39 Mermaid Nails To Fall In Love With

Mermaid Nails

21 – Watercolour Mermaid Nails

It’s like the stained glass effect mermaid nails but this time, instead of being down with the bright glittery polishes, the look has been cleverly copied using watercolour or jelly-style paints instead.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @rikkis_nails_

This look was cleverly created painted over these scale templates and then waiting for them to dry before peeling them off. You could also reuse the template once you’re done too, holding it over the nail and painting over the top. This is a great idea if you’re a fan of airbrushed nails.

22 – Holographic Mermaid Nails

To get a smooth, even finish like this, you’ll need to apply thin, multiple coats rather than one or two thicker ones. Three thinner layers will dry faster than one thicker layer, and they’ll be less likely to become damaged too.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @beyondthenail

These holographic mermaid nails are awesome because they are bright and sharp. Although here’s a little tip – those gem embellishments can easily be used to cover over small boo-boo’s!

23 – Pointed Mermaid Nails

If you’re a fan of pointed nails, you’re going to love these pointed mermaid nails! Combining different shapes and designs is a great way to keep your nails fresh. There’s a whole load of designs going on within this one! (You don’t need to have them all at once of course!)

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @getbuffednails

There’s negative space designs going on in there, glitter tips, shell embellishments, mermaid scales, white manicures… Our personal favourite is the glitter tips. We can’t help but think those glitter tips would look great over the blue-turquoise too!

24 – Cute + Complex Mermaid Nails

There’s a lot happening within these nails too but if you want to pay attention to detail, you can’t get much better than this. With the mermaid tail and the beautiful shell additions, these nails just pop for all the right reasons, and despite there being so many colours involved, it doesn’t look as fussy as you’d first think.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @leximartone

We love that mermaid tail although it’s probably not all that practical for day to day wear, but the rest of the nails we simply adore and we think you might too if you’re a fan of The Little Mermaid or anything mermaid-princess themed!

25 – Ursula Nails

We can’t all be as cute as the Disney princess herself but that’s okay because some of us want to play the villain! These evil Ursula themed nails might not be mermaid nails per se, but we love them nevertheless.

Mermaid Nails
Spotted in Pinterest

Dark, purple and gloomy – that’s one to describe them. But if you’re looking for sea-themed nails with a difference, why not go the dark and evil route instead? There’s always a villain in every fairy story.

26 – The Little Mermaid Nails

Simple and to the point, if you want The Little Mermaid nails, these are the ones for you. You’ve got Ariel’s face, the scales, the beautiful ocean scenes and to top it all off, ‘The Little Mermaid’ written in gold. These are amazing, don’t you think?

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @creatinails

Although there’s a lot of paying attention to detail here, you don’t need to go quite as all-out as these ones if you don’t have the time or patience… Like many of us. You could use just one of these designs as your feature nail, with the rest of your nails keep neutral and relatively simple. It’s up to you, start with the plant-work and build up from there. You won’t know how good you can make them unless you give them a try!

27 –  Shattered Glass Mermaid Nails

We spoke about broken glass or shattered glass nails before and when you combine that look with the turquoise background here, the whole look is very mermaid themed. It just looks right – they go together really well.

Mermaid Nails
Spotted on Pinterest

If you’re getting ready for a fancy dress part and your character of choice was Ariel herself, these would be the kind of nails you’d go for we reckon. What about you? Which mermaid nail designs would you choose?

28 – Princess Ariel Nails

It’s the one mermaid nail we’re interested in here. That cute button nose and those big eyes and red hair… We think Ariel might actually be one of our favourite Disney princesses!

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @nailedbyceline

If you’re a dab hand at paint or artwork, you might find it easier to paint these designs on false nails before you stick them on. Trust us on this one – we’ve tried to recreate these free-hand on our own nails. It looks less like The Little Mermaid and more like algae… But the girl at the nail salon nailed it!

29 – Purple + Green Mermaid Nails

These are one of our favourites. There’s something about the glittery and shimmery purples and greens that just work so well for the mermaid theme, especially if you’re looking for a slightly darker, less pink-princessy than some of the others we’ve shown you so far.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @nailsbywhitneeellsworthnielsen

The easiest way to get nails like these – paint them white for your base coat, wait to dry and then add another layer. Wait for that to try before affixing your scale stencil design and using two shades, paint over the top. Blend them together a little in the middle and again, wait for them to dry and when you peel away that scale-stencil, you should be left with a brilliant little design that looks a little like this. The mermaid white silhouette is an optional extra obviously.

30 – Ursula Nails (Round Two)

OK, we admit it, we kinda loved Ursula a little in The Little Mermaid but mostly because she was pink, moody and much like most of us when we first wake up in the morning. Plus, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to transform into that evil hottie who tried to steal Eric away from Ariel… Not that she succeeded of course. It was a little sad that Ursula is no more.

Mermaid Nails
Spotted on Pinterest

Keep the spirit of the evil villain alive with these beautiful nail designs. Dark, gloomy and villainous… What more could you want?


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