21 Black and White Bedroom Ideas

Are you looking for a way to reinvent your room? Perhaps the decorating bug has hit you and you’re desperately trying to find some inspiration? Well, if black and white bedroom ideas are your thing, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve got 21 photos that we think you should take a peek at, all following that monochrome trend, and all of which are so fabulous, we felt they needed to be shouted about.

Whether you have a small space or a big one, there are ideas here that everyone can use. We can’t wait to hear what you thought of them, so make sure you leave your favourites in the comments below. Grab yourself a cuppa, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to learn about …

1 – Small Monochrome Touches

Small touches are often what makes a room, and that’s definitely the case with black and white bedroom ideas such as this one. You might not be able to decorate your walls, particularly if you live in a dorm or rented apartment. Why not consider hanging something large on a framework on the walls instead? You could easily create a frame of wood to hang a double duvet cover on. Why not make that duvet cover a wall art piece of sorts?

If you didn’t want something quite so big on the wall, or you just don’t want to commit to something like that, you could always use smaller art pieces to add the black and white theme to the room. Add some contrasting cushions and bedding to match, and you’ll find monochrome is actually an easier trend to jump on board than you first may have thought.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 1

Source: Pinterest

2 – Black and White Bedroom Ideas (With a Hint of Pink)

This room is predominantly white, with just the odd touch of black thrown in to bring the theme together, and it’s also been used with a peachy / dusky pink shade. We think it works perfectly. Add black brackets to white shelves, for example, or use a contrasting lamp to match the black shade on your bedding. For the record, we’ve found plenty of black and white duvet sets. We’ve even featured a few in this post! (Aren’t we lovely?)

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 2

Source: Pinterest

3 – Monochrome Art Work

Art work is everything when you have a small space. The stuff you choose to add to your walls says a lot about you, and these pieces are often the first things that people see and comment on when they walk in.

You could easily paint a plain cork board in that white brick effect, or use wallpaper / wrapping cover to cover it instead. You’ll be amazed at what can be given a new lease of life with a fresh lick of paint or some wrapping / covering. Even shoe boxes can be used as cute storage boxes once they have been covered.



Black And White Bedroom Ideas 6

Source: dormify

4 – Black and White Bedding

If you want to keep things simple in your black and white bedroom ideas, go with the bedding. It’s often the easiest change you can make to a room, and you can start to add everything else gradually around it. We found this delightful piece on Etsy (and if you click on the link below, you’ll be taken right to it), but there’s nothing to stop you getting cray-crazy with some fabric paint and creating something like this yourself.

Oh, if you do, make sure you send the pictures into us. We would LOVE to feature you it and you on CherryCherryBeauty!

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 14

Source: Etsy

5 – Black, White + Shades of Grey

Black curtains – that’s a great way to add that black and white theme to a room, and lamps / lampshades in the same shade are another way to add a touch of black to the mix. Let’s just take a moment to talk about that window too, shall we?

If you have a large window in your room, make great use of it. Place a chaise lounge in front of it for you to sit and read when the sun gets too hot outside. Add blackout curtains to give you the darkness you need at night, but during the day, make full use of that natural light. You might even want to consider filming any makeup videos you need to do in front of it. You just can’t beat bright, natural lighting!

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 3

Source: Pinterest

6 – Black and White Fit For Royalty

We found this amazing wallpaper on Debenhams, and if you want to take a closer look, just click the link below the image. You’ll be taken right to it. You don’t need to opt for wallpaper, of course, but this backdrop does look beautiful with that vintage style dressing table right in front of it. If you like to get creative, you could grab some white paint, black paint, and a few stencils. After the white paint has been used as a backdrop, use your stencils and black paint to create something like this. Not exactly like it, but similar – unique to you and your black and white bedroom.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 16

Source: Debenhams

7 – Black, White + Gold

They’re three colours that we think go really well together, and we especially love that golden name hanging right above the bed. Just in case you wanted to give this look a shot for yourself, you’ll be happy to know that it’s not half as expensive or as complicated as you first may have thought.

