21 Beautiful Matte Nail Art Styles

Is it time for you to head to the nail salon? Are you struggling to come up with ideas of what to do with regards to your nails next? We’ve come up with some of the cutest and most beautiful matte nail art styles, and we definitely think you’re going to want to check them out. With everything from long nails to short nails, square nails to rounded and pointed nails, simple and as intricate as you like, there’s something for everyone. That’s what we think anyway.

Which ones are your favourite? We’d love to know. Have your say in the comments below, and don’t forget to show some of these amazing nail artists some love. Without them, where would we get our nail inspo from?

1 – Light to Dark Matte Ombre

We’re definitely all about that matte-finish right now, and one way to spice it up if you’re back looking for something a little different is with an ombré finish. This light to dark matte ombré (or dark to light, if you’d prefer) is simpler to do at home than you’d think, and simply requires a darker and a lighter shade of purple / lilac, or you preferred shade, and a triangular makeup sponge. The latter is used to press that ombré look into your nails. Finish with a good matte top coat and you’ll have nails so pretty, everyone will be asking where you got the inspiration from!

Matte Nail Art Styles 1
Instagram / @nailsbymztina

2 – Gold + Red Gloss + Matte Nails

If you’ve noticed that your nail polishes peels off or chips a lot, it could be down to the products you’re using. Ideally you should be using products from the same range, that were designed to be used together. There are certain base coats which are renowned for making a top coat chip and peel, and there are even some top coats which take away some of the colour when you apply it over the top of your nail shade.

The trick is working out which ones work for you. You may need to try a few different things, but you will find something that works. Don’t be disheartened!

Matte Nail Art Styles 12
Instagram / @blessednailsbymoe

3 – Matte Nails + Rhinestones

For those days when you’re wearing all-black-err’ythang, these matte nails with rhinestones are perfect, in that wonderful dark shade, of course! There are a few different designs contained here, all of which are fabulous, and you could combine them all, or just pick your favourite. We love that slight dark to light ombré nail, obviously, how about you?

Matte Nail Art Styles 21
Instagram / @riyathai87

4 – Black Matte Stiletto Nails

If your at-home manicures look like they were done by a five-year-old, with thick and gloopy polish that doesn’t set right or dry smooth, you might want to try changing up your nail-painting technique.

Rather than one or two thicker coat to make sure you get even coverage, opt for thinner coats instead. Three thinner coats will dry much better than one thicker one. It’ll also sure for a longer-lasting manicure too.

Matte Nail Art Styles 20
Instagram / @nailsbyzelma

5 – Ombre Matte Tips

What a fantastic look for spring and summer – ombré matte tips, but instead of a dark to light, or light to dark, two very different shades have been used entirely. Both have a pastel effect to them, baby pink and an almost Tiffany blue shade, and together they look awesome! For the record, if you don’t have have the shades you want to play with in a matte finish, buy a matte too coat. Using this, you can make any shade you already have at home a matte finish. Smart, right?

Matte Nail Art Styles 19
Instagram / @dashnailspa

6 – Nude + Embellished Matte Nail Art Styles

We’re rocking nude lips, so why wouldn’t we be rocking nude nails? These beautiful matte nail art styles have basically everything we’re looking for – the coffin / ballerina shape, a wonderful long style, and in nude too … The only thing that could possibly make them any better are rhinestones. Oh, wait, they there are …

Matte Nail Art Styles 2
Instagram / @riyathai87

7 – Camouflage Matte Nails

If you want something a little edgier, puncher, and slightly more … well, badass, how about these beautiful matte nail art styles? They’re spiky, which we instantly love, but the camo / two-tone effect is what we’re more interested in. You can easily dab on those dark red shaded / ombre ends with a sponge, rather than using a nail polish brush, and the camp-nail itself is just flecks of colour cleverly brought together. What do you think? Are you up for the challenge? (And please show us if you are!)

Matte Nail Art Styles 18
Instagram / @lori_nails

8 – Marble Matte Tips

How do you feel about marble tips? Okay, now how do you feel about marble matte nails? It’s a beautiful look, right? It’s super simple too, and you don’t need any special matte polishes in order to achieve it. Simple paint those black tips on, add your white lightning-bolt (almost) effect flicks with a thin nail brush, add some gold brilliance (if you feel like it), and then cover the entire lot with a matte top coat when you’re done! That’s how simple it could be. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

Matte Nail Art Styles 17
Instagram / @superflynails

9 – Textured Matte Nails

Textured matte nails, such as these fabulous dark designs, are achieved using ‘blobs’ of nail polish, and will obviously take longer to dry than regular mani styles. You will also want to make sure that these are 100% dry before you go about your day. These will not look great once they’ve been smudged, and we imagine you wouldn’t be that happy about it after all the time you took to piece them together …

Matte Nail Art Styles 16
Instagram / @annanailsby

10 – Matte Nails + Gold Tips

These nails are so stunning, and they’re super simple too. If you have tape, even clear tape, you can achieve these delights. It all starts with a simple base shade – whatever you like, and it doesn’t even need to be matte if you don’t happen to have that to hand. You can use a top matte coat to make any glossy shade you have that non-shiny finish. When it’s dry, and it will need to be completely dry too, place the sellotape over the top, to mask the areas you’re then going to paint in that beautiful gold, metallic shade. The contrast of matte and metallic work so well together, and these beautiful matte nail art styles are a classic example of that.

