16 Ways to Wear Black Jeans

Black jeans are an absolute must-have for your wardrobe and for good reason. Not only are they versatile but they’re also flattering, you can wear them up or down, and if you opt for the right kind of style, shape and brand, you might even find they make you feel a million bucks too!

If you’re still not sure and need a little style inspiration, check out these 16 ways to wear black jeans as shown by only the hottest of fashion and style bloggers:

Source: Bloglovin'
source: Bloglovin’

The easiest way you can wear your black jeans is with a pair of simple black ankle boots, a sweater or plain tee, and then layer up the accessories. The skull and crossbones scarf instantly updates the look and when you pair it with a hat (you could consider a pom-pom hat or a beanie for the winter), you have a thrown-together look that is actually very on-trend.

Source: Theblackeffect
Source: theblackeffect

If your old black jeans are looking a little worse for wear, head on over to YouTube, watch a few tutorials on how to rip and distress your own jeans and get creative. You can re-dye them black with some fabric dyes and even if they’re faded, it’ll just look like they were meant to be worn that way. There’s no need to rush out and buy new ones. Not yet anyway…

While we’re on the subject of ripped n’ racy, add a black racing jacket for a look with high-attitude, and if you don’t quite fancy the red laced-up tip you see here (which we do!), you could always just add plain black lazy tee.

Source: Diana Manolova
Source: Diana Manolova

Everyone knows the easiest way to wear jeans is to layer them up especially during winter. This look is more simple than it looks. You’ve got ripped black jeans, whatever shirt you fee like, and a bulky scarf and bobble-hat to go with that super cosy jacket. That’s all it is, more than likely things you’ve already got in your closet.

Take a lesson in layering – start with the basics and work your way up. It won’t take long before you’ve thrown a cool outfit together.

Source: Pandamone

Monochrome is always in trend so one of the best ways to wear black jeans is with a simple white coat for a look that is both stylish and effortlessly trendy. If you’re a clumsy person (like me), substitute the white coat for white accessories instead. This white coat won’t look so great with mud and dirt marks all over it.

Go for a black jacket and team the look with a white scarf, hat or bag instead. White accessories are just as good as a white jacket. We’d just probably recommend avoiding white shoes if the weather’s bad.

Source: Jo And Company Style
Source: Jo and Company Style

Black jeans, comfy cardi or coat, fringed bag.

Three items, one complete look. Pair with a simple pair of black boots, or go super spangly like the beauties you can see here, and you have one of the perfect ways to wear black jeans. You can add a scarf and a sweater for when the weather gets cold, or strip the layers way and go with a simple tee and hold off on the comfy cardi for the warmer months.

Source: Whatkumquat
Source: WhatKumquat

It’s classic, it’s easy and it takes five minutes. Everything goes with all-black everything so once you’ve paired your black jeans with black shoes (or boots for winter) and a black top, all you need to do is work out what colour pop you’re going to go with. It’s not like you don’t own enough handbags… Why not make one of those your feature for today?

Source: Makeupalamoda

If you don’t think you can wear trainers and look cool, here’s how you do it. Funky Adidas kicks are very much in right now and when you keep the rest of the look simple and neutral, you can still keep it looking on trend.

It doesn’t even need to be Adidas kicks either – Converse, Vans and even hi-tops are all ‘in’ right now so let your feet do the talking in comfort for once!

Source: Bangbangblond

OK, so you might not be lucky enough to have a Gucci bag just hanging around in the back of your wardrobe but if you have a designer handbag or a really nice pair of shoes, work them around your black jeans. You know you feel good when you’re rocking that designer number so show it off from time to time. When you keep the rest of the look casual like these black jeans and comfy sweater / layered vest combo, it’s a day time to wear the accessories you’d normally save for a great night out.

Source: Clothes To Midnight
Source: Clothes to Midnight

If you don’t own a white leather jacket, it might be time to look at investing. These Hudson black jeans and Annie Bing boots work so well together with the white shirt and jacket combo and it’s a look that could easily pass for day or night. Comfy boots for daytime wear and killer heels for the evening’s events. It’s perfectly versatile.

Source: The Black Feather
Source: The Black Feather

You can’t see the back here (click on the link for more images) but it has a wrap-back, giving you a great way to bare some flesh during the winter without getting too cold!

The top (from Boohoo) works really well with these Topshop jeans but even if you don’t have the luxury of a featured-back sweater to wear, a simple grey one will work just as well. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to dig out that faux-fur coat you bought but haven’t quite gotten around to wearing yet…

Source: Holynights
Source: Holynights

Black and grey – one very simple colour combination but also one that allows for maximum effect. These tapered black jeans which cut off just above the ankle help to elongate the legs when worn with heeled ankle booties like you can see here, and even as something as simple as tucking in your shirt rather than letting it hang down can make the world of difference to your existing wardrobe.

The first thing we suggest you do is to start tucking in the tops you would normally wear daily. You’ll be surprised at how much the outfit changes.

Source: Do You Remember Me?
Source: Do you remember me?

It’s young and fun and actually very simple. Slogan tee’s are everywhere right now and if you can’t find a quote that matches your day, why not get one made instead?

Pair your jeans with a simple slogan tee and a tied-up gingham oversized shirt and you can recreate this rocking look. Black Doc Marten-style boots would perfect it, and the beanie with denim jacket are optional extras.

Source: The Trendique

Faux-fur is always in trend and let’s face it, it’s cold outside. Wrap up warm and simply pair your black jeans with a simple tee and the comfiest, furriest jacket or coat you own. Complete the look with some simple black ankle boots and you have an outfit that took you about three minutes to throw together!

Source: The Trendique

For those times you need your look to be a little smarter, add a black blazer to your black jeans and then complete the look with black pointed heeled boots, or pointed court shoes if you want to bare a bit of foot-flesh.

If you don’t want to look too ‘all-black-everything’, add a pop of colour with a statement handbag.

Source: The Trendique

If you want to feminise your look, keep things sweet and simple with easy flowing lines. Think soft materials and muted tones and you’ll have the right idea. A flowing nude coloured vest or sleeveless jacket goes well over white shirts and even vest tops, and is a great idea for a soft cover up that’s easy to wear in summer and can easily be layered in winter.

Source: The Trendique

And for all those times you need something a little sassier, just add some black lace. A black lacy over-tee will set well over a black back spaghetti-strapped vest top and is one of the most simple and flattering looks you can go for. The biker jacket helps to keep things modern, but you could even consider adding something with a little more sparkle if you wanted to wear the outfit for a dressier occasion.


So what have we learned?

Black and black goes very well together. As does black and white. And if you can add just the right pop of colour, you are most definitely on to a winner.

Black is not only one of the easiest and more versatile colours to wear, it’s also the most flattering making it perfect for all those times you just weren’t feeling quite up to your best. These sassy styles are sure to help you bounce back, rocked by style blogger and fashionistas all over the world.