21 Beautiful Cut Crease Makeup Looks

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to learn one of this season’s hottest makeup trends – beautiful cut crease makeup looks. To start with, they’re a great addition to everyday makeup you have rocked thousand times over, giving them a revamp with one easy step. It’s been considered the “secret weapon” of beauty bloggers for a while now, and when you see the staggering array of looks that are possible with this one makeup idea alone, you’ll be lining up the cut crease Youtube tutorials to recreate the look for yourself.

Just in case you needed any more persuasion, here are some looks that we think you’re going to go crazy for …

1 – Killer Nude Cut Crease

The cut crease, although complex-looking, is actually very easy once you break it down. You have one sharp line that goes along the top crease of your eyelid, the rest of the darker (usually) eyeshadow blended in such a way that it all incorporates in. One of the simplest ways to rock these beautiful cut crease makeup looks, and also one of the best to start with, is this killer nude cut crease. Use darker browns as the darker shadow, and your concealer, along with a much higher shade of shadow, to bring the cut crease to life.

We like: Clarins 4-Colour Eye Palette (available in 4 shade combinations)

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 2

Source: bybrookelle

2 – Lilac + Pink Cut Crease

You aren’t just stuck with nudes and browns, however. This stunning lilac and pink cut crease look is simple and pretty, everything you’d want for the adorable spring and summer outfits you’re planning on wearing. If you’ve opted for a light and pretty makeup look, just like this one, you might want to skip the black eyeliner, which can leave things looking too sharp. This look has the right idea – adding silver glitter eyeliner instead.

We like: NYX Professional Makeup Studio Liquid Liner Extreme (available in multiple shade combinations)

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 4

Source: Pinterest

3 – Shimmer + Smokey Cut Crease

And, once again, if pastels and nudes weren’t quite your colours, what about incorporating a smokey eye into your beautiful cut crease makeup looks? Simple apply your smokey eye as you usually would, but hold off on that inner crease and the bulk of the eyelid. This is the section you will highlight with a much lighter shade of eyeshadow. Just remember to clear up any mistakes with your concealer BEFORE you add your lighter shade to the lid.

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 5

Source: denitslava

4 – Pink Cut Crease Makeup Looks

To keep things even clearer (and if your hands are steady enough), you could create a stunning glitter effect cut crease look, very similar to this one. Once you have the basic outline of your beautiful cut crease makeup looks in place, go over the sharp line with a thin line of glitter eyeliner. If you don’t have the right shades to hand, make it up yourself. We’ve seen some crazy-amazing makeup tutorials on Instagram and Youtube where beauty bloggers have used matte liquid lipsticks in place of their regular eyeliner. There’s nothing to stop you from thinking outside the box.

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 6

Source: swetlanapetuhova

5 – Half Glitter Cut Crease Makeup Looks

What a pretty look! We fell in love with everything about this look, although that stunning shimmering cut crease is what we’re lusting after the most. If, like us, you struggle to get that cut crease done “on feel”, there some are some serious makeup hacks you need to know about. For example, we once read that a beauty blogger / makeup artist had started using a plastic bottle cap to shape the cut crease itself. We used this trick ourselves and we can approve it. It works. It also shaves a few minutes of your shaping routine. In the morning, every minute counts, right?

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 7

Source: makeupbymyrna

6 – Pink Shimmer Cut Crease

Of course, you could always turn things around, leaving the cut crease itself a matte finish, adding the sparkle to the main bulk of the lid instead. This stunning look is a perfect example of that, and one that we have definitely added to the lust list. Just remember, if you want the colours on your eyes to really stand out, use a white eyeshadow or eyeliner as a base first. It’s like using a light coloured primer on the walls before you paint them. It gives the shade something to grab on to, and on top of that white backdrop, every shade will pop.

(That’s also a great tip if you have ‘cheap’ eyeshadow palettes where the shadows aren’t quite as pigmented as you’d like!)

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 8

Source: maisymuse

7 – Poppin’ Pink (+ Gold) Cut Crease

Why not add a double liner look to your beautiful cut crease makeup looks? If you’re livening things up, particularly for a special occasion, you might as well go all out. This look ticks all the right boxes for us, and we’re waiting for an anniversary / birthday / Valentine’s day so that we have an excuse to rock it!

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 9

Source: heathervenere

8 – Bronze + Purple Cut Crease Makeup Looks

Bronze and purple are two shades that work really well together, something that has been very elegantly displayed by beautiful cut crease makeup looks like this one. In this case, a bronze eyeliner has been used, which we think is a great idea. What we think is an even greater idea, however, is the slight tinges of purple glitter that have been added to this bronze eyeliner! Just a little touch that helps brings it all together, and we think the little touches really matter.

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 10

Source: mrsboombasticmakeup

9 – Orange + Silver Cut Crease

It’s so sharp, it’s awe-inspiring. This orange and silver cut crease look means serious business, and it’s a look that’s known for opening the eyes, and making them appear brighter and lighter too. In short, if you have a hangover, this is the perfect look to go for. If you don’t have a plastic bottle top to hand, like we suggested earlier, you could also use a plastic spoon. They have just the right kind of shape for our eyes, or so we’ve found, and once again, it shaves minutes off that cut-crease-shaping time. Perfect for spending a few more minutes in bed with your loved one!

