26 Hot Looks For Spring 2016

Hot Looks For Spring 2016

14 – Romantic Skirts

Almost every designer had a romantic element to their designs for the spring 2016 catwalk and along with long, flowing maxi dresses in beautiful soft linens and chiffons, easier to wear skirts, just like this floaty little number, are going to be making a comeback.

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: Cassey Cakes

Once styled by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, they are easier to wear than you’d think and with a simple top and a bright pop of colour like you can see here, you have an outfit that stands out for all the right reasons. We love this look so much, we’re going to recreate it ourselves.

15 – Long Romantic Skirts

Just as in-trend as a short flowing skirt is a long flowing skirt and we love the way this fashion blogger has rocked hers. It’s a trend that has been starting to show for a while but with the romance and long layers in the spring 2016 shows, this look will be very much on trend, especially with light sandals and a light camisole-style top.

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: ManueLita

This is actually a dress but you can achieve exactly the same look with a black vest-style top tucked into your long, dark grey maxi skirt. We love the pleats on this and they’ll cover a multitude of sins too!

Oh and just in case you needed any proof that this was going to be a hot look, here’s another shining example with a beautiful pastel maxi pleated skirt:

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: Lua P

16 – Fringing

Carrying on with those textures and fabrics, fringed designs are going to be one of the hot looks for spring 2016 and with skirts as beautiful as this one, isn’t actually as difficult to wear as you may think. The skirt is bold and out there but with muted and stylish extras, you can rock the look too.

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: Eleonore Marie Stifter

This AMAZING fringed H&M skirt has been perfectly paired with a simple grey tee and some rockin’ leopard print pumps. You could even add a leopard print bag if you wanted to but try to keep the shades of leopard the same as the shoes if you want to keep in trend with the muted shades shown here. We’re positively in love with this skirt and can’t wait for the warmer weather to get the chance to wear it ourselves!

17 – Lovely Layers

The spring 2016 catwalk was covered with layers, using lighter fabrics on top and plenty of lace, chiffon and linens. We kinda love the way this fashion blogger has layered up her style, using a belt to nip things at the waist, perfect for those looking to achieve an hourglass figure. A waist belt is the quickest way to fake it if you don’t have one!

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: Eleonore Marie Stifter

Break the look down to learn how to piece it all together. You’ve got a simple white tee paired with a H&M suede skirt. Over the top is that long cardigan with a belt around the waist. Add some Forever 21 black scrappy wedges and you have yourself a complete look. It’s flattering, comfortable, and there’s no amount of ways you could switch up that skirt – ripped jeans, little denim button-up skirt, whatever you liked. You could even match this an A-line shift dress too.

18 – Floral Fantasy

Floral was everywhere for the spring 2016 catwalks as you would probably expect and big names such as Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Gucci were rocking some pretty bold and daring floral numbers.

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: Jannelle O.

Why not rock those dresses you normally save for evenings out for daytime use instead? Do you remember the belted cardigan look we showed you earlier? That’s a great idea for a dress like this if you feel too ‘dressy’ out and about. You could also swap the heels for gladiator-style sandals for a more casual daytime look.

19 – Floral Skirt

Keeping in trend with the bold floral print, if you’re not ‘girlie’ enough to wear a complete floral little number, tone it down with neutral block colours just like you can see here.

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: Adrienne Nguyen

The look is simple – match a bold and bright skirt with a dark block of colour on the top and things don’t seem quite so colourful. It’s an easy way to wear a bold print without taking it too far and you could even wear tights for when the weather isn’t as warm as you’d hoped it would be.

20 – Pink Princess

I know we’ve mentioned the flowing pleated maxi skirt already but we think it deserves another mention, especially with the way this fashion blogger has worn it, technically killing two birds with one stone.

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: Denisia A.

Pink is very much in-style for spring 2016 and when you wear a pink skirt with a rocking, slogan tee and a casual denim jacket like you can see here, you have a look that is perfectly casual and super cool all at the same time. We love this Gap vintage look jacket and we also love the Dirty Velvet tee too!

