21 Blush Wedding Dresses You’ll Fall in Love With

If you’re in the market for a new wedding dress, you’ll probably need all the help you can get, and that’s definitely the case if you definitely know what you want. In this case, blush wedding dresses. We’ve got the most beautiful styles that you could dream of to gain some inspiration from, and if you have a little read through, you’ll also find some helpful advice on picking the right dress for your big day. Aren’t we nice to you?

1 – Simple + Elegant

When you’re opting for a slightly different shade to the traditional white / ivory wedding dresses, it might be worth thinking about keeping the rest of the features simple. It’s your big day, and you should definitely design it how you want to, but if you want to break the rules without truly breaking from tradition, simplicity is key. This key has enough beauty about it to be one of the most stunning blush wedding dresses we’ve seen, whilst still being wonderfully traditional at the same time.

Blush Wedding Dresses 1
Source: Amelia Johnson photography

2 – Blush + Ruffled

You won’t ever get a good feel for what a dress looks like when it is on the hanger. These blush wedding gowns are designed to look beautiful when they are on – with layers and ruffles and all sorts of designs and features in all sorts of the right places. Thin and waif-like dresses will look shapeless and lifeless on a hanger, for example, but when put on look like a different dress entirely. Be more open-minded when out shopping for your blush wedding dresses and you’ll find you have a much easier ride!

Blush Wedding Dresses 6
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3 – Elegantly Lace

When you visit a salon to dress-shop, you’ll generally be in that salon for a couple of hours. That is, of course, unless you realise it’s not to your style as soon as you walk in and decide not to continue with the appointment any further. Bearing that in mind, when shopping for blush wedding dresses like these, make sure you only book yourself a couple of appointments per day, and give yourself enough time to do everything you need in them all.

Blush Wedding Dresses 8
£664.55 / Etsy – Click for more details

4 – Blush Bodice

Before heading out to find blush wedding dresses like this stunning gown, have a flick through the bridal magazines to have an idea for what kind of thing you’re looking for. Yo could even consider using places such as Instagram and Pinterest … and websites just like this one, obviously! You can get a good idea for what styles and designs you like, and what kind of colours you will be looking for too. It’s always best to be fully armed to deal with the situation.

Blush Wedding Dresses 9
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5 – Sheer + Blush Wedding Dresses

If you’re shopping for blush wedding dresses on a budget, opt for something sheer and simple and then add to it. You can throw an embellished belt around the middle for some shape-adding, and some sparkle-adding too. There are plenty of ways you can customise off-the-hanger dresses so that they don’t cost you half the price of a bespoke gown. You could also opt for a long, featured veil, just like you can see here.

Blush Wedding Dresses 12
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6 – Blush Boho Lace Bride

One piece of advice you definitely should hear when shopping for your blush wedding dresses is that you should not go shopping for it too soon. Although you’re often advised to start hunting as soon as you possibly can, and it’s also very tempting to get carried away and do just that, you shouldn’t actually start your dressing shopping until about a year before the big day. That’s if you’re going for a long (ish) engagement obviously. There are a lot of things that can (and probably will) change in that twelve month period, and a dress is a lot of money to needlessly “throw” money away on.

Blush Wedding Dresses 3
£459.71 / Etsy – Click for more details

7 – Embroidered Blush Bride

Do you know what kind of feel your wedding will have? You’ll need to know that before you go shopping for the dress. The dress is important, obviously, but at the same time you’ll want it to tie in with the rest of your big day. Describe what you want from your big day, and the kind of venues you’re looking at booking, with your dress consultant so they will have a much better picture of exactly what kind of wedding gown you’re looking for.

Blush Wedding Dresses 5
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8 – Blush + Gold Embroidered

How do you feel about beautiful gold and blush wedding dresses like this one? It’s definitely a romantic one, and a covered-up look too, particularly good for colder, winter weddings. We love the natural, earthy feel about this wedding look, despite the luxury attached to the gold embroidery. It’s a combination that you might not have thought of putting together, but one that works nevertheless.

Blush Wedding Dresses 7
£664.55 / Etsy – Click for more details

9 – Blushing Ruffles

If you want to go shopping for blush wedding dresses at the best time, opt for morning appointments, and also try to pick a week-day, and during the day, where possible. These are generally the quietest times. The worst times to pick if you want a bit of privacy is lunchtime, right after work / school, and also in the evenings (for late night boutiques). Weekends, as you’d expect, are usually jam-packed.

Blush Wedding Dresses 13
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10 – Simple + Sleek

If the consultant in the bridal store is showing you a dress that she thinks you should try on, try it on. Why? Well, it might not look “your style” on the hanger, but these dresses have a funny way of looking a million percent different when you actually slip them on. The dress she (or he) has picked out for you to try may have features you’ve expressed some love for. It might just pay off to try that wild card … you won’t know until you try.

Blush Wedding Dresses 10
£80 (was £160) / John Lewis – Click for more details

11 – Blushing Flowers

We know that you want to invite the entire world with you to your dress fitting, but any bride will tell you that this does more harm than good. All that will happen is that you will be bombarded with opinions, none of which will be yours, and all of which will leave you flustered. That’s hardly the kind of experience you had planned for your wedding dress shopping day, we’re sure. Opt for one or two people – the mother of the bride and your bridesmaid, for example, or perhaps your new mother-in-law for a serious bonding session. Just be sure not to confuse the issue with the opinion of too many people at once. That won’t be good for your stress levels at all.

