21 Beautiful Christmas Trees to Take Inspiration From

If you are looking for a real Christmas tree this year, you should probably learn this fun fact about them — most Christmas trees are left to grow for a minimum of fifteen years before they can be cut down and sold for the festive season. Now we’ve got that out the way, let’s get to the REAL debate that we have every Christmas — whether we’re going to have a real tree (finally), or just pull the fake one back out of the attic like we do every year. It’s a tough debate, there are pros and cons for both sides of the battle. What do you think? Are you a fan of a real Christmas tree? Or a neater, easier, slightly more cost effective plastic one?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re decorating a real tree, a plastic one, or even an imaginary one, we’ve got a Christmas decorating look to suit everyone. These beautiful Christmas trees to take inspiration from really do have all your bases covered. There’s something for every taste, space, and even colour scheme. The tough part is working out which one of these absolute treats you’re going to have in your home.

1 – Rustic Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree

How do you feel about a rustic design? We’ll be honest, we can’t get enough of this red, festive Christmas tree look, adding some tartan (or plaid, if you’re American) to the occasion. If you’ve got some Scottish roots somewhere in your ancestry, embrace it with this almost-Scottish affair. And, if you haven’t, rock it anyway. We love it. As far as we’re concerned, you don’t need an excuse to rock some tartan, especially during winter.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 3

Source: Karas Party Ideas

2 – White n’ Frosted Beautiful Christmas Trees

Believe it or not, some Halloween-themed decorations are used when Polish cultures decorate their trees and houses. Spider webs and the humble spider are used in Polish symbolism to be a sign of prosperity and goodness. According to their myths and legends, these arachnids and webs are a symbol of a Christmas tale — a spider was meant to have woven a blanket for the baby Jesus on his day of birth. Of course, you don’t need to opt for something spooky for your festive decorating, especially when nature offers so many other little treats. Pine cones remind us of winter, and we think they’re perfect for finding with the kids and then hanging on the tree.

Beautiful Chrismtas Trees 2

Source: Pinterest

3 – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Believe it or not, it wasn’t until the 1800’s that Christmas was first recognised as an official thing, and, in the United States, the official holiday wasn’t actually officially declared until 1870. It was on June 26th of that year. The first State across the USA to recognise Christmas as a ‘real thing’ (but not yet an official holiday) was Alabama, and that was in the 1830s.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 9

Source: A Thoughtful Places

4 – Tiffany Blue Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Although we think of the Christmas tree as a Christian thing, it actually has roots from Pagan cultures. The Christmas tree itself is an evergreen tree, and these life forms have been considered to be symbols of rebirth and eternal life for many, many centuries.

That doesn’t mean you need to stick with an evergreen colour scheme though. We love the way that other colours have been used in place of the festive ones. This Tiffany blue-inspired colour scheme, for example, would make up for the serious lack of Tiffany items under the tree … Well, it wouldn’t make up for it at all, but our festive decorations sure would look beautiful as consolation.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 20

Source: Pinterest

5 – Rustically Gold & Fabulous Christmas Tree

It’s a debate that’s had every year — real versus fake trees — but it’s been reported that over thirty million LIVE Christmas trees are sold across the United States of American each year. Obviously, the majority of these are sold in the run-up to Christmas. There are pros and cons for opting for the real tree, of course, but some of the very serious pros include a wonderful smell of pine around the home, especially when the lights heat things up a little. Then there’s the excitement of actually picking out your Christmas tree, picking from a selection that is both vast and unique. Real Christmas trees are also the traditional choice too.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 21

Source: Pinterest

6 – Black & White Gingham Christmas Tree Ideas

However, as great as real Christmas trees are, it makes sense to mention the cons of these delightfully-smelling wonders. Real Christmas trees are well-known for their constant maintenance requirements, and then there are the pine cones to think about. They seem to get everywhere, especially the hard-to-clean places. Oh, and then there’s the risk of fire to think about too. But, at the end of the day, those Christmas trees and that Christmassy scent just makes it all worth it, right?

Beautiful Christmas Trees 5

Source: Just Destiny Mag

7 – Ocean Blues Christmas Tree

Everybody knows that there’s a ‘way’ to decorate a tree properly, but no one really seems to know what the official way is. In our office, we have a few different ideas, each passed down to us by our grandparents and parents. Some of us, for example, put lights on the tree first, but there are a few that like to put the tinsel and decorations in first, and then place the lights around them to help reflect some sparkle and shine. Which side of the fence do you sit on? (Because we’re honestly not sure!)

Beautiful Christmas Trees 19

Source: Pinterest

8 – Utterly Romantic Christmas Tree Ideas

Flowers on the Christmas tree … What are your views on this? Because this Christmas tree has wonderful pink and white flowers on and we think it looks utterly adorable, and incredibly romantic too. If this is your first Christmas in the house with a loved one, perhaps a more romantic look is the one to go for? In fact, who needs an excuse to get more romantic? Even if you’re at home all on your own this Christmas, bring the romance back with this cute and feminine Christmas tree idea.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 12

Source: Classy Clutter

9 – Rustic Luxe Beautiful Christmas Trees

You could add your own DIY gingerbread ornaments or even scented pine cones to make your tree work as something that both looks good and smells good. Certain light bulbs types will heat up as they decorate the tree, and when this heat mixes with the scented items, the smell of your home will be Christmassy and phenomenal. We can’t get enough of that great Christmas decorating hack, and as well as pine cones and gingerbread dues, you could also look at adding dried fruit too. All you’d need to do is make a small incision and hang it from some old string, rope, twine, or even tinsel.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 18

