11 Winter 2016 Fashions You Can Rock


It’s come to that time of year again – the kind of year that you pack your summer clothes away sadly in their suitcase, and haul out that big and heavy box of stuff from the attic, filled with all your winter coats and super-thick sweaters that, although you miss, you wish you didn’t have to get out every year. Why can’t it just be sunny all year around?

If, like most of us, you’ve realise your wardrobe needs a serious revamp for winter 2016, we’re coming to the rescue with an easy-to-wear guide on everything winter 2016 fashion related. From how to wear the latest catwalk stuff, to keep it real (and warm) when hanging out with friends, we’ve got every look you need for this year, and where to buy the essentials from. We like to make things nice and easy for you … we’re nice like that!

So, if you need a little inspiration to get your winter 2016 fashions in check, here’s the latest:

Winter 2016 Fashions You Can Rock

1 – Get Striped!

The catwalks were filled with stripes for autumn and winter 2016, although the types we were seeing on the catwalk aren’t as easy to wear as the types and styles that we’re about to show you. If fluorescent, clashing pieces aren’t really your thing, here’s a much easier way to wear them … and a much more flattering way too!

Source: Patricia Jiménez – Click for more details.

Often people avoid stripes because they can be quite hard to wear, but a simple black and white stripes tee (or sweater, like you can see here) really should be a staple item in any closet, mostly because of the hundred and one ways in which you can wear it. You can nautical-up your outfit with stripes and tones of blue, and you can even make it a great evening piece with a cute little skirt an some killer heels. We like the casual look though, worn simply with sneakers and jeans, a classic example of how to translate the latest catwalk fashions into something much more easy to wear when you don’t live in celebrity-land!

We’ve found a few striped delights that we thought we should share with you, and here are a few of our favourites. Just click on the image for more details:

2 – Crazy Cat Lady Print

There were cat walks all over the cat walk for autumn – winter 2016 … did you see the pun there? It wasn’t even deliberate, we promise! All #crazycatlady jokes aside though, cat prints are a very big thing right now, and we’re not talking about leopard print, although that never really goes out of style either.

Source: Olga Karambolia – Click for more details.

Loewe, Dolce & Gabbana, Divenchy … you name it, all the big names were doing it, and seeing as we’re actually self-confessed crazy cat ladies ourselves, you can imagine how excited we were to jump on that bandwagon. Especially with this cute little number, although we do appreciate how important it would be to layer with tights in this cold weather. There are so many cat-print items on the market right now, and just one of the things we fell in love with was this cat print shirt from Topshop, £42.00:

Found at Topshop – Click for more details.

3 – Brilliant Bomber Jacket

The 90’s are definitely back right now, and everything 90’s related is well and truly coming back into fashion. Space-buns in the hair, chokers around the neck, and that oh-so-fabulous bomber jacket are just three staples you need for your nineties inspired winter 2016 fashions.

Source: Aneta M – Click for more details.

Speaking of bomber jackets, which we totally were, we loved the way this fashion blogger rocked hers. If you’re looking for some style inspo, especially to make your bomber look effortlessly cool and fabulous, this is a great place to start.

And just in case you need a little more inspiration on how to wear your bomber jacket, here’s some more help:

7 Ways to Wear a Bomber Jacket

4 – Very Velvet

Remember when we were told you the nineties were definitely coming back? Well, here’s proof. You know the 80’s and 90’s are coming back around when velvet and velour is coming back around in style. Don’t you remember that story that did the social media rounds abut how Kim Kardashian was re-hacking her Juicy Couture trackies?

(We know, we shivered with horror at the very thought of it too!)

Source: Ana Vukosavljevic – Click for more details.

Luckily, we’re not telling you to re-live the velour tracksuit horror, although we are going to show you a few new ways you could rock velvet in your winter 2016 fashions.

We love the way this red velvet skirt has been perfectly teamed with a plain black sweater, and you could even go for a regular sweater if off-the-shoulder sounds a little too chilly for your liking. Add your tights, because it’s way too cold for bare legs now, and then throw on your ankle boots, black if leopard print is too much, and you have a great outfit that’ll take you from day to night with no problems at all. And just in case you loved the outfit, we’ve found a way for you to recreate it right here:

5 – Corset Comeback

The idea of a corset often fills a woman with dread, usually meaning a night of great discomfort, especially if food and drink is involved also. Alexander McQueen made corsets popular again for winter 2016 fashions, especially when worn with tailored trousers and a blazer, and even Versace followed a similar trend.

Do you know what that means? Corsets are making a comeback!

Source: Kerstyn Inouye – Click for more details.

If you don’t want to wear an actual corset, fake it like Victoria Beckham did, including corseted detailing over the top of jackets, for example, or an easy bandage top thrown on easily with flats and a skirt. If you feel like taking things up a notch, follow the footsteps of this fashion blogger, wearing hers with tailored black trousers and ankle boots, throwing a blazer over the top for when it gets cold. You could also vamp this up by wearing a big necklace.

