11 Halloween Food Ideas

Are you thinking of having a Halloween party this year? Maybe you’re just looking for something Halloweeny to do things with the kids to make it fun and exciting? Maybe you’re just looking for a healthier way to ‘treat’ the kids, rather than stuffing them full of candy and chocolates? Whatever the reason, these 11 Halloween food ideas are brilliant, and they all look spookily delicious too!

The simplest of all the Halloween food ideas – hot dog fingers, and what could be easier? You need hot dog buns, hot dogs, and a knife.


Use the knife to scoop a little out the tip to look like a fingernail, and then add some ketchup to make it look like blood, and you have something that’ll fill everyone up, soak up the alcohol (if necessary), and give everyone the giggles.

Don’t you think this snack food is brilliant? What works better for Halloween food ideas, than these carved-pepper lanterns, stuffed with … well, whatever you liked really. The peppers are easily carved with a steady hand and a knife, and you just need to make sure you keep the stalk on when you cut the tops off – these will act like the top of the head. And a lid.


You could stuff these peppers with flavoured rice, cous cous, minced beef, BBQ’d stuff, whatever you fancied. Totally customisable, super easy, and even the kids could get involved. Not that you’d waste the good Halloween food ideas on the kids …

It’s so simple, and we know you won’t see the creepy cheese not he cheeseburgers when the top of the burger bun is on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun in the meantime. Halloween is meant to be fun after all.


It’s so simple – you need burger buns, burgers, and sliced cheese. You simply cut the triangle-eyes and mouth-shape out of the cheese before placing on top of the cooked burger. Mustard could be used as ‘zombie’s spit’, and ketchup obviously makes for perfect blood too. Excellent idea!

It’s so creepy, we almost don’t know if we could eat it, but there’s something about this full body buffet that we kinda love … only for Halloween food ideas though. It’s not the kind of thing that Grandma would be impressed with during Sunday brunch.


You can pick up those skull heads everywhere, and for pretty cheap too. Add that the to the top of a glass pyrex dish, preferably rectangular in shape, and then fill with ribs where the ribs would be, and mini cocktail sausages where the intestines would be. What a great idea, right?

Again, another very simple idea – you need a stick and a marshmallow, and you know what would work really well as a stick … liquorice!


Stick your liquorice into the marshmallow, and then decorate the marshmallows if you wanted to. This is a great one for the kids to join in with, and you could go nuts with the food colouring too. Add sprinkles, dunk them in melted chocolate, go nuts! It’s Halloween!

What do you get when you dunk a strawberry in white chocolate, and then use small chocolate chips or piped melted chocolate in the place of eyes and a mouth? You get spooky strawberries of course! These little guys look like ghosts!


It’s a great way to get the kids (or adults) to eat healthily (ish), and they’re so simple and fast to make. Add food colouring for a way to liven things up too. The possibilities are endless.

You could bake your own blood spattered biscuits, or just decorate some you bought, with this easy Halloween snack idea. Red spatters always look like blood, no matter what you’re decorating, so why wouldn’t you decorate your cakes and biscuits with some of the red stuff?


White icing sugar helps to make the blood-red of the fake blood stand out, and you could even do the same thing with gingerbread men and a number of other items. Once again, the possibilities are endless.

What a great idea – devil meringues, a great way of livening up an easy and favourite dessert so that it matches the rest of your Halloween decorations.


Red food colouring can be added to the meringue mix to make it that great blood-red colour, and you could use either black food colouring for those dollops on the top to look like devil ears, or you could even use melted chocolate … Just saying.

When the kids are bored with bloody hotdog fingers, what about magnificent mummies … AKA hotdogs wrapped up in pastry with eyes added to look like a mummy.


Another great one that the kids will enjoying making with you, you could even do the same with smaller cocktail sausages. You could have an entire mummy-army!

Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about cupcakes now. And once again, the importance of food colouring in your Halloween food ideas has been shown. The chocolate base on the bottom is easily enough recreated with cocoa, but you’ll need an orange colour to mix in the batter that you pour over the top.


Complete your Halloween brownie cupcakes with some piped icing sugar, and traditional orange and black sprinkles. Halloween-indeed!

You could use this idea for a number of Halloween food ideas, savoury and sweet alike. You could make finger-shaped biscuits with an almond at the end to replace the fingernail, and you could make a jam-based sauce to dunk them into. In fact, you could even just add yogurt with some red food colouring.


Flip things around and you could always use these freaky finger dippers for savoury Halloween food ideas too – cheese twists in the shape of fingers rather than twists, for example, or anything pastry based. Rather than having a jam-based dish, you could have a tomato-based salsa. You see – there are so many ideas you could use!

And there you have them – 11 great Halloween food ideas that are easy to do, don’t get a whole bunch of ingredients, and can easily be done in your own kitchen with the help of your kids if you need some extra hands.

And who said multitasking was hard work?