Blush Wedding Dresses 14
Instagram / @jnoelle.design

12 – Elegantly Blush Wedding Dresses

If you want blush wedding dresses that are both elegant AND sexy, you need to go for something like an “illusion” dress, or maybe even an off-the-shoulder, or one-shoulder look. The latter has been used in many of the dresses that Michelle Obama has worn whilst rocking her stint as the First Lady – those one-shoulder looks really are sassy. But the “illusion dresses” will often have sheer lace or chiffon panel designs that cover your bust to throat area, stopping everything from looking like you have too much flesh on show.

Blush Wedding Dresses 21
Instagram / @millanova_official

13 – Blushed Bodice

You might want to consider booking your venue before you book the dress. Why? Because beautiful and dazzling blush wedding dresses with plenty of detailing might look totally at home in a ballroom-room style wedding venue, but a little out of place in a more simple or boho / beachy themed event. You may also find that the colours of the decor will have an impact on the dress you choose, and the colours you opt for. This applies not only to your dress, but also the bridesmaids dresses, and also the colours that the men in the wedding are going to wear also.

Blush Wedding Dresses 16
Instagram / @leannemarshallofficial

14 – Off-the-Shoulder Blush Wedding Dresses

Do you remember we discussed the idea of having an off-the-shoulder dress for your big day? Well, this girlie and romantic look is a prime example of that – blush wedding dresses done the right way. It’s wonderfully elegant and beautifully romantic, and there are some really pretty embroidery features towards the edge of the gown too. Is this a style that you would rock? Or a colour?

Blush Wedding Dresses 19
Instagram / @ilahilal

15 – Princess-Style Blush Wedding Dresses

For a really grand venue, you’re going to need a really grand dress, and you won’t get much more grand than this beautiful princess style blush wedding dress. Do you remember what we said about picking the venue before you pick your blush wedding dresses? This kind of style of dress is a classic example of why you should do just that – this dress needs a lot of space, and it probably won’t be very sand-compatible, for those of you hoping for a beachy big day.

Blush Wedding Dresses 20
Instagram / @riripepet

16 – Lace Detail + Blush Skirt

As much as it might sound like an awful lot of fun to try on hundreds of blush wedding dresses before you finally make your finishing decision, but trying on too many dresses is probably just as bad as not trying on any dresses at all. When you try on so many dresses, there’s a good chance you’ll forget which bits of which gown you actually liked, and you’re likely to confuse your own ideas and styles. If you find a gown that you KNOW is the dress, keep your hands on it. If you feel like a bride in it, and it makes your heart feel happy, what’s the point in trying on another dress any way? You’ve found the one that you want … right?

Blush Wedding Dresses 15
Instagram / @gildedbridal

17 – Simple + Sweet

Don’t be swayed by the discounts. We know that it is very easy to get carried away at the prospect of seventy percent off, but that shouldn’t be the deciding factor when shopping for blush wedding dresses. There are plenty of places that you can buy a dress from that matches your style, without compromising or sacrificing, available at a good price BEFORE the 70% off. When you specifically shop in those designer discounts and sales, you might end up with a dress that you don’t like that much, but bought because it was THAT designer, or THAT cheap.

Blush Wedding Dresses 11
£595 / John Lewis – Click for more details

18 – Backless + Blush Wedding Dresses

Everyone seems to love the idea of backless wedding dresses right now, and it’s not very hard to see why. They are stunning designs, offering a little more flesh than other typically conventional gowns, but done in a way that is still considered classy and elegant. It’s a great combination. You may want to consider “toning” the area before you decide to get it out on show, and that’s definitely something to remember.

Blush Wedding Dresses 17
Instagram / @jasmine_bridal

19 – Vintage Blush Wedding Dresses

Looking for vintage blush wedding dresses is a good idea if you want a one-off dress – there is less likely to be one like it on the hanger. Also, this is a dress with a storyline attached – it has likely to already have been worn to a wedding, and isn’t it lovely to think you could be adding to the love-appeal of that dress? You’ll also likely find older styles that have come back around, but with the authentic at-the-time finish to them. You’ll be surprised at what you might find if you start to shop for vintage!

Blush Wedding Dresses 4
£250 / Etsy – Click for more details

20 – Blush + Black

Blush and black – they’re two colours / shades you probably wouldn’t have put together at first thought, but if you want to add a more modern twist into your blush wedding dresses, it really is a breathtakingly beautiful look to opt for. This gown is very haute couture, and oh so modern, perfect for the bride that wants to break a few boundaries for their big day. We know that we’re obsessed with this look.

Blush Wedding Dresses 18
Instagram / @reem_acra

21 – Off the Shoulder

A classic dress, but with a hint of lace and a brand new colour – we love blush wedding dresses such as these. You’re adding a modern spin to a more traditional style of dress, and it’s done so cleverly that no one would even notice you’re not wearing white! Things have been left tight at the top, leading the way to that puffier and ruffled-up skirt. What do you think? Is it a look you would go for?

Blush Wedding Dresses 2
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And there you have them – 21 blush wedding dress we think you’re going to fall in love with. Which one is your favourite? Do you have a favourite? Have you found blush wedding dresses that you think we should add to the list? Perhaps you had an amazing gown on your big day and now you want to show it off? Send in your photos – we’d love to feature you on the site.

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