Source: Domestically-Speaking

10 – Cute Christmas Tree for Kids

LED Christmas tree lights are perfect for when you don’t want a lightbulb that heats up, and they also are considered safer too — fireproof and flameproof and, therefore, generally safer to use on both plastic and living Christmas trees. If you’re letting the kids decorate, or the kids have got their own tree in their room, you’ll definitely want to make sure it’s safe. LED lights are generally the best option for this.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 15

Source: Lia Griffith

11 – Oh So White & Simple

Keep things super clean, super simple, and super beautiful with this frosted and white Christmas tree look. It’s definitely a contender for one of the most beautiful Christmas trees to take inspiration from, and it saves all the work in picking a cleverly-matched colour scheme too.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 6

Source: Homey Oh My

12 – Beautiful Christmas Trees with Stars & Hearts

Mixing and matching different types of lighting is a great way to get a maximum-impact effect from your tree. You could add brighter and softer lights together, highlight and contouring various sections of the tree. If you have one particular area that has been beautifully decorated, for example, you could use the brighter light to highlight those areas, leaving the darker lighter to shadow the rest of the space.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 17

Source: Pinterest

13 – Modern & Busy Christmas Tree Ideas

If you wanted a softer and more romantic glow from your Christmas tree, opt for globe lights. These come in the biggest and more diverse range of sizes and colours, as well as styles, and usually kick-off more light than the other types of Christmas tree lighting. If you want a tree that really sparkles and stands out, these are great lights to choose.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 11

Source: Lia Griffith

14 – Simple & Rustic Christmas Tree

Sometimes, keeping things simple is the key to having a much better Christmas. There are so many things to think about at this time of year, many of us just don’t have the time to come up with beautiful and intricate design pieces that take forever to put together. Oh, and then take forever to pull back down again, once the festive season is all finished with. Try looking at longer-term options for your Christmas decorations. Perhaps decorations that you can mix and match with a different colour scheme next year (or in a few years time), or even just ones that you would be comfortable to use again for a couple of years, at least.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 14

Source: Classy Clutter

15 – Stunning White & Fluffy Christmas Tree Ideas 2017

Hey, if you want to have fluff on your Christmas tree, you should definitely have fluff on your Christmas tree. It’s not the usual material to wrap around when you’re decorating, but as far as beautiful Christmas trees to take inspiration from, this one’s a winner. If you have an old white feather boa from your ‘hen party’ days, you could also consider upcycling that too. Who said you couldn’t?

Beautiful Christmas Trees 7

Source: Craftberry Bush

16 – Christmas Trees with DIY Decorations

If you wanted a really personal and quirky Christmas tree this year, you could always get all the kids involved and make your own decorations. There are so many tutorials for DIY Christmas decorations out there, and you could fill clear baubles with your own elements, such as photos of the family with glitter, as well as using pine cones and tree twigs or branches too.

Take a peek at this if you wanted to learn a little more > 21 DIY Christmas Decorations

Beautiful Christmas Trees 16

Source: Lia Griffith

17 – White, Sparkle & Textures

A mix of textures and shapes is a really great way to bring your tree to life, adding a three-dimensional almost effect that everyone will love. You could also consider adding some themed Christmas tree decorations for the special people that live in your home. Skates for the kids who love to ice skate, perhaps? Maybe a stag head for the keen hunter? You know the drill. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, make it instead. There are so many DIY Christmas decoration ideas you could use and customise.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 13

Source: Classy Clutter

18 – White & Red Christmas Tree Ideas 2017

Of course, you can’t go far wrong when you opt for traditional festive colours to decorate your tree. Beautiful Christmas trees to take inspiration from like this one are a classic example of that. There’s the typical poinsettia flower in there too, which has become almost a symbol for the festive period.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 8

Source: A Thoughtful Place

19 – Beautiful ‘Merry Christmas’ Tree

How about taking things back to basics, opting for a very simple ‘Merry Christmas’ message across the tree to spread some festive cheer? It’s a simple idea and one that takes just mere moments to incorporate into your own decorating. Rather than trying to display the occasion in little decorations, throw the message out there instead.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 10

Source: Tomkat Studio

20 – Romantic & Woodsy Beautiful Christmas Trees 2017

We’ve got back to pine cones again, and we have an absolutely brilliant idea if you want to decorate your tree and make your home smell great, all at the same time. How about making your pine cones scented pine cones before you add them to the tree? There are so many tutorials on the internet for this, and we’ve even given this a go for ourselves a few times over the years. It’s very simple, and once again, provides an easy twist on your regular decorations that pack a massive impact.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 4

Source: Craftberry Bush

21 – Christmas Tree & Vintage Sleigh

Finally, for when you want to put your Christmas tree on something different than just the floor, how about adding a vintage or antique sleigh into the mix? You could even paint that up if the shabby-chic and vintage thing wasn’t your idea of fine decorating. There are so many ways that you can make your Christmas decorations more unique to you and your home this year, and this is a great place to start.

Beautiful Christmas Trees 1

Source: Pinterest

And there you have them — 21 beautiful Christmas trees to take inspiration from that we really will be taking inspiration from this year! We’re not sure on colour schemes yet, but we do know that most of these totally rock. Which ones do you think we should use to inspire our own homes? Which ones will you be using to inspire yours?

Don’t forget to show these designers some love — we’ve added links to find them beneath each picture. We love these beautiful Christmas trees to take inspiration from, and we hope you do too! Don’t forget though, if you’ve decorated your tree in a way that makes you really want to show off, show it off! Send your pics to us so that we can use you in a future piece for CherryCherryBeauty. We can’t wait to see your festive work!

Thanks for reading. Having a bloomin’ great Christmas!