30 Ombre Pink Hair Styles

Ombre Pink Hair Styles

Whether you have long hair or short hair, ombré pink hair styles are for you. With so many different ways of working, blending, colouring and styling them, these hair designs are just in time for that gorgeous summer weather. We all love to wear pink in summer, don’t you?

If pink is your happy colour, and you’re thinking of a hair change, you need to see these:

30 Ombré Pink Hair Styles

1 – Pink Slate

This look is stunning, definitely well deserved of its place on this list. A wonderful pink slate look – natural roots leading to a beautiful colour blend of melted purples and pinks.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @bescene

If you’re looking for simple and easy to wear ombre pink hair styles, this is definitely one of them. In fact, we’re adding this to our list of hair we want next…

(There’s a few on the list now…)

2 – Rose Gold Ombre Ends

In order to get a proper pastel pop of pink, you’ll need to apply it over hair that is basically white to start with. If you have performed the lightening or bleaching treatments on your hair and it’s still a yellowing shade, that will have an effect on the way the pink reacts with it, and the colour your hair will dry to.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @room53

It might go a little peachy in tone, which you can use to your advantage such as using them to achieve these wonderful rose gold ombre pink ends, but if you’re not expecting it, you might find this slightly differing tone disappointing.

3 – Dusky Rose Gold Balayage Ombre

Pastel hair is hard work because it looks when great when you’ve first had it done but after a few weeks, it morphs from looking like a pretty pink wonderland to some sort of washed-out mess that you’re not entirely sure what to do with. That’s the first thing you should be aware of when opting for pastel hair like these ombre pink hair styles – they’ll only last for a week or two before they’ll either need re-dyeing or changing.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @thehairwitch_

Once the pastel pinks are faded, you’re left with the bleached / lightened hair that you had behind, something many people aren’t aware of when they choose a bright pop of colour. When it comes to dealing with the fade, you’ll need to decide to put the same colours and shades on again, or similar ones, or to change the look completely. It’s probably best to have a chat with your hairstylist about this switch, mostly because the wrong move could leave you with hair you’re not that impressed with.

4 – Deep Reds + Dark Pinks

Many people say that pink and red shades do not go well together but we think that’s total trash talk. Look at this hair, a wonderful collection of deep reds and dark pinks, none of which appear to be clashing with each other in the slightest.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @sadiejcre8s

You could even opt for brighter shades of pink and red for hair like this, just make sure they are blended together well.

5 – Curly Blonde + Pink Locks

Believe it or not, pink actually started out as a ‘boy colour’! It was back in the nineteenth century and boys would often wear pink and white together as they were considered to be masculine shades.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @hairbykaseyoh

Back then, things were totally switched around. Pink was a ‘boy’ colour and blue was a ‘girl’ colour. It’s funny how things change but we actually quite like a clever combination of the two, just like ombré pink hair designs like the above.

6 – Pink-Washed Slate

Similar to pink slate, we love this grey to pastel / baby pink hair combo, all cleverly finished off with a powdery pink wash over the top to give it that slightly pink tinge you can see peeking through the bulk of the hair.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Spotted on Pinterest

This has got to be one of our favourite ombre pink hair styles, and one that we’ve definitely added to our lust-list. What about you? Would you dare to be brave with a look as beautiful as this?

7 – Pink Extravagance

Not just associated with innocence, pink is also a shade well linked to extravagance, just like back in the 60’s when everyone listed after a bright pink Cadillac. Oh, and the exotic too. Flamingos, for example, are an exotic bird.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @lucydangerhair

Bright, shocking pink was actually invented back in 1931 by a fashion designer called Elsa Schiaparelli. Using  magenta and mixing that with a little white, she created the bright pink shade that later became her signature colour. She did invent it after all.

8 – Bangs + Pink Ends

If you’re cutting bangs and having pink ends at the same time, you should be aware that these are two very brave and bold styles to have in your haircut and although doable, is definitely one of the ombre pink hair styles you’ll want to have a chat with your stylist about first.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Spotted on Pinterest

There are ways to work this look regardless of what face shape or skin tone you have, you might just find that the look needs to be a little more customised first. A round face might prefer softer bangs, for example, or having longer and wispier bangs for oval shaped faces. You may also need to play around with the tone and shade of pink you choose for the ends too. Just because they aren’t framing your face doesn’t mean skin tone isn’t important.

9 – Amethyst Geode

Not just contemporary, these ombré pink hair styles are super feminine. I mean, what could be more feminine than pink hair?

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @blondieshair

Not just that, it’s edgy and pinky and modern all at the same time, all because it’s quite a bright and bold colour…. One that’s definitely on the increase too! We love this amethyst geode inspired creation, beautiful blends of brunette, dark greys and dusky pinks. It inspires feminism perfectly, don’t you think?

