21 Blorange Hair Looks

We’re only one month into 2017 but already it seems that there’s a new hair trend taking over the world – blorange hair. It sounds made up, or like a really tasty jelly-like dessert, but it’s actually blonde and orange hair. It sounds frightening, but we promise you it’s definitely not.

The mash-up of blonde and orange hues mixed together gives you something that’s very much like rose gold hair, but slightly more on the orange side, rather than rocking that pretty pink glow. There are plenty of shades and designs to play around with, meaning there is bound to be something that works with your skin tone and hair type. What do you think? Would you give it a try? Wait until you’ve seen these stunning blorange hair designs … We think you might just want to try!

1 – Wavy Blorange Locks

If you want really beautiful and shiny blorange hair, you’re going to need to take care of it – before, during, and after. If you have slightly darker hair and want to achieve a lighter finish, you’ll need to get ready for those lightening and bleaching treatments. They will be damaging to your locks. Use a really good conditioner, and use plenty of it in the run up to your salon appointment, We really love using this Argan Oil leave-in conditioner. It’s easy to spritz and go, rather than waiting for a hair mask which can take 5 minutes or more to do its thing.

Blorange Hair 19
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2 – Light Blorange Hair

Remember – the lighter you want to go, the more work will be necessary for you to achieve your desired results. This might mean that you need to have more than one salon sitting before your look is entirely finished. It might also mean that you need to change your shade expectations a little. If you have dark, close to black hair, and you want to go for something like this, your hair is going to be put under some serious stress. When your hair is stressed, it won’t look as good as you want it to. You will need to listen to your hair stylist.

Blorange Hair 21
Instagram / @dvsnature

3 – Darker Blorange Hair

If you have darker hair, you can still rock the blorange hair look. This darker design caters for everything too – darker roots for more root regrowth, and therefore longer between salon appointments (and money saved), lighter at the ends. It allows you to grow it out easier, and a natural approach to what would otherwise be considered an unnatural hair colour. Perfect, don’t you think?

Blorange Hair 6
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4 – Natural Roots + Blorange Hair

If you’re trying to grow out a lighter look, going back to your natural, darker tones, why not opt for blorange hair as a great in-between style? You can leave the lighter tones to grow out, and by applying a temporary blorange wash over the lighter segments, you’ll be left with something that looks like this.

Blorange Hair 3
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5 – Copper Blorange Hair

Some might say that blorange hair is just a different way of saying peach hair. If we’re honest, we said something a little similar when we saw it for the first time too. To make sure everyone definitely knows the difference – your hair is blorange and NOT peach – make sure you add enough of that tangerine dreamy shade to your locks. If orange is too scary a shade for you to take on, go for something more copper or cherry-themed instead. The fiery flames in this look are so beautiful, we’re making this our next go-to style.

Blorange Hair 5
Instagram / @marycecile10

6 – Rich, Mahogany + Blorange Peekaboo

Another look that shows you how to do blorange dark, add the orange hues as a peekaboo look, blending out from beneath rich mahogany tones. It definitely adds a new dimension to your locks. When the shade is underneath, you can decide whether or not you want to show it off. Wear your hair up in a ponytail for maximum effect, or leave things slightly more subtle by hiding the peekaboo shade with your hair down.

Blorange Hair 20
Instagram / @hairdosalon

7 – Peach Toned Blorange Hair

Think of peach and coral tones and you have about the right idea. You could go brighter and lighter, like a fiery sunset, but you could also keep things very muted. This blorange hair look is a definite winner if you want to take the more subtle and natural approach. Even the slightest tinge can make the world of difference to your locks. That makes it even more wearable for everyday people … just like me and you!

Blorange Hair 8
Instagram / @whitehaushair

8 – Braided Beauties

If you have plenty of tones and shades in your new locks and you really want to show them off, braiding is definitely a great way to do just that. The intricate weaving will allow you to display all of the dimensions to your hair. Once you get the hang of braiding, it’ll more than likely become your easy go-to style. When we first started braiding our hair, it would take forever just to do a simple Frenchie. These days we can make coffee, brush our teeth, and braid our hair all at the same time … mostly because we’re always running late.

Blorange Hair 13
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9 – Edge Blorange Hair

What about a really different look this time? If you’ve been rocking long hair for a while, but it’s damaged, dry and brittle, give it a new lease of life by, quite literally, going for the chop. This stunning blorange hair look has been made edgier and rockier with the addition of a side-shave. You could always tightly braid your hair out the way if shaving is too much of a brave move for you.

Blorange Hair 7
Instagram / @jeanellk

10 – Pretty in Pink Blorange Hair

If you’re not sure of the right blorange hair tones to go for, sit down with your hair stylist and talk about it. They’re trained in exactly the job you’re needing them for. They’ll have a good idea of what tones will work for your skin tone, as well as the right cut for your face shape and needs. Take as many photos of your “desired look” in with you as you can, and then there will be no crossed wires at all. Your stylist will know what you want, and you’ll be more likely to get it.

