10 Ways to Wear Your Christmas Jumper

It’s that time of year… Almost. You’re going to need to drag that ugly Christmas jumper out the closet and pair it up with something in a bid to make it look cute for the big present-opening event.

We all know that Christmas jumpers are ugly. I think that’s kinda the point. But that doesn’t mean your outfit needs to be ugly.

Here are 10 ways to wear your Christmas jumper:

(*That don’t make you look ridiculous)

1 – Little Red Skirt + Christmas Jumper

Ways To Wear Your Christmas Jumper
Source: Purpurowa Karuzela

This snowman-themed festive delight might look like a plain old boring ugly sweater but pair it with this super cute, pleated, little red skirt, some tights and some cute black shoes and what do you have?

The perfect festive outfit, that’s what.

As far as ways to wear your Christmas jumper goes, this one is probably one of the easiest. If you don’t have a red skirt, you could always pair it with a black skirt instead or even a denim skirt. It’s a versatile outfit. You get the picture.

Oh, and in case you needed any more persuading that the little red skirt was the way forward, here’s another classic example which we’ll give you for free:

Ways To Wear Christmas Jumpers
Source: Malin Rouge

2 – Little Denim Skirt

Ways To Wear Your Christmas Jumper
Source: Petite Panoply

Remember when we said you could pair your ugly Christmas jumper with a little denim skirt? Well, here’s the proof. And it also reiterates the point we have made a hundred times at this point – button-down skirts in any capacity are very much in! We mention this look in both 21 Ways to Wear Converse and 21 Winter 2015 Trends You Can Totally Rock!

Little black booties and a black racer-style jacket completes this look.

3 – Tartan Trousers

Ways To Wear Your Christmas Jumper
Source: Petite Panoply

It’s a look that shouldn’t work but for some reason, it actually really does.

Pair your Christmas jumper with some green tartan trousers and opt for black, red or dark green shoes if the blue is a little too bright for your tastes. We’re actually a little bit in love with this look. More than a little bit in fact… These tartan delights are from Old Navy but you can find similar ones in red from MissGuided which we feel would work well with a green or blue Christmas jumper instead:

Ways To Wear Your Christmas Jumper
Trousers from MissGuided.co.uk | Click for more details.

You can think of that as an added free outfit!

(Plus we kinda love tartan trousers a little bit…)

4 – Muted Greys

Ways To Wear Your Christmas Jumper

It’s not a look that everyone will love but there’s something about these grey tweed-like comfortable pants that we kinda like.

Buttons and zippers are restrictive for Christmas day. You need something you can easily and secretly loosen as you stuff more and more food in your face. We love the drawstring on these.

Worn with muted grey heels, and a classic collared shirt underneath the dark Christmas jumper, this is definitely a well thought out Christmas outfit.

5 – Leather Trousers / Brown Trousers

Ways To Wear Your Christmas Jumper
Source: Simple et Chic

Leather trousers might be a little too much for some but we do like the idea of wearing our muted Christmas jumpers with brown trousers and beige booties just like you can see here, especially with that oversized beige mac thrown over her arm too. It’s a wintery outfit you could just fall in love with… And we have.

The coat is from Topshop, in case you were wondering.

6 – Red Trousers

Ways To Wear Your Christmas Jumper
Source: Agua de Mayo

We love the idea of this look! It’s one of the easiest ways to wear your Christmas jumper. All you need is red trousers or rather, a more berry colour, plus a pair of white Converse. If it got really cold, you could throw on a comfy big jacket and a wooly hat too.

Perfect Christmas day outfit for a super-cool Christmas day jumper!

7 – Comfy Casual

Ways To Wear Your Christmas Jumper
Source: Call Me Maddie

Jeans might be uncomfortable on Christmas day because of all that delicious food but… Jean leggings on the other hand – perfect way to wear jeans on Christmas day and not bust out of them.

We love this classic Christmas jumper with the simple jeans and white Converse. The jeans are from H&M.

In case you needed any more proof that this was a winning outfit, here’s added proof:

Ways To Wear Your Christmas Jumper
Source: Pardon My Obsession

8 – Little Black Skirt + Knee High Boots

Ways To Wear Christmas Jumpers
Source: Lorena Serban

It’s a classic example of ways to wear your Christmas jumper done right if you ask us. Pair the jumper with a little black skirt, some thick black tights, some knee high black boots and a comfy, cosy wooly hat. What more could you ask for? It’s practical, comfortable and cute.

9 – Long A-Line Grey Skirt

Ways To Wear Your Christmas Jumper
Source: Dani Mikaela McGowan

These adorable Gap Christmas jumper is definitely in our eyes and although not a conventional festively coloured outfit, is still very much ‘on point‘ nevertheless.

Pair your pastel or bright Christmas jumper with a simple cut A-line grey skirt, and add some pastel coloured booties for an added cuteness. We couldn’t help but fall in love with this outfit. There’s something very festively innocent about it, don’t you think?

10 – Black Suede Shorts

Ways To Wear Your Christmas Jumper
Source: Her Satisfasion

Bare legs is probably too brave a choice when you’re living in cold and rainy Britain but I do like the sound of pairing your cutest Christmas jumper with a pair of black shorts (they don’t need to be suede obviously) and some thick black tights with knee high boots or ankle booties.

What do you think?


We’ve given you the cutest ten ways to wear your Christmas jumper and what damn cute outfits they were too, don’t you think? How would you have worn yours differently? Tag your festive snaps on social media with #CherryCherryBeauty for a chance to be featured!