21 Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100

Wedding dresses are expensive. There, we said it. However, wedding dresses (and your entire wedding, in fact) doesn’t need to cost a small fortune when you are smart with the way that you spend your cash. Take these beautiful wedding dresses under £100, for example. They’re all stunning and different from each other, yet still won’t break the bank.

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget, you definitely need to check out some of these wonderful bridal beauties. Whether you’re looking for something long or short, sleeves or no sleeves, lacy, sheer, or embellished, there’s something for everyone. Which one surprised you the most?

1 – Cowl Neck Satin Maxi Wedding Dress

The cowl neck adds a vintage flair to any wedding dress, whilst adding some volume at the same time. This means that the rest of the dress can be left relatively neutral and simple in design. The neckline makes up the bulk of the big feature. It’s an incredibly feminine dress, perfect for a simple, beachy-style affair. And, to make things even better than that, it’s available for just £80 at Lipsy. There’s a link beneath the image, just in case you want to check it out, and it goes from a UK size 4 to a UK size 18! Good news all round!


2 – Kimono Plunge Back Dress

This stunning bridal kimono style dress is available for just £95 from ASOS, and we think it’s a stunner for the price! That plunge-back is a great choice for a summer wedding occasion, and you could even complete the look with a wonderful wedding updo, and a beautiful necklace hanging down the back. Simple, elegant and sophisticated, it’s one of the beautiful wedding dresses under £100 that you really can’t go far wrong with.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 1

Source: ASOS

3 – Beaded Maxi Dress

This stunning dress is available at Boohoo for just £50, and we’re not sure it’s even classed as a wedding dress at all, but we love it anyway. If you’re looking for something simple to wear to declare your undying love to your other half in, this dress is definitely a winner. Who said getting married had to break the bank anyway? You CAN do this on a budget, and you can do it fabulously too!

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 3

Source: Boohoo

4 – Bardot Frill Top Lace Midi Wedding Dress

This is a great dress if you’re looking for a budget wedding dress to suit a gal with a small bust. Models that wear these stunning wedding dresses very rarely have the largest bosom, so you’ll get a good idea of how it will sit on you by looking at the way it hangs on the slim model. There are a lot of styles that you can pick from when you’re rocking a little, rather than a lot, up-top.

We would recommend this stunning Bardot frill top midi wedding dress, which also gives you the opportunity to show off those killer legs. The frills around the chest make it look more impressive than it actually is (or so you feel), whilst adding a really cute and feminine air to the gown. As if that wasn’t good enough, you can find this dress for just £89 at Lipsy. Click the image for more info.


5 – Scallop V-Back Midi Dress

If you’re looking for something shorter, you’ll love this dress, another beauty that we found on ASOS for just £78.00. We would definitely recommend checking out hair updo’s when you have a stunning back piece on your dress such as this one. Wearing your hair down won’t give people a chance to appreciate those finer details that you don’t get the chance to see. For the record, ASOS has a wonderful bridal section, with shoes, bags, dresses, and a whole bunch more, and there’s even a wonderful range of bridesmaids too. For more information, check these out:

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 2

Source: ASOS

6 – Fishtail Dip Hem Wedding Dress

If you want a fashionable dress that’s super sweet and simple, all at the same time, this dress offers plenty. You’ve got the fishtail, dipped him, helping you to show off those killer ankles and, more importantly, those beautiful shoes you bought especially for the occasion. Then you’ve got that beautiful gemstone detailing at the front, with a lace panel to help protect your modesty. And then, just to add an air of sexy-sass to the gown, a backless detail has been added. It’s an all-round winning combination, and it’s available from Debenhams! Oh, and it’s another of the beautiful wedding dresses under £100!

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 8

Source: Debenhams

7 – Halterneck Frill Detail Maxi Dress

Halterneck wedding dresses are quite a brave look for some brides, but it’s a look that definitely stands out. With a high neck and plenty of arms on show, it’s not only a very unique style, but also quite flattering. If you’re petite, for example, beautiful wedding dresses under £100 just like this one will help you appear more elongated. If you’re busty, this dress can also help to eliminate the ‘overhang’ you can sometimes get over tight, bodice and cost style dresses.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 11

Source: Pretty Little Thing

8 – Classically Embellished + High Neck

If you are a busty bride, this is a definitely a great dress for you to check out. It has some beautiful detailing around the front, but everything is also nicely (and flatteringly) encased int hat beautiful lace panel. The wider straps are easier to wear if you’re bustier, and with a nipped-in waist and a flowing-free skirt, it’s all particularly flattering if you’re bigger at the bottom than you are at the top. This is generally known as a pear shape body.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 10

Source: Debenhams

9 – Blush Pink Frill Maxi Wedding Dress

Okay, okay, we’ll admit it. This one isn’t actually a wedding dress at all, but a bridesmaids dress. We found this stunning blush pink delight on New Look, just £34.99, but if you were looking for a more relaxed feel for your big day, we can’t think of a prettier dress to wear. Imagine running along the beach with flowers in your hair and a smile in your face …

Now all we need to do is find the groom!

