11 Halloween Cocktails

We know that you guys want your parties to go off with a really big bang this Halloween, and just one of the ways that you can make an impact is with he right food and drink. No party would be complete without refreshments for your guests, and seeing as we’ve covered food, we felt it was only fair that we brought to you our favourite Halloween cocktails for right now.

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1 – Vampire Cocktail

What could be better than one of these Halloween cocktails? It’s a vampire cocktail, and it looks pretty much as it sounds like it should – bloody, and bloody good too!

Found on Food Network UK | Click for recipe

You’ll need vanilla ice cream, triple sec, grenadine, and white creme de cacao to nail this bloody beverage, and if you click on the image above, you’ll be taken to the full recipe so you can try it out for yourself.

2 – Black Velvet

For when you want a drink that’s as black and as cold as your heart, what about this hearty black velvet, a mix of Guinness and sparkling wine. It doesn’t sound much like a combination you’d enjoy, but wait until you give it a try.

Found on Real Simple | Click for recipe

We promise you this one is one you won’t regret. Well … apart from the hangover the morning after obviously, but that’s to be expected from a really good Halloween part.

3 – Zombie Cocktail

Because why wouldn’t you want to drink something called a Zombie Cocktail? In fact, when it comes to Halloween cocktails, the weirder the name the better we reckon, how about you?

Spotted on Food Network UK | Click for recipe

This fruity little number will require a trip to the shops before you get hands on with your cocktail shaker, and as well as light and dark (or Jamaican) rum, you’ll need apricot brandy, lime juice, grenadine, orange juice, ice, Bacardi, cherries, orange slices, and a decent enough glass with decent enough accessories to Halloween it all up. Did you get all that?

In case you didn’t, just click on the image and you’ll be taken to the full recipe. We like to make life nice and easy like that.

4 – Black Magic Jello Shots

Let’s face it, Halloween is the perfect time to go back to your misspent youth and enjoy those jello shots again. Or jelly, if you’re in the UK. You’re going to learn how to layer your booze in this spooky themed recipe, one blue layer and one purple layer which you could, of course, customise with different shades if you wish.

Spotted on Bread Booze Bacon | Click for recipe

You’ll need jelly for this recipe (obviously), and you should choose your shades carefully – the colour of the jelly will be the colour of that layer, unless you start playing around with food colouring and that’s when things get a tad more complicated. The only other ingredient necessary for this boozy treat is vodka. Good news, right?

5 – Candy Corn Jello Shots

While we’re on the subject of jello shots (because we’re kids and clearly need to grow up a tad), what do you think about these Candy Corn Jello Shots? We love them, and when you see how easy they are to recreate for your own Halloween party, you’ll love them too.

Spotted on That’s So Michelle | Click for recipe

You’ll need oranges – this is the ‘bowl’ of sorts that the jello is sitting within, and you’ll also need orange jelly itself, some coconut milk, some gelatin, sugar, and some whipped cream too. There’s nothing about that recipe we don’t like, and to recreate these push sounding boozy beverages for yourself this Halloween, click on the image to be taken to the full recipe.

6 – El Diablo

Well … it has a scary sounding name and that’s why we’re putting this one on the list of Halloween cocktails, plus El Diablo was the name of one of the super villains in the recent Suicide Squad movie, so we reckon it’s good enough. What do you think?

Found on Real Simple | Click for recipe

You’ll need ginger beer, tequila (obviously), creme de cassis, lime juice, and a couple of wedges of lime to make it look pretty, and you have something that’ll blow your socks off and keep the guests happy all at the same time. Always a winner!

7 – Bloody Brain Shooter

Right, you know anything with the name ‘brain’ in it is going to be brutal, so be warned. These Halloween cocktails really will blow your brain.

