11 Absolutely Brilliant DIY Garden Lighting Projects

Lighting is important in any space within your home, and the garden is no exception. A string of fairy lights, for example, could completely transform what would once have been a dark corner, into a beautiful little space that you can’t wait to spend the evenings in. Add a glass of wine, a good cup of steaming cocoa, and perhaps a blanket or a good book, and you’re on to a winner.

So, how do you get the perfect lighting without spending a small fortune on a space of your home that you only use for six to eight months of the year? You look at these absolutely brilliant DIY garden lighting projects that we have spotted on Facebook, Pinterest and in other blogs. We’ll warn you now, some of them are so brilliant, you’re going to want to get your arts and rafts on right away. That’s the effect it had on us anyway …

1 – Terra Cotta Lighthouse Lamp

It looks fabulous, and even better than that, it’s super easy to make. You cowld even get the kids involved. All you’ll need to hand is a few terra-cotta pots, some paint, some weather resistant spray, and a bit of imagination. Oh, and if you happen to have an old solar panel garden light that you’re no longer using, that would come in mighty handy too.

Turn the pots upside down and then paint them in the stunning red shades you can see here. Alternatively, go against the grain and paint it whatever you like. We think it would also look in white – have you done this? Show us!

Source: ThriftyFun

Glue everything together on the base, and then add the solar panel light to the top (minus the spoke that you would have used to stick it in the ground), and you have something that took only a few hours to make at the weekend. It’ll make a great talking point for when you have company round, and it lights up spaces of your garden you might not have had the chance to light up before. Stick it in the flower bed or on the patio – it’s entirely up to you!

We’ve also spotted a really handy tutorial on this DIY garden lighting projects, and you can find that HERE:

Flower Pot Lighthouse

2 – DIY Outdoor Fairy Lanterns

If you love fairies (who doesn’t), how do you feel about having the cutest fairy themed lights in your back garden? We know, we thought it was a great idea too, and there are actually loads of ways in which you can incorporate this great idea into your DIY garden lighting ideas.

Source: Etsy

We have found a number of tutorials on Facebook and Youtube, all with slightly different ways of having that fairy theme inserted into the lighting, and all bloody marvellous, even if we do say so ourselves. We can personally recommend this amazing tutorial from Lolly Palooza. We also found the cute one below on Facebook too. Don’t forget to shout out your favourites in the comments blow. We’d love to know which ones you want to try for yourself.

3 – Simple Tealight Candles

Simple yet very effective, tea light candles are the easiest ways to bring some life into your light … and that goes for both inside and outside of the home too. You can use old food jars, combined with wire to make them lanterns, and then just hang them from metal spokes, or tree branches if it is safe to do so. You could even spray-paint your jars if you wanted to add some colour into the mix, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Add glitter, different finishes, add lots of them together, or a few of them in a line … The choice is yours, and we can’t wait to see what you choose!

Diy Garden Lighting Projects 5

Source: Pinterest

4 – DIY Solar Lamp Chandelier

Do you have an old chandelier that you’re not sure what you should do with? Perhaps there’s an old lighting fixture like this hiding away in the back of your grandmother’s shed somewhere? You might just find little beauties like this in second-hand / vintage stores too. You should grab them immediately. Why? Because DIY garden lighting projects like this chandelier idea are a must-have. You are most definitely going to want a chandelier in the back garden. Who wouldn’t?

Diy Garden Lighting Projects 2

Source: HomeJelly

You will need someone to help you remove the wiring from inside the lamp if you’re not a dab hand at the ol’ electrics yourself, but the rest of it is all pretty simple. You’ll need something strong to hang it from whatever you’re going to hand it from, and you’ll need to make sure that everything is nice and sturdy too. You won’t want this falling on someone’s head when they come round for a summer BBQ. Spray paint it whatever colour you like, and then use a hot glue gun to affix those solar panel lights that you can buy cheap enough to the top. Once everything is dry and ready to go, the sun will charge the solar panels throughout the day, and once the night hits, everything will be wonderfully illuminated in quite a dramatic fashion. Because, once again, why wouldn’t you want a chandelier in the back garden?

And, just to make life even easier for you, we’ve found a tutorial for DIY garden lighting projects just like this one on Facebook. You can find that here:

DIY Solar Chandelier

5 – Tin Planter Floating Candles

Use the things you already have in your garden to put together for your DIY garden lighting projects. Tin planters, for example, can be stacked up, with soil and plants growing along or across the sides / edges, and you could even have a bird bath in the top, which would double up as a centre for floating candles in the evenings. Don’t you see? There are so many ways to make these your own, and we can’t wait to see what magic you create.

Diy Garden Lighting Projects 6

Source: Pinterest

6 – Creative DIY Garden Lighting Projects

If you want DIY gardening lighting projects you can really sink your teeth into, and not something that you can get ‘over and done with’ as soon as you can over the weekend, how about opting for something a little more creative? We love the way that a lantern has been creative hung from an old wooden post in this lighting look, and if you had more time on your hands, you could create a runway of them, leading all the way down the garden path.