Blorange Hair 12
Instagram / @hairbysroth

11 – Wavy Blorange Hair + Bangs

Keeping the blorange highlights close to your face is a good way to update your look, without the need to go for something bold and daring all-over. You could have a few blaring face-framing highlights, and perhaps even a few lowlights if you wanted something underneath to shine through, and it’ll be a much subtler look. You could even incorporate the gradient shades into your bangs – keep the shades towards the edges of your face for a more natural effect.

Blorange Hair 14
Instagram / @_dopeandbroke

12 – Fakin’ It Blorange Hair

Of course, there’s a really easy way that you can “fake” blorange hair, and this is a great tip for those ladies who want to rock the look for one night only. You know, like a big event or night out … something like that. Use hair extensions and a wash-in, wash-out shade. The latter is easily washed out after two or three rinses, and the extensions can help to add not only more length, but also more colour. Sometimes less isn’t always more.

Blorange Hair 9
Instagram / @dollsheadwigs

13 – Soft and Punky Blorange Bob

Do you have short hair? A bob, perhaps? Don’t worry, you can still rock the blorange hair look, you just need to know how to wear it the right way. This look is definitely the right way! Punky waves have been added to give it a real edgy and modern twist, and the colour is a subtle blend of that blorange-orange into a beautiful and pretty pink.

Blorange Hair 15
Instagram / @ceremonysalon

14 – Blorange Lob

And if you’re growing out a bob, you could opt for a blorange lob – a long bob. This is a very big look for right now, and everyone’s going for it. All of the Kardashians have rocked a long bob, and Victoria Beckham has been a firm fan for a number of years. You could combine two very popular hair looks in one with this blorange hair design!

Blorange Hair 10
Instagram / @trots_op_haar

15 – Natural Looking Blorange Hair

If you don’t want to go for an all-over colour, why not opt for blorange hair on the ends only? A dip-dye or ombre / gradient effect can work its magic just as much as blorange hair all over. Because you’re taking the dye and colour away from your face, you can get away with colours and shades that wouldn’t usually work with your skin tone. If it doesn’t work well with your face, but you still want to rock it, rock at the ends – as far away as you can get!

Blorange Hair 11
Instagram / @hairby_lauren_amyx

16 – Pretty + Curly Blorange Hair

How do you feel about pretty dusky pinks at the top, blending into wonderful peachy-blorange at the bottom? It’s a colour combo you might not have thought of, but as you can tell from this look, it definitely works. Use curls to show off all the colours in your new ‘do, and get creative with your twisting and braiding. When you have that many beautiful shades in your locks, it would be a complete shame not to show them all off.

Blorange Hair 18
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17 – Easy, Everyday Blorange Hair

Another lob, or long bob, this every day look is a really simple one, and is a classic example of why you should go for a shorter length at least once in your life. Hair this short is short enough to be classed as low-maintenance. At the same time, the length at the front – slightly longer than at the back – gives you enough to play around with when you want to achieve different looks. This one might just be the perfect compromise, and in that beautiful blorange shade too.

Blorange Hair 4
Instagram / @sam.schock

18 – Pink + Blorange Colour Melt

If you check out the Instagram page for this beautiful blorange hair look, you’ll see a video of how much this hair just sparkles in the light. It’s definitely glossy ands shiny, something only achieved when you take care of your hair. You’ll need to take even more care of your hair to ensure a look like this one lasts the distance. Washing your hair everyday is a definite no-no. You should also make sure that you’re topping up your colour by using a touch of it in your regular shampoo and conditioner. There are lots of tricks you can use – we advise you to learn and then use them. You’ll be thankful you did.

Blorange Hair 17
Instagram / @iloveluciehair

19 – Barely There Blorange Hair

For a barely-there blaring look, add the blorange hues to the roots only, and let it work with the natural root regrowth of your current blonde bombshell look. It’s much more subtle and natural than some of the other looks we’ve shown you. It just goes to show that you don’t need to go bold to follow in with the latest hair trends.

Blorange Hair 2
Instagram / @iamcolorhair

20 – Cute + Short Curly Blorange Lob

What do you think about this beautiful mix of orange and pinks? It’s worn with a slightly longer bob, and with bangs too, which breaks every myth you thought you believed and knew about the latest colourful hair design. Sometimes it does pay to think outside the box and mix colours and shades you wouldn’t normally mix together. Use every day options – candy, for example – to get inspiration and go a little crazy. And then show us, obviously.

Blorange Hair 16
Instagram / @hairbysroth

21 – Blorange Hair + Short Bangs

And another look that just goes to show that short hair and bangs really works with blorange hair, how do you feel about it? Have you we changed your mind about what was probably a terrifying hair trend when we first mentioned it to you?

Blorange Hair 1
Instagram / @liaweizmakeup

There are so many ways in which you can rock this beautiful blorange hair trend, and so many ways in which you can combine tangerine tinges with various other shades to come up with new and unique looks. We can’t wait to hear which ones were your favourite. Don’t forget to come back and show us what you did if you gained inspiration from some of these. Go show the artists some love too – we wouldn’t have any inspiration at all if it weren’t for these wonderful lot!