18 Ways to Wear Black Loafers

18 Ways to Wear Black Loafers

Black loafers are everywhere we look right now. In fact, loafers in general are all over the place. Girls are wearing them with skinny jeans, wide-legged trousers, skirts, dresses and more. Yet we’re still looking at the ones we bought months ago, wondering what to pair them with today. In the end, we just give up.

That’s how my day goes most days anyway.

If you’re having a little problem getting a little style inspiration, check out these fabulous ways to wear black loafers, as shown by some of the most fashionable style bloggers around the world. We love their looks and we think you might too!

1 – Cheetah Style

One of the easiest ways to wear black loafers is to team them with some black leggings, a white shirt, and a black jumper over the top. It’s a classic look and an easy one to wear for a number of occasions.

ways to wear black loafers
Source: redreidinghood

We love this cheetah-design jumper which the fashion blogger has teamed with a Zara bag and old-season H&M trend coat… Which is also back in trend for right now. Throw on some Rayban Aviators and your outfit is done. Plus those sunnies eliminate the need for makeup…

Just to give you an idea of how you can create two similar but very different outfits using the same components, we can also bring you the next outfit – just another of the ways to wear black loafers…

2 – Patterned Pants

We’ve got the same Gabor black loafers and the same Zara bag but this time we’ve teamed them with classic black and white patterned trousers, a white slogan tee and an oversized black cardigan.

Ways to Wear Black Loafers
Source: redreidinghood

There are plenty of slogan tees on the market these days. We just so happen to love the range going on at MissGuided right now and you should definitely take a look at ASOS too!

If you don’t happen to have those great checked trousers hanging in your closet, you could always substitute them for plain black jeggings. Just remember those vertical stripes are flattering though!

3 – Little Black Dress

We love this Miu Miu black loafers and we love how this fashion blogger has worn hers – classic black rollback jumper and simple black shift dress. You could even wear yours with a pinafore-style dress – anything cute and short (it).

ways to wear black loafers
Source: trini-g

It”s an easy look and you could wear yours with a rock tee for an grungier look, and even tights for when it gets cold… OR when you haven’t shaved your legs / had a spray tan / covered those weird bruises you never could explain.

4 – Simple + Edgy

Here’s another of the simplest ways to wear black loafers – throw them on with some jeans and a jacket for a casually, cool look that everyone will love.

ways to wear black loafers
Source: Call Me Maddie

These H&M classic black loafers have been paired with H&M ripped, skinny jeans and a slogan tee. I think we’ve pretty much established slogan tees are the in-thing right now. Everyone’s been wearing them, normal people and celebrities alike. If you’ve not yours yet, it’s time to start shopping.

5 – Leggings + Loafers

Let’s face it, loafers were made for leggings. It’s a classic combo and one that definitely works. If you want a look to see you through the day that you can get ready and throw on in five minutes or less… Ta dah!

ways to wear black loafers
Source: redreidinghood

We’ve got those classic black Gabor loafers again but this time teamed with black leggings, a grey jumper, a big thick scarf and a black biker-style jacket. It’s an easy look for a heavy day. Team with a scruffy bun or loose waves and you have about the right idea!

For those that believe that black leggings aren’t outer-wear, switch them for black ripped jeans to achieve an edgier effect, or just black jeggings instead.

6 – Louis Vuitton + Everything

OK, OK, so we don’t all have the luxury of a pair of Louis Vuitton loafers in our closet but you must admit, these black loafers look great with the skinny ripped jeans and Ralph Lauren polo shirt this fashion blogger has teamed hers with!

ways to wear black loafers
Source: Ellie Kristina

Wear your black loafers (LV or not) just like this with a statement jacket thrown on to complete the look. These are Zara ripped jeans and a River Island jacket… In case you were wondering! 😉

7 – Lace It Up

Black loafers and white lace – two looks you might not have put together but this fashion blogger shows you exactly how to wear them properly, and in great style!

ways to wear black loafers
Source: Call Me Maddie

These H&M black loafers have been combined with H&M black skinny jeans, a white lacy top, an oversize khaki cardigan, and even a black H&M hat. It’s a perfect outfit for fall and if you were to make the lace top more of a camisole and take off the cardigan, you also have a great spring / summer look too.

Multitasking like a pro!

8 – Little Black Leather Skirt

Do like your legs? If you don’t just add tights. Either way, this is one of the rocking way to wear black loafers and a look we cannot get enough of.

ways to wear black loafers
Source: trini-g

Classic black loafers and a trench coat – you’re covering two on-trend looks in one right there just as this fashion blogger has done with the Miu Miu shoes, T by Alexander Wang black leather skirt, and Burberry jacket. Throw on your Raybans and you’re ready to go!

9 – Maternity Chic

For those of you looking for ways to wear black loafers while you’re pregnant, here’s a great way, and a look Kate Middleton has been spotted in once or twice! Flat, comfortable black loafers are the perfect shoes to see you through the nine months of pregnancy when your feet swell up and all you want is something comfortable to kick around in. We’re not all like Kim Kardashian, rocking heels all the way through. No thanks, we call for comfort anyway!

ways to wear black loafers
Source: Marilyn’s Closet Blog

These beautiful loafers are being rocked with H&M skinny jeans, a classic Zara button-up shirt, and a nude, short mac-coat. Throw on some big sunglasses to cover the ‘Prada’ bags under your eyes, and team with a slouchy bag to carry all the essentials and you too could look like a yummy mummy just like this beautiful style blogger.

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