11 Easy Halloween Snacks

Have you decided on a last minute party but haven’t got your food and snack ideas together yet? Fear not – here are 11 easy Halloween snacks that are easy to make, can even be made with the kids to give them something entertaining to do, and all of your party guests will love. There’s even a few healthy, low-calorie options in there, but you’ve never know it.

We bet you’re intrigued now … Come, make yourself a cup of tea, find a comfy chair, let’s get Halloween-party-planning!

To be fair, cheesecake is one of the easiest desserts you can make, whether it’s Halloween or otherwise. Plus you can make cheesecake from a whole host of different recipes.

Easy Halloween Snacks

With this particular one, a chocolate biscuit base has been used, along with a chocolate-mousse style cheesecake mix, and the whole thing has had a beautiful blood-red sauce drizzled over it, mimicking blood. That red sauce can easily be blitzed up strawberries, or even different sauces coloured with red food colouring.

You might think that post-Halloween is the perfect excuse to eat all the chocolate and candy leftover, but re-think that. Some of your sweet treats will store (in the right environments) for a long time, so you really don’t need to eat it all at once. No really, you don’t. Your candy corn, for example, can last for up to nine months if you store it in a cool, dry cupboard. Milk and dark chocolates will also last for up to two years. Sorry to disappoint you.

Easy Halloween Snacks

We love these witchy cupcakes, and just like many of the easy Halloween snacks you can see here, the recipe can easily be customised to give you something that’ll be suitable for everyone. Chocolate cupcakes have been used here, but you could make plain cupcakes, blueberry muffins, in fact, any kind you like. It’s all about the decoration!

Halloween might seem like the perfect time to go nuts with the silly string, but this definitely isn’t the case if you’re partying it up in Hollywood. You can be fined a thousand dollars for spraying the silly stuff around, and this is all because so many people ruined the town over All Hallow’s Eve, covering everything. Rather than wasting your hard earned cash on silly string, get your treats and Halloween snacks right instead. We’d suggest something like this one …

Easy Halloween Snacks

These Rice Krispie brain cakes are a great idea if you want to really gross people out, and it’s a great recipe that you can get the kids involved with too. They’ll love messing around and decorating their little brains with plenty of icing, and you could use red colouring for blood, or even green for zombie slime, or any other colour you like.

In case you wondered what treats were best to give out when preparing for trick or treaters, 50% of kids are said to prefer chocolate, although there’s no surprise there. Only 24% of kids asked liked other form of candy – non-chocolate, boiled sweets, that kind of thing, and only ten percent of kids would have liked gum in their treat bag.

Easy Halloween Snacks

Moving away from chocolate and sweets entirely, we really love the idea of these Babybel eyeballs, easily made with a cocktail stick and ketchup for those red squiggles, and olives cut up for the shape of the eye. A plate full of these … we reckon everyone would be a tad creeped out!

Pumpkins are a common associated symbol of Halloween, and when the National Agricultural Statistics Service performed a survey in 2014, the biggest pumpkin-producing states in America produced an astonishing amount of pumpkins – over 1.3 BILLION. In case you were wondering, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and California are the US states which produce the biggest quantities of the orange vegetable.

Easy Halloween Snacks

This dip idea is a really easy one, and a hilarious one too. Plus it gives you something to do with all those pumpkins you’ve carved. There’s no room for all of them on the front door step, right?

Going back to those agricultural roots of Halloween, the idea of bonfires being lit isn’t actually a new idea. Back in Samhaim, ancient Celtic times, fires would be started in a bid to remind the sun to come back to them once winter was done. The cold months ahead would be hard on the people relying on a good harvest to survive, and the sun was necessary to thaw the snow and ice and bring things back to life again.

Easy Halloween Snacks

When you’re celebrating with your bonfire this year, why not add these spider mini pizzas into the mix to spook things up nicely? These can easily be added next to a BBQ food table, and you could even make these at home with the kids for something fun to do during the day while you’re waiting for all the ghost and ghouls to wake up.

These bat bites are super east to make once you break them down into smaller sections – the bottom is make up of individual Reece’s Pieces, and you could make them bigger or smaller, dependant on the size you have. The wings are easily made with Oreo biscuits cut in half (both the two biscuits separate from each other, and then each of those in half again.)

Easy Halloween Snacks

Serve them all together with a couple of white blobs of icing for the eyes, and then a blob of black for the centre of the eyes, and what do you have? Bat bites, that’s what.

In 2000, a different kind of trick or treating was introduced in the USA – trunk or treating. Rather than having kids roam the streets in search for goodies, knocking (rather unsafely) on the doors of random strangers, a church parking lot or school yard would be used instead. Cars would simply line up and the kids could jump from one to the other, collecting treats as they went. Much safer, don’t you think?

Easy Halloween Snacks

We think these Dracula’s Dentures would have do down really well, whatever kind of trick-of-treating event you’re holding, and it’s simply a matter of using a cookie cut in half, some icing sugar mixed into paste with some red food colouring, and a few marshmallows for the teeth. Obviously the smaller marshmallows would work better here.

A couple of peanuts cleverly cut and placed at the front of the mouth make for perfect vampire fangs, and we think it’s a cute Halloween snack that both kids and adults would go crazy for. What do you think?

In studies performed in 2015, it was reported that adults spend just over $75 on Halloween-related paraphernalia. This could be costumes, decor, candy for the kids, etc. In the same year, almost seventy percent of all households celebrated the spooky day in one way or another.

Easy Halloween Snacks

Melt some white chocolate, add some orange food dye, and dip your pretzels into them. You could even paint the top of the pretzel green if you wanted to go one step further, and you could even replace the white chocolate with a number of different things to make it suitable for a number of food intolerances and allergies too.

You’d have thought that Valentine’s Day would have been the biggest holiday throughout the year for people to binge-buy chocolate, but it’s actually Halloween – another fun fact we’re sure you didn’t know. In reports released by stores, almost twice as much chocolate (and other candies) are sold at Halloween than on V-Day!

Easy Halloween Snacks

We’re not giving you chocolate though, and we’re not even sorry for that. We’re giving you Boo-Nana Pops because the name is hilarious! Say it out loud!

They’re super easy to make – get a banana, cut it like you can see in the picture, stick it on a lolly stick, dunk it in some white chocolate / yogurt, and freeze. What do you have? The spookiest of all the easy Halloween snacks. Just have a couple of empty miniature cauldrons lying around so everyone has someone to stick their lolly stick when they’re done.

This idea is a great one of you’re planning on serving up a load of meat at your Halloween party, perhaps at a BBQ or something similar? You just need to get your Halloween table decorations started by getting a table that’ll be long enough to hold your body-buffet, an old shirt, an old pair of jeans, and some fake blood. Obviously you’ll want to keep the latter away from your food, but it’s good to decorate the clothes with.

Easy Halloween Snacks

Cut sections out of the jean-legs to install the pyrex dishes, and fill these with boned meat – chicken wings and thighs, for example, or turkey drumsticks. Do the same for the torso – sausages for the intestines, and ribs for the actual ribs. You could go as far as you liked with this one, even using some of the other ideas we’ve already shown you to bring it all together. It’s fun and super disgusting. Doesn’t it make your inner big kid come out to play?

So, out of the 11 easy Halloween snacks we’ve shown you, which ones are you planning on serving up at your Halloween party 2016? If you need a little more inspiration on Halloween foods, drinks, decorations, makeup, or costume ideas, take a peek around while you’re here at CherryCherryBeauty! We’d love to know what you thought of some of our favourites!

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