21 – Giddy Up Cowgirl

It was Celine who rocked the cowboy boot look on the catwalk for spring 2016 bit they’ve had the tendency to come around every spring / summer for the last few years. There are hundreds of ways to wear them from pairing them with pretty summer dresses and little denim cropped jackets to pairing them, in true cowgirl style, with a plaid shirt and Daisy Duke shorts just like you can see here.

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: Andrea Funk

It’s an easy look for spring, and definitely one well suited for enjoying frolicking out in the sun. You could also swap the denim shorts for that button-down denim skirt we keep mentioning. Seriously – it’s a thing. Check it out.

22 – Rucksackin’

Versatile and practical – two words you could use to describe the humble rucksack. There’s a third word you can add to the mix now though – cool! Oh, and very much on trend!

It was Burberry who rocked the look on the catwalk and if you want one of the coolest hot looks for spring 2016, rocking a rucksack is definitely the way forward.

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: Megan Lowes

We love the casual-cool this fashion blogger rocks, teaming black jeans with a denim jacket and her Topshop rucksack for a daytime look that you can throw on whenever you’re ready.

23 – Patchwork Pitch

Christopher Kane rocked a patchwork dress for the spring 2016 catwalk and although we’re not saying we’re all brave enough to wear such a bold and daring print, or look for that matter, there’s something to be said for that whole patchwork trend.

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: Tonya S

We love the way this fashion blogger has followed a rule we mentioned earlier with that neutral skirt. The denim patchwork skirt (from Forever 21) you can see here is quite a bold print but teaming it with that block solid block of colour, the black sweater, helps to keep it more daytime suitable. Team with black ankle boots like you can see here or alternatively, how about you rock those black Converse? High-tops and low-tops would go well and you could even add a cute and girlie finish by adding frilly little ankle socks too.

We’re also a little bit in love with this next look too:

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: Susanne Jonsson

It’s a brighter skirt but with a solid block of white instead of a solid block of black. Same principles and almost same pieces but a completely different look achieved just by adding the shades or colours.

24 – Oversized Cardigan

A look we’ve already taken a peek at with that belted, layered look we showed you earlier, the oversized cardigan is going to be a must-have wardrobe item for spring 2016. This is most definitely the case when you consider how unpredictable the Great British weather is and how you often need a cosy cover-up for when the sun hides behind the clouds.

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: Danika Maia P

Christopher Kane rocked the oversized cardie look on the catwalk and we love the casual way this fashion blogger has jazzed up an otherwise dull Primark cardigan. The red pop of colour in the shirt stops it from looking too ‘bag lady’ and grey, and the skinny jeans with boots work really well for when you’re not sure what the weather is up to. Just keep a pair of spare black loafers in the car or in your bag for those just in case occasions! 😉

25 – Splitted Skirt

Tiptop are dropping the bomb of all spring / summer dresses, baring all in a maxi dress with a deep thigh-split. It’s a brave and daring look but if you don’t want to bare quite that much flesh, try taking things down a notch with a simple side-split skirt like this fun spring look:

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: Rejina Tyson

We love this colourful look and bright pastel pops like this are perfect for that warmer spring weather. This cool fashion blogger made this skirt herself but we predict there’ll be plenty of these pastel beauties on the high street. Just watch this space…

26 – Check It Out

Victoria Beckham showed off her love of all things checked for spring 2016 and with Sienna Miller already spotted out and about wearing the new trend, we predict it’s going to be a big thing. Her designs included long checked maxi dresses with tailored detailing and interesting necklines which can be too difficult to wear for some.

Hot Looks for Spring 2016
Source: Viktoriya Sener

We love this fashion blogger’s look, pairing the structure of the checked dress with a casually cool oversized trench coat. You could even rock the oversized cardigan, another of the hot looks for spring 2016.

So, to summarise what we learned from the catwalk and our favourite designers…

The hot looks for spring 2016 are going to be a miss-match of romantic pastels and checked tailoring, textured layers and pastel pops, ripped jeans (Alexander McQueen) and drop-waist dresses (Coach). Throw in some beautiful details like the fabulous boots Miu Miu were rocking and what do you have? Plenty of opportunities to get it right.

The warmer weather will soon be coming ladies! Woo hoo!

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