If you’re getting rid of an old bannister / railing / barrier from your stairs, think before you throw them away. Could you affix solar panel lights to the top of them? Could they be used to hang lanterns from, just as you can see here? There are plenty of ways to upcycle old wood posts, and this is a great one to start with. Decorate as you see fit, although we love the stars on these. What kind of decorations would you use?

Diy Garden Lighting Projects 9

Source: Pinterest

7 – Boozy Party Bottles

Are you planning for your garden to be the hub of the party? Why not add some party-themed lighting, with these vodka-themed bottle lights. You can buy battery-operated fairy lights these days, and they’re easily shoved into the glass bottles and carried outside. Just remember to bring them in again when you’re done with them. You don’t want any accidents, after all.

You could even create more permanent outdoor lighting fixtures if you had more time on your hands. String fairy lights through the bottles after you’ve used the burning rope + alcohol trick to cut off the bottoms. It’s entirely up to you, but we would always suggest getting as creative as you can. We want to share what you’ve magicked up!

For the record, if you want to ‘fake it’, we found these bottle lights on Etsy, and if you click on the link beneath the image, you’ll be taken right to them.

Diy Garden Lighting Projects 10

Source: Etsy

8 – DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

These DIY wine bottle tiki style torches actually kill two birds with one stone. Not only do they help to create a beautiful ambience in your outdoor area, lighting up spaces that the wires just don’t reach, but they can also help to ward off nasty bugs that will chew your skin and ruin your evening. If you hate being bitten by gnats, mosquitos, etc. use citronella-scented oils in your tiki style torches. It’s known to repel them!

Diy Garden Lighting Projects 3

Source: Redeem Your Ground

Of course, technically you’re killing three birds here, because you’re also finding a great way to re-use all those old wine and other booze bottles you’ve been stocking up. Also: providing the perfect excuse to drink more win and make more torches. Friends and family need them too, right … ?

If you’re looking for a tutorial for something like this, don’t panic. We’ve found you one! (Aren’t we the best!) Just in case you wanted a step-by-step guide on how to start DIY garden lighting projects like these at home, you should check this out:

Wine Bottle Torches

These wine bottle torches are a cozy addition to any outdoor entertaining space. ?

Posted by Nifty Outdoors on Thursday, 16 March 2017

9 – Wine Bottle DIY Garden Lighting Projects

Okay, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. These wine bottle DIY garden lighting projects can actually be purchased on Etsy, for the grand old price of £10* each. Just in case you wanted to have a bash yourself, however, you CAN do it at home with the right information.

(But if you want to buy them, you’ll find the link below the image – you’re welcome!)

The first tutorial you will want to look at is one to help you break the bottom away from the bottle. In order to do this, you will need alcohol, something like a lighter or matches to start a flame, a bucket of ice cold water, some thick rubber gloves, and some rope. You need to soak the top in the alcohol and then wind it around the bottom of the bottle. Set fire to the tope, spin it around and wait for everything to get nice and fiery, and then drop the entire lot (carefully) into the ice cold water in the bucket. If the flames have been going for long enough, the heat from the flame on the rope will cause the glass to crack, and the bottom to come away quite neatly and nicely. From there, you insert a whisk, add a way to hang it, and then throw a taillight candle into the mix. As we’ve said before, citronella is good for keeping those pesky bugs at bay, so consider these scented candles to hang among the tree branches.

Diy Garden Lighting Projects 8

Source: Etsy

10 – Wooden Candle Focal Piece

How much time do you have on your hands? Do you want a project that you can really get creative with? How about creating a piece that sits on the wall, designed to hold candles? You can add as many or as few as you’d like, and you can paint it whatever way you like too. You could even let the kids get creative with this one, decorating it as they see fit. If you want a fun and carefree look about your outdoor spaces, we would definitely recommend livening it up with bright colours, pretty flowers, and lots of candles with a scent that repels mosquitos and other bugs, such as citronella.

Diy Garden Lighting Projects 11

Source: Pinterest

11 – Rustic Upcycled Can Candles

If you were looking for a way to do your bit for the environment and make your garden space look better at the same time, we would definitely recommend upcycling old food tins so that you can have new candle holders. These are simply made, and can be customised a hundred thousand ways.

While you’re here too, why not take a peek at another post we think you might like:

Diy Garden Lighting Projects 7

Source: Pinterest

And there you have them – 11 absolutely brilliant DIY garden lighting projects that we definitely think we need to give a try ourselves. Which of these looks has been your favourite? Have any of them inspired you to get a little creative yourself? Have you recently created a wonderful garden masterpiece? If you fancy showing it off, send your pics into us! We’d love to feature your beautiful home, and you’ll find our social media details at the top and to the right of this page. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got to show us, and just remember to let us know whether or not we can showcase you in one of our CherryCherryBeauty posts!

Thanks for reading, and for supporting CherryCherryBeauty. If there’s anything you’d like to see, let us know. We LOVE it when you leave us with requests!

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