Matte Nail Art Styles 3
Instagram / @chaunlegend

11 – Matte French Manicure

These are so simple – simple matte French manicure style nails, but rather than a straight line with your tip, the look is ombre-effect instead. The matte effect helps to keep things soft and romantic, and a stark contrast has been added with those spiked rhinestones. Without the rhinestones, we can’t help but think that these would make for really pretty wedding day nails, and with the rhinestones, are a perfect design for any occasion. What do you think?

Matte Nail Art Styles 15
Instagram / @_nailsbyjocylen

12 – Black + Short Negative Space Mani

These are a little something different – shorter and darker than the other designs we’ve shown you. It just goes to show that you don’t need the super long length on your side when you’re playing around with those matte effects. You don’t need a whole bunch of tools either – this look could easily be achieved with just a thin nail brush and a black polish, complete with matte top coat to finish it all off. Simples.

Matte Nail Art Styles 14
Instagram / @thenailartistfr

13 – Matte + Textured Glitter Mani

How do you feel about one of the latest nail crazes? Textured glitter nails … They’re scratchy, touchy, and oh so cool, and against the smooth backdrop of that matte shade, looks utterly divine. Or so we think anyway. A stencil will help you to achieve those swirled designs, but you could always just get creative with your freehand. Don’t forget to show us what you wonderful lot got up to!

Matte Nail Art Styles 5
Instagram / @merlin_nails

14 – Short Embellished Matte Nail Art Styles

Taking things shorter still, what about these blue beauties? A matte top coat over the top of these stunning bright shades can really change the look entirely. It also means that with the addition of ONE extra bottle of polish – that matte top coat – you have a brand new range of polishes and designs, all from the bottles of polish you already have in your collection. A great investment? We definitely think so!

Matte Nail Art Styles 10
Instagram / @xscapenails

15 – Matte Nails + 3D Flowers

Matte and mirrored – two very different looks, but as you can see from these beautiful matte nail art styles, they go perfectly well together. We loved this design so much, we’re adding it to our lust-list. Whether you choose to add those flowers or not, these nails are pretty impressive, and you could liven things up if black wasn’t your preferred choice. Switch it up for any other shade, but just add that matte top coat over the top!

Matte Nail Art Styles 13
Instagram / @berdys_nails

16 – Matte, Marble + Foil Mani

How do you feel about foil pieces in your mani? That’s what we’ve got to offer in the form of these beautiful matte nail art styles, and we love the way that the marble effect, and diamond-shaped rhinestones, have been added to keep things blinged-up, yet still really classy. What do you think about these ones? Are they your kinda style?

Matte Nail Art Styles 11
Instagram / @bellissimanails_ri

17 – Black + Gold Matte Coffin Nails

It’s a classic combination, but that’s why black and gold work so well together – they’re classics! In these nail looks, the gold has been given the textured, 3D finish, and the black has been left matte, rhinestones added in beautiful designs to bring a little glam to the occasion. Those ballerina / coffin-shaped nails are all the rage right now, but what do you think about them?

Matte Nail Art Styles 9
Instagram / @xscapenails

18 – Fleur de Lis Matte Nails

White over nude may not be something you’d have considered before, but these beautiful matte nail art styles, combining a classic fleur-de-lis design are really pretty. They’re also relatively simple. Once again, once you’ve finished with that nude base shade, and left it to dry properly, use a stencil to help you come up with that fleur-de-lis design, and then add a pearl embellishment to add some class and sophistication to the event.

Matte Nail Art Styles 8
Instagram / @janet_m1

19 – Matte + Negative Space Nails

We’ve been a fan of negative space nails for a long time, and here’s a classic example of why they rock so much. They’re damn fabulous! Matte and negative space nails, combined with that textured, 3D glitter effect, are fabulous, and they’re definitely worthy of their spot on the beautiful matte nail art styles list. There are so many shades and colours we want to replicate this look with. Which shade would be your first?

Matte Nail Art Styles 6
Instagram / @nailsbymztina

20 – Burberry Print Matte + Red Matte Nails

We’ve never even considered painting our nails a Burberry style, but once we saw these beautiful matte nail art styles, we were sold! They’re actually not that difficult either – a beige / nude tone at the bottom, a slightly lighter shade (or the same shade mixed with some white) to add the contrasting nude shade, and then a combination of black and red stripes, easily achieved with the right shades and a thin painting brush. Now take a peek at those knitted nails too … Clever, right? And definitely ones to watch out for.

Matte Nail Art Styles 7
Instagram / @maisonail

Do you love these nails as much as we do? We have dedicated another post to this stunning look, check out our post about burberry nails!

21 – Centre-Feature Matte Nails

Did you know that these beautiful matte nail art styles could actually take up to a couple of hours to fully dry. You can buy nail dryers, in the form of sprays and also electronic drying devices, and these can speed things along a little. Even then, they only real dry the top coat, and that is in the space of around 15 minutes or so. In short, if you want a matte nail look that’ll look just as good a couple of hours after you leave the salon as it did when you walked out, make sure you dedicate the afternoon for lazy, relaxed drying time.

Matte Nail Art Styles 4
Instagram / @greedylittlebaby

And there you have them – 21 beautiful matte nail art styles that we think you’re going to absolutely love. Long, short, square, oval, pointed, unique, bold, pastel, muted and brilliant. The question is, which one is your favourite? Which picture will you be marching into the nail salon holding? We can’t wait to see!

If you’ve created a nail masterpiece, send it in to us. You can DM us on Instagram, send us a message on Facebook, or Tweet us. Get in touch, show off your work. We want to show it off too! Don’t forget to show the artists we featured today some love too. We wouldn’t have anything to show you at all if it weren’t for their fabulous creations!