10 Commandments for Curly Hair

You know how it is – all women with straight hair want curly hair and all women with curly hair want straight hair. That’s just the way that the world works and those that have the desired hair will never understand the appeal for other women.

Women with curly hair have it both good and bad at the same time – their hair has the potential to be beautiful curly rings, while at the same time also having the potential to be a giant frizz-ball; completely unmanageable and looking like it has been rolled in the hay.

If you want a little helping hand to help you manage your beautiful hair, you have come to the right place. Here are the ten commandments for curly hair:

1 – Use a shampoo for curly hair

10 Commandments For Curly Hair
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You’re going to need a special sort of shampoo to manage curly hair, ideally something 100% sulfate-free. Most other types of shampoo contain something called sodium lauryl sulfate which is both a detergent and a salt and for curly hair, it’s too harsh.

2 – Use more conditioner

10 Commandments For Curly Hair
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When you have curly hair it takes longer for the nutrients and the “good stuff” to travel from the root of the hair right to the tip. This means you’re going to need more conditioner and better quality conditioner too, especially on the lower lengths of hair. You should aim to use a good leave-in conditioning treatment that has been designed for curly hair and you will soon start to notice the difference.

3 – Don’t be so rough when towel-drying

10 Commandments For Curly Hair
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When you apply the products to your hair after you’ve gotten out of the shower, you should do so before you towel dry. In fact, it is often this towel drying motion that will cause you to have frizzy curly hair. Before you’ve even stepped out of the shower, add your conditioning treatments and tie your hair up rather than giving it a good towel-down. Your hair will thank you for it.

4 – Avoid alcohol in your styling products

10 Commandments For Curly Hair
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Using alcohol-rich styling products will dehydrate your hair and leave it looking like it has never seen a hair brush or a dab of conditioner in its life. Just take a moment out of your day to have a look at the ingredients in the products you’re using and you’ll soon see the names of alcohol-based products that you should probably be avoiding.

5 – Leave your hair alone

10 Commandments For Curly Hair
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The more you touch your hair, brush it, dry it, straighten it, etc. the more damage you’re doing to it. Sometimes it is well worth washing it, smothering it in conditioner (more focused on the ends of the hair) and tying it up, leaving it for the rest of the day. Go about your daily life in your home – doing the housework etc. and leave your hair to absorb the goodness that it needs. The more you play with it, the more damage you’ll be causing.

6 – Invest in a wide-tooth comb

10 Commandments For Curly Hair
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Rather than using a brush, opt for using your fingers and a wide toothed comb instead. The brush will break your hair and add to the frizz-factor rather than making it more manageable, and by swapping to a wide-tooth comb, you’ll be creating fewer split ends and much less damage.

7 – Get a good hair cut

10 Commandments For Curly Hair
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Go to a good hairdresser and pay that extra bit of money for a really good cut once every six months or so. You can use a cheaper hair dresser to snip the ends every six to eight weeks, or even more if you are noticing more split ends, but make sure you have a REALLY good cut at least twice a year. It’ll make so much difference to the manageability of your hair as well as how good it looks around your face.

8 – Avoid heating styling

10 Commandments For Curly Hair
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Try to avoid using heated styling items such as straighteners or curling tongs as much as you can. Heat equals dehydration so when you cut these out, your hair will have a better chance to make the most of the extra good quality conditioner you’re using/ If you can’t survive without using the heated styling devices; make sure you pick a good heat-protecting styling product first and never ever skip the conditioner.

9 – Don’t wash your hair everyday

10 Commandments For Curly Hair
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If you can get away with washing it and then leaving it for two or three days, choosing to tie it up rather than wearing it down, you’ll do your hair the world of good. You are basically stripping the natural oils out of your hair when you wash it all the time so it’s well worth being a bit grotty from time to time if you want nicer hair. You can use a bandana to cover greasy roots and you should never underestimate the power of dry shampoo. I love the Batiste stuff you can buy from places like Boots and Superdrug and it gives you an extra couple of days from your wash. If all else fails, it’s getting colder now so just rock a beanie hat!

10 – Learn how to wear your curls

10 Commandments For Curly Hair
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Last but certainly not least, we come to our final commandment for curly hair. Learn how to wear your curls. If you have frizzy, tight curls, it might be worth using products designed for “afro” hair. If you have looser curls, check out the local beach-wave craze that every super model is rocking. Just because you have curly hair doesn’t mean you are limited to how you can wear it. Take a few tips and tricks from the stars and rock the hair you have! Aside from shaving it off, there’s not an awful lot that you can do about it!