You’ll need strawberry vodka, which you can make yourself by the way, and also some lime juice, Bailey’s or other Irish cream-style drink to help create that cradled ‘brain’ look, and a splash of grenadine. You know, because grenadine looks like blood in drinks. Just in case you were looking for something that wasn’t quite as gross-tasting as tomato juice to do the job.

Spotted on Food Network UK | Click for recipe

You’ll need straws to dunk the Bailey’s into the drink to cause it to curdle in such a brain-like manner, but it’ll be super fun to get playing and creative. Maybe get your guests to make their own brains, and even have awards (more drinks obviously) for the winning ones?

8 – Walker Blood Sangria

Because you know we can’t resist anything that sounds like it might be associated with The Walking Dead, which is coming back soon by the way. We’re so excited about it. So excited, in fact, that we might just need to start drinking this Walker Blood Sangria now. What do you think (Never too soon, right?)

Spotted on Cravings of a Lunatic | Click for recipe

You’ll need red wine, pomegranate juice, Cointreau, sparkling water, ice, sliced oranges, and other Halloweeny stuff to decorate it. If you click on the image, you’ll find the full recipe, and we suggest that you take a peek – it looks and sounds lush, and we’re totally not drinking it at 1pm in the afternoon at all …

9 – Hard Cider Pumpkin Float

What could go better with your Halloween cocktails than plenty of pumpkin – the biggest symbol associated with the festivities. If you love pumpkin everything, you’re going to love this Hard Cider Pumpkin Float, a really fun way to get boozy at Halloween.

Spotted on Dine and Dish | Click for recipe

You’ll need some sort of cider, pick your favourite, it’s your drink after all. You’ll also need some pumpkin flavoured ice cream. If you can’t find it, make some of your own. There are plenty of recipes, and we’ve spotted a few which we’ll share with you below. Plus, who doesn’t like the sound of pumpkin ice cream … and it gives you something to do with all those leftovers you’re not sure what to do with.

For more details on this delicious sounding boozy beverage, click on the image – it’ll take you to the full recipe.

10 – Halloween Pumpkin Punch

We know that pumpkins and Halloween go hand in hand, though many of us don’t really know the reasons why. Here’s a fun fact to go hand in hand with your Halloween cocktails. Because life is always so much more fun with a fun fact … (Sheldon Cooper would totally agree.)

Spotted on Honestly Yum | Click for recipe

In the ‘old days’, there was once an Irish man called Jack who made too many deals with the devil and screwed him over, quite frankly. The Devil wasn’t happy about all this nonsense, as you can probably imagine, and banished Jack to a life or purgatory. Jack carved turnips to create Jack O’Lanterns in a bid to help him find his way.

You see – wasn’t that interesting? And now, let’s get drink with this packin’ pumpkin punch! For more details on this delicious sounding boozy beverage, click on the image – it’ll take you to the full recipe.

11 – Black Sun

Sometimes it’s just a case of using simple Halloween-themed accessories to make your cocktail as spooky as it needs to be, and you could add a slice of orange, or even a swirly piece of orange peel, to bring the spooky Halloween theme into the mix here. Oh, and it’s called Black Sun too – it sounds spooky, and black is another colour often associated with Halloween.

Spotted on Real Simple | Click for recipe

You’ll need Cointreau and dark rum if you want to recreate these Halloween cocktails, and Coca-Cola or Diet Coke is necessary for the mixer. Add a slice of orange for that Halloween twist, and add some spooky-themed accessories such as swizzle sticks or Halloweeny umbrellas and everyone at the part will want one.

Of course, you could always ignore all of these Halloween cocktails and come up with recipes of your own. Just be sensible, and don’t mix too many drinks together. That’s when you have a recipe for disaster, not a recipe for Halloween cocktail success, and you want people to look back and remember your arty for all the right reasons … not all the wrong ones.

Don’t forget, if you come up with any brilliant Halloween cocktails of your own, or you just want to share your creepy creations, send them our way – tag us with #CherryCherryBeauty on Twitter and Instagram. We’d love to feature you!