21 Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses

Ballgown style wedding dresses are a firm favourite among brides, and we think it has a little something to do with the princess-fairytale happy-ever-after idea. Those princesses always get their Prince Charming’s with dresses that’ll knock your socks off. Not just a traditional style of wedding dress, however, ballgrown style wedding dresses are also one of the most flattering styles, making it a great place to start when you head out wedding dress shopping.

These princess style wedding dresses are very full at the bottom, usually very nipped-in at the waist, and this makes them perfect for slim and curvy brides alike. For those with a slim, up-and-down shape, the ballgown style can help to add curves. For those who want to bring in that tiny waist, once again, the ballgown style wedding dress can help you to achieve just that. You gotta love something that’s both beautiful and flattering, right?

1 – Strapless Sweetheart Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses

It’s a simple gown, but one that ticks all the right boxes. With the strapless detailing, you have the potential to add some killer jewellery to the mix. that could also solve the problem of “something borrowed” too. Perhaps it’s time to start raiding your mother and grandmother’s jewellery boxes to see if they’ve got a stunning pair of earrings you could rock for the day?

A dress like this also gives you the opportunity to wear your hair down, if that was the kind of look you were going for. When you have a beautifully detailed dress, it seems a shame to let your hair cover it. The simple details here allow you to customise the look in a variety other ways, starting with your makeup and hair choices.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 3

Source: Ines Di Santo

2 – Ivory Criss-Cross Ballgown

It’s got sparkle, tulle, and layers … Lots and lots of layers. If you want to really stand out on your big day, with a dress that is both elegantly traditional and beautifully modern, all at the same time, this criss-cross tulle beauty is most definitely one to take a little inspiration from. The slim and elegant detailing on the top half helps to equal out the puffiness go the bottom, coming together in a dress that’s had all us wishing we were getting married soon too.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 4

Source: Lazaro

3 – Traditionally Beautiful Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses

Brides will often have a very set idea of *exactly* what they are looking for when they walk into a bridal shop, but this can actually do more damage than good. It’s all good and well having a good idea of what you want, but being rigid in your expectations might just lead to heartache. More bridal shops report that brides fall in love with dresses they never expected to fall in love with, rather than the dress they had gone in there intending to buy.

The moral of the story here is that you should never rule a dress out. Not until you have tried it on anyway.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 5

Source: thebridalconnectionco

4 – Champagne Tulle Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses

If you don’t like white, don’t go for white ballgown style wedding dresses. There are so many more colours open to you than just white, ivory, and off-white these days, just like this absolutely stunning champagne number. It’s pale enough to be classed as a wedding dress, but not white enough to be … Well, white. Not all brides are after the sweet and innocent look, and you’re one of them, don’t be afraid to play around with a little colour.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 2

Source: Hayley Paige

5 – Dramatic Ballgown Wedding Dress

There are a number of different styles of wedding dress, and you should try a few of them on if not all of them. The key styles / designs that you will want to look at and either rule in or rule out will fall into one of eight – ballgown, A-line, modified A-line, trumpet, mermaid, sheath, tea-length, and mini. You might have a good idea for what shape will work for you, but you won’t actually know until you try the dress on. You might have ruled out a dress like this one, but when you try it on, things might take a very different turn.

At least, by trying things on, you’ll know what you definitely DON’T like, even if you can’t find the dress you DO like.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 6

Source: jinzabridal

6 – Princess Lace Bodice Ballgown

Love lace? Cover the dress in it, that’s what we say! Lace is a beautiful way of adding something extra to a gown that would otherwise be very simple, so don’t be afraid to customise the dress to make it fit more perfectly for you. Have lace overlays added, for example, or change the back from a hook-and-eye to a corset, or a zip. It’s your big day. You will often find that the perfect dress is easily achieved if you start with something that has the right look, and then add your beautiful features from there. You won’t need to compromise on one thing for the sake of something else that you might not even like, with a dress that comes straight off the rack.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 12

