18 Green Interior Design Ideas

We’ve decided to take a closer look at green interior design ideas. Why? Because green is set to be a big interior design trend for 2017, and all shades of green are going to be a really big deal. It’s a colour of rebirth, regrowth, and renewal, often seen as a sign of spring – the green grass growing and green leaves coming back to the trees. It’s an ‘earth’ colour, calming on your mood. It’s an emotionally positive shade, and that means good things for your home.

1 – Green Leaf Wallpaper

The colour between blue and yellow on the colour spectrum, green can also be seen as a negative shade, usually associated with envy. One thing is for certain, with a room like this all your friends will be green with envy. But that’s not a negative emotion for you!

Green Interior Design Ideas
Instagram / @Homepolish

If you’re worried about using a really bright and lairy wallpaper on the wall, don’t cover the entire room with it. You’ll find that one wall containing this crazy print is enough to give you the focal point you need, without taking over the room entirely. You could keep the rest of the walls a neutral shade, perhaps the off-white colour that you can find in the centre of this wallpaper?

2 – Positively Green

In China, green is seen as a colour of serious positivity, encompassing happiness and fertility. There is everything to be positive and happy about when you’re getting into a bed at night that’s in the midst of these beautiful surroundings. As far as green interior design ideas go, this bedroom has got to be one of our favourites. We’re actually considering changing up our room for this look right now.

Green Interior Design Ideas 2
Source: homedesignideas.eu

There are just a few green elements in this picture to bring the theme to life, and when you use a contrast of neutral shades with brighter shades, you only need a few key items to complete the look. The lighting here is green, as is the print on the wall, and then you have the bed linen … Those are easily things you could change yourself without a huge budget.

3 – Leafy Green Interior Design Ideas

Plants are green, and plants are also really good to have in your home. There are plenty to pick from, each of them with their own benefits and disadvantages, but there are a few we think you should definitely include.

Green Interior Design Ideas 3
Source: Red Magazine

Aloe vera not only looks great, its relatively easy to take care of, and you can use it a number of all-natural home remedies. The gel of the leaves are great for easing sunburn and treating a wide range of skin conditions, and there have even been studies to suggest that the plant could actually have massive benefits on the air in your home. It helps to get rid of pollutants you’ll find in the air, and it’ll also show you when the air quality isn’t great. The leaves will start to develop brown spots.

4 – Green Accents

When you’re trying to renovate on a limited budget, picking up a few key accents will be an easy and relatively inexpensive place to start. And yes, it is possible to completely renovate your home on a very limited budget.

Green Interior Design Ideas
Instagram / @em_henderson

If you have old cushion covers, for example, you could easily dye them a new colour to match your new green interior design ideas. If you want to go with a dark green theme, pick up dark green dye and use it to change the colour of pieces you no longer use. Old blankets and throws could be dyed green, as could curtains, bedding, and a wide range of other items. You can pick up fabric dye for pretty cheap. Perhaps it’s an idea worth thinking about?

5 – Dark Green Walls

Right, let’s get this out the way nice and early, shall we? If you want to paint or wallpaper your walls in a dark green shade, you go right ahead and do it. Who cares if everyone else thinks it’s a bad idea? We think it’s a great one, and this beautiful home design shows you how to do it.

Green Interior Design Ideas 2
Instagram / @dominomag

The wall itself has been broken up with those shelves, which we personally think are the greatest idea ever. Lighter coloured pieces have then been added to those shelves, breaking the really dark green contrast up. The lighter coloured couch helps to do the same thing – breaking up the dark wall with the relatively dark flooring, and a light coloured frame has been used on the mirror on the wall. The mirror, again, is another great idea when you’re opting for darker colours, because they’ll help to reflect the light, making your spaces appear bigger, brighter, and more inviting.

6 – Black, White + Green Interior Design Ideas

You can use black and green together, as shown by this beautiful living room idea. White has been used as the colour to break it all up, and we really love those monochrome tones against the beautiful green couch.

