18 Purple Rain Hair Designs Dedicated to Prince

Purple Rain Hair Designs

The world went into a very purple and very sad meltdown when news that legendary singer, Prince, had died. On April 21st, 2016, another star sadly departed this earth and in tribute, hair stylists, Prince-fans and hair dye addicts all around the world have been coming together to pay tribute. We’ve decided it’s only right to bring to you the best and most beautiful purple rain hair designs dedicated to Prince.

1 – Purple Rain Streaks

Skipping the strand test might sound like a good idea but it’s not, especially if you’ve skipped missing the ingredients too. And definitely when you’re using as many products as it would take to achieve this beautiful purple rain hair design – purple rain streaks.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @stylistricardosantiago

There are lots of chemicals in some of the at-home dye kits you can buy these days, and you won’t ever know whether or not you are allergic to them until you give them a try. The strand test is designed to show you whether or not you’ll have a reaction to it before you throw it all over your head.

What would you rather have? An itchy patch of neck or a swollen head and discomfort, tightness, redness and soreness all over?

2 – Dark, Bright Purple

With a colour this bright, you must expect staining so as well as making sure you’ve got enough old clothing and towels to ensure you don’t cover everything you own with a bright purple finger or hand print, make sure you’ve got the areas such as your ears and hairline covered too.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @justinecavehair

A purple ear or eyebrow might be funny to start with but when you’ve got plans the next day and the dye is still there, you’re going to be mighty annoyed. And probably a tad embarrassed as well.

3 – Subtle Purple + Metallic Grey Blended Ends

Make sure you’ve got everything you need to start with when attempting a colourful like this one. If you’re getting it done at the salon, take enough pictures with you so that you can show your stylist exactly what it is you’re looking for. One photo is good, three photos is better. The more you can show them, the more chances you have of coming out looking exactly as you want to.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @ivoryrosehair

At the same time, make sure you listen to your hair stylist. If they don’t think something is possible, there’s probably a good reason behind it. If they think the colour won’t take like you want it to, or your hair is too damaged to try it out, they are saying it for your benefit, not theirs. Listen to them, sometimes tweaking your idea isn’t such a bad idea after all.

4 – Purple Rain Rinse

If you plan on dying your hair at home, an option you have when choosing a one-colour all-over design like this one, make sure you get enough hair dye to do the job. The last thing you’re going to want is purple roots and your own natural hair shade poking through the ends because you didn’t forward plan and buy enough to do the job.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @chelsea.hair.magic

When you think you’ve bought enough hair dye, buy an extra box just in case. Having a spare box left over is better than not having enough to get the exact look you want.

5 – Purple + Blonde Twists

For an even at-home look, make sure you have the right tools and have them all ready before you start your work, not during. You don’t want to get halfway through and realise you left the second box in the kitchen, leaving blobs of purple behind you as you go hunting for it.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @kristyling1210

Another great tip to get these purple rain hair designs right is to make sure you use a bowl and brushes to dye the hair rather than squirting it straight out the bottle. You’ll end up wasting more than you use and for the sake of a few extra minutes pouring it and preparing it in the bowl rather than a bottle, the look will come out much better. You’ll be able to apply the dye with a more precise touch.

6 – Purple to Gunmetal Grey Colour Blend

If you want to avoid two-tone hair when opting for a bright colour such as purple, make sure you work from the top to the bottom. Start with the roots and work your way down from there. If you attempt to do this the other way around, you’ll often find the more vibrant tones towards the ends of the hair.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @bescene

Not only that, the hair won’t be an even finish the whole way around literally looking as though you have dyed your hair a completely different shade. If that’s not the look you were going for, you’ll be sorely disappointed. We love this two tone purple rain hair design though. So much so, we’re adding it to our list of hair to-do.

7 – Bright Purple Fishtail

Although we love these stunning purple rain hair designs worn down and free-flowing, there’s something about an intricate updo that instantly revitalises a colourful hair look.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @stylistricardosantiago

If you can get your hands on some pretty white and delicate flowers to help finish the look, it’ll really help your purple locks to stand out. Why not? You’ve got stand-out hair after all!

8 – Light to Dark Purple Ombre

One of the biggest mistakes women make when trying to dye their hair a bright and vivid colour like this amazing purple wonder is that they try to do the drastic colour change themselves at home.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @brandrice

If you’re going from a darker colour such as a deep brunette shade, and you’re hoping to achieve a beautiful platinum blonde with purple ends look, a one-box dye job just isn’t going to cut the mustard. Do yourself a favour – if you want hair this good, go to a professional and make sure you go to someone specialised in colour work such as this. Not every hairstylist out there is going to be trained or experienced enough to get a look this good.

