feature nail here to know these are summer holiday nails, but we love the design anyway. These are definitely being added to our lust list!


21 – Watermelon Nails

Nothing says tropical cocktails quite like watermelon and we think these watermelon summer holiday nails totally rock! (Even though we currently do not have a tropical and refreshing cocktail in our hands).

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @nailsbyjema

What do you think? Would you rock these for your summer vacay? We totally would.

22 – Fabulous Flamingos

These cartoon style summer nails are not only super cute but also easily customisable, simple designs drawn by hand, easy enough to do with a little bit of practice.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @beckymerritt

For a really clever idea for those ladies who aren’t good at painting their own nails (like us), buy some falsies, have a bash at painting your designs over them and if you like them, simply glue over your nails as you would regular at-home stick-on nails. This is a great idea for when you want nails to match your outfit every night of the week and also gives you plenty of chances to practice your nail handiwork.

23 – Bucket + Spade

More cartoon style nails, it was the bucket and spade on these ones that had us nostalgically swooning. We all remember those summer holidays as kids, happy as anything just to dig holes in the sand. What happened to those days?

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @nailedbyceline

If you want some heavenly childhood nostalgia, we reckon this is definitely the way forward. Don’t you?

24 – Butterfly Tips

We know there’s no palm trees, beaches, waves or cocktails on these nails but we love them anyway and we always see butterflies in the summer so they’re going on the list.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @missmajestic_xo

We just love the way holographic butterflies have been used across the tips of these nails. If you can’t locate these, buy yourself a craft stamp and some holographic paper and get stamping. You can use clear varnish / top coat to secure the pieces in place just like you would with e pieces out of stained glass nails, also known as shattered mirror / glass nails.

25 – Surf’s Up

And now for something that definitely includes palm trees, beaches and waves, and a surf board too.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @banicured_

If you can’t wait to go gliding through those waves, we reckon nails like these are definitely for you.

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26 – Neon Summer Brights

We have the traditional palm tree design here but that’s not what we want you to focus on. Instead, we want you to look at the colours used in the background.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @anas_manis

They’re sunset colours but slightly different to the ones you’re probably used to seeing, all purples and oranges. We love the blues and greens used in this – it just shows you how something as simple as a colour change can make the world of difference to your design.

27 – Matt Manicure

Another Palm tree inspired look but this time, matte nails, not nails you’d normally associate with a beachy getaway.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @badgirlnails

There’s something very simple and elegant about these summer nails, we absolutely love them.

28 – Beach Babe

Somewhat Pocahontas-esque, these summer holiday nails for 2016 show you just how artistic you could get if you let your hands do the talking.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @dess_sure

You don’t need to be a master artist to achieve nail designs like this. You just need to actually start, and out in some practice of course. Why not start with the simple colours of the backdrop one day, and work on the more complicated features the next? There’s wrong with learning as you go.

29 – Sun + shades

What goes better with sunshine than your favourite shades? If you’re looking for fun, funky and fresh summer holiday nails for 2016, these should be at the top of your list.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @ladyandthe_stamp

Have them all the same colours or liven things up and make each nail different. Go wild, just make sure to use a black nail pen (or decals) for that cool shades effect!

30 – Mango Daiquiri

Great drink, great name, great nails. We love the sparkle on these glammed up nails, and you could even customise them to match your favourite bikini.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @missmajestic_xo

Layer up different colours of glitter for a look this dazzling, and even consider using holographic pieces to really bring it all to life. Just remember that top coat layer. These are nails you definitely won’t want to chip.

31 – Purple Sunsets

This is a sunset scene we definitely want to see, with or without the flamingos! In actual fact, we’re adding this one to the to of our favourites of holiday nails for summer 2016.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @nailedbyceline

Traditionally sunsetty with bold purples and bright yellows, there’s that dark Solhouette design again. We predict this to be a very big trend.

32 – Goodnight Sunsets

This STUNNING bright gradient is amazing to look at and actually isn’t all that difficult to achieve. The ombré look can be done at home with the help of some bold polish colours, plus a damp sponge.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @ane_li

Simply apply layers of colour to your sponge in lines and dab into your nails once, firmly. When you take the sponge away, you should have that ombré effect. Just remember to put Vaseline or something around your nail to make it easier to wipe excess paint off your skin later.

33 – Textured Sands

We totally dig the latest textured nail trends and we got super excited when we saw these summer nails – a perfect excuse to jump right on into the trend.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @nailsbyjema

Simply use a nude / beige / sandy colour with your textured polish and if the entire nail feels a little too much, just opt for textured tips instead.

34 – Ocean Views

These nails are everything we want to see when we look out the window of our lush hotel room. If we can’t see sunset and at least one palm tree, it’s just not a tropical vacation as far as we’re concerned.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @perfectly_nailed

We love the gold seashell embellishments used on these summer holiday nails. In fact, we just love embellishments full stop.

35 – Studded Sunsets

While we’re talking about embellishments, can we just show these bright and bold holiday nails for summer 2016, complete with studs to give it that rockier and edgier appeal.

Holiday Nails for Summer 2016
Instagram: @nailsbyjema

You might not associated black studs with a tropical getaway but we think it kinda works. What about you?

And there you have them – the best nail looks we think you’ll definitely want to rock this summer. What do you think? Which ones are on the top of your you-do list? Or maybe you’ve found a design of your own and want to show that off? Give us a shoutout on Instagram with the hashtag #cherrycherrybeauty, tag us with @cherrycherrybeauty, or DM us your best summer holiday nail designs. If we love them, we’ll show them off. Because beautiful nails are designed to be boasted about!

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