21 Ballerina Nails You’ll Want to Copy

Ballerina nails are beautiful nails, still long but with flatter tips than the stiletto nails you may have been wearing for a while, and with slightly more narrowing at the sides. In short, these shoes look like ballet shoes – those beautiful en pointe ballet shoes. We always wished we could dance like that.

We’ve decided to bring you a collection of our favourite ballerina nails looks, and we can’t wait to hear which ones are your favourites. Also: don’t forget to send us your designs if you’re proud of it. We can’t wait to show them (and you) off!

1 – Nude + Negative Ballerina Nails

Nude nails have been a big trend for a while, and you can combine both nude and ballerina nails with this stunning design. That’s before we even get to the negative space feature which, as you are probably well aware of by now, we’re utterly obsessed with. If only our own nails looked good enough to pull off a negative nail … Sob, sob, sniff, sniff.

Ballerina Nails 21
Instagram / @thenailboss

If you want to recreate these stunning ballerina nails at home, you’ll want to grab yourself something heart-shaped that you can use. This should be placed on the nail, after a coat of clear base coat has been used to make it shiny, of course, before the nude nail polish is applied. Once the heart is firmly in place, paint over with your desired shade (in this case, the nude one), and wait for it to dry. Once you peel off that heart-shaped template you used, you should be left with a negative space like this.

Give it a try and show us what you created. We must admit, our first couple of attempts to do this went a little awry …

2 – Ombre Matte Ballerina Nails

If your nails are really long, you might not want to go for a dramatic and bold look, the length being enough to give you the stand-out look you crave. Keep the colour on the down-low to give a way to rock these incredible talons every day, just like this simple nude ballerina nail style.

Ballerina Nails 5
Instagram / @riyathai87

Just the right amount of sparkle has been added to crate those featured glitter nails, which you could choose to have or leave out, depending on your own preferences. We’re definitely in love with this light ombre gradient, so subtle it’s barely there at all.

3 – Watercolour Tipped Ballerina Nails

The watercolour look is one that is starting to become a really big trend, and we looked a little closer at the nail style here: 21 Marble Nail Designs. The marbling design has been only added to the tips of these beautiful ballerina nails, OVER a natural white tip.

Ballerina Nails 20
Instagram / @nailsbyemy

Doesn’t that give you plenty of inspiration on how to update your mani at home? If your white tips are looking a little boring and you feel the need to jazz them up before a night out, check out the many Youtube tutorial there are out there to add this watercolour design, and get creative. Use the colours that match your outfit (or clash if you want to, obviously), and make sure you come back and show us!

4 – Matte + Shiny Ballerina Nails

If you want to get fun and adventurous with your nails, you should check out a change in contrasts. You can’t beat adding matte to shiny, and it’s easier than ever with just the simple flick of a matte top coat.

Ballerina Nails 7
Instagram / @scarlett_senternailartist

There are hundreds of them available on the market, and you can find a few of our favourites below. It enables you to make any polish you have in your collection matte in minutes, and gives you a brand new way to wear those colours you haven’t pulled out in a while.

5 – Pastel Pink + White Ballerina Nails

Who said white nails needed to be boring? There is nothing boring about these white ballerina nails, just the right amount of pastel pink gradient added to make life interesting. Personally, we’re obsessed with the white nails with the glitter gradient at the bottoms … Oh, hadn’t you seen those beauties yet?

Ballerina Nails 6
Instagram / @margaritasnailz

If you’re opting for a white nail, liven things up a little with that simple glitter addition. You can easily add that at home with the help of a clean makeup sponge, which you should be using to apply your glitter polish rather than the brush that comes in the bottle. It helps when you dab using a sponge because you can create a more even layer of it. Makes perfect sense, right?

6 – Gold Ballerina Nails

When your nails look luxurious, it just makes perfect sense that you would add a touch of gold to the occasion. Gold just screams luxury, don’t you think? A beautiful holographic nail polish has been used to create these beautiful gold ballerina nails, and it’s a look you can easily create at home with the right know-how.

Ballerina Nails 4
Instagram / @glambymeli

If you’re opting for a metallic finish like this, you need to have a perfectly clean, black canvas, and that means getting rid of anything that could be left over from your last mani. Get rid of the nail polish, and make sure that the nail bed is smooth. If it’s not, all the lumps and bumps will show through when the light catches your nails, and you won’t be impressed with that at all.