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 11

Source: natashapriorongmakeup

10 – Pretty in Pink Cut Crease

Another of the beautiful cut crease makeup looks that we think would be perfect for special occasions, this look really is pretty in pink. How do you feel about glitter eyeliner? Pink glitter eyeliner, to be exact. It’s what really drew our eyes to this pretty makeup design, and one we haven’t tried for ourselves. What do you think? Are you a fan of being pretty in pink?

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 12

Source: anisaartistry

11 – All the Nudes + Silver Cut Crease

If you want a sophisticated and elegant look that still stands out and rocks a cut crease, you need a look like this one. Incorporating nudes with a slick, sharp silver line, it’s definitely one that will attract attention for all the right reasons, especially if you throw a really eye-catching highlighter into the mix.

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 13

Source: amrezy

12 – Yellow Glitter Cut Crease

Just six months ago, we were invited to a special occasion where we were required to wear yellow. We wished we’d have seen beautiful cut crease makeup looks like this one at the time, that’s for sure. Our yellow look was nowhere near this cool, and we’re seriously regretting our makeup decisions. This look just goes to show that you really can add any shade to the mix when you’re working with a cut crease. It’s all about learning how to blend and use them, and that’s just what we’re practicing right now!

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 14

Source: muaanais

13 – Silver Glitter Cut Crease

You can use these cut crease makeup looks for both daytime and nighttime events, and that’s why we loved them so. Even though this one has a slick of glitter, it’s still a look you could easily wear during the day. Kim Kardashian taught us how to cut crease on her app with a taupe-brown shade, but we’re totally digging the addition of some sparkles. What do you think? Would you add the glitter for daytime wear? (Or is it just us?)

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 16

Source: makeupby_lisset

14 – Nudes + Blue

Nudes and blue rolls off the tongue as perfectly as it looks on these eyes. It’s certainly an eye-catching look, and it’s not one we would have thought of putting together ourselves. It’s pretty though, and definitely bold. Add a slick of a white / light shade to the inner corner of the eyes to help brighten them even further, and just make sure your eyebrows are super fleeky. You’re drawing attention to them after all.

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 17

Source: westsideglam_

15 – Blue Glitter Cut Crease Makeup Looks

Carrying on with the theme of blue, and how do you feel about this look? We recently featured Cinderella nails, and we think this makeup look would be the perfect face-accompaniment for them! Let your inner princess flow free with a look as dazzling as this one. Who knows what kind of Prince Charming you might attract!

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 18

Source: kayvictoriabeautyy

16 – Green Glitter + Nude

If you’re feeling green vibes, how do you feel about a green and nude glitter cut crease? It’s definitely bold and bright, and one that will get you noticed for all the right reasons. Just make sure you use a good makeup setting spray to keep all of that glitter sparkle in check. This is NOT a look you will want to chase around your face later.

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 19

Source: ownurlook

17 – A Pop of Silver Cut Crease Makeup Looks

A contrast really stands out, especially when it’s a high shine finish, such as with this bright silver flick of liner. Against the matte finish of those light to dark burgundy ombre shades, it really does stand out, and when a jet-black eyeliner has been added, and some jet black lashes too, the design is entirely complete. All we’d suggest adding to this is a pinky-nude matte finish lip and you’re pretty much winning at life.

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 21

Source: chelseasmakeup

18 – Rhinestone Cut Crease Makeup Looks

Of course, if you want to really sparkle, you could just add rhinestones. This isn’t a look we would advise for everyday occasions, obviously, but for every once in a while, when you want to really feel like you could be worth as much as the most expensive diamond in the world, faking the bling with some gems and rhinestones could be just the perfect finish. Too much? Not in the slightest!

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 20

Source: ownurlook

19 – Blue + Silver Glitter Cut Crease

An ombre blue plus a super-sharp silver glitter cut crease? Well, we can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to rock beautiful cut crease makeup looks just like this one. Just remember to carry the silver liner along your bottom lashes too, fading them into a darker grey if you want to. You can always ombre it right back out again, turning to a lighter, eye-catching shimmer on the very inner corner of your eyes.

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 15

Source: muaanais

20 – Bronze + Smokey Cut Crease Makeup Looks

If summer was made for anything, it was bronze-babe makeup looks. Now add a cut crease to that and you have something as stunning as this, and we’re dying for a vacation so that we have an excuse to wear it. Bronze and rose gold shades are really in right now, even the Kardashians are wearing them. You know if the Kardashian-Jenner’s are wearing it, it’s in style.

Cut Crease Makeup Looks 3

Source: Pinterest

21 – Rose Gold Glitter Cut Crease

Didn’t we say rose gold was the way forward? Well, we just had to prove our point, and we think we’re proving it perfectly with this rose gold wonder. Peachy vibes in your palette are what you’ll want to look for when you want to recreate a look just like this one, and we would definitely recommend the Two Faced delight. Add some rose gold glitter to your cut crease and you are most definitely on to a winner. This one has summer written all over it.

Source: katilynboyer

If you think you have designed beautiful cut crease makeup looks that rival these, please feel free to send them into us. We want to share your looks, providing them as inspiration for the rest of us who are struggling to find our creative sides. You know the drill – get in touch via social media. We can’t wait to feature you on CherryCherryBeauty.com!

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