9 – Pinky-Purple + Blonde Blend

For the most natural highlights, well, as natural as you can get when you’re looking at purple hair anyway, use a tone that is just one or two shades darker than the one you’re using all over your head. Using a toothbrush, add some little and light highlights over the top of your hair, where the sun would usually hit. Or, opt for a different shade entirely like the pastel pinky-purple tones you can see over the light blonde here.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @brandrice

The added dimension and that added extra shade will provide more depth for your hair, making it appear thicker (if that’s what you want), and also helping to boost volume too. If you add some layers towards the ends of the hair and use a good blow dryer and brush regime to flick things out and make it nice and bouncy, you’ll have a look to ‘dye’ for, just like these amazing purple rain hair designs.

10 – Dusky Pink + Purple Half n’ Half

Half n’ half hair might not be for everyone but there’s something about this dusky pink and purple – slash – peachy, rose gold tone that really makes us want to go ga-ga. It’s a little pinker and therefore much easier for some women to wear than a brighter purple pop.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: ivoryrosehair

Even if half n’ half hair isn’t your bag, we can’t help but think both of these shades are amazing – the beautiful left hand side for the purple rain hair designs, and that peachy rose-gold side too.

11 – Powdered Purple Ends

There are a few ways you can achieve these powdery-purple look at the ends of this stunning silver hair. One way is to use hair chalks – simply use a coloured chalk over the hair, washing it out when you’re done with the colour that day (or the day after… or the day after that!)

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @bescene

Another way to achieve this pretty powdered look is to add conditioner to a brightly coloured dye. The conditioner helps to pastel things out, the more you add, the more pastel the finish.

12 – Pop of Purple Bob

If you’re going for the at-home dye job for your purple rain hair designs, make sure the one thing you have on hand is baby wipes – these are great for mopping up spillages super quick, and they seem to work really well at getting rid of hair dye stains on skin.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @lisadoeshair

And for when you’re waiting for the hair dye to work its magic on your hair, whack a shower cap over the whole lot – one of those disposable ones you can get from Savers and similar places are super great for this. The shower cap will prevent you from dying everything around you as you busy yourself waiting for the colour to form, and it also keeps things nice and warm, perfect for a flourishing colour.

13 – Pinky-Purple Ombre

At the end of it all, when you’re finishing you’re brand new ‘do, make sure you skip the shampoo part – this is pointless once you’ve dyed your hair and achieves nothing except for rinsing out some of your new beautiful shade before you’ve had a chance to show it off.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @ivoryrosehair

Rinse the dye off, use the conditioning sachet that comes with your dye packet, and dry / style as you would. There really is no point for shampoo.

14 – Blue to Purple Mermaid Blend

We love this look, great for the purple rain hair designs or a mermaid themed look, we can’t decide which one it better fits but we do know that we love it so!

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @my_lavish_looks

This is a great way of growing out a previously purple look – as it grows out, blend another colour into the roots, touching up the below colour a little as you go. Or you could leave it to fade to a pastel hue. Either way, we love it.

15 – Pastel Pink + Purple Ombre

This is a beautiful look, a very clever blend of a really cute lilac shade to a pink and then a peachy-pink – all this season’s coolest shades in the hottest trend of them all – pastels.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @hugosalon

Another great grow-out idea, it’s one best left to the professionals. From personal experience (and you should definitely trust us on this ), it’s super tough to try and achieve this one at home.

16 – Brunette to Purple Rain Ends

After your dye job, whether you’ve had it done in the salon or at home, keep your purple rain hair designs looking for as long as you want them to by using colour-specific shampoo, conditioning and styling products.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @rickeywinhair

There’s a reason they have been designed for coloured hair – they help to lock-in the colour. They work. Just saying.

17 – Silver-Lilac to Purple Balayage

Buy better gloves – another great tip! The gloves you get in those at-home hair box dyes are useless and usually a few sizes too big for the average person’s hands.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @melerinaa

Again, you can pick up a box of 50 or 100 gloves for a few pounds in places such as Savers, and these come with various size options making your dye job a much easier one.

18 – Pink + Purple Rain Hair Blend

If you’re going to opt for a hair look like this at home, and you don’t have a friend to help you, use a secondary mirror held up so you can see the reflection, and therefore the back of your head, in the mirror you’re looking head-on into.

Purple Rain Hair Designs
Instagram: @emalistrnge

This helps you to ensure you have an even finish all the way around, and also prevents any nasty surprises such as a huge chunk of hair you might have missed out on that you wouldn’t necessarily have seen without that back view.

So there you have them – 18 of the prettiest purple rain hair designs dedicated to Prince. May he RIP. We’re off to sing Purple Rain – the song, really loudly. And probably really badly too.

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