21 Beach Wedding Dresses

When you plan a beach wedding it’s usually safe to assume that you want a beautiful wedding with a stunning backdrop, the feeling of the sand between your toes and the warm sun on your back. It’s not exactly the most traditional of wedding venues, but there’s something about it that makes many people, male and female, swoon. Of course, one of the most important facts of your wedding, of any wedding for that matter, is the dress. If you’re on the hunt for beach wedding dresses, you’ve come to the right place. You’re going to love some of these stunning gowns.

1 – Slinky Beach Gown

When the weather is going to be hot, on the other hand, you can afford to go tad slinkier than what you’d get away with in the Great British summer, which usually consists of not-that-warm weather, a bit of drizzle, and usually more than a few grey skies.

Beach Wedding Dresses
Instagram / @pallascouture

We’re in love with this lacy little number, a stunning deep v-neck showing off just the right amount of cleavage to make the dress sexy as well as stunning. Would you dare to bare in this beautiful beach wedding dresses like this?

2 – Backless Beauty

A backless number is a great idea if you don’t have tan lines, but if you’ve been enjoying the summer sun in your bikini beforehand, you may notice some pretty odd lines happening across your back. Definitely something to think about beforehand, that’s for sure.

Beach Wedding Dresses
Instagram / @moniquelhuillierbride

If you’re a big fan of your back, we can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t rock this stunning dress. It’s elegant and beautiful and everything we could possibly want from our beach wedding dresses. How about you?

3 – Sequinned + Flowy

There are lots of things to consider when you have a beach wedding, and the wedding venues themselves might be harder to find than you’d first have thought. Finding a beach that is secluded enough to get married on might be difficult to start with, and it’s not like you can just a few people to move along so you can have a small section of the beach to yourself.

Beach Wedding Dresses
£495 / Debenhams

Imagine the damage those innocent bystanders could do to your beautiful beach wedding shots!

4 – Ivory Beach Wedding Dresses

Other beach wedding problems include the tide – do you know when the tide is coming in or out? That will have an impact on where you can hold your beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Dresses
Instagram / @limorrosen

You’re not going to want to go running up the beach because the tide has suddenly started coming in, especially when you’re rocking a beautiful dress like this one. We know you wanted to get married near the sea, but that doesn’t mean you need to be in it.

5 – Dropped Back Beauty

When you’ve got a back that you’re proud of, you might as well show it off. We can’t help but think that a necklace, a long and slinky necklace, would work running down the centre of the back here.

Beach Wedding Dresses
Instagram / @moniquelhuillierbride

What do you think? Is it a look that you would try for yourself?

6 – Lots of Layers

There are lots of things to take into account when you’re getting married at the beach, especially when looking for beach wedding dresses. If you’re getting married in the evening, for example, you might find that the weather is slightly chiller than what it would be earlier on in the day.

Beach Wedding Dresses
Instagram / @leannemarshallofficial

Bearing this in mind, you might decided to go for a dress with slightly more coverage, or even add a throw or shrug, to ensure that you’re nice and toasty. What’s the point in having a beautiful and tropical beach wedding if you’re only going to be standing around freezing your whatnots off? You’ll be amazed by how many beaches are a little on the chilly side when the sun goes down.

7 – Beach Wedding Dresses + Flowers

How do you feel about combining bright and colourful flowers into your beautiful beach wedding? Tropical flowers are a great idea to play around with, especially if you’re getting married in a tropical location.

Beach Wedding Dresses
Instagram / @altamodabridal

We’re obsessed with the flowing lines of this stunning gown, and it just works perfectly with that bright bouquet, and that pink pop of the flowers in her hair.

8 – Simple Lines

If everything around you is relatively fussy and complicated, why not take things back to simple with the simple lines of these amazing dress. Those lace sleeves are great for hiding the ‘bingo wings’ if, like us, you’re worried about them. A thin glittery belt is perfect for creating a faux-waist if you don’t have one too.

Beach Wedding Dresses
£500 / Etsy

This is actually a beautifully structured and very flattering dress. Definitely one of our favourites in this beach wedding dresses list. We found this little beauty on Etsy. It’s custom made, and £500 which, when you think about it, is an absolute bargain!

9 – Elegant + Sophisticated Beach Wedding Dresses

Simple, elegant, sophisticated. Those are three words we would use to describe this beautifully traditional dress. You’re showing some skin, but not too much, the lace adding something very special to a dress that is already simple and pretty.

Beach Wedding Dresses 5
£240 (was £495) / John Lewis

Dresses that flare out in an elegant A-frame from the waist like this are very flattering on women who consider themselves to be pear-shaped.

10 – Two-Piece Beach Wedding Dresses

How do you feel about two-piece beach wedding dresses? We know it’s quite a brave move, but it’s definitely modern, relaxed, and a great idea. This lacy two-piece is both simple and elegant all at the same time.

Beach Wedding Dresses
Instagram / @aliceinivorybridal

A skirt and top combo is often an easier choice than a dress in the hot weather, and it’s much more relaxed too. Perfect for that outdoor summer BBQ or dining wedding meal you’re planning on having.

11 – Short Wedding Dress Styles

What about a short dress? The shorter, fifties-inspired dresses are a real big hit for right now, and they’re just floaty enough to be comfortable in the baking heat of the midday sun too.

