39 Mermaid Nails To Fall In Love With

Mermaid Nails

31 – Gold Mermaid Decals

If it’s simplicity you’re after, you couldn’t get much simpler than these. It’s simply a case of picking your base coat colour and then affixing the gold mermaid silhouette nail decal over the top once it’s dried.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @jannibananinails

Add a top coat of clear varnish and what are you left with? Mermaid nails that took just five minutes and look simply amazing. Easy, peasy!

32 – Short Mermaid Nails

Just because you have short nails doesn’t mean you don’t get to rock the mermaid trend. We love this look, simple, easy and efficient and bringing together the sea-theme. Perhaps it has a little something to do with those decals?

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @polishformelissa

We love the yellow featured, textured nail but honestly, above anything else, we love how simple these are. Paint each nail a different colour and go crazy with the decals over the top. You could even let the kids have a say in how your nails look!

33 – Ursula Nails (Round Three)

Sorry, we’re a little bit obsessed with Ursula it would seem. But these purple nails with the black and purple glittery bits are brilliant and we love them.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @jamylyn_nails

The black nail is easily jazzed up with a silver nail polish pen and if you have a decent and steady panting handy, you could easily recreate those silver octopus tentacles. Another classic example of super-duper easy mermaid and sea-themed nails!

34 – Flounder Nails

We loved all the characters in The Little Mermaid but there was something about Flunder that was so fun and naive, we felt he needed a set of nail designs all his own! One of our top designs is this one – this yellow and adorable Flounder nail design.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @jamylyn_nails

The base coat is a simple yellow and over that, blue and yellow glitter has been added for a more three-dimensional look. The hand-painted Flounder design is actually easy once you have a design in front of you to copy and you could always use tracing paper to imprint the design before you go over it with your nail pens.

35 – Mermaid Gems

There is nothing we don’t love about these nails. The blue glitter, we love. The blue and orange spots together, we love. The blue with orange tips, we love. The beautiful gold embellishments, we love. What’s not to love?

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @nails_omayra

We especially love the glitter used at the base of the blue pinkie nail, rather than at the tip. We also can’t help but think that orange glitter would work really well too. What do you think?

36 – Turtles + Mermaids

Another one we couldn’t help but fall in love with, there’s something about that turtle that makes us want to run out and get these nails right away! You’d need to be careful your hair didn’t get caught around it when you were being sassy, out and about, but if you’re not a clumsy girl (like most of us), you can totally rock these.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @doobysnails

In fact, we quite liked every part of these nails – the pointed shape works well and the negative space nail we found especially interesting. Definitely an interesting combination of styles but one that works mermaidtastically!

37 – Rebellious Mermaid

There was something very rebellious about these mermaid nails. We think it might be something to do with how dark and grunge they look. Whatever it is, we kinda love them.

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @falcon.fallacy

They’re simple and great for long nails. A template or stencil will be your best friend here as you’ll want these to look picture-perfect.

38 – Poppin’ Pink

We love the way this artist has painted that starfish to be the same colour blue as she’s used on her other nails. This colour combo of blue and pink really works so well together. It’s fun and fresh and summery… Now if only the weather could follow suit!

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @devotion_nails

Another great way to rock the mermaid nails trend when you have short nails, you don’t need to go super complicated in order to have great designs. Keep things simple, add a little addition here and there and build as you. There’s nothing to stop you from adding more but it’s always best to start with something easy and simple.

39 – Beachy Beauties

There was nothing we didn’t fall in love with when we first saw these nails. We love the glittery blues and greens and we most definitely, 100% adore those beachy nails. In fact, we want these to be our next holiday nails. Now all we need to do is book an actual holiday…

Mermaid Nails
Instagram: @ashleynailedit

These nails simply give you an excuse to go on vacation and they’re pretty simple too, easily recreated by your nail artist or salon. Show them these delights and we bet they can’t wait to get started. Who doesn’t want to be dreaming of that sunny spot on the beach?

What do you think of these amazing mermaid nails? Are there designs here that you can’t wait to try for yourself? Maybe you’ve had a shot at mermaid nails yourself and want to show off your handiwork? Well… We want to hear from you! Tag #cherrycherrybeauty on Twitter and Instagram and we’ll find your picture. If we love your work, we’ll add you to the list.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get creative. We hope these stunning mermaid nails have given you plenty of #nailinspo!

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