You can buy wooden letters and gold spray paint, and it’s simply a case of mixing the two. Add them to the wall, and add some fairy lights if you want. You deserve to have your name in lights, after all, even if it is just above your bed.

Wooden letters > Amazon / £1.23 each

Gold spray paint > Amazon / £2.70 / 110ml can

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 8

Source: lifeofblissblog

8 – Mirror Image

Black walls are quite a brave step, but using mirrors is a great way to lighten the load, so to speak. What a mirror does is reflect – light, images, etc. A mirror can make a small space seem much larger, and it can also be used to add light. If you’re making a dramatic change, such as adding one block black wall, the mirror can break things up. It helps if you’re looking for cool and modern black and white bedroom ideas, rather than gothic-inspired ones.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 4

Source: Pinterest

9 – All Black Everything

We really did love this look, combining a few techniques and features we’ve already shown you. A series of black painted wooden ZZZ’s above the bed, for example, isa very cute and cheap touch. You could even consider printing out big black ZZZ’s, placing them against a white backdrop and a black frame. Hey, it might even help to actually send you to sleep!

The point we’re trying to make here is that those finishing touches add everything to a room. Even if you were to add just black touches, and not worry about the black wallpaper (which, again, we found on Debenhams – click on the link below the image for more details), you would still achieve a monochrome bedroom. It’s just without all the commitment … and upsetting your landlord!

Source: Debenhams

10 – Upcycling Monochrome Style

We just want to bring your attention to that adorable little stool / table at the foot of the bed. That could easily have been an old coffee table that’s been given a new lease of life, or even an old bench. With the addition of some fabric, a little bit of paint, and some cushion stuffing, you could create something just as cute as this to sit at the bottom of YOUR bed. There are plenty of tutorials on how to make something like this at home, and we would definitely recommend you take a closer look.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 9

Source: oliveandford

11 – Closets on Show

What are your views on having your clothes right out on show? Wasn’t it Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City who said this is where she liked to see her money? Hanging up and lookin’ pretty? If you have a closet to die for – a closet you’re very proud of – why not show it off in true style?

We love the idea of an open closet space, and incorporated into these black and white bedroom ideas, it does look super cute. We would need to hide the coloured clothes away though, wouldn’t you?

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 5

Source: Pinterest

12 – Fashion as Art?

Right, we’re just going to throw this out there as an idea – why not add your clothes to hangers on the wall and use them as art? That “Yasss Queen” shirt, for example, fits in perfectly with the rest of the decor, and it actually works hanging on the wall.

If you have an old band short that no longer fits, or just a tee that you know you’re never going to wear again, throw it on a hanger and hang that from a screw on the wall. Make your clothes art. Most of us spend more on our clothes than we ever would on art. It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 10

Source: Pinterest

13 – Dotty for Monochrome

We love polka dots almost as we love these black and white bedroom ideas, and that’s why we were super excited to find the two together. This bedding is amazing, but we must admit something to you. We’re a little bit obsessed with that brick-design wallpaper in the background. We’ve had a look around and there are plenty of places that you can find this wallpaper, and you an even buy laminated-style rolls too. These are often used as backdrops for makeup (and other genre) video bloggers, but you can hang these from your wall too. You can change them up as you see fit then.

Just check out this little beauty we found on Amazon, for example, and there are plenty more like it!

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 18

Source: oohnoo_official

14 – Black + White Prints

We think that too many homes across the globe are missing art on the walls. If you’re opting for these black and white bedroom ideas, you should definitely consider adding some monochrome art to your walls too. Make it a portrait of yourself, something a little more modern, or even a landscape, but make it black and white. You may find that a bright pop of colour on the wall, such as a painting, may change the feel of your room too much. This is more often the case if you’re going for a minimalist finish.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 19

Source: Ollie & Seb’s Haus

15 – Black and White Bedroom Ideas (+ Mint Green)

We would NEVER have considered adding black, white and mint green together, but as you can see from this beautiful bedroom design, it all works rather well. In fact, it works so well, we’re almost considering giving our bedrooms a revamp right now, copying the exact shades used.