Beach Wedding Dresses
£275 / Debenhams

There’s something very beautiful about this beach wedding gown idea, almost reminiscent of the dress that Baby wore in Dirty Dancing in the dance at the end. Or is that just us? Either way, we’re loving it. And we definitely won’t be hiding in the corner if we’re wearing it.

12 – Floaty Fabrics

Floaty fabrics and beach weddings just go hand in hand, and this beautiful dress definitely shows why. If nothing else, the beach wedding photos will be utterly fabulous, especially if you find a sea breeze to throw into the mix.

Beach Wedding Dresses
Instagram / @leannemarshallofficial

The dress is a very modern one – the body underneath hiding the things that shouldn’t be shown, but the sheer overlay giving a tempting tease into those legs underneath. It’s definitely one we’d consider, how about you?

13 – Nipped-In Dresses

If you were shaped like an apple, this would be a great dress choice for you. Dresses that are nipped in at the waist help to create the hourglass silhouette even when you think you don’t have one.

Beach Wedding Dresses
£600 / Etsy

It’s another almost two-piece design, or in this case, a three-piece. It’s much more relaxed than most traditional wedding gowns, and you could take that lace overlay off leaving the bandeau top below for when the formalities are out the way. We think this would be a wonderfully comfortable, yet still elegantly sassy, beach wedding dress.

14 – Non-Wedding Beach Dresses

If you’re planning to have a wedding in relaxed beach wedding venues, why not opt for a more relaxed dress. A dress that wouldn’t be purchased from a bridal boutique, for example.

Beach Wedding Dresses 7
Spotted on Pinterest

We know how much weddings cost, and if you’ve found a dress you love that isn’t from a wedding dress shop, we think you should just go right ahead and buy it. Sometimes the best wedding dresses weren’t even wedding dresses to start with.

15 – Simple + Sassy Lines

It’s so well tailored, it could almost be a suit. That’s what we love about this simple and sassy beach wedding dress, a perfect example of simple done the right way. That’s if you ask us, anyway.

Beach Wedding Dresses
Instagram / @aliceinivorybridal

It’s nipped in at the waist, has some beautifully flowing lines, and has that sassy thigh slit to boot. What’s not to love about it?

16 – Beach Wedding Dresses for Tall Brides

If you’re a tall bride, first of all our short butts are jealous, but more importantly, you can get away with this stunning beach wedding dresses idea. A simple silhouette with a hem that sweeps the floor …

Beach Wedding Dresses 6
£595 / John Lewis

It’s perfect for matching the contours of your gracefully, long body. Once again, we’re super jealous.

17 – Beautiful Bodice

Spaghetti straps are a brave move if you’re a busty girl, and if we had piece of advice for you it would be to make sure you have plenty of double-sided tape on hand. This is a dress that you definitely won’t want to move around too much, especially in front of your family and friends!

Beach Wedding Dresses
Instagram / @limorrosen

If you’re a petite person, this is a great gown for you. The longer the bottom half of the dress is, the longer you’ll look. If you had a top half that went all the way up to the neck, you would look even more petite than you already are, if that makes sense? Just make sure you don’t opt for a dropped-waist feature.

18 – Off-the-Shoulder

The off-the-shoulder look is a very big one right now, and it appears the trend is following suit with 2017 wedding dress styles too. This is great one if you don’t have any tan lines, and that tailoring around the corset-style top is perfect for hiding that little bit of tummy you really don’t like.

Beach Wedding Dresses
£1,920.37 / Etsy

The chiffon-esque skirt is another on-trend look for 2017 wedding dress styles, those pleats keeping things modern and fresh. Pleats aren’t usually something you’d associate with a wedding dress, but as you can see here they totally work.

19 – Curve-Creation Beach Wedding Dresses

If you’re a straight up-and-down person with not much in the way of curves to speak of, this dress design is perfect for you. It creates curves in all the right places, and it’s super sassy to boot.

Beach Wedding Dresses
Instagram / @galialahav

You’ll be given a waist with the addition of that thin gold waist-band, and the shape of that neckline helps to create the impression of a larger bust too. The flared design is beautiful for many figures, but once again just adds to the curve-factor. It might be white, but we love it nevertheless. Who said beach wedding dresses needed to be white anyway?

20 – Lovely Lace Beach Wedding Dresses

We’re a big fan of lace. If we could wear it all year round, we definitely would. It’s cute, girlie, feminine, sassy, sexy … all the things we’d want from our beach wedding dresses.

Beach Wedding Dresses
Instagram / @altamodabridal

Once again flowers have been used – a definitely must-have for a beach wedding if you ask us. We’re in love with this innocently romantic beachy look. What do you think?

21 – Simple + Lace

Petite frames suit simple lines, and that’s one reason why we loved the stunning simple lines on this dress. If you go for something large and fluffy, it’ll engulf your frame. Structuring is also a great help, something that’s definitely offered in this lacy little number.

Beach Wedding Dresses
£220 / Debenhams

This dress is both simple and to the point – everything you’d want your beach wedding dresses to be. You don’t want something that’ll make it too difficult to run along the beach romantically with your loved one after the ceremony!

We hope you loved these 21 beach wedding dresses as much as we did, and we also can’t wait to see your wedding snaps too. Show us your bridal beauties, especially if you got married on the beach. we’d love to show off your stunning bridal gowns!

Oh, and before we leave, congratulations on your up and coming wedding!