7 – Red + Gold Negative Space Ballerina Nails

Again, again with the negative space nails, but how cool do these ballerina nails look? You can easily use nail tape to mask off the areas of the nail you don’t want to cover. When you peel them away (after the paint has dried), you should be left with a straight line cut-out like this. If there are any messed-up edges, just dip a thin (and clean) makeup brush into your acetone-free nail polish remover and get rid of them.

Ballerina Nails 13
Instagram / @misslaladoll

We would actually recommend that you have a few makeup brushes that you reserve for nail use. A lip brush, for example, is perfect for getting rid of the nail polish that you always get on the skin AROUND your nails. Don’t worry, when we’ve painted our own nails it always looks like a five-year-old has done them for us …

8 – Chocolate Foil Ballerina Nails

Ballerina nails are rather grown-up nails, and because they’re a change to the shape, even if you choose the exact same colour you’ve been wearing of the last five years, they’ll still stand out. If you normally opt for rounded nails, make a change with something like this look – bright, bubbly, and definitely lots of fun. It’s the grown up way of rocking fun nails, and that’s basically everything we’ve been looking for.

Ballerina Nails 18
Instagram / @tonysnail

Let’s face it though, even grown-ups need some candy from time to time in order to stay fully-functioning and devoid of temper tantrums. Just like these beautiful chocolate foil design. It’s simply a case of layering up brown, gold and bronze foil pieces to create a chocolate-brown backdrop, before adding a layer of top coat. Take a piece of string and carefully place it over the nails in a straight line to give you that criss-cross chocolate square shape. Add another layer of top coat, and do the same again in the same places. Once that’s dried, add a third layer which you won’t create the dents in. Then you’re done. Beautiful, right?

9 – Glossy Marble Ballerina Nails

We’ve shown you marble / watercolour tips, but what about marble all over? How do you feel about that for your new ballerina nails? The black and white design works really well with the light grey shade used on the rest of the nails for this look.

Ballerina Nails 19
Instagram / @gabriellanailss

There’s been a silver glitter / sparkle nail thrown in for good measure too. Who said all your nails needed to match each other anyway?

10 – Glow in the Dark Ballerina Nails

We want glow in the dark ballerina nails more than we want an entire family-sized chocolate bar to ourselves right now, especially now we’ve seen these little beauties. It is a rather retro look, but haven’t you heard? Retro is back, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Ballerina Nails 14
Instagram / @mznguy3n

These glow in the dark delights are perfect for parties, and during daylight hours they’ll be relatively neutral and easy to get away with. Office during the day, and party during the night. What more could you want?

11 – Gold Glitter Tips

The peach colour used with these nails is beautiful, but that’s not what we want to focus on. It’s the gold glitter tips that we really love about these ballerina nails. Wasn’t that obvious?

Ballerina Nails 8
Instagram / @picasonails

You can buy tip-templates if you’re not great at free-hand (like us), or you could use nail tape to mask off that chevron shape. You could even just do a neutral round tip if you wanted, or finish it off with a square-cut shape. Make them you’re own, that’s what we say!

12 – Pretty in Pink

First of all, they’re pink. Second of all, they’re a matte finish. Thirdly, they’re ballerina nails. Now that we’ve come up with three reasons why WE love them, how about you tell us why you love them?

Ballerina Nails 3
Instagram / @fiina_naillounge

Pink is set to be a big colour for Spring 2017, and when you’re tired of pastels, go big or go home with these pretty pink pops! Use your usual bright pink shade, but rather than finishing it off with a nice glossy pic coat when you’re done, slick some matte top coat over the top. Then add embellishments as and when you fancy it. Or not, the choice is yours!

13 – Metallica Ballerina Nails

These nails are, quite literally, out of this world – Metallica ballerina nails. They look complicated, but they’re not really. Start by adding base coat, and then a coat of black nail polish. Alternatively you could use a dark holographic or metallic shade.

Ballerina Nails 9
Instagram / @picasonails

Once the darker bottoms coat has dried, add pieces of bright foil pieces, layering them up so you have a little something that looks like this. If you don’t have holographic or metallic foil pieces to hand, you could blur together blobs of bright, metallic nail varnish. Finish it all off with a good coat of clear top coat and everyone will want a piece of the action!

14 – Bold + Blue Ballerina Nails

Well, let’s just say that the blue shade used in this nail look is beyond stunning. Now we’ve gotten that out the way, we want to draw your attention to the clear tips you can see in these ballerina nails, embellishments used instead of nail polish to jazz them up.