6 – Granny Sweaters

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than getting home after a long day at work to put your big and ugly Granny sweater on with those track pants you’ve owned for over a hundred years. That’s especially the case now the cold weather is drawing close, and things are getting progressively colder!

Source: Zia Domic – Click for more details.

Gucci and Miu Miu rocked the Granny sweater look all over the autumn / winter 2016 catwalk, and if you want to rock them in your winter 2016 fashions, this look is a perfect one. It’s super simple, super easy, and better than that, super fashionable!

Worn with skinny black jeans and the cutest ankle boots, you could rock any number of oversized sweaters to rock this look for the winter, and you could even layer things up to make them even more cosy and warm.

Who said you couldn’t look good in winter?

7 – Angry Gothic

All black everything has been a staple of most girls’ closets for a really long time, and the angry gothic look is one that’s soon to be making a comeback, especially with Dior, Alexander Wang, and Burberry jumping on the bandwagon.

To make things slightly easier to wear (because we know how your boss will feel about an angry goth turning up for work first thing on a Monday morning), how about this all-black-everything look?

Source: Charlotte . – Click for more details.

You could give your black summer dresses a new lease of life for winter 2016 fashions by wearing them with thick tights and ankle boots rather than the barely-there sandals you rocked them with for the summer. Add a big hat, and layer things up with jackets and sweaters, and you have just unlocked a brand new layer of your wardrobe that you wouldn’t have thought of wearing for winter!

To make things easier, we’ve found a few things you may want to check out to add to your wardrobe to make this look as chic as possible:

8 – The Turtleneck

In this cold weather, the less flesh you have on show, the better. That means that it’s time for the turtleneck to make a comeback and luckily, they’re not only back in fashion, but there are a hundred and one ways in which you can wear them.

Source: Anastasiia G – Click for more details.

Tory Burch did turtlenecks under dresses on the autumn / winter 2016 catwalks, and we love the way this fashion blogger has used a turtleneck sweater to layer up a summer playsuit. Again, just another way to make your summer wardrobe more wearable for the colder months. Plus, everyone knows that layering is just smart.

9 – The Big Overcoat

We love it when a fashion trend is just as practical as it is fashionable, and the big overcoat is definitely a classic example of that, as seen on the catwalk by designers such as Coach. A big coat, just like this one, is a must-have for any wardrobe, both male and female. It doesn’t matter what fashion trends are in or out, there’s always a way to wear your big overcoat in the winter when you need the warmth the most.

Winter 2016 Fashions 9
Source: Teresa Leite – Click for more details.

Blue is a great colour, and you can wear it in a host of different ways. We love the way this one has been elegantly thrown together with a beautiful print dress, lights and big black boots or shoes giving it that warm and wintery feel. This is a great way to reinvent those summer dresses for the colder weather too.


We fell in love with the above beautiful little number from French Connection UK at ASOS. You know the drill – just click the image for more details! It’s £225, and available right now. Plus, look at that faux-fur trim around the neck. You know that’ll be super-warm!

10 – Big Chunky Boots

Again, another fashion trend that is just as practical as it looks cool, the big platform boots look has been around for a while, and it’s a trend set to stay around. The great news is that a number of other winter 2016 fashions can be worn with these boots, so you might just find yourself wearing them all the time.

Source: Gabriela Grębska – Click for more details.

We recently purchased a pair just like the ones you can see here, and as well as wearing them with our light blue ‘Mum’ jeans from New Look, the bottoms of our jeans turned up, but we’ve also found ourselves pairing them with tights and a little black denim skirt, and more. They’ve turned out to be much more versatile than we first gave them credit for.

We’ve located a few pairs that we think you might like … or we did, at least. Let us know which ones are your favourite!

11 – The Fur Stole

Yes, we’re all about that faux-fur right now, but only because it’s just so cold and we can’t think of anything more we’d love than to be wrapped up in one of these cosy stoles when we need to wait for the bus in the pouring rain. It’s a super-glamorous accessory, but easily worn in an every-day way, as shown by this beautiful fashion blogger.

Source: Iféoluwa Anani – Click for more details.

With a simple skinny jeans and white shirt combo, a fur stole can easily be added with a simple black jacket, especially with those over-the-knee boots too. These are all items we imagine you already have in our closet, and can be worn for both daytime and nighttime occasions. What’s not to love about that?

And, just in case you loved these winter 2016 fashions as much as we did, here’s a few faux-fur stoles that we fell in love with:

So … what do you think? Do any of these winter 2016 fashions jump out at you? Do you already own a number of these items already, and are just wondering how you can piece them together? We’d love to think that we’ve inspired you, but feel free to get creative. Just don’t forget to come back and show us what you came up with. We want to see what you’re wearing today!

Remember to say warm folks – it’s about to get really cold out there!


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