Source: ASOS

7 – French Lace Overlay Wedding Ballgown

Think about the dress code of your big day. Is it quite a lavish affair? Conservative? Elegant? Boho? Glam? The reason we ask this is because there are certain dresses that might not suit certain styles or themes, especially when it comes to the dress code. If you’re having a very conventional and traditional wedding, you might not want a lot of cleavage on display, and that’s one thing these ballgown wedding dresses definitely offer. A lace overlay can help to cover up more skin, if you like the feel of a ballgown dress with a strapless design, but don’t want to bare quite that much flesh on the biggest day of your life.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 17

Source: Etsy

8 – Lace Bodice Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress, make sure you do your research. We are constantly reading shocking reviews of bridal wedding dress shops on the internet, and we think that you should probably avoid a store that has more negative reviews than positive ones. The dress might look pretty in the window, but all the stress that comes with a company that doesn’t deliver your dress on time, or as expected, is just not worth it. Do your research – Google the company, make sure they have a range of positive reviews.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 11

Source: cacheatelier

9 – Princess Ballgown + Floral Bedding

The earlier you start your wedding dress shopping, the higher the chance that you’ll find the ballgown wedding dresses you can really fall in love with. However, at the same time, you must remember that a lot can change in a very short time. If you are currently dieting, you may find that you lose more weight and you’ll need to get your dress altered a few times. Although an early start is a good idea, remember to be realistic. If you lose or put on a few pounds, that dress won’t look the same as you remember.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 13

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10 – Embellished Bodice Ballgown Style Wedding Dress

The worst thing about shopping for a wedding dress is that you’ll often get a little carried away. Set yourself a budget before you go wedding shopping and one that works well with the rest of your wedding budget. There’s no point in having a dress that costs a few thousand pounds when the entire wedding is only setting you back £1,000 because you’re trying to do it all on a budget … You WILL be able to find a dress that works well for you and your budget, but it may require a little shopping around first.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 18

Source: Ted Baker

11 – Backless Beautiful Ballgown

You know when brides cry in the movies because they’ve found the PERFECT wedding dress? Well, don’t worry if that doesn’t happen, because nine times out of ten, it won’t happen like that at all. Before you have that big ‘bridal’ moment, you will often require certain alterations to your dress, so it might take a couple of trips to the boutique or dressmaker before you start to see what your dress will actually look like at the end. Have faith that they know what they’re doing and they’ll do a good job. Sometimes you just need to wait for these beautiful things to materialise.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 10

Source: dressilyme_official

12 – Strapless + Ruffled Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses

Many people believe that you can’t go for a strapless dress if you’re a busty girl, but this just isn’t the case. The right underwear will help – the more support you have beneath your gown, the better. You might find that a few dress alterations will also make life easier too. The bridal boutique or store will be able to provide you with suggestions usually, and we would always recommend that you listen to these. They do know what they are talking … Isn’t that why you went to them in the first place?

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 16

Source: Etsy

13 – Mermaid Strapless Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses

Mermaids are very much an on-trend thing for right now, so it just makes sense that some of these beautiful ballgown style wedding dresses would also be mermaid themed in one way or another. The style is one that fits at the knees, before flaring out, slightly changing the ballgown slightly. If you can’t find mermaid dresses that you like the look of, look for ‘flare bridal gowns’ and ‘fit and flare wedding dresses’ too. Those are two other names the style of dress is commonly known as.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 19

Source: Etsy

14 – Showstopper Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses

How will you know if you’ve found the right wedding dress? Well, it’ll tick all of your boxes for a start. Can you move around in it? Breathe in it? How about dancing in it? Can you see yourself sitting down at the table to enjoy your wedding dinner or buffet in it? Can you imagine what shoes you’ll wear with it, or how you’ll have your hair? Try to imagine what it’ll all look like at the end, when you’re an actual bride and walking down the aisle.

Now take a peek at the dress you’re in right now – can you imagine all of that with it?