10 – Pink Sky

Pink in the sky means a beautiful sunrise, and sunrise / sunset hair was a big trend for the start of 2016, a whole new way to play the pink hair game.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @hairbykaseyoh

Mixing blends of red, pink, purple and orange will get you a graceful goodnight glow, but it’s a real high maintenance look that will definitely require regular touch-ups.

11 – Duff Ombre Pink Hair

A number of celebs have opted for pink ombré hair styles, Hilary Duff being just one of them, but a few more you can to the list just recently include Iggy Azalea with her pink dip dye ends (another fabulous trend), Natasha Bedingfield with her pastel pink bob, Madonna, Kylie Jenner, and more.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @HilaryDuff

It would appear pink ombré hair styles are a big trend. Don’t say we didn’t give you the need-to-know hair gossip!

12 – Brunette to Bright Pink Ombre

Dark hair is actually a great base colour for a bright pink pop, the darker the better in many cases. What’s so good about ombré pink hair designs as these is that you can allow for some root re-growth before rushing to the salon.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @salongwillarp

Not just that, the bright pink will fade to a pastel or baby pink before you lose all colour completely. It’s a great shade to go for right now when you don’t really want to be sat in the hair salon for hours. There are drinks to be had in sunny gardens you know?

13 – Natural Pink Ombre

One thing that we personally noticed when we went through the pastel colour spectrum, was that the semi-permanent products we were putting on our hair was were having a super-conditioning effect. To start with, we opted for a bright pink pop like this one, and as it faded, we faded our solution with it, adding more and more of the conditioner to our hair dye before applying it, to pastel it out and to add more of a conditioning edge to our treatments.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @micah_salonredd

If you have bleach blonde hair that is in pretty poor condition anyway, pastel shades CAN help when done properly. One of our team managed the process herself at home without the need for a stylist (with the exception of the odd trim), and even managed to go back to a natural looking blonde at the end of it with honey and caramel shades of highlights and lowlights. That’s just proof that colouring your hair these bright and bold shades and rocking these ombre pink hair styles isn’t necessarily bad for your hair.


14 – Deep Pink Roots + Peach Pink Ends

Who said your roots had to be the same colour as the ends of your hair? This is an ombre look done in much the same way as any other – the darker tones are at the roots and the lighter tones are at the ends.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @teasesalonoc

The only difference here is that slightly different shades of pink have been used and honestly, we kind of love it… A lot!

15 – Silver Bob With Pastel Pink Balayage

If you want your ombre pink hair styles to last, you’re going to need to learn to live a little dirty. No, we’re not being rude, we’re talking about dirty hair.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Spotted on Pinterest

These beautiful colours and shades look great but the second you start to wash your hair, the colour starts to wash out and fade. With some colours, especially pastel shades of pink, the colour barely lasts for one or two washes despite what it says on the box.

Beauty Bay

16 – Black + Pink

Depending on the shade you pair it with, the colour pink can mean many different things. On its own, shades of pink are often associated with femininity, sweet things, romance, love and dating, innocence, etc. However, when you mix things up and add pink to black, you have a very different effect.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @itsevanturkel

Black and pink are often symbolic of the more passionate side of love! Either way, we love, love, love this hair.

17 – Rusty Violet

Of course, one thing that will always go without saying is using a professional to dye your hair beautiful ombre pink hair styles like this one will usually result in it lasting longer. They’ll be able to apply it more evenly than you would be able to in the mirror, plus they train for this kind of thing. It’s kind of their job, you know?

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @breezyslist

Doing it at home is a good substitute and CAN be done if you’re on a tight budget, but it won’t beat a salon job, and it probably won’t last for as long either.

18 – Rose Petal Pink

To make sure your pink ombré hair lasts the distance, try a different approach when it comes to caring for it. Rather than using a colour protection shampoo and condition, opt for just a cleansing conditioner instead. It sounds a little nuts, skipping the shampoo, but it works.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @britthearmerawrr

A cleansing conditioner will first condition and protect the hair, before the cleanser gets to work after a few minutes, getting rid of dirt and grime but without too many powerful cleaning agents that would strip you of your fun new shade. Plus it saves time in the shower. Winning.

19 – Bright Pink + Dark Brown Balayage Ombre

Another great tip to make your colour last longer is to wash your hair with cold water. It sounds like hell but you’ll have less chance of the colour washing out.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @itsevanturkel

If all-cold is too cold, just turn the temperature down as far as you can go before washing.

20 – Blonde + Barbie Pink Ends

Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner opt for wigs and hair extensions to transform their locks when they want to go for a bright fun shade such as these ombre pink hair styles. Hair extensions are actually a great way to experiment with colour as they can easily be taken out once the weekend is over (for example), and you can mix and match shades of your extensions just as you could with your pink ombré on natural hair.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @hairby.michellemarks

You can even dye some hair extensions so why not clip in and just treat as you would your own hair? (Dyeing first is easier though, we must admit.)

