39 Mermaid Nails To Fall In Love With

Mermaid Nails

11 – Shimmering + Shiny Mermaid Nails

If you want a colour or nail design that’ll last, your best option is to go with glitter. We all know how difficult it is to get a glitter top coat off… It works to help seal in the design, perfect if you want it to last as long as possible!

Mermaid Nails
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When trying to remove glitter nail polish (which we know can be a real pain in the ass), use this simple trick… Soak your cotton wool ball in acetone nail varnish remover and let them sit on your nails for a few minutes. This allows the acetone to really release the polish and when you go to rub it off a few minutes later, it should come off a lot easier!

12 – Octopus Mermaid Nails

Not exactly mermaid themed but we didn’t really care, these octopus mermaid nails are brilliant, and well well hand-painted too.

Mermaid Nails
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Again, just because you’re going for an ocean or sea theme doesn’t mean you need to stick with mermaids. The blues and greens work so well with these nails, there are so many designs you could use over the top. Octopus, shells, fish, whales, you name it… You could even go for sharks if you wanted to!

13 – White Silhouette Mermaid Nails

Mermaids are beautiful creatures, mesmerising and usually with long, flowing hair. They are said to entice men with scales that shine in the moonlight so to achieve perfect mermaid nails, you need something super reflective and shiny. What better mermaid nails than these?

Mermaid Nails
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If you don’t have scale templates to hand to recreate this stunning look, you could always cut a scale-shape out of paper or even a band-aid and use that as your stencil. There are plenty of ways to cheat and copy this look at home if you don’t have the time to make a nail appointment.

14 – Coconut Shell Mermaid Bikini Nails

If you want a smooth, even finish to your paint job, make sure you don’t shake the bottle of nail polish. Instead, you should be rolling in between your hands to ‘warm’ it rather than shake it up.

Mermaid Nails
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When you follow the shaking motion, you’re forcing air bubbles around and these can dry into the finished design, giving you a less than perfect finish. If there were air bubbles in those purple nails, you’d soon see them… And you’d soon complain! The shaking motion is why that keeps happening!

15 – Gold + Green

Another one for those who aren’t into traditional mermaid nails, why not opt for something more grown up and sophisticated?

Mermaid Nails
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You could add embellishments if you wanted to mermaid them up a little more but we think the green and golden tones work really well to create an under-the-sea type look. The gems are an optional extra of course!

16 – Mermaid Design for Short Nails

If you have an old bottle of nail polish at home that you really want to use for this look but you’ve found it;s gone hard or gloopy, try adding a few drops of nail polish remover to thin it out a little. It’s a neat little trick because you can normally find you’ll get one more manicure out of the bottle you thought you’d need to throw away!

Mermaid Nails
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If you want your nail polish to last longer, try storing it in the fridge or at the very least, a cool dark place. Sunlight can affect the colour pigments and change them, and the heat of sunlight or a warm room will cause it to become thick and gloopy quicker.

Nail polish is designed to be stored in a cool, dark place for good reason!

17 – Purple + Green Mermaid Nails

Remember we discussed nail wraps? You could use a simple coloured nail wrap, like these purple and silvery-tones, and then add your mermaid themed bits and pieces over the top. Don’t be afraid to play around with the equipment you already have at home. Just because you don’t have blues and greens doesn’t mean you can’t work mermaid nails into the equation.

Mermaid Nails
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You could even look at thinner nail decals. These are designed to look as if they have been painted-on but without going through all that hassle. You can find these anyway and I’ve picked up kid’s ones in high street stores which I’ve then gone on to use on my own nails. Everyone always says they look great so… 😉

18 – Stained Glass Mermaid Nails

What a stunning look! It’s like stained glass nails but with the mermaid design on them. If it’s bright and colourful you’re looking for, this could just be the perfect mermaid design for you!

Mermaid Nails
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A template or stencil will be your best friend here as this is a look very difficult to get quite right free-hand. Paint your blue base coat, affix your stencil over the top, and then paint in every hole of the stencil a different colour or tone. The glitter effects just help to make them stand out a little more – they reflect more light than the blue tone behind them.

19 – Coral Reef Nails

Did someone say coral reef? We love these mermaid nails, not quite paying attention to mermaids themselves but more the beautiful aqua-environment. With the right amount of scales, glitter and nail embellishments, you too could achieve a beautiful under-the-sea themed look like this.

Mermaid Nails
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Each nail is different here but you could just pick one design and stick with that. I love to play around with different designs on different nails but mostly because it doesn’t matter too much if I get one a little wrong. Uniformity can be hard when you’re trying to create your own.

20 – Raised Scale Nails

These are quite exotic looking mermaid nails but the thing we love the most about them is the added 3D effect. Using layers of glue covered with polish, magnetic nail polish (although this doesn’t always give you quite the effect you were hoping for), or layers of hardened polish, you can achieve these 3D look too but it will take a little practice.

Mermaid Nails
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The 3D effect works well with the embellishments of mermaids and other sea-themed delights to give something that feels great as well as looks great. Intricate, yes. Beautiful, also, yes!


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