Here’s a helpful tip for you – rather than throwing your bedding away once you change colour in your room, try dyeing them instead. Pick the shades that match your room, and go a little crazy. You can dye the entire thing, or just use fabric paints to highlight key areas, the choice is yours. You might just need a brand new duvet cover out of it, however, and you won’t have needed to spend any more than whatever the dye cost you.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 11

Source: Pinterest

16 – Chandelier of Interest

If you have a particular ‘area of interest’ in your room, use that as your focal point and build everything else around it. In this look, for example, the chandelier is what packs the biggest impact. With that grand piece in the design, everything around it can be minimal and simple. White bedding with some black bedside cabinets, for example, or a black rug or throw added in there. Plus, who isn’t looking for the perfect excuse to have a chandelier in the bedroom?

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 20

Source: Rose Uniake

17 – Black Walls, White Everything Else

Right, let’s get it out the way nice and early – black walls are quite hard to get away with, and this is most definitely the case if you’re renting. You might want to speak to your landlord before you change anything. Sometimes you’re not allowed, and then you may be required to pay to get it right back to how it was when you leave the property.

If you do want to give black walls a shot, however, this is a great way of doing it. There are white highlights to help break things up – the white and light photos and prints on the wall, and the white stripes and lines that go around the walls too. When you add so much white to the black walled backdrop, things aren’t quite so intimidating, and the back and white interior design trend becomes much easier to achieve.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 20

Source: Alyssa Lee Photography

18 – Black + White Lights ( + Memories)

We actually loved this idea for a black wall. Add a heart made out of string / fairy lights, and then fill the space with beautiful black and white photos, all snapshots of very happy memories. It’ll be one of hte first things you see when you wake up in the morning, and all those happy memories will invoke all sorts of happy morning vibes.

It’s easy to take down and move around too – perfect for students and renting people.

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 12

Source: Pinterest

19 – Watercolour Wonder

Believe it or not, you can actually buy this beautiful duvet cover / set, and if you click the link below the image, you’ll find it on Etsy. We love it because it uses grey – the medium between black and white – to bring the two shades together. It works if you’re not the kind of person who lives in just black and white … (We just wanted to say that.)

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 15

Source: Etsy

20 – A Pop of Colour

There are two things we want to draw your attention to here. The first is that pop of the colour – the red in the lips on the wall. The second are those designer bags that are hanging on the wall. Well, it says Prada, that’s given us a brilliant idea.

Half the excitement of buying something designer, such as from Prada, is getting that infamous bag that it comes in. Why not keep those bags, and feature them as art on the wall. Flatten them, place them in a frame, and hang them on the wall. You might not want to show off all your wares (because you don’t want to get burgled – that’s not smart), but you can still show your shopping habit off. Didn’t we say that fashion was art already today?

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 13

Source: dormify

21 – Great Use of Space

We loved this room for so many reasons, the fact that it fits the black and white bedroom ideas theme being just one of them. The second is for the great use of space. If you have a small bedroom, this is a great one to take some smart inspiration from.

That space above the window is perfect for happy memories and photos, and you can print these out in black and white to match your black and white bedroom ideas. A shelf placed above the bed gives you plenty of place to hold knick-knacks and other mementos of your life, and once again, you could use painted or covered shoe boxes for storage, to hide away those little bits and pieces you don’t always want to have on show. In fact, we’ve got a post coming on small bedroom and storage ideas. If you have a great idea of your own, feel free to send it in! We would LOVE to feature your bedroom!

Black And White Bedroom Ideas 7

Source: dormify

And there you have them – 21 black and white bedroom ideas that we think are damn fabulous. What do you think? Are there any ideas here that you think you want to add to your bedroom? Have you done one better than these ideas, do you think? If you’ve got a room to show off, send them in – let us show them off. We’ll link right back to you, and if you provide us with a tutorial / step-by-step instructions, we’ll even share those too. We want to share your good ideas. We wouldn’t have any #homegoals at all if it weren’t for these inspirational ideas.

Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

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