31 Ways to Renovate a Chest of Drawers

Everyone’s DIY-ing these days and recycling old pieces of furniture into new and beautiful pieces is now all the rage. Especially when you consider that we are in a recession and everyone wants to save a few pennies!

Today we’re looking at the things you can do with an old chest of drawers – the different ways to renovate chest of drawers. From painting to distressing, covering, embellishing, using frabics, wallpapers, wrapping paper and more, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent having to throw that sturdy piece out. Just because it doesn’t go with your decor anymore doesn’t mean it can’t be used still. Decorate it, give it a try. If you were going to just throw it out or give it away anyway, you have nothing to lose and potentially a new piece of furniture to gain!

Here are 31 ways to renovate a chest of drawers: 

1 – Mix + Match

Not everything needs to match in life these days and when it comes to your interior design, it makes sense to think outside the box. This clever upcycler has covered each drawer in a different colour and pattern of wallpaper but you could do the same with fabric too. A great look for a kid’s room, or even a guest room, don’t you think?

Ways to Renovate a Chest of Drawers
Source: betterafter.net

Just to give you an idea of how you too could be using old pieces of furniture to create wonderful, new masterpieces, this is how the chest of drawers looked before the makeover:

Ways to Renovate a Chest of Drawers
Source: betterafter.net

2 – Pop of Colour

If you want something quick and simple you can to do renovate a chest of drawers, this one is about as simple as you can get. The look is easy to recreate at home (speaking from personal experience because I’ve completed a similar project), and only really needs two lots of paint – the white and the blue as you can see here.

Ways to Renovate a Chest of Drawers
girlUPcycled / Etsy.com

The lining of the draws is easily replicated using wallpaper, and the water-washed effect of the paintwork is another easily achieved look with the right tools. It’s simple and elegant and would make a great beauty / makeup table, especially with that beautiful almost-Tiffany blue.

3 – Groovy Graffiti

This is one of the greatest (and smartest) ways to renovate a chest of drawers, especially if you’re planning on putting the furniture into the kid’s room! Why not look at the idea of graffiti art? Why not let your kids go nuts with the spray paints and let them come up with their own design?

Renovate Chest of Drawers
Source: Julie Loves Home

We’ve found a complete tutorial for this renovation design HERE but it’s a simple enough concept for you just to let your creative juices flow free. Sand the original varnish or paint away from the chest of drawers, add a primer coat, go nuts with the spray paint until the design is complete and then cover with a coat of varnish or gloss to ensure it stays looking great!

4 – Shattered Glass

We recently looked at broken glass nails and now we’re looking at broken glass furniture. Well, broken mirrors really. We think there might be a trend starting here…

Source: marcatiyolil.com
Source: marcatiyolil.com

We hope you’re not superstitious but there’s something very beautiful and unique about this shattered glass look. It’s a great, individual way to renovate a chest of drawers and with that simple silver backdrop, the glass shines wonderfully!

We found a full tutorial for the look HERE.

5 – Shabby Chic Chest of Drawers

Another simple yet elegant look, shabby chic pieces of furniture have been very much in-demand over recent years and it’s a trend not going anyway at any point soon. Many of us here at CherryCherryBeauty.com have tried this white, distressed shabby chic look on various pieces of furniture and it’s a project that seems to go right almost every time! (It certainly makes a change…)

Ways to Renovate a Chest of Drawers
Source: girlUPcycled / Etsy.com

There are a few ways you can achieve this look. One of the easiest is to sand and prime your old chest of drawers before applying a brown or contrasting colour paint around the corners and edges – the places that will end up being distressed later on. Once that’s dried, pop your white paint over the top and again, allow to dry.

Using sandpaper or even an electric sander (if you’re careful and have a steady hand) simply scuff up the edges that would normally be banged and bashed over time and with use. Areas around the handles would normally get damaged as well as around the actual edges of the piece. Just think of how many ways that piece could be bashed over the years – that’s what you’re trying to achieve, a more exaggerated version of wear and tear.

The darker colour that you first applied will peek through and really give a great contrast to the white, clean colour over the top. You can always repaint if it goes wrong!

6 – Marvel Decoupage

We loved this turtle on how to change an ordinary, run of the mill chest of drawers into something fabulous and superhero themed again, great for a kid’s room! (In fact, we know a few ‘big kids’ who’d love this too!)

Ways to Renovate a Chest of Drawers
Found on Pinterest.com

With the help of Modge Podge, some Marvel pictures, and some gloss or varnish, you could give your old chest of drawers an instant makeover and the best news is that you could do this with any pictures. You’ve got Marvel here but there’s nothing to stop you from using pictures of Disney Princesses, animals, Iggle Piggle or more!

7 – Family Photos

What better way to renovate a chest of drawers than to cover it with photos of all your loved ones? Again, a great idea for a kid’s room but we think this would look amazing in a new baby’s room. It’s definitely a keepsake piece if you play your cards right.

Ways to Renovate a Chest of Drawers
Source: See Kate Sew

We found a full tutorial for this amazing look HERE but it’s another simple one to recreate.

It looks best with photos of the same tone and shade, hence the black and white snaps used to create this tall beauty. Use glue to put the photos in place and when you’re done, use a layer of Modge Podge (basically PVA glue mixed with water) over the top to secure it all in place. Again, you could then go over it all with a layer of varnish or gloss to ensure it stays bump-free.

8 – Dripped Paint

Another simple but very effective look is this renovate chest of drawers, designed with this wonderful paint drip effect.

Ways to Renovate a Chest of Drawers
Source: cornerhouseblog.com

Spray paint would make this one a lot easier but you’ll need to work from the bottom up in order to get the look right. Pain the entire chest of drawers white (or whatever colour you like) and when it’s dry, paint a line with spray paint, letting more go on the furniture than you need. It will start to drop as gravity works it magic. Once you’ve done the lighter blue colouring across the middle, wait for it to dry and do the same with the darker blue. You can achieve the same look with a paintbrush rather than spray paint, but the fluidity of the spray paint makes those drips a lot easier.

Take the whole thing outside, put some sheets down and be prepared to make a bit of a mess. It’s actually a fun way to spend a spring or summer afternoon!

9 – Lace Love

Here’s an idea you might not have thought of before – why not spray paint over lace on your old chest of drawers to give you an intricate pattern everyone will marvel at?

Ways to Renovate a Chest of Drawers
Found on Pinterest

The rest of the piece has been left painted in this wonderful blue colour and with the shelves removed, lace has been placed over the blue and sprayed with the gold colour you can see. Once everything has dried and you peel that lace away, you are left with this beautiful pattern. Add your gloss or varnish over the top to protect it from wear and tear, and spray the drawer-knobs gold too and you have a renovation project that can be completed in one afternoon!

Here’s another classic example of the same look:

Ways to Renovate a Chest of Drawers
Found on Pinterest.com



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