Green Interior Design Ideas 2
Instagram / @Homepolish

If you can just afford to add one new key piece to your living room, make the green couch the item you go for. The walls can be painted white for next to nothing these days, and if you already have artwork on the walls that you’re bored with, recycle them. Posters can be added to the frames, the existing art or photos removed from them, and if you feel like getting creative you could even handprint your own art for the walls.

7 – Pink + Green

We’re loving the salmon pink and green interior design ideas in this picture, two shades that you might not have thought about putting together. It definitely works though, as you can see, and it gives off great, summery vibes too.

Green Interior Design Ideas
Instagram / @designsponge

If you have wood cladding on the walls already, don’t be in such a rush to rip them down. Can’t you just give them a new lease of life? You’ll be surprised at how effective a quick slick of paint can be to bright up a dull and dark room, and the two contrasting shades uses here work really well. What do you think though? Would you rock it in your home?

8 – Green Interior Design Ideas For Walls

Here’s an idea for you if you can’t paint the walls in your home. Some rental properties don’t allow for painting without the owner’s consent, and if you’re talking about dark shades, especially green, it might be quite tough to encourage them around to the idea. There are ways that you can work around this and still get the green interior design ideas you want, you just need be smart about it.

Green Interior Design Ideas
Instagram / @dominomag

The dark green splash on the wall could be a murial, it could be hand-painted on fabric and hung from the wall, and it could even be your grandmothers vintage rug, placed on a light framework and fixed to the wall. Just because you can’t paint the walls doesn’t mean you can’t still decorate them, and this is a really great idea.

9 – Green + Clashing Colours?

Clashing colours – how do you feel about them? Now scroll down and take a peek at the green interior design ideas we’ve brought you bellow … Now how you do you feel about them?

Green Interior Design Ideas 2
Instagram / @em_henderson

We would never have thought about putting different shades of green with a different colour entirely. Spot the pink couch, and then spot the pink-red rug on the floor. The rug is what brings everything together as well as it does, the blue bringing in the single chair, and the pink-red colour bringing in the pink background couch. Similar shades are also used in the stained glass effect window, and we kinda love it. A lot. How about you?

10 – Green Feature Wall

Back in the days of the renaissance, green was a colour only really worn by those who were wealthy. These were people such as gentry, merchants, and bankers. It’s often an unused colour in interior design, mostly because people just don’t know how to work it in the right way, but with the right pieces and accents, you too can achieve green interior design ideas that everyone will want to copy.

Green Interior Design Ideas 1
Source: Pinterest

This bedroom idea is another very simple one, a feature wall used to incorporate the main green shade. Cushions, throws, and other accents have been used to infuse the theme throughout, and it’s all been used on a very neutral white and grey / silver backdrop. It’s simple and effective, and definitely one we’d considering copying for our own bedrooms.

11 – House Plant Decor

We would never ever have thought of using actual plants to form an indoor green feature, but when we saw this picture we instantly thought of how we could recreate it for our homes. It’s said that there are loads of benefits to having house plants, and one of the most important is that they’ll help to purify the air. In case you didn’t know, that’ll be really good for your skin.

Green Interior Design Ideas 4
Source: FrenchByDesign

Having house plants dotted around will also help you to breathe better with that air clarification, and this will mean that your immune system will be improved. In turn, this will stop you from getting ill as often as you have been. Not only that but these clever little plants will also help to increase the oxygen in the room, and that helps to make you more alert, help you to concentrate better, and will encourage positive vibes. We think we need more house plants.

12 – Green Feature Space

And what better way to make your home feel more green than with leaves on the wallpaper? If you want a room that is unique, bright, and encourages a positive mood, something green and leafy is definitely a great option. In psychology, your surroundings are very important. When you have a positive and natural environment, your attitude is more likely to match that.

Green Interior Design Ideas 5
Source: Pinterest

If you have alcoves or small walls in your home, that would be the first great place to start when opting for a green wallpaper. If you want to make a big statement with minimal effort, a small space of this design would definitely do that. Plus there are lots of designs like this out there if this one doesn’t quite tickle your fancy. Green leaves are in, it would seem.