Ballerina Nails 15
Instagram / @pachekedg

We also love the little nail bracelet used at the base of that pearlised and shimmery design, another way you can accessorise your talons. One thing we will warn you is that these nails will have a habit of getting caught in your hair if you’re hair-players just like us. Keep the gems down to a minimum if you like to wear your long hair down, that’s all we’re saying.

15 – Dream Catcher Ballerina Nails

We’ve never seen dream catchers on nails, although it’s a trend we could very easily get on board with. We love all of the designs in these ballerina nails, from the turquoise-green and gold shimmer effect nails you can see, right through to the hand-painted dreamcatchers which actually look much easier than we thought to recreate. Quick flicks of your nail brush, a thin one, will do the trick.

Ballerina Nails 17
Instagram / @jossannails

There’s a hundred and one ways you could go wild with these beautiful designs, and we’re thinking of doing a piece on dream catcher nails! If you think you can give it a go, please do, and then send them in to us. We can’t wait to feature your work.

16 – Gold + Nude Ballerina Nails

We’re really in love with the gold-flecked look right now, easily created with tiny pieces of nail foil in that beautiful luxurious metallic colour. Keep things nice and easy with the rest of the nails that beautiful nudes shade, and you have a look that is both sophisticated and glamorous.

Ballerina Nails 2
Instagram / @malishka702_nails

If you don’t have gold leaf or gold foil / flecks to hand, you can recreate the look with gold glitter. In order to get that packed, layered effect, you’ll need to use a sponge rather than a brush. The trick is to dab the glitter on in layers, rather than smearing it on with the brushes you get in the bottle.

17 – Million Dollar Ballerina Nails

Let’s face it, nothing screams “money” than having actual money on your nails. Of course, you don’t actually need to out your hand in your pocket and pull out a fistful of notes, just have them painted on … Just like you can see from these million dollar ballerina nails.

Ballerina Nails 16
Instagram / @nailsbyakilah

Complete with gems that look like diamonds (obviously), they’re definitely nails with a difference. We’ve never seen before, and know we have seen them, there’s a big part of us that really wants them for ourselves. What do you think? Are they a little bit of what you like?

18 – Pretty Pink Ballerina Nails

Because on Wednesday’s we wear pink. Isn’t that the infamous line from “Mean Girls”? Well, we’re totally taking it on board by offering these beautiful ballerina nails, in a glorious pink colour. What else?

Ballerina Nails 12
Instagram / @royalkingnails

We love the way that negative spaces have been used to create the perfect backdrop for those pretty little flowers. They’re super glossy too, and a gel mani will help with that. You can get at-home kit these days too. They will save a fortune on all this salon appointments, especially if you never get nail extensions at the same time.

19 – High Gloss Ballerina Nails

While we’re on the subject of high-gloss nails, there are a few tips and tricks you can use at home to make sure your manicures come out looking just as shiny-bright. Lots of beauty bloggers and nail artists have suggested that Gelous Nail Gel is a good thing to use if you want gel nails at home without the need for UV lamps.

Ballerina Nails 11
Instagram / @tonysnail

We’re going to give it a try, but we’d love to know if you already have. Leave your comments below, or get in touch via social media. You can find all links at the bottom of this page.

20 – Broken Glass Ballerina Nails

We recently featured Broken Glass Nail Designs and if you’ve already seen it, you’ll know we already love the nail trend. In fact, we were more than a little obsessed with it. Do you really blame us?

Ballerina Nails 10
Instagram / @thenailsqueen

Shattered glass holographic pieces have been used to create the broken glass look, and that’s been combined with a peacock design with these beautiful ballerina nails. We personally love it. What do you think? Would you be proud to peacock?

21 – High Contrast Ballerina Nails

Do you know what makes a big impact? Contrasts, that’s what makes a big impact. That’s what makes these ballerina nails so amazing – the perfect contrast of matte and glossy, and the rhinestones helped to add some glitz and glam to the occasion too.

Ballerina Nails 1
Instagram / @riyathai87

They’re super simple to do at home, especially if he basics are already there. Create a triangle of nail glue using a thin brush, and add your rhinestones, pearls and gems however you please. You could even add holographic pieces beneath your nail embellishments to really make things stand out too. There are so many ways that you can customise these and make them your own, and we can’t wait to see what you wonderful lot come up with.

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