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 9

Source: tattlerslanebridal

15 – Strapless Ruched Bodice Wedding Ballgown

The good thing about ballgown wedding dresses is that they’ll make your waist look tiny, and being usually corseted in build, give you the opportunity to pull things in as tight as you can dare, to really give yourself an enviable figure on your big day. Of course, the right underwear is incredibly important on your big day. You can’t have anything with straps if you’re opting for a strapless ballgown style wedding dress, so you may wish to consider a body-style suit or even a corset design underneath. If you’re quite the busty babe, you may wish to consider something that offers plenty of support, just to make sure everything goes without a hitch.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 15

Source: Etsy

16 – Classic Gown + Oversized Bows

Even if you have ordered a ready-to-wear gown, there will still be some alterations required to make it right for you. In many cases, bridal gowns are created on a per-order basis, so the dress you order will be custom made to fit you. It’ll also be custom-made to meet every one of your requirements. Because of this, the perfect wedding dress will often take a long time to arrive, and that wait can be terrifying. Try not to get too disheartened. The wait will be worth it in the end. You just need to have some patience … We know that doesn’t come too easy for a bride-to-be!

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 20

Source: gracephilipsbridal

17 – Lace + Tulle Ballgown

We’re going to ask you a weird question … Are you even looking for ballgown wedding dresses? The reason we ask that is because it’s the most traditional style of wedding dress, so it’s often the first style of dress that brides-to-be look for. Think about the features you really like on a dress and then piece them together. As beautiful as these dresses are (and, trust us, we’re lusting after them enough!), if you’re not actually looking for the ballgown style, no dress will cut the mustard.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 8

Source: bellisima.bridal.boutique

18 – Jewel-Encrusted Wedding Ballgown

If you fall in love with the very first dress you see, go with it. There’s a good chance that you’ll end up trying a hundred and one inappropriate dresses, desperately trying to find the right one that does fit the bill, even though you’ve already found it. In many cases, the first dress is often the right dress, and when that is the case, it’s usually because the bride was armed with as much information as necessary about what she was looking for, and she was working with a great dressmaker or wedding gown boutique. It’s okay to fall in love at first sight!

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 21

Source: dressilyme_official

19 – Princess Ruffle Wedding Ballgown

Strapless is a great way to show off the rest of the beautiful details on your ballgown style wedding dresses, especially when they look as beautiful as this one. It is generally considered to be a bad idea to opt for a dress like this one if you have a very petite frame. You might yourself getting lost in lots of layers of fabric, quite the opposite effect to what you’d intended, we’re sure.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 14

Source: Etsy

20 – Modern Fairytale Ballgown

If you buy a dress two sizes too small for you in the hope that you’ll slim down into it, there’s a good chance you won’t slim down into it and you’ll need to have that dress altered, making it bigger to fit you. Be realistic about your sizing choices. We know that you want to be a size ten at your wedding, but what if that doesn’t happen? Planning a wedding is stressful, and although we know you want to slim down in time for your big day, setting unrealistic goals is not a good idea. You will be setting yourself up for a fall. Larger dresses can be taken down a size or two if necessary. It’s much harder to make smaller dresses bigger. Bear that in mind if you’re purchasing your wedding dress a while before the big day.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 7

Source: enzoani

21 – Modern + Flowy Wedding Ballgown

The ballgown style of wedding dress is one of the traditional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t liven things up to put your own personal stamp on the garment. Full-length and usually with plenty of volume, it is the epitome of glamour, and perfect for all brides who want the fairy tale happy ever after. We have so much love for this stunning modern and flowy, yet traditional, wedding ballgown.

Ballgown Style Wedding Dresses 1

Source: Hayley Paige

And there they are – 21 ballgown style wedding dresses that make us desperately wish we were engaged … Or, at the very least, had a boyfriend to consider marriage with.

What did you think though? Did any of these ballgown bridal dresses catch your interest? Do you have a favourite? Have you seen one that you think deserves to be on this list? We would love to know your thoughts so don’t forget to leave your comments in the box below.

Finally, if you’re getting hitched, congratulations. We’re totally jealous but oh-so happy for you!

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