13 – Green in the Living Room

The living room is probably one of the easiest rooms to convert into your green-themed room, and there are plenty of green interior design ideas you could use. Well-placed cushions on the couch, for example, can easily add the pop of colour into the mix, and if you didn’t want to go with cushions, there are other pieces to choose from instead. Green curtains, a green rug, a green throw over the couch, and even green art. Art is one of the simplest ways to transform the theme of a room.

Green Interior Design Ideas 6
Source: Pinterest

We really loved this design, the entire room left relatively neutral with the exception of a bright green couch, and a few plants for added measure. Grey works really well with most shades of green, as does brown, and those two shades combined give you a hundred and one way so mix things up and make the earthy blend work for you.

14 – Green Chalkboard Paint

There is something very romantic about this beautiful green bedroom, combined with a hint of peachy-pink to stop it from looking overly masculine. That green paint behind the bed could easily be created into chalkboard paint with the right know-how, and you and your loved one could leave each the cutest good morning and good night messages.

Green Interior Design Ideas 7
Source: The Maker Place

In order to make chalkboard paint, you’ll need a few ingredients. They include:

  • Latex paint
  • Mixing cup / bucket
  • Non-sanded grout
  • Something to mix the paint with
  • Brush or roller (whatever you’re painting with)

If you want the full tutorial for making your own chalkboard paint, you can find it here.

15 – Artistic Green Interior Design Ideas

How about adding some art into your green interior design ideas? We’ve mentioned it before and we’re going to mention it again – art on the walls is the easiest way to change the room’s theme colour. If you love all green shades, have art work containing those green shades on your walls. You can see the kind of thing we mean here, and once again these are easily hand-made.

Green Interior Design Ideas 8
Source: Pinterest

You could include artwork from the kids, pieces of wallpaper you like, pictures of the family, your own art … Anything you liked. If you wanted to add more of a green pop to the room, you could even spray paint your existing frames the shade you want too. There are plenty of ways of re-using the things you already have in your home. Everything can be given a new lease of life somehow.

16 – Green Kitchen Ideas

We love how simple this kitchen is, still incorporating beautiful shades of green. Who said you needed to go for a traditional kitchen design? There’s something about this rather old-fashioned one that we really love. It’s all about those simple lines.

Green Interior Design Ideas 9
Source: Dot & Bo

An old vanity, chest of drawers or TV cabinet / unit could easily be transformed into something like this with the right tools and knowledge. You could replace the top with marble, and cut out space for the sink to sit in, and the piping work could be worked into the design, making everything visible or not visible, depending on your own preferences. It’s a very unique and individual design idea for one of the most important rooms in the home, and we love everything about it.

17 – Green + Artistic Tiled Backsplash

For a green bathroom, what do you think about this design? It’s green – incorporating the theme you want for the room, but it’s functional too. The tiles don’t get in the way, there’s no need to repaint or redecorate entire walls, and when you’re bored of the look you can use tile paint to change everything once again.

Green Interior Design Ideas 10
Source: Lushome

These vintage tiles have been elegantly and cleverly stacked to create an artistic backsplash for the bath. It’s a clever idea, and a very simple one when you think about it. And if you didn’t like green, you could always consider changing the shade for the one you do want.

18 – Green Brick Walls

Another really great idea, especially for those brick walls in your home – how about just painting them green? We love the way the colour has been worked into the white bedroom, and although there’s nothing else green in the room, it works perfectly.

Green Interior Design Ideas 11
Source: Pinterest

It’s surprising at how much you can change about a room with just a fresh coat of paint, and once you’re bored of it and want to change it up again, it’s simple a case of changing the paint. When the rest of the room is left neutral and white, it doesn’t matter what your feature colour is, there’s always an easy way to mix it up and bring it in.

There are so many ways you can use green in your home decor, and these green interior design ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. We hope that we’ve managed to bring you plenty of inspiration for designing your own home, but if you’ve found something wonderful that you think we should share, make sure you send it in to us. Get in touch via the powers of social media. We’d love to hear from you. (Especially if your home looks as amazing as some of these images!)

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