If you love this dress, click on the link below the image (or the image itself) to take a closer look.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 5

Source: New Look

10 – Sequinned + Strapless

It doesn’t matter what size, shape or style of bride you are, there is a kind of strapless wedding gown to suit you. Bette than that, there are so any options open to you when looking at beautiful wedding dresses under £100. Not only is this a beautiful and elegant bridal look, you can also show off some of your favourite features – your neck and collarbone, for example, or your arms and shoulders. If you have a beautiful piece of necklace to use in your something something old / new / borrowed / blue, a strapless gown gives you the chance to show it off. It also means that you can wear your beautiful hair down, without too many features on the dress that would encourage you to wear your hair up and show them off.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 9

Source: Debenhams

11 – Silk Chiffon Wedding Dress

This gown would be known as a column bridal gown, a long, slim and narrow design of dress that generally reaches from the bust or shoulders, right down to the floor. If you’re a very tall or thin bride, this dress is a great fit for you. It allows you to show off your best features, and it’s an easily customised dress. This means you can show off or hide those bits that you’re happy / not happy with. You must be aware that this dress is one of the most unforgiving of designs, and usually with the most unforgiving of fabrics too. It will show off every lump and bump, even on the slimmest of women. Some figure-holding pants will be a definite must-have!

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 4

Source: Etsy

12 – Ruffle Detail Maxi Dress

It’s a very latino-looking dress, and one that’s packed with sass too, if that’s the kind of gown you’re on the hunt for. The peephole design brings some sex appeal to the table, while the actual shape of the dress appears as if it were made for an hourglass figure. Ruffles are a hot trend right now also, which technically makes this one of the best beautiful wedding dresses under £100.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 12

Source: Pretty Little Thing

13 – White Sequin Strapless Maxi Dress

We have a confession to make. This one is a little over the agreed budget … But, but, but, before you tut and give us that stern look of yours, we feel that we should make you aware of a few points. Firstly, it’s beautiful. Secondly, it’s only £120. Thirdly, it’s limited edition. Fourthly, it’s beautiful. Oh, wait, haven’t we already said that? Well, it is DOUBLY beautiful!

This one can be found at Pink Boutique and the link is beneath the image (and the image itself too.) They have a truly beautiful range of dresses, a number of which could easily be beautiful wedding dresses under £100!

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 14

Source: Pink Boutique

14 – Ivory Lace Midi Dress

These adorable short, fifties-style wedding gowns are perfect for petite brides, and they’re lots of fun too, giving you plenty of opportunities to play around with them. You can change the colours a little, stepping outside of the white / off-white box. Waist features help to nip in and accentuate a tiny waist, making it also perfect for hourglass figures, and whether you’re busty or not, this dress is very flattering. Oh, and you can buy it from John Lewis too.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 17

Source: John Lewis

15 – White Fishtail Lace Midi Dress

Demure, modest, and very modern too. If you’re a mature bride, this is an exquisite bridal gown to wear. Those long sleeves are created from lace, giving you the chance to show off some skin, but not too much. You can still show off your killer legs and some stunning shoes with that slightly dipped, fishtail edging. It’s a sassy look, and one that means business, but is it one of your winning beautiful wedding dresses under £100?

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 13

Source: Pretty Little Thing

16 – Metallic Backless Lace Detail Gown

You’ll need to make some smart bridal underwear choices if you’re rocking a beautiful backless dress, just like this little number. We spotted this one on Pink Boutique, and we’ll admit, it’s certainly beautiful. Silver and metallic lace over a wonderful white silhouette, it’s a simple dress for all the right reasons. It’s definitely one that we could get on board with.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 16

Source: Pink Boutique

17 – Lace Overlay Slip Dress

How does something simple and sweet strike your fancy? This elegant lace overlay slip dress is just the right amount of figure hugging to show off the curves in all the right places, without bring too clingy that it shows off every lump and bump. Available at Fashion World, it’s another example of the beautiful wedding dresses under £100 you can get your hands on.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 19

Source: Fashion World

18 – Fishtail Midi Lace Wedding Gown

Do you fancy taking things shorter? And no, we’re not talking obscenely short, but fashionable and modest, knee-skimming short. The lace detailing on this dress really is very pretty, and although it’s a simple design, it has enough features about it to make a very beautiful dress indeed. The silhouette is also a very flattering one, nipping you in at the waist to help create or accentuate those classic hourglass figures.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 21

Source: Pretty Little Thing

19 – Cold Shoulder Midi Dress

The cold shoulder look is a very big one right now, and you can apply it to your beautiful wedding gowns under £100 also! This pretty little thing was spotted on Fashion World, and brings together the new and modern trend with a very traditional jacquard effect fabric that is both luxurious and elegant. That A-line skirt is flattering on almost all body types, and the shorter length gives you the opportunity to play around with some really beautiful shoes.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 20

Source: Fashion World

20 – Ivory Double Layer Zip Feature Dress

While we’re on the subject of short and detailed, how does this little beauty spotted on John Lewis strike your fancy? Taking things away from the traditional and into the more modern, it’s still a very feminine design with a flattering shape, but the zip-front is definitely a feature you wouldn’t expect to find on a bridal gown. It’s a stand-out gown, that’s for sure, but is it stand-out enough for you and your big day?

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 18

Source: John Lewis

21 – Bardot Lace Fishtail Wedding Dress

For when you want to show some flesh, but not too much, a lace overly dress is a good choice. It gives you the opportunity to have a slightly smaller dress beneath it, with that lace detailing cover the bits where you’d prefer to cover your modesty. You know what Grandma can be like when you have too much flesh on show. Those lace panels keep her happy when you want to break from tradition a little bit. (Remember that it should be YOUR dress decision, however!)

This stunning gown was found on Pink Boutique, and we really, really kinda love it. How about you? What do you think?

Beautiful Wedding Dresses Under £100 15

Source: Pink Boutique

And there you have them – 21 beautiful wedding dresses under £100 that we’re going crazy for right now. Which is your favourite? Do you have any favourites? Have you checked out the websites beneath the images for more stunning budget bridal gowns? Tell us if you’ve found one that you thinks deserves to be on the list. We’ll make another list! We’d also love to feature you and your beautiful gown if you’ve had a wedding day that you want to shout about. Can we feature you? Because we’d love to!

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