Kendo - Kat Von D Beauty

21 – Pretty Pinks

Don’t be afraid to customise a look you have seen somewhere else and make it your own. Have a different base shade to blend in those pink ombré hair styles, or opt for different tones and shades on pink altogether.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @tiffski

Some of our best at-home looks have come out looking nothing like we had intended, despite using the same or similar techniques and products we’d seen on a Tutorial somewhere, mostly because we went wrong or changed something by accident somewhere. Everyone has always loved and complimented them, so don’t be afraid to add your own little personal stamp.

22 – Blonde Ends + Under

Even short hair rocks pink ombré hair styles, as shown by this little gem we located:

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @thehairstylish

The underneath and ends of the top lengths of hair have had this wonderful pink flash added and it makes the world of difference to her super short and blonde bob. Sometimes you just need to play around with the ends to have a super impressive impact.

23 – Pretty Pink + Purple Braids

There are actually plenty of ways you can recreate these ombré pink hair styles without such desperate measures as bleaching and trips to the salon.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @paulcallaghanhair

Hair chalks, extensions, sprays, temporary dyes and more can all be used, and although the hair look won’t last as long, you can achieve exactly the same finished product with the right tools and tricks.

24 – Purple + Pink Ombre Waves

If you have the luxury of long hair, use it to your advantage. Use the space you have to blend in different tones and shades for a more three dimensional look, another great tip if you have thin or fine hair too.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @zedhairandbeauty

We’ve always found that curls and waves work splendidly to blend in all the colours, and to fake some volume and oomph too.

25 – Pink + Bangs

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when trying to achieve these stunning ombre pink hair styles is over-bleaching their hair to the point where it becomes so damaged, the hair can’t possibly take colour. In fact, it couldn’t take much more at all.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Spotted on Pinterest

The lightening treatments you go through beforehand can be very damaging to hair, especially if it is already dry, damaged or slightly frazzled beforehand. We’ve seen so many people trying to achieve this look in just a couple of hours in their bathroom, attempting to go from dark blondes and brunettes (and even one with super dark brown, almost black hair) to a pastel pink pop in some cases. This is an unreasonable goal and probably isn’t that achievable. Remember to be realistic, whether you’re at home or in the salon.


26 – Super Short With Peekaboo Pink

If you’ve washed, coloured, and dried your hair and it still isn’t quite as bright as you’d hoped it would be, don’t be afraid to put another layer of colour on right away – the peroxide content of these are relatively low and safe to use again and again. Once you’re done with that initial bleaching and lightening treatments, the hard work is basically done.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @zedhairandbeauty

If you’ve noticed missed patches, or you just want a brighter colour at the end of it all, add another coat of colour. We do it at home and honestly, it’s never gone wrong. Ever. (We promise!)

27 – Pink Ladies

If you want to be one of the pink ladies, it’s actually very easy to get looks like these at home.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @zedhairandbeauty

As a previous pink haired lady myself, I achieved a number of different looks with a number of different products, all of which were relatively simple to do at home, and by myself for the most part.

28 – Cotton Candy Tips

To be fair, most of us with coloured hair don’t really know how to care for our new locks, we just think we do. We buy a product with ‘makes colour last longer’ emblazoned on the side but we don’t take a peek at the ingredients, or actually do our research into whether or not it will be good for our hair.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @all.dahld.up

Using the wrong product for your hair is a bad idea. If you have dry hair but you a product for damaged hair, you could actually dry it out even further. You should be using a product for dry hair. At the same time, you may need a colour-restoring treatment too, which means you’ll need one for dry and colour-treated hair. You see?

29 – Asymmetrical Long Cut with Pink + Purple Flashes

An asymmetrical long cut is the best way to show off those flashes of pink and purple, and it gives you a chance to show off your wild side when you want to, and hide it away when you need to. You know, for when that big important boss comes into the office and you need to act professional…

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @futurevanitynovelty

Learn to NOT wash your hair every day with a look as fabulous as this one. When you’ve had your new colour done, don’t wash it on day one or two (obviously) and for day three, put it up in a pony tail or other updo to show off the new tones and textures. Curls also help to make a fresh do last a couple of extra days. That’s a little freebie hint from me to you! 😉

30 – Pretty In Pinks And Peach

If you’re buying a semi-permanent dye, buy an extra bottle or box and with the leftover stuff, mix with your regular shampoo.

Ombre Pink Hair Styles
Instagram: @letajohair

Depositing colour with every wash is an easy way to guarantee you don’t lose your bright pop, and there are even colour-depositing shampoos and conditioning treatments now, such as those on offer by Bleach London.

One of the best things to do (when you have built up enough confidence) is play around a little, starting with hair extensions and then on your own hair, to come up with new and imaginative ways to rock your ‘do. We love to spend hours on Instagram and Pinterest gathering ideas, tips and inspiration, and we would advise you to take a similar approach.

But those are our favourite ombre pink hair styles for right now. We hope you loved them as much as we did but make sure you let us know what you think